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A Quiet Place Part 2 Full Movie Download Dual Audio Archives HD 720p Leaked on TamilRockers


A Quiet Place Part 2 Full Movie Download Dual Audio Archives HD 720p Leaked on TamilRockers

A Quiet Place Part II 2021 is an American horror film and is actually a sequel to the 2018 film A Quiet Place. The story of this film is shown after that film. Following the family from the first film as they continue to navigate and survive a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by blind aliens with a keen sense of hearing. The film was written, produced, and directed by John Krasinski for Paramount Pictures.

Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, and Noah Jupe reprise their roles from the first film, while Cillian Murphy and Djimon Hounsou join the cast; Krasinski returns in a new flashback sequence from the first film.

The film set several box office records, including the biggest opening weekend of the COVID-19 pandemic, and grossed $296 million worldwide, making it the ninth highest-grossing film of 2021. It received positive reviews from critics, who praised the story and the film. In addition to Murphy’s character Emmett.

A Quiet Place 2 Movie Download Filmyzilla 720p, 480p Leaked Online in HD Quality

A Quiet Place 2 Movie Download is finally here, and it was worth the wait. It is a powerful continuation of the original story that retains all aspects of what worked in its predecessor while exploring new themes and character development.

a quiet place 2 movie download leaked online

There are some awkward, really terrifying moments, but A Quiet Place Part II doesn’t quite over the top with its horror and gore. The film is primarily full of suspense, relying more on the chill of the moment than any outright, creepy scare to grab the audience’s attention.

There are neither the first nor the second A Quiet Place movies on Netflix, and it’s unlikely they will be anytime soon. They are currently exclusive to Paramount Plus. It is clear that the purpose of the ending was to establish the children’s pairings as major players going forward. Regan not only leads the radio station, but Marcus also shoots the monster and saves his mother and child in the bunker.

A Quiet Place Part 2 Paramount+ Movie Trailer

Here You Can Watch The Trailer Of A Quiet Place Part 2 Movie Download FilmyHitcan watch online.

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A Quiet Place Part ii Movie Release Date and Time

A Quiet Place Part-2 has been released worldwide on October 1, 2021, at 09:00, am IST. On the other hand, if you have a subscription to Paramount +, then you can watch it by streaming it online. At the same time, if you want, you can also download it on your mobile or Computer.

Available On Paramount+
Running Time 2:30 Hours
Released Date 1 October 2021
Language Hindi
Subtitle English
Country India

Thankfully, the unnamed Abbott Baby manages to survive the events of the film. … Throughout the film, the baby is placed in a wooden crate to suppress her crying, while she is kept alive by a canister of oxygen tied to the outside.

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A Quieter Place Part 2 is finally here, and it was worth the wait. It is a powerful continuation of the original story that retains all aspects of what worked in its predecessor while exploring new themes and character development.

A Quiet Place 2 Movie Cast

Let us now know what is the full cast of A Quiet Place Part 2 Series.

Movie A Quiet Place Part-2 | A Quiet Place Part 2
Artists Emily Blunt | Cillian Murphy | Millicent Simmonds | Noah Jupe
Director John Krasinski
Movie Type Horror | Drama | Thriller

Following deadly incidents at home in A Quiet Place Part 2, the Abbott family must now face the horror of the outside world as they quietly continue their fight for survival. Forced to venture into the unknown, they quickly realize that creatures hunted by sound are not the only dangers that lie beyond the path of the sand.

A Quiet Place Part 2 Watch Online DailyMotion

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“A Quiet Place Part 2” then jumps to the end of the last, moments after Evelyn shotguns triumphantly. With his family’s barn burning down and Patriarch Lee dead in the fields, it’s time to leave the house. Carrying her newborn child, Evelyn travels through the sand path with her daughter Regan and son Marcus (Noah Jupe), previously placed by Lee in front of her young son’s graveyard from the beginning of the first film.

Distributor Paramount+
Channel Partner Sony Max
Music Partner Zee Music
Running Time Not Available
Release Date 8 October 2021
Language Hindi
Country India

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Venom 2: (2021) Dual Audio Archives HD 720p 1080p


Movie Information – Venom 2 Full Movie Download In Hindi Filmywap 720p, 1080p Online Leaked In HD Quality Venom 2 Movie Download, Download Venom 2 Full Movie

  • Name – Venom: Let There Be Carnage
  • Year: 2021
  • Language: Hindi/English
  • Quality: 480p, 720p, 1080p
  • Format: AVI, MKV, MP4

venom 2 poster

Venom 2: (2021) Dual Audio Archives HD 720p
Venom 2: (2021) Dual Audio Archives HD 720p

Venom: Let There Be Carnage 2021 is an American superhero film featuring the Marvel Comics character Venom. The film is produced by Columbia Pictures in association with Marvel and Tencent Pictures.

venom 2 director – Distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing, it is the second film in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe and a sequel to Venom (2018). The film is directed by Andy Serkis from a screenplay by Kelly Marcel, based on a story co-written with Tom Hardy, starring Michelle Williams, Naomi Harris, Reid Scott, Stephen Graham, and Woody Harrelson as Eddie Brock. acting as.

venom 2 reviews

In the film, Brock struggles to adjust to life as the host of the alien symbiote, while serial killer Cletus Cassady (Haralson) escapes prison after becoming the host of Carnage, a chaotic spawn of Venom2.

In this post, I’m going to tell you about the Movie Venom 2. You’ll also get information about the characters partaking in the Movie Venom 2 through this post. In this post, you’ll be well mindful. FREE DOWNLOAD


Tom Hardy Eddie Brock / Venom
Michelle Williams Anne Weying
Woody Harrelson Cletus Kasady / Carnage
Stephen Graham Detective Mulligan
Naomie Harris Shriek
Reid Scott Dr. Dan Lewis
William W. Barbour Sedan Driver
Sean Delaney
Jessie Vinning Carnival Adult
Peggy Lu Mrs. Chen
Laurence Spellman
Alfredo Tavares SFPD Uniformed
Etienne Vick Pedestrian
Michelle Greenidge Mugging Victim
Ed Kear Reveler
Andrew Koponen Police Officer
Otis Winston Street Man
Mel Powell Marin County Sheriff
Sean Michael McGrory Carnival Adult
Rick Richardson SWAT Officer

venom 2 full movie in Hindi Download Filmyzilla 720p, 480p Leaked Online in HD Quality

In Venom 2 Movie Download, Eddie Brock is still struggling to coexist with the shape-shifting supernatural Venom. When neurotic serial killer Cletus Cassady also becomes the host of an alien symbiote, Brock must put aside their differences to stop his reign of terror.


Eddie Brock attempts to restart his career by interviewing serial killer Cletus Cassady, who becomes the host of a symbiotic massacre and escapes from prison after a failed execution.

Venom 2 Information

  • venom 2 release date netflix: 01 October 2021 (USA)
  • Directed by-Andy Serkis
  • Writing Credits-Kelly Marcel, Tom Hardy, Kelly Marcel
  • Music by-Marco Beltrami
  • Cinematography by-Robert Richardson
  • Film Editing by Maryann Brandon, Stan Salvas
  • Casting By-Lucy Bevan
  • Production Design by-Oliver Scholl
  • Set Decoration by Alex Brandenburg, Dominic Capon
  • Costume Design by-Joanna Eatwell
  • Script and Continuity Department-Ellie Chiang, Aisling Hughes, Rowena Ladbury, Virginia McCarthy, Claire Stratton
  • Casting Department-Emily Brockmann, Katie Brydon, Nina Henninger, Sarah Kliban, Cabe Thompson
  • Art Direction by Ravi Bansal, Tom Brown, Michael E. Goldman, Simon Lamont, Troy Sizemore, Malcolm Stone, Hayley Easton Street.

Storyline Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage 2021

how long is venom 2 – Venom Let There Be Death is an American superhero film. People also know this film as Venom 2. Because it’s distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing, it’s intended to be the spare film in the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel characters and a child to Venom (2018) was earthshaking liked by the cult.

Venom 2 Movie Download Tamilrockers Download Venom 2 Movies (2021): Dual Audio (480p,720p
Venom 2 Movie Download Tamilrockers Download Venom 2 Movies (2021): Dual Audio (480p,720p

The moment through this post you’re going to be well acquainted with Venom 2 Movie and you should also know the story of Venom 2 Movie. Everyone in the world is despondent to know the full story of the Venom 2 movie.

Tom Hardy returns to the big screen as the fatal custodian, one of MARVEL’s full and most complex characters. Directed by Andy Serkis, the film also stars Michelle Williams, Naomie Harris, and Woody Harrelson, in the capacity of the villain Cletus Kasady/ Bloodbath.
I’ll try to inform you about the new oncoming movie as soon as possible, so stay tuned to You’ll be notified incontinently when the film is released in your language. Either you can download it.

In this post, I’m going to tell you about the movie Venom 2 movie. Now through this post, you’ll also get information about the characters sharing in the Venom 2 movie. I hope you guys have got good information about the Venom 2 movie.

Venom 2 Movie Trailer

Here You Can Watch The Trailer Of Venom Let There Be Carnage Download Google Drive can watch online.

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Venom 2 Movie Release Date and Time

Venom 2 has been released worldwide on October 14, 2021, at 09:00, am IST. On the other hand, if you have a subscription to Disney + Hotstar, then you can watch it by streaming it online. At the same time, if you want, you can also download it on your mobile or in Computer.

Available On disney+ Hotstar
Running Time 2:30 Hours
Released Date 14 October 2021
Language Hindi
Subtitle English
Country India

On May 10, 2021, the first full-length trailer was released – and it was not short on action, suggesting a similar mix of humor and horror, which led fans to see the characters played by Naomi for the first time. Together the first film was made a hit. Harris and Stephen Graham.

Director Andy Serkis twice confirmed that Venom will one day meet Spider-Man on the big screen. The multiverse is expanding but perhaps has always been in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. …right now, the prospects for a big-screen confrontation between two Marvel characters look good.

Venom 2 Movie Cast

Let us now know what is the complete cast of the Venom 2 Movie.

Movie Venom 2
Artists Tom Hardy | Michelle Williams | Naomie Harris
Director Andy Serkis
Movie Type Sci-Fi | Adventure | Action

Venom 2 Full Movie Online Watch Dailymotion

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Carnage is stronger than Spider-Man and Venom combined. However, also has similar weaknesses, namely heat (to which it is more vulnerable than its parent symbiont) and sound (to which it is much less vulnerable).

While Eddie is usually portrayed as a good man who is driven to do bad things by symbiosis, this is not always the case. Eddie Brock was a very malevolent and villainous character in the first appearance. … Throughout their relationship, Eddie is often forced to make sacrifices for the sake of symbiosis.

Venom 3 is inevitable after Let There Be Carnage’s major debut. Get ready for Venom 3. … the trap of such success for Let There Be Carnage was a judgment game for Sony. The studio has tweaked the film’s release date half a dozen times, with its first release date starting October 2, 2020.

Distributor Netflix
Channel Partner Sony Max
Music Partner Zee Music
Running Time Not Available
Release Date 1 October 2021
Language Hindi
Country India

This is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or by activating the Close button. Carnage was once a serial killer known as Cletus Cassady, and became Carnage after merging with the offspring of an alien symbiote named Venom during a prison breakout. … the narcissist is also the “father” of the toxin.

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Where to Watch Venom 2?

I’m going to tell you where you can watch the Venom 2 movie online. Venom 2 movies will be released in theaters. As of now, no information has been taking regarding online viewing.

That’s why Tom Hardy returns to the big screen in 2021 as a deadly saver, one of Marvel’s utmost and most complex characters. Planning for a product began during the substance of the first film. Harrelson was cast to make a brief appearance as Cassady at the end of movie, intended to turn the vicious holocaust into the product. Venom Let There Be Massacre is an Adventure & Superhero movie.

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Facebook’s $10M New Fund for VR Creators Hopes It’s Just the Beginning


Facebook’s $10M New Fund for VR Creators Hopes It’s Just the Beginning

Facebook has announced a $10 million creator fund to encourage people to create experiences on its Horizon VR platform, which it is now calling Horizon Worlds. Although Horizon Worlds is still in beta, the company clearly wants more people to be able to create content for the platform and provide more experiences that can be interesting to users.

The money will be given “in the next year” in three main buckets:

  1. A series of community competitions to create the “best world in the horizon”. Facebook will give up to $10,000 in cash to the top three contestants.
  2. A Creator Accelerator program designed to “give people from a variety of backgrounds an advanced crash course in Horizon Worlds creation.” Facebook finished a pilot of the program in September and will accept applications in November for the next iteration of the program, which will launch in “early” 2022.
  3. Grants for developers interested in creating “experiences for the horizon in a particular topic”.

The Creators Fund could help Facebook bet big on the virtual world. The company has invested heavily in its Oculus VR headset and ecosystem, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said he wants people to eventually see Facebook as “a metaverse company.” An example of what Facebook’s Horizons Workroom app could look like, designed as a VR meeting room for work.

But as Facebook races to build Horizon World and get people to create content for it, it faces stiff competition from other Metaverse makers like Epic Games (developer). fortnite) and Roblox — both of which also rely heavily on user-generated content.

While Facebook’s Creator Fund is a positive step toward ensuring that creators get paid for creating virtual experiences, I expect the company to invest significantly more in creators down the line. I doubt it has potential; The $10 million put toward the fund is a drop in the bucket compared to the more than $10 billion Facebook earned in profit in the second quarter. Otherwise, Horizon could turn into yet another platform where creators are fighting for scrap while its owners reap rewards.

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collectors who caught the bug


collectors who caught the bug

Bugs aren’t cute for most of us, but Volkswagen’s bugs can make you smile. Informally nicknamed both the Beetle and the Bug, the original Volkswagen Type 1 is the happy little car that won the hearts of American motorists with its quirky personality, its unique appearance, and a spectacular advertising campaign.

Although beloved today, the car that made Volkswagen a major automaker was born as a pet project of Adolf Hitler, who wanted an affordable vehicle for average Germans. But during Hitler’s time, this car never landed on the ground. Ferdinand Porsche and his team completed their design by 1938, but wartime production took precedence, and the Beetle was not mass-produced until the late 1940s.

Porsche has traditionally been credited as the manufacturer of the Beetle, but in 1953 his position was challenged by a Hungarian engineer, Béla Barény, who argued in court that he had built his first Beetle before Porsche built his first Beetle. A very similar machine was designed for -Benz. Thus Bug was born to two quarreling fathers.

Today, when 600 horsepower isn’t uncommon in a high-performance automobile, it can be hard to imagine how one could fall in love with a car that only had 25 horsepower on its first trip and had a range of 62 miles. It took almost forever to reach top speed. Hour. But an increasing number of classic car collectors and VW enthusiasts are obsessed with older Beatles, models from 1949 to 1965 that got 40 horsepower or less and a top speed of 60 to 72 mph. In order to achieve acceptable acceleration, pokey beetles are highly favored.

how dear Matthew Smith, a Ph.D. candidate from the University of Manchester in England, is basing his thesis on the special place the small car holds in many people’s lives and how this relationship can promote positive mental health. Mr. Smith practices what he preaches: he has several Beetles, the oldest of which is a 1954 model.

The fan base is large, and the barriers to entry in this corner of the collector market are relatively low—think about $20,000 to $30,000 for a good sample, and significantly less for a project car.

“I love Swoon,” said Lourdes Orive of Beaux Arts Village in Washington state. The Swoon is his 1960 Beetle, manufactured in Wolfsburg, Germany, and sold by Hans Moosmaier, a Bamberg dealer.

A German market car, it retained the semaphore turn signal emanating from the B-pillar to indicate a change of direction. With only 36 horsepower, Swoon is in no hurry to get anywhere, taking more than half a minute to reach its top speed of 68 mph (yes, according to Ms. Oriw, Swoon is a woman, a mature and perfect class woman.)

“The lady is just a feeling I get when I drive her,” said Ms. Oriv, who no matter the pokey acceleration. “The beauty of it is that I don’t have to go anywhere quickly,” she said. “It reminds me to take life at a more reasonable pace.”

Many people name their cars, but Beetle owners tend to be the most inclined. Taking cues from Herbie, the love bug? Women’s names are common in posts on Facebook Beetle groups.

Ohio-based Doug and Nancy Barber bought a 1964 Beetle from another owner’s grandson. The car, now known as the Bella, was driven 85,150 carefully documented miles before being taken off the road for the most part in 1983 and retired to a life of pampering. Every autumn the fiddle was considered for an extensive maintenance and beautification process until the owner’s death in 2018. Those 35 years only added 2,630 miles to the odometer.

The car now resides in a climate-controlled garage and every autumn gets a maintenance and refreshed appearance. Ever since the barbers bought the car, they’ve driven it in the right lane at a speed of about 3,000 mph: 65 mph.

“When we get to Bella it’s 1964 again,” said Mr. Barber, a retired educator and automotive historian who has owned six Volkswagens. This connection may have been due to his mother circling him around in the ’60s Beetle when he was younger. It’s no coincidence that Moms Beetle wore the same “sea blue” paint as Bella.

“All sensations are the same. It’s like I remember it. It’s like I remember it,” said Mr. Barber.

That scent is the classic VW scent emanating from the coconut-hued seat padding, which Beetle lovers seem to embrace. Perhaps it is proof of the simplicity of the car that the smell of the upholstery is a key feature. But other practical qualities stand out.

“They were what they were: economical, reliable, repairable and relatable,” said Mr. Barber.

Other bugs are given the names of males. Mike Betz of George, Iowa bought his ’64 Beetle from a man named Roy, so he named the car Roy. Why not? The car is an original, having only been considered for a paint and 12-volt conversion. (Early VWs relied on some unreliable six-volt electrical systems.)

Mr Betz drives his Beetle regularly and reports that the 40-horsepower machine’s first gear is slow but the four-speed manual transmission’s upper gears provide a bit more punch.

But collectors are not into the Beetle for speed. For most, the allure lies in the very simple nature of the car, a quality celebrated by the advertising campaign that Doyle den Bernbach produced for Volkswagen in 1959. The first ad featured a small picture of the Beetle and the title “Think Small”.

Sherry Hendershot of Spencerport, NY has been driving a Beetle for 40 years. One of his current cars is a practical late model, the other a 36-horsepower 1960 model. He named it Flo.

“The older beetles are more useful,” said Ms Hendershot. “They’re for the purists. I love the old-style look, with a metal dashboard and not many bells and whistles. No vinyl padded dash.”

Ms. Hendershot fell in love with small cars at an early age. Her science teacher, Mr. Warren, gave her a ride home in her Beetle when she was a 15-year-old high school student. “I’ve been in love with them ever since,” she said.

As if to underscore her devotion, Ms. Hendershot recently purchased another Beetle, a largely original ’59. And Love.

While the indecisive nature of beetles is often a plus, there are also dissenting ones. Jeff Spear of Cersei, Ark., has a ’56 Beetle that he has modified to be as fast as most muscle cars. With a VW engine displacing 2.3 liters and outfitted with an array of speed tools, the 200-horsepower little bug can hit a quarter mile at 100 mph in 13 seconds and, yes, his Hot Rod, Joe Rod On the regular and custom car show circuit, it has a name: Dark Horse.

But Mr. Spear also has a fully stocked, coral red 36-horsepower ’56 Beetle. A third of the ’56 Beetles are disassembled in preparation for regeneration. When Mr. Spearn was 15, he used $45 of his paper route to buy a beat-up Beetle. After rebuilding the carburetor and installing a new wiring harness, he was able to drive it around the block, and it provided transportation during his high school years.

The beetles provide “comfortable fun”, Mr. Spear said. “You can’t get away from having a good time when you’re driving a Volkswagen.”

#collectors #caught #bug

‘Squid Game,’ Netflix Hit, Taps South Korean Faires


‘Squid Game,’ Netflix Hit, Taps South Korean Faires

In the hit dystopian television show “Squid Game” on Netflix, 456 people facing dire debt and financial despair play a series of deadly children’s games to win a $38 million cash prize in South Korea.

Koo Yong-hyun never encountered masked homicide guards or contestants slitting his throat like the characters on the show. But the 35-year-old office worker who watched “Squid Games” in Seoul on the same night said he empathizes with the characters and their struggle to survive in the country’s deeply unequal society.

Mr Koo, who met at freelance gigs and government unemployment checks after losing his stable job, said it is “nearly impossible to live comfortably with a regular worker’s salary” in a city with runaway housing prices. Like many young people in South Korea and elsewhere, Mr. Koo sees an increasing competition for grabbing a piece of the shrinking pie, just like the contestants in the “Squid Game”.

Those similarities have helped turn the nine-episode drama into an unexpected international sensation. “Squid Game” is now the top-ranked show in the United States on Netflix and is well on its way to becoming one of the streaming service’s most-watched shows in its history. “There’s a very good chance this will be our biggest show ever,” Ted SarandosNetflix co-CEO said during a recent business conference.

Culturally, the show embraced a global curiosity online for its distinctive scenes, particularly black masks decorated with simple squares and triangles worn by unknown guards, and Korean children’s games that outlined deadly competitions. Is. The dishes of Dalgona, the sweet Korean treat at the center of a particularly tense showdown, have gone viral.

Like “The Hunger Games” books and movies, the Korean-language show captivates its audience with its violent tone, cynical plot, and — spoiler alert! – Desire to kill fan-favorite characters. But it has also harnessed a feeling familiar to people in the United States, Western Europe, and other places that nominally prosperous countries have become harder to achieve, as wealth inequality rises and home prices rise to unbearable levels. increases from.

“The stories and characters’ problems are highly personal, but also reflect the problems and realities of Korean society,” show creator Hwang Dong-hyuk said in an email. He wrote the screenplay as a film in 2008, when many of these trends became apparent, but was modified to reflect new concerns, including the impact of the coronavirus. (Minyong Kim, head of content for the Asia-Pacific region at Netflix, said the company is in talks with Mr. Hwang about producing a second season.)

The “Squid Game” is just the latest South Korean cultural export to win over a global audience by exploiting the country’s deep sense of inequality and dwindling opportunities. The 2019 Oscar-winning Best Picture film “Parasite” linked a desperate family of grifters with uninformed members of a wealthy Seoul household. The 2018 art-house hit “Burning” created tension by pitting a young deliveryman against a well-meaning opponent for a woman’s attention.

South Korea boomed in the post-war era, making it one of the richest countries in Asia and some economists calling its rise a “miracle on the Han River”. But as the economy has matured, wealth inequality has widened.

“South Koreans used to have a collective sense of community,” says Yoon Suk-jin, drama critic and professor of modern literature at Chungnam National University. But the Asian financial crisis of the late 1990s undermined the country’s positive growth story and “forced everyone to fight for themselves.”

Among members of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the research group for the world’s richest countries, the country is now ranked 11th using the Gini coefficient, a measure of wealth inequality. (The United States is at No. 6.)

As South Korean households try to keep up, household debt has soared, with some economists warning the debt could strain the economy. Home prices have risen to the point where housing affordability has become a hot-button political topic. Prices in Seoul have risen by more than 50 percent during the tenure of the country’s president, Moon Jae-in, and a political scandal has erupted.

The “squid game” highlights the irony between the societal pressure to succeed in South Korea and the difficulty of doing so, said Shin Yeun, who graduated from college in January 2020, hit by the pandemic. right before. Now 27, she said she spent more than a year looking for a full-time job.

“It’s really hard to find full-time jobs these days for people in their 20s,” she said.

South Korea has also suffered a sharp drop in births, in part stemming from a feeling among young people that children are too expensive.

“In South Korea, all parents want to send their children to the best schools,” Ms. Shin said. “You have to live in the coolest neighborhood to do that.” This would require saving enough money to buy a house, a goal so unrealistic “that I never even bothered to calculate how long it would take me,” Ms. Shin said.

“Squid Game” revolves around a gambling junkie in his 40s, Seong Gi-hyun, who doesn’t have the means to buy his daughter a proper birthday present or pay for his aging mother’s medical expenses. One day they are given a chance to participate in the Squid Game, a private event run for the entertainment of the wealthy. To claim the $38 million prize, contestants must go through six rounds of traditional Korean children’s games. Failure means death.

The 456 contestants directly voiced many of the concerns of the country. A graduate from the country’s top university, Seoul National University, is wanted for misappropriating his clients’ funds. There is another North Korean defector who needs to take care of his brother and help his mother escape from the North. Another character is an immigrant laborer whose boss refuses to pay his wages.

The character has resonated with South Korean youth who do not see a chance to advance in society. Known locally as the “dirt spoon” generation, many are obsessed with ways to get rich quickly, such as cryptocurrencies and lotteries. South Korea has one of the world’s largest markets for virtual currency.

Like the prize money on the show, cryptocurrencies “give people the chance to change their lives in a second,” said office worker Mr. Koo. Mr Koo, whose previous employers went out of business during the pandemic, said the difficulty of earning money is one reason South Koreans are so obsessed with making quick money.

“I wonder how many people would attend if the squid games were held in real life,” he said.

#Squid #Game #Netflix #Hit #Taps #South #Korean #Faires

Biden scales back his agenda in hopes of getting moderates onboard


Biden scales back his agenda in hopes of getting moderates onboard

WASHINGTON — President Biden and Democratic leaders in Congress in recent days have downplayed their ambitions for a major expansion of America’s social safety net for a package of $2.3 trillion or less, making tough choices about whether Will force that the President expects how to roll back a resolution. will be transformative.

The figure is significantly lower than Mr Biden’s earlier plan, which included $3.5 in new spending and tax cuts to boost the government’s generational expansion into Americans’ lives, including efforts to fight climate change and child poverty, increase access to education. Trillian was called. Help American companies compete with China.

According to party members involved in the conversation, Democratic leaders will probably need to scale down their plans for free community college, child tax credits and universal preschools to offer them only low- and middle-income Americans.

The White House is also debating whether to shut down some initiatives altogether, according to people familiar with the discussions, by cutting down on their duration or access, or keeping others largely intact. Try to keep the programs.

The cuts are a blow to Mr Biden’s agenda, but the remaining plans will still provide significant benefits for a wide range of Americans. Mr Biden and his allies have known for months that they will need to reduce the size and scope of their plans to satisfy moderates in their party. But the president has insisted in public and private talks with Democrats that even a small bill could change the landscape of the US economy and help keep the party in power in next year’s midterm elections.

“These bills are about competition versus complacency,” Mr. Biden said Tuesday in Michigan, where he spoke at a union hall to promote policies not only in his spending bill, but a smaller, bipartisan infrastructure bill. Which is passed by the Senate but not the House. “They’re about opportunity versus decay.”

The president acknowledged in private meetings with House Democrats on Monday and Tuesday that he is now negotiating a plan to spend more and possibly less than $2.3 trillion in concessions to two Democratic centrist holdouts, West Virginia Senators Joe Manchin III and Kirsten. Were were Arizona Cinema. His votes are essential: Biden would need support from every Democrat in the Senate and almost every one in the House to secure the bill. Mr Manchin has said he will support the $1.5 trillion package under certain conditions.

Progressives are still pushing for more. In a private meeting on Monday between Biden and progressive lawmakers, Washington’s Representative Pramila Jayapal, chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, backed down from Biden’s offer limit and suggested a price of at least $2.5 trillion instead. , and up to $2.9 trillion, according to a person familiar with the comments. The man, speaking on condition of anonymity, described the in-camera meeting.

White House aides say privately that Mr Biden is pushing Mr Manchin and Ms Cinema to spend as much as possible in the final bill. Administration officials also say the bill’s lower cost of spending and tax cuts mean Democrats will have an easier time on revenue growth — which includes tax increases on higher-income earners and corporations — to cover the price tag. For.

Republicans say the law puts too much government in people’s lives and argue that its tax hike will cripple the economy. But supporters of the bill see a rare and perhaps fleeting opportunity to fulfill decades of promises made by Democrats to voters. Personally, many Democrats fear they may lose their congressional majority in the midterm elections next year – making this potentially their last opportunity for some time to create a program they think will be effective. will prove to be more popular.

“If the final package fails to deliver at this moment, it will be an opportunity for historic consequences,” said Lindsey Owens, executive director of the Progressive Groundworks Collaborative in Washington. “These are not just numbers on a page or recourse to political posture – each dollar represents a real investment in climate, housing, care and other important programs that our communities need to survive and thrive.”

On Capitol Hill, Democratic leaders have their sights set on October 31 as the next self-imposed deadline to attempt to pass both the $1 trillion infrastructure bill and the massive domestic policy package.

Lawmakers and progressive interest groups have begun lobbying Democratic leaders and the White House to put all or part of their preferred spending programs in the bill. Mr Biden initially proposed a $400 billion investment in home health care for disabled and older Americans, including the powerful Service Employees International Union, pushing to preserve that spending at a level that both Expands access to in-home care and also increases the pay of care workers. Those workers disproportionately include women of color, making the spending a key issue in Biden’s promise to invest in racial equity.

On Tuesday, the centrist Progressive Policy Institute released a report outlining a potential $2 trillion plan built around efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, a means-tested preschool program, expansion of the Affordable Care Act and More modest extension of the tax credit. Parents have championed comparisons to Mr. Biden.

Mr Biden has not said what he will cut. But lobbyists and interest groups have analyzed recent comments from the president and his team for clues.

For example: a White House fact sheet released prior to the Michigan speech included a list of statistics on the number of state residents who were required to subsidize Mr. Biden’s child care, provide universal preschool, build affordable housing, and contribute to child nutrition. Investing will help. even more. But it did not specifically mention a paid leave program for workers that was a cornerstone of Mr Biden’s initial economic plans, and Mr Biden did not mention paid leave in his speech.

New York Senator Chuck Schumer, the majority leader, said Monday, “Nobody will get everything they want.” “But no matter what, our final offer will fulfill the original promise we made to the American people.”

In a letter to her Democratic colleagues in the House this week, California Speaker Nancy Pelosi outlined three categories a final package should contain to support children and jobs: health care, including expanding Medicaid and Medicare benefits, family care, and climate improvement. She wrote that “it is important to highlight and communicate to the nation the transformative nature of the initiative in law.”

Some liberals have called for the inclusion of as many programs as possible and then continuing to build on them in future legislation. But Ms Pelosi, speaking privately to members of the House Democratic leadership on Tuesday, suggested that many in the caucus felt it was better to focus on fewer programs that, according to two people familiar with the comments, they do well. can.

On Tuesday, Mr Biden met with swing-district Democrats for nearly an hour to hear their priorities and to reiterate his commitment to both pieces of legislation becoming law in some of the toughest midterm re-election battles. encounter.

Representative Colin Allred, Democrat of Texas, said attendees wanted to “equip them with the knowledge that members of the House who were in the toughest race are with them and support them in doing so.”

The group of lawmakers there – including Representative Cindy Axane of Iowa, Lizzie Fletcher of Texas and Abigail Spanberger of Virginia – focused largely on including expanded tax cuts that provide monthly payments to families, addressing climate change and lowers the cost of drugs, as well as personal preferences, according to people familiar with the discussion.

Representative Susan Wilde, Democrat of Pennsylvania, said Biden took careful notes during the virtual call as lawmakers detailed their priorities.

“None of us gave her the top line – we really focused more on the programs,” Ms. Wilde said. “Even if it meant fewer programs, we’d like to see them well, so I don’t think any of us felt it was just an abstract number to talk about. was useful.”

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Tram, Cable Car, Electric Ferry: How Cities Are Rethinking Transit


Tram, Cable Car, Electric Ferry: How Cities Are Rethinking Transit

The roar of engines has long been a part of a city’s soundscape.

For a century, for billions of urban people around the world, getting around has meant boarding a diesel-powered bus or gasoline-powered auto rickshaw, or a car among the wealthy.

Today, a quiet change is underway. Berlin, Bogota and many other cities are taking creative steps to reduce gas and diesel from their public transport systems. They are doing so despite striking differences in geography, politics and economics that complicate change.

Berlin is reviving electric tram lines that were torn when the Berlin Wall went up. Bogota is building cable cars that cut clouds to connect working-class communities on distant hills. Bergen, a city by the fjords in western Norway, is moving its public ferries away from diesel and batteries – a marked change in a petrostat that has been rich on oil and gas sales for decades and now wants to be a leader of the electric age. for in ships.

Bergen’s buses are also now electric, supplied by Chinese bus manufacturers, which have taken over the market in cities such as Los Angeles and Santiago, Chile. The change is audible. “You can hear voices in the streets again,” said John Askland, the mayor of the county, including Bergen.

Urban transport is central to the effort to slow climate change. Home to more than half of the world’s population, cities account for more than two-thirds of global carbon dioxide emissions. And transportation is often the biggest, and fastest-growing, source, making it imperative to not only encourage more people to get out of their cars and go for mass transit, but also make transit less polluting and more efficient. It is also necessary to make

According to C40, a coalition of nearly 100 urban governments trying to address climate change, transportation accounts for a third of a city’s carbon dioxide emissions, on average, outpacing heating, industry and other sources such as waste. go.

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing. For example, in Costa Rica, private bus operators are divided over national efforts to electrify mass transit. In Chinese cities such as Shenzhen, which has an entirely electric bus fleet, electricity still mostly comes from coal, the dirtiest fossil fuel. And shifting everywhere is expensive.

Currently, only 16% of city buses worldwide are electric. The electric switch will need to be accelerated, and cities will need to make mass transit more attractive, so fewer people rely on automobiles.

“It has become an appropriate position to advocate for less space for cars,” said Felix Creutzig, a transportation specialist at the Mercator Research Center in Berlin. “Ten years ago, it was not even allowed to be said. But now you can say that.”

The biggest challenge is faced by cities that need change the most: the most congested and polluted metropolises in Asia and Africa, where people rely on informal mass transport such as diesel minivans or motorcycle taxis.

But where cities are succeeding, they are finding that electrifying public transport can solve much more than just climate problems. It can clean the air, reduce traffic jams and, ideally, make it easier for ordinary people to move around the city, which is why some politicians stake their reputation on improving transit. has been put. In many cases, city governments have been able to take climate action faster than their national governments.

“It requires political force,” Bogota Mayor Claudia López said in an interview. “For the past 25 years, Bogota has been condemned to depend on diesel buses. This is irrational in the 21st century.”

Ingmar Streis called it “a historical mistake”.

When the Berlin Wall went up, half of Berlin’s electric tram lines came down.

By 1967, when Mr. Sries was three years old, West Berlin had disbanded almost all tracks of Die Electreische – The Electric in German. Cars took over the streets.

Now, 30 years after the wall fell, as Germans face the threats of climate change, there is a growing demand for pedestrians, cyclists and users of public transport to reclaim roads from cars.

Enter Electric. again.

The mistake of the 1960s is “now being rectified,” said Mr Sries, a Green Party politician and Berlin’s permanent secretary for environment and transport.

Berlin, along with many European cities including Lisbon and Dublin, are revamping trams to curb emissions not only to clean the air but also to meet the EU’s legally binding climate targets. Those goals require a 55 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 compared to 1990 levels.

Still, the politics of replacing cars is difficult. Berlin, with 1.2 million cars, has implemented a congestion tax, but it applies to only a small part of the city. It is part of a broader effort to improve public transportation, which includes electrification of all buses by 2030, expanding metro and suburban trains, adding bike lanes, and building about 50 miles of tram lines by 2035.

Trams are not universally preferred. Critics say that they make noise on crowded streets day and night. They’re slower than the subway, and in the era of car-shares and electric scooters, they’re old-fashioned.

Tram fans point out that they are cheaper and faster to build than subways.

Like much in Berlin, the story of Berlin’s trams is the story of a divided city. As the Elektrisch died out in the West, they continued to run in the poor, communist-run East.

Today, one of the most difficult tram projects involves extending a line called the M-10 across the historic Oberbaum bridge connecting former East and West Berlin.

Inga Kaydemir, 41, welcomed an expansion to the west while riding a packed M-10 late Wednesday. “Everything that reduces cars in the city is useful,” she said. “If it connects to the West, that’s a great idea. It will add a second meaning to it.”

But building a new tram line on the bridge would mean removing the streets from cars or bikes. Or, the city would have to build another bridge altogether.

Mr. Streis was unwilling to say how the trams could be accommodated. But one way or another, he said, a tram will cross Oberbaum no later than 2027. “It’s not going to happen very soon,” he said. “But it’s going to happen.”

Heidi Volden spent 30 years working for Norway’s oil and gas industry. Today, she is working to put oil and gas out of business in her country’s waterways.

Ms Volden is chief executive of Nord, a company that increasingly operates public ferries on batteries rather than diesel.

Ultimately, Ms Volden hopes to take her ferries beyond the fjords. It wants to make Norlead a leader in the electrification of maritime transport.

It is part of Norway’s ambitious effort to electrify all forms of public transport. One plan is even more remarkable because Norway is a very small, very prosperous petrostate.

“Personally I am extremely happy that we are moving in the right direction,” said Ms Volden at a brisk Friday morning as Hejlstedt, a car ferry operated by Nord, departed from a pier near Bergen. Is.

Norway has set an ambitious target of halving its greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels by 2030. Almost all of Norway’s electricity comes from hydropower. But what to do about its own oil and gas industry is at the center of a strong national political debate. Elections in September brought a centre-left coalition to power, consisting of smaller parties pushing for an end to oil and gas exploration in the North Sea.

Bergen is keen to fast-track its transition away from fossil fuels. Its city buses and trams run on electricity. Taxi operators have been told to switch to all-electric vehicles by 2024, with drivers subsidized to install chargers at home. Longer, more profitable contracts have been offered to ferry operators to offset the cost of conversion.

Unlike some other countries, including the United States, where climate policies are deeply polarizing, there hasn’t been much pushback in Bergen. Mr Askland said politicians on the left and right agreed to cut budgets for other expenses to pay for expensive electric-ferry contracts.

Eventually, the mayor said, voters in the region are aware of how to address climate change. “It certainly affects us politicians,” he said.

Ferry operators aren’t the only private companies cashing in on power conversion.

Corvus Energy, which manufactures batteries for all types of marine vehicles, including mind-bending, for oil tankers in Norway, is busy manufacturing batteries for electric ferries. “Government, using purchasing power to change the world, is also very important to us,” said Corvus chief executive Geir Björkelli. The company now has an eye on electrification ferries in the United States.

The Corvus batteries sat comfortably under Hjelstadt’s deck.

On the shore, cables hung from two high poles that a passerby might have mistaken for a lamp post. The ship’s chief engineer, Arild Alvasker, grabbed the cables with both hands and plugged them into the ship’s battery pack. The 10 minutes it took to pull the cars into the ferry was enough to load them with enough power for a journey of about 45 minutes to the fjord and back.

Mr Alvaskar was earlier suspicious about operating a battery-operated ship. It took him less than a week to change his mind. “I was dirty here before breakfast,” he said, pointing to his upper arm. “I don’t want to go back to diesel.”

Since then he has bought an electric car.

The water was calm that morning as the ship left the pier almost without sound. On an electric ferry, there is no roaring engine.

TransMiCable is a loop of firehouse-red gondolas that run from the valley to the neighborhood along the hills that surround Bogota.

The city plans to build seven lines as part of its efforts to clean up its public transport. About 500 Chinese-made electric buses are on the roads, and contracts to buy another 1,000 are up by 2022, making Bogota’s electric bus fleet the largest of any city outside China. The mayor, Ms. Lopez, a cyclist, wants to add about 175 miles of bike lanes.

But for Freddy Cuesta Valencia, a Bogotá schoolteacher, what really matters is that Transmicable has given him his time back.

He used to spend two hours, in two slow buses, crawling through the hills to reach the school where he teaches. Once, he said, the traffic was so heavy that no teacher could reach on time. students waited outside for hours

Now, it takes him 40 minutes to go to work, an hour at worst. There is Wi-Fi. Cloud. Roofs down.

“It’s very little stress,” said Mr. Cuesta, 60, a folk dance teacher. “I check my phone, I look at the city, I relax.”

For politicians like Ms. Lopez, electrifying public transport helps them make the case that the city is aggressively cutting its emissions. But if it can improve transit, not only can it make it electric, it could attract voters, especially working people who are the majority of voters.

But overhauling transportation is expensive. For Ms. Lopez, who belongs to a centre-left political party, this requires negotiating money from the national president, Ivan Duque, who belongs to a rival conservative party.

Yet their parties have managed to find some common ground. Mr. Duke helping Ms. Lopez Construction of Bogota’s first metro, some Mayors have been trying for decades.

The case he made of her: what is good for the city Good for the country.

If Bogota cannot change its transportation system, he said, Colombia cannot achieve its climate goals. “You are interested in building a more competitive city. It is in our common interest to achieve Colombia’s climate change goals.”

Sofia Villamilly contributed reporting from Bogota, and Geneva Abdul from London.

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An Erotica Pioneer Goes From Hero to Villain for Dozens of Writers


An Erotica Pioneer Goes From Hero to Villain for Dozens of Writers

Under pressure from the authors, Blushing has offered more transparency, saying it is now offering monthly royalty payments, and since the first quarter of 2020, it has used an automated royalty tracking system to generate payments. has done.

A lawyer for Ms Wills said she believes “she has fulfilled her contractual duties to her writers and continues to do so” and “gets ahead of this small group of mischievous past writers and disgruntled past employees.” She wants to grow and channel her energy into it. Focusing on talented and passionate writers, she has been privileged to represent.”

The huge appetite for erotica, a nearly $1.5 billion industry, has created a feeding frenzy for new content among publishers. Romance sales exploded over the past 15 years, following the rise of e-books and self-publishing, and the commercial and cultural juggernaut “Fifty Shades of Grey,” which brought hard-core erotica from the fringes to the mainstream. Romance readers – most of them women – are voracious consumers who buy dozens of books a year. According to NPD Bookscan, romance accounts for about 20 percent of the total adult fiction market, attracting the largest audience of any genre. About 60,000 romance and erotica books were published in 2020, up from about 35,000 a decade ago, according to data from Bowker, which tracks publication trends.

On top of major companies such as Harlequin, Avon and Berkeley, which are owned by large multinational corporations, a group of smaller, independent romance publishers sometimes operate in a gray area between corporate publishers and Vanity Press, providing authors with charge for publishing their work. Freelance presses offer writers a small advance of four to five points, but a greater deduction in royalties, a portion of profits. Often, they attract writers, mostly women, who have little professional publishing experience and are not represented by lawyers or agents who can help them evaluate the contract.

“It is so easy to take advantage of writers who really want to get published, and there are more and more people to take advantage of,” said Mary Rasenberger, chief executive of the Authors Guild.

While there are horror stories about underpaid and exploited artists in every creative field, navigating the dynamics of the romance industry can be particularly difficult. Despite the rise of erotica, there is a long stigma attached to the genre, which is largely written by and for women, and is still sometimes dismissed as shameful or silly. Many romance writers publish under pen names and keep their professional and personal identities separate, and some write secretly for fear of writing about sex, and especially about women who enjoy sex. .

Ms Lapointe, 66, was disillusioned with blushing when she learned it had added clauses to her contracts without telling her. According to the contracts shared with The Times, the extras included claiming the rights to foreign editions, audiobooks, and film and television adaptations. Her royalty payments were uncertain—she said she sometimes made $3,000 a quarter, and at other times claimed blushing money owed the company for advances she didn’t make back in sales. She recently began self-publishing and is doing a lot on her own, but Blushing still owns the rights to 31 of her books.

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High octane and stick shift: standout cars as an era begins to end


High octane and stick shift: standout cars as an era begins to end

For speed monsters—or monsters married to hellish fossil-fuel power—the Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing pretty much checks off the list. A supercharged, 668-horsepower V-8. Top speed above 200 mph. The full-day track adventures demonstrated on my endorphin-rushing test laps at Virginia International Raceway will leave any EV feeling exhausted and gasping.

Another feature pushed the Blackwing into too-good-to-be-true territory: a manual transmission. That optional six-speed keeps these supersedans (there’s also a smaller Blackwing, the CT4-V) in rare company. Less than 1 percent of American cars are sold with the stick.

The Blackwings are also among models that have a gasoline engine and manual transmission, a pairing that increasingly appears to be the last dance of technology. There is no driver-selectable gear in the Showroom EV. And Cadillac says the Blackwing model will be the last of its ultra-high-performance cars to employ internal combustion.

All future V-Series models will be electrified. Whether General Motors and Cadillac can deliver on their electric promises remains to be seen. But if they can, these Blackwings — and models like them — may be the last chance for Americans to mount stick shift in a new car.

Blackwing fans have gotten the message: Tony Roma, Blackwings chief engineer, said that about 70 percent of early adopters are choosing the manual, though it should be closer to 20 percent. This is despite the fact that years ago automatics left manuals in their dust. Whether General Motors’ faster 10-speed or Porsche’s dual-clutch PDK gearbox, automatic transmissions make cars faster, more durable and more fuel-efficient.

Porsche spokesman Luke Vandezande said, “Even for top racers and factory drivers, “the fastest thing to do is to shift the car for you and not even worry about shifting with the pedals. “

“A human cannot overcome it, all things being equal,” he said.

Those facts don’t dissuade Manuel loyalists, who prefer a human touch and sense of dexterity that comes from smartly lined gear. A manual transmission, Mr Roma said, infuses a car with soul and personality.

“The driving dynamics we see are about that,” he said. “You feel a lot more connected to the car and the powertrain. It’s a pleasure.”

If this is the end, Cadillac is going out with a bang. Mr Roma and his team have been developing electric vehicles like the Celestiq sedan and Lyriq SUV but they are proud of their groundbreaking engineering effort at Blackwings, a love letter to a waning age.

I recently pulled out three of the hottest manual holdouts in the world. All are expensive. But fans can still enjoy DIY on a budget, including the Mazda Miata, Ford Mustang and kissing-cousins ​​Subaru BRZ and Toyota GR86.

Porsche actually sells a much higher percentage of manual-transmission cars in the United States than in Europe—including almost one in four 911 models that offer a stick, and its track-killer 911 GT3’s. up to 70 percent. The latest is the 911 GTS, whose silky, seven-speed manual is a no-cost option on five versions, including the Carrera GTS, which starts at $138,050, and a sexy, open-roofed Targa 4 GTS, at $158,150 .

I drove those GTS models through the mountains of North Georgia on roads that rival Europe or California for Tilt-a-Whirl entertainment. Every new 911 is a quirk of technology that includes electronic anti-roll bars, a torque-vectoring rear differential, and a twin-turbocharged, flat-six engine that’s boosted to 473 horses on the GTS model.

Yes, that tech includes the vented PDK automatic, which is objectively fast: The PDK’s automatic launch control sends the all-wheel-drive Carrera 4 GTS to 60 mph and 193-mph apogee in under three seconds Is. But you have to get the manual out of my cold, dead fingers.

Porsche’s algorithmic-crunching brain and pairing my shifting arm with the chassis reminded me of “The Empire Strikes Back,” when the R2-D2 plugs into the Millennium Falcon to crush Imperial followers. Next stop: Hyperspace.

And one can only foresee the eventual demise of polluting, inefficient gasoline engines, tearing up for the loss of their wonderful analog sound and soul; Especially complex, Swiss-watch engines like Porsche – or BMW, or Cadillac. This thundering crescent of finely engineered parts, whispered from racing and road thrills for more than a century.

Whatever the speed or ingenuity of EVs, including Porsche’s knockout Taycan, the electrics are largely silent automatons in comparison. Many drivers would prefer peaceful electricity. The rest should make peace with it.

BMW has been bullied by enthusiasts who insist that it has put the emphasis on SUVs and has taken the fun out of their cars. The 2020 M2 CS can pacify even the scariest BMW trolls.

This track-storming version of the 2-series coupe plays like a montage from the great BMW past. This includes a six-speed stick available with automated rev-matching; The modern edge of the 444-horsepower, twin-turbocharged inline six; an adaptive suspension and featherweight carbon-fiber roof; and some of the world’s most sticky street-legal tires, the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2.

Like the CT5-V and 911 GTS, the M2 CS offers carbon-ceramic brakes (for $8,500) that shed prodigious speed, trim 55 pounds of mass and on its beautiful, gold-finished alloy wheels Eliminates unsightly brake dust.

The caveat is a starting price of $84,595, about $10,500 less than the 760-horsepower Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 and just $400 less than the CT5-V Blackwing, to name two cars that will chug BMW for breakfast.

M2 CS counters with Rarity: Only 2,200 will be made for the world, with production for US buyers ending in December. On a track trial at the Monticello Motor Club in Sullivan County, NY, and on rustic curves in the Hudson Valley, this pint-sized Bimmer raged and roared like a friend with a Napoleon complex.

BMW’s stick shift feels a bit sticky, especially compared to Porsche’s platonic ideal. But it gets the job done, hitting 60 mph in four seconds. And unlike some bigger, even more beefy BMWs — wildly capable, yet cool to the touch — the M2 CS’s hooliganism rubs off on any driver with a pulse. This is a bad effect. Properly.

Base Price: $59,990 (CT4-V), $84,990 (CT5-V)

Jekyll, Meat Hide: In humble society, the Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing can drive like a doctor’s luxury sedan. But explore a dark alley, or a blazing circuit like Virginia International Raceway, and out comes the killer, with six-gun manual gear at his disposal.

With its supercharged, 668-horsepower V-8, the Blackwing is having a great time on the road or track, with a top speed above 200 mph I’ve run for about 152 after the longest straight, thrilling lap of this road course. mph was managed. Time to squeeze the optional carbon-ceramic brake and ease into the curling right-hander.

I also tested the smaller, more affordable Blackwing, the CT4-V, which has a 474-horsepower V-6, which also offers a choice of manual or a faster 10-speed automatic. The old-school shifter gets new-tech stuff like automatic launch control; A virtual unicorn in a manual car. As Cadillac’s engineers trade their deep internal-combustion experience to enter the brave new world of EVs, they’re excited about the possibilities. But Mr. Roma and his team – with a few centuries of combined experience in internal combustion engineering – are proud of what may be their last moon in fossil fuels.

A no-compromise effort included the development of a unique rubber compound for Blackwings tires by Michelin and Cadillac; Caddy engineers tested and rejected 30 versions before being satisfied.

The material that made Blackwings work, Mr. Roma said, must have sounded like science fiction even in 2008, when the brand’s CTS-V became the first production sedan to break the eight-minute lap record at Germany’s benchmark Nürburgring circuit.

In one example, Cadillac bills the Blackwings’ magnetic suspension as the world’s fastest response: accelerometers and sensors monitor road and car behavior. Metal particles in the shock-absorbing fluid react to computerized changes in their magnetic field, adjusting the firmness on any given wheel within milliseconds. A sophisticated traction and stability system accommodates safety inspections for drivers of any skill level.

Those skills can be improved with an onboard data recorder that logs the video and audio of everyday drives or GPS-based track lapses with graphical overlays and software that lets drivers analyze their performance in detail.

For practical brilliance, each Blackwing engine is assembled by a master technician whose name is affixed to a plate on the motor. If General Motors turns into a purely electric automaker, consider that internal-combustion autograph, and the car that comes with it, a future collectible.

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Google is brightening up your Gmail avatar with new pictures


Google is brightening up your Gmail avatar with new pictures

Google has created new images designed to be used for your Google profile picture, the company announced Monday. The new images, called Google Images, look great, and they can also be useful for people who want to associate an image with their account but don’t want to use a photo of themselves.

Google has a variety of options, some of which you can see in the image at the top of this post. And you can see more in the GIF below, which shows off different categories of images, like animals, technology, and space.


The new library of illustrations indicates that Google is taking a different approach from avatars like Snap’s Bitmoji or Microsoft’s Xbox avatar, which can create stylized representations of what you see. Instead Google’s new images give you a variety of common things and places to use for your avatar.

According to Google, right now, Images is only available for Android users. If you’re on Android, you can set one as your profile picture in Google Workspace and Contacts on Android – follow the steps in this GIF from Google if you want to do so.


Google says it is “working” on bringing new images to iOS and the web and more products. The company says it’s also going to expand the collection of images available, so if you don’t see one you like right now, check back when Google adds more.

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A teen on TikTok disrupts thousands of scientific studies with a single video


A teen on TikTok disrupts thousands of scientific studies with a single video

A 56-second TikTok video by a teenager caused thousands of scientific studies to juggle weeks of data.

The video for July 23 is short and simple. It opens with recent Florida high school graduate and self-described “teen author” Sarah Frank sitting in her bedroom and smiling at the camera.

Pointing to users on the website Prolific.co, she says in the video, “I recommend trying – welcome to Side Hustle.” “Basically, it’s a bunch of surveys for different amounts and different times.”

That video garnered 4.1 million views in the month after it was posted and thousands of new users flooded the Prolific platform. Prolific, a tool for scientists conducting behavioral research, had no screening tool to ensure that it distributed representative population samples for each study. Suddenly, as scientists began receiving a wide mix of subjects for their prolific studies, their surveys were flooded with responses from young women around Frank’s age.

For researchers relying on representative samples of the US population, demographic change was a major problem with no obvious cause and no immediately obvious way to fix it.

doing science on the internet

Although not particularly well-known, Prolific is part of a small collection of online tools that have changed the way corporations and scientists study the way people think and act. The first and largest of these research platforms is Amazon-owned Mechanical Turk, released in 2005 as a general-purpose platform for crowdsourcing work on repetitive tasks. Soon after its release, behavioral scientists realized its potential value for their research, and it rapidly revolutionized many research areas.

“Before Mechanical Turks existed, all social science research had to take place in the laboratory. You had to bring in college sophomores and teach them through questionnaires and surveys and what not,” said Nicholas Hall, director of the Behavioral Lab at the Stanford School of Business. have to keep.”

“It’s a huge time- and labor-intensive effort. Online research makes it so easy. You program a survey … you put it online, and within a day, you have 1,000 responses.” ,” Hall told ledge. “It changed the face of social science.”

Hall said the Behavioral Lab at Stanford primarily uses the newer, smaller Prolific platform for online studies. While many Mechanical Turk customers are large businesses doing corporate research, Prolific tailors its product to scientists.

The smaller platform offers greater transparency, promises to treat survey participants more ethically, and higher quality research topics than alternative platforms such as Mechanical Turk.

Scientists conducting this type of research in the United States typically want a pool of subjects who speak English as a first language, don’t have a lot of practice in taking psychological surveys, and together have a fair share of the American population. Representative demographics form the sample.

Vipul, most agreeable, did a good job in providing high quality themes. The sudden change in the platform’s demographics put that reputation in jeopardy.

after tiktok

In the days and weeks after Frank posted his video, researchers scrambled to figure out what was happening in their studies.

A member of the Stanford Behavioral Laboratory posted on the Prolific forum, “We’ve seen a huge jump in the number of participants on the forum in the US pool from 40k to 80k. Which is great, however, now that a lot of our studies have gender disparity.” Where probably 85% of the participants are women. Also the average age has been around 21.”

It seems that Wayne State psychologist Hannah Schechter was the first to settle the case.

“This may be far-fetched,” she tweeted, linking Frank’s video, “but given the timing of the video, the virality and the user’s follower demographics…”

Prolific survey takers have long complained on Reddit that Frank’s makes it difficult to find paid surveys to take on the Overrun platform.

“Now this is just another crap site to spend hours and make money,” wrote one user, who said he previously made $30 a week on the platform.

Frank, who “estimated” that he took a total of $80 to poll on Prolific prior to his video, pointed out ledge He also noticed a difference on stage.

“There is less study available to me and everyone else,” she said. ledge. “I’ve received some very mean comments accusing me of ruining the site and being selfish – even though I didn’t receive any compensation for that video.”

He said he hopes Prolific will be able to put in place a system to deal with its changed demographics.

“I also predict that many people who sign up after watching my video will forget it, and the boom will die out,” she said.

Prolific co-founder and CTO Felim Bradley explains ledge Looks like a lot of new users are turning off.

“Prior to TikTok, about 50% of the responses on our platform came from women,” he wrote in an email. “For a few days the surge raised it to 75%, but since then, that number has been going down, and we are currently getting ~60% of the responses from women.”

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Chart showing the increase in female users over time.
Courtesy of Vipul

According to Bradley, about 4,600 studies were intercepted by Frank’s TikTok, which was about a third of the total active on the platform during the boom. Of them, he said, the vast majority must be saved.

Prolific is back to researchers whose studies were heavily influenced by the increase in female survey takers and introduces a new suite of demographic screening tools. The company announced these moves a month after Frank posted his video. The company has now re-organised a team in charge of demographic balancing in order to more quickly identify and respond to this type of problem in the future.

“Honestly, we were somewhat surprised, and we didn’t predict how big the impact would be,” Bradley said.

The boom isn’t all bad. Refreshing the pool of surveyors probably has long-term benefits, says Vlad Chituk, a Yale graduate student in psychology who ran several pilot studies on Prolific when the boom occurred. When subjects take a lot of psychological surveys, they learn tricks scientists use to collect data, and this may affect the way they answer future survey questions. Fresh Topics provide high quality data.

“Young women who enjoy TikTok are people too,” he said.

As for Frank, she says that her Side Hustle video is by far the most popular TikTok she’s ever posted.

“It certainly didn’t occur to me that the video would blow up. I just posted it for my friends and followers, not for the reach it’s getting,” she said. Gone because the site is really cool, and people love efficient ways to make money.”

For the time being, much of his own favor has been withheld as Frank settles into his freshman year at Brown.

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The Memoir Details How China Keeps Business on the Line


The Memoir Details How China Keeps Business on the Line

Desmond Shum spent three years assembling 150 official seals from a multi-level Chinese bureaucracy to build a logistics hub next to Beijing’s main airport.

To obtain these seals of approval, he sided with government officials. For example, the airport’s customs chief demanded that the agency build a new office building with indoor basketball and badminton courts, a 200-seat theater and a karaoke bar.

“If you don’t give it to us,” the chief said with a big grin to Mr. Shum over dinner, “we won’t let you build.”

Mr. Shum recounts the conversation in a memoir that shows how the Communist Party keeps business on the line – and what happens when businessmen move in. Released this month, “Red Roulette: An Insider’s Story of Wealth, Power, Corruption and Vengeance in Today’s China” reveals how government officials keep rules vague and face a crackdown limiting their role in the country’s development. Danger is always present.

“To achieve anything in China, you have to get into the gray zone,” Mr Shum said in a phone interview from his home in the UK. “We were all licking the blood off the blades.”

Many of the events depicted in the book cannot be independently verified, but there is no question Mr. Sham’s front-seat approach to the interplay between money and Chinese politics.

He was once married to Duan Weihong, formerly close to the family of Wen Jiabao, the chief of China. Ms Duane, also known as Whitney, was a central figure in a 2012 investigation by The New York Times into vast hidden assets controlled by Mr Wayne’s relatives.

Ms Duane disappeared in September 2017, although Mr Shum said she had reached out to urge her to stop shortly before the book’s release.

Some readers may struggle to sympathize with the former power couple and wealthy Chinese business leaders like them. The book describes the wealth he earned by driving the wheel and dealing with powerful government officials, who used their influence to make deals. And, of course, the combination of money and politics gives rise to corruption around the world.

But Mr. Sham’s book has come out just as the future of Chinese entrepreneurs is in doubt. The government has cracked down on the most successful private enterprises, including Alibaba Group, the e-commerce giant, and Didi, the ride-hailing company. It has sentenced business leaders who have served long prison sentences for criticizing the government.

China’s paramount leader, Xi Jinping, has urged the tycoon to share his wealth with the rest of the country in an effort to pursue “shared prosperity”, raising concerns that the state could strangle the private sector. and could affect the Communist Party even more. in everyday life.

“The party has an almost animal instinct towards oppression and control,” Mr. Sham wrote in the book. “This is one of the fundamental principles of the Leninist system. Whenever the party can afford to succumb to repression, it will do so.

Despite its flaws, mistakes, and transgressions, China’s business types have been instrumental in lifting the country out of poverty and making it the world’s second largest economy – something the Communist Party has been reluctant to acknowledge.

Instead, the party forces business owners to remain subservient to the state. They must follow written, as well as unwritten, rules. Even the relationship with Mr. Wayne didn’t help when a middle-level bureaucrat needed something.

“In China, power is everything, while money is not much,” Mr. Shum said in the interview. “The entrepreneurial class is also a oppressed class under the party.”

In response to a request for comment, China’s foreign ministry said the book was full of stigma and baseless allegations about China.

Mr. Sham and Ms. Duan operated businesses during China’s Gilded Age in the 1990s and 2000s, when the party took its toll on society to strengthen its legitimacy and economic goodwill following the 1989 crackdown on pro-democracy protesters in Tiananmen. loosened the controls. At the time, the party often tried to co-opt rather strong-arm business leaders to help keep business under its thumb and claim credit for China’s economic miracle. This meant talking to him about becoming a member of the party and joining the ranks of the country’s parliamentarians and political advisors.

It worked. Many businessmen believed that they could shape a liberalized China. He called for protection of assets, an independent judiciary system and a more transparent government decision-making process so that people – the wealthy and otherwise – could be better protected from party power. Some raised serious issues during the parliamentary session of the government. Others supported NGOs, educational institutions and investigative media outlets.

That period was short-lived.

“It is only in times of crisis that the party loosens its grip, allowing for more free enterprise and more freedom,” Mr Shum wrote. “China’s growing economy provided an opportunity for the party to re-establish its dominance.”

According to Mr. Shum, the tightening process began after the 2008 financial crisis, but accelerated after Mr. Xi took charge of the party in late 2012.

“The economy used to be the first order of business,” he said. “Since Xi, there is no doubt that politics became the driving force behind everything.”

Mr. Xi set the tone that the relationship between government and business should be “friendly and clean”. He said government officials should not hesitate to interact and help private businesses.

But years of crackdowns on lawyers, journalists and civil society activists under Mr. Xi have left little checks and balances. The power imbalance between government and business has only deepened.

Mr. Shum believes that most of the business class is aware of the system’s problems, but few are willing to speak up because the cost is too high.

He said that many businessmen have managed to transfer at least a part of their assets abroad. Some people make long term investments because they are very risky and difficult. “Only idiots plan for the long term,” he said.

Mr. Sham’s observations are in line with what others have said. A Beijing businessman told me that “red roulette” poked a hole in the black box of the government-business dynamic in China. Two real estate tycoons told me about their humiliating experience of standing outside the office of some bureaucrats for hours to get approval for their projects.

To win the green light for the airport’s logistics hub, Mr. Sham dined with officers almost every day for some years, spilling a bottle of the famous Chinese liquor, Mutai, at each meal. His servants brought fine tea to the officers, ran their errands and looked after the needs of their wives and children.

He wrote, an employee went on so many sauna trips with so many people that his skin started peeling.

The top airport and local district officials made three changes during the duration of the project. Each time, Mr. Sham’s team had to restart the ingestion process.

“Many assumed that with the safety of the Wayans,” he said, referring to the family of the former prime minister, “we would count the money without getting up in the morning. The truth is, it was exhausting.”

If Ms Duane and Mr Shum had to jump through all kinds of hoops to get their projects moving, other businesses would have to endure more to do things without their political connections.

Mr Shum said he began writing the book in 2018 partly because his son, then 8, had started searching for his mother’s name online. He thought it would be better if he could give an account of her and their marriage, which ended in divorce in 2015.

Then, just before the book’s expected publication earlier this month, he said, Duane called him while trying to persuade him to pull the book. She is not sure whether she was speaking for herself or conveying a message from Chinese officials. But she’s sure she won’t be happy with the book.

“It is who he is,” he said. “She never wants to come out of the shadows.”

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LoanDepot lawsuit accuses lender of cutting corners


LoanDepot lawsuit accuses lender of cutting corners

Those deals made Mr. Hsieh prosperous, but Debt Depot pushed him into a new stratosphere of wealth. Mr Hsieh – its largest individual shareholder by far – became a billionaire on paper when the firm went public in February. LoanDepot shares started at $14; They have since come down to nearly half that price, valuing the company at around $2.2 billion.

Ms. Richards said in her lawsuit that the planned initial public offering was a motive for company executives to cover up Mr. Hsieh’s increasingly reckless behavior. In 2020, as the offering drew to a close, LoanDepot paid its leaders “a special one-time discretionary bonus” described in a regulatory filing. Mr. Hsieh received $42.5 million, and other top executives received domestic cash bonuses ranging from $9 million to more than $12 million.

Ms Richards, who said she was demoted in November and dropped out of that special bonus round, resigned in March. Her lawsuit seeks compensation for unpaid bonuses and forfeited stock estimated to be worth at least $35 million.

LoanDepot is led by a group of online upstarts that use technology to speed up and simplify mortgage loans. Last year, it generated nearly 300,000 — more than double the number a year earlier — and was the nation’s fourth-largest mortgage provider, according to iEmergent, which tracks industry data.

Mr. Hsieh has long made growth a priority and regularly adds new incentives and products to his firm’s lineup. “We will never be a company that is satisfied or that rests on our respect,” he told analysts on an earnings call last month. Some workers have said they appreciate the intensity and opportunities for bigger paychecks, but complaints of crushing workloads, high turnover and burnout are common among former employees.

Ms Richards’ complaint describes the company, which she joined in 2018, as having an “unfairly ‘frat house’ culture” where harassment was common and top sellers were brought to wild parties in which once Sometimes drugs and prostitutes were involved.

In 2019, a high-ranking woman at LoanDepot accused a male executive of sexually assaulting Mr. Hsieh at a company party on her boat; Ms Richards, who was not at the event, was asked to run the investigation because the company’s male executives, including its human resources chief, were not wanted, her suit said. (She said she learned that both employees were intoxicated and disagreed about whether the encounter was consensual.)

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How Trading Platforms Evolved Over Time


The nature of the financial markets is always shifting and evolving. It was in 1975 that the United States imposed negative commissions, which began the competitive character of trading platforms. This was also the year when electronic trading first became available. This created an unpredictable climate for the broker community, but it also improved efficiency at the same time.

Modern commerce, on the other hand, began with the introduction of stock trading in the late 16th century. Joint-stock businesses were formed when a large number of investors who couldn’t afford to establish a company on their own banded together. These investors have now joined the company as business partners and co-owners of the company’s stock options. This is how the concept of stock trading came into being. Paper shares were used as a trading platform back in the day.

How Trading Platforms Evolved Over Time
How Trading Platforms Evolved Over Time

The traders were exchanging stocks and making investments with the help of paper shares. As time went on, the merchants began to have difficulties in sustaining the operations of their company. This was the point at which a formal contract was signed, and the birth of an organization that would forever alter the global trading market took place. The Wall Street market first opened its doors on May 17, 1792, and it offered traders and investors possibilities that had never been seen before.

The bond market, the foreign currency market, the futures market, and the commodities market are all part of today’s Wall Street. That is, it offers chances to trade stocks, trade forex, trade cryptocurrencies, trade indices, trade CFDs, and a variety of other financial instruments. Look at each of these and the many other components that make up the trading market to see how they function:

The exchanging of various currencies for other currencies is known as forex exchange. As the number of reasons for the exchange grew, businesspeople and investors saw a chance to create another one. To first invest in forex and then trade forex is a common practice. The forex traders make investments in forex and make predictions about the increase and decrease in the value of the currency in which they have invested. They trade forex and benefit from it as soon as they see a profit opportunity in the trend. Forex trading has been very popular in recent years.

The introduction of internet trading platforms was the most significant change that the globe saw in trading platforms. It was at this point that blockchain technology was launched. Digital money has been created and is now being exchanged. To trade cryptocurrency, one must be a stakeholder in the blockchain that is being traded. It is similar to FX trading, with the exception that the currencies being traded are not paper currencies. In addition to digital currency, you may also swap your digital currency for paper money, however, it is only exchanged with other digital currencies.

Evolution of Trading Platforms

There are a variety of reasons why companies want to build their own platforms. Customer choice would include proprietary systems developed in-house, software for which the company has paid a licensing price, and the usage of the customer’s own software packages.

Anyone who has attempted to visualize complicated tactics on their own, such as option chains, knows that it can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. Modern software, on the other hand, makes visualization simple. It is always preferable to start with visualization, whether one is considering a series of risky options or futures purchases or just wants to examine the potential consequences of a variety of forex price change situations. This examination is simplified through the demo trading on Forex platforms, which has become quite popular among investors over time. In contrast to today’s platforms, early products, whether they were stand-alone items from retail developers or in-house versions, did not provide anything even slightly close to what they do now.

None of those who were actively involved in the financial markets during the early 2000s could have predicted how fast technology would advance. Individual investors’ capabilities were originally confined to a small number of different kinds of purchases, limited use of limit and stop orders, no capacity to hedge, and inadequate charting. The modern financial consumer not only demands extremely complex functionality but he or she also receives it at little or no extra expense. Advanced charting is just the tip of the iceberg for traders, regardless of whether they use the firm’s own software or their own software. Their trading accounts allow users to monitor any number of transactions in various markets in real-time, conduct business in virtually any kind of market, utilize leverage in certain accounts for specific transactions, and read the latest news articles about any firm that interests them.

The practice of charging flat fees on every transaction was formerly common among certain professions, and a few still do. The industry’s top brokerage companies now offer $0 fees on typical transactions at four of the company’s largest brokerage businesses. It implies that they will be able to spend more of their money on the purchase and sale of securities rather than on commissions in the future. As a result, it is unclear if the broad adoption of commission-free transactions would serve as an excessive incentive for individuals to take greater risks and over-trade inside their accounts in the near future.

Increased Popularity of Tech and Online Trading

Additionally, when futures and forwards contracts were developed to allow for comprehensive hedging techniques, the financial markets were able to diversify and globalize as a result of this.

Global stock exchanges were also established, with notable institutions such as those in New York, London, Paris, and Tokyo establishing a marketplace that was becoming more accessible around the clock as time went on.

The 1960s also witnessed the beginning of the shift from manual to computerized and completely automated trading, which has continued to develop relentlessly and successfully far into the twenty-first century. A number of historical obstacles to entry that previously surrounded global markets have progressively been removed, making them much more accessible to part-time traders while also enabling large volume real-time trading to be conducted on an ongoing basis.

In order to take advantage of this, traders may now get direct access to a broad and profitable array of assets via online platforms. The development of automated and high-frequency trading has also opened the door for traders to speculate on a variety of price changes while minimizing the risks associated with their trades.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Multiple Payment Methods


The ultimate goal for B2B and B2C businesses is to provide their business with the advantage of the online payment collecting procedure. And if new consumers start utilizing the services, it becomes impossible to use numerous payment gateways.

However, as we all know, not all payment gates tend to operate successfully simultaneously.

With a range of payment gates to select from, clients may conveniently pick the ideal transaction path in the area. And although the requirement for the hour is various payment gateways, it has both advantages and disadvantages.

Payment gateway is a third-party or commercial service that handles payment online for or on any of the choices accessible for e-commerce platforms – credit card, online banking, etc. PayPal, Amazon Pay, Stripe, Alipay,

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Multiple Payment Methods
Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Multiple Payment Methods

and so on are among the most popular payment gateways globally.


With more payment gates accessible now for e-commerce transactions, company owners simply need to integrate multiple payment gates to improve their consumers’ user experience while buying online.

Pros of Using Multiple Payment Gateways

Any online company must have the payment gateway option on its website or mobile application via which online payments may be accepted. Because of its security characteristics and the fact that payment gateway offers various payment methods in a single checkout procedure, it is an excellent solution.

So you may conduct some research and select many payment gates depending on your targeted regions and their customers. You should not overlook the costs they charge. Also, the popularity element of the payment gateway in that area should be taken into account. Targeting is essential for every company that accepts multiple payment methods. For example, there are several countries, like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, and so forth, where there is no PayPal as a payment method, which is one of the fastest payment methods around the world. So, as long as the PayPal payment method isn’t accessible for those countries’ residents, they are seeking other ways to replace it with a comparatively fast payment gateway.

To make this more clear we can take an example. For instance, those people who are involved in FX trading want to implement fast transactions. For these reasons, they want to find those brokerages that embrace fast payment methods and according to Brokereo review, it is the company that allows traders to make transactions with some of the fastest payment methods. It is also worth noting that different payment gateways provide various kinds of services. Some may be smooth in their own countries and others may also support worldwide services. Information on the currencies and the countries supported by them is important.

For purchasers in the checkout process, a payment gateway for automatic conversion of currencies would be handy. Therefore, the necessity to examine all factors, such as location, means of payment, and currencies, may need more than one payment gateway.

Basically, you may choose the payment gates that take into account the cost element. While some offer more amenities and features, they will cost you a lot. Therefore, there may be adaptations based on the methods and characteristics of payment and. You may assist to reduce the total price to a great degree if you select from India’s best payment gates.

23% of online consumers leave the basket due to the absence of payment options and because their credit card information cannot trust the site. The remaining 4% would give up when the card was rejected at check-out, in accordance with the drop-out rate statistics. The Vouchercloud eCommerce Psychology research says that 59 percent of interested consumers who purchase a product would leave the transaction if their chosen mode of payment is not available. According to Statista survey data, 20 percent have been abandoned owing to a non-existent chosen payment method.

Cons of Using Multiple Payment Methods

Multiple payment gates are better integrated for companies but contain various integration levels. And don’t you know what it means? It takes time and may occasionally create problems after integration. Since dealers often put up payment gates on the internet, the documentation is very comprehensive.

Multiple payment gates may cost a lot. Companies frequently attempt to prevent these problems by offering integrated payment options. It basically implies that the client may opt to pay in part credit and half cash for the products/services.

Multiple ways of payment provide comprehensive analytical data. This relies on your accessibility to bandwidth and resources. As a developing company, you must use many payment gates to intelligently collect payments. But all sorts of analytical data are monitored. It is taxable and has to be monitored by a separate reporting system.

Integrating multiple payment gates requires collector failover planning. In other words, payment gateway 1 fails to process payment. What’s the next step? The merchant must see how the consumers may be redirected. Do companies want consumers to go straight to payment gateway 2 or 3?

This procedure requires good study since it may also influence conversion rates. Companies must thus consider carefully picking on the appropriate reroute source to minimize the number of unsuccessful transactions.

The establishment of many payment gates on the website may pose far too many operational problems.

One such situation, however, the transaction isn’t completed when the money is deducted!

This covers back and forth, and that’s where companies require an omnipresent attitude. Moreover, to complete the activities, you require extra IT development resources. And because gateways have complex procedures for integration, more errors may occur than normal. In addition, companies need to hire additional personnel to guarantee that the gateways work properly.

What happens when someone calls for a refund from customer service? It is not an easy job to find out where the initial transaction was completed with more than one gateway in existence. You either need to spend more time on the phone using refunds from consumers or develop a system that can smartly guide your support agents in the correct path fast. Refunds are a gateway with one payment since there is only room to look at.

Three separate gateways will not operate the same way – the same APIs will not work, and not all the same error messages will be sent. You do it once with one payment gateway and do it properly.

In addition to the setup, you need to spend development effort on all your gates to handle things like updates or introducing new payment methods. Keeping with one payment source minimizes development expenses.

The Trump Prophets Regroup – The New York Times


The Trump Prophets Regroup – The New York Times

Beyond the spiritual test of unrealistic prophecies, there are very mundane stakes here: Under Mr. Strong’s leadership, charisma had grown from a church magazine to a multidisciplinary institution, with a New York Times best seller, millions of podcast downloads, and a remaining foothold. in print media, with a circulation of 75,000 for its top magazine. It is widely regarded as the leading publication of the fast-growing Pentecostal world, which numbers more than 10 million in the United States. With her mash-up of political and prophetic themes, Karishma had tapped into a massive market and electoral power. In 2019, a poll found that more than half of white Pentecostals believed to divinely anoint Trump, with additional research pointing to the importance of so-called prophetic voters in the 2016 election.

In his new book, Mr. Strang only mentions the former president, focusing more on topics such as the incoming Antichrist and hateful government overlords seeking to stamp out religion wholesale.

Strang summed it up, “The fact is that there are people who want to repeal Christianity.”

“Christians and other conservatives need to wake up and stand up,” Mr Strang said in an interview. “It says right on the cover of the book.”

The supernatural and the mass media have long been linked in the story of Pentecostalism. In Los Angeles in the 1900s, Amy Semple McPherson broadcast news-style reports of miracles and prophetic words on her own radio station in Echo Park. Oral Roberts conducts the Healing Crusade through the TV screen. The pairing of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker mastered the flashy genre of prime time talk shows.

Mr. Strang’s journalism career began as a rookie reporter at The Sentinel Star in Florida, where he covered more mundane topics such as police and town hall meetings. In 1975, Mr. Strang founded Charisma, then a small magazine published by the Calvary Assembly of God, a congregation in the Orlando area that he attended with his wife. Mr. Strang purchased the magazine from the original church in 1981 and worked in religious publishing.

Over time, the charisma prospered. The editorial voice had the brilliance of a hometown newspaper, which included personalities from the Pentecostal world, an audience that Mr. Strang believed was woefully unworthy. While competitors like Christianity Today hailed the buttoned-up elite of American evangelism, Charisma captured a niche market called charismatic Christians, distinguished by their interest in the gifts of the Spirit, which included things like healing. , speaking in tongues and modern-day prophecy. Mr. Strang skips stuffed dogma matters for eye-opening stories about the Holy Spirit moving through current events. Editorial meetings will focus on exploring what a former employee called the “spiritual heat” behind the day’s headlines.

“We didn’t want to be the kind of boring publication that many ‘religious’ magazines are,” Mr Strang wrote in an early editor’s note. “That’s why we went first class with this publication.”

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A T-Shirt Shop for the Semi-Ironically ‘Twilight’ Fan


A T-Shirt Shop for the Semi-Ironically ‘Twilight’ Fan

Prior to 2020, Madison Sinclair had not seen any of the “Twilight” films. But after seeing all five during quarantine, she became completely enamored – and inspired to express her new fantasy.

“I wanted to make something like, ‘Is this satire or is this real? Ms Sinclair, 21, said on a video call from her home in Houston. The result was a T-shirt, created using a clothing customization website, that contained the sentence “Bite me, big boy!” and “I love my vampire boyfriend” with a photo of Robert Pattinson, the film’s main male lead. The back read, “Biggest fan of Edward Cullen!” In bright pink letters.

When Ms Sinclair wore the shirt in a TikTok video, questions soon arose in the comments about where to buy it.

“I was like, ‘They have to be kidding. This is the most random, distinctive T-shirt ever. Why are there so many people in this?'” Ms. Sinclair said.

She started selling them on Depop—a site that often listed “pre-loved” items—but realized, after receiving about 80 requests in her first day, she’d need to scale up. So, he bought a web domain, BUGGIRL200.com (after his TikTok username), and created his own online store. She has since sold more than 15,000 shirts, each of them reflecting tongue-in-cheek nostalgia for the cultural touchstones from the past two decades. (Other designs include those by Adam Sandler, Michael Cera, One Direction, and Pitbull.)

He learned the sublimation printing process to make shirts himself; dropped out of the University of Houston where she was a marketing student; and turned the business into his full-time job.

Ms. Sinclair said, “I give my entire present life to that TikTok.”

Her work went unnoticed by the celebrity class: Olivia Rodrigo, for example, tagged her friend Iris Apatow — Judd’s daughter — in a photo on Instagram of a BUGGIRL200 original that read: “I think That Twilight movies are awesome!!!!! If you don’t think it makes me sexy and cool, don’t talk to me!!!!!

The image caught the eye of 21-year-old Dulce Clara, a student in San Marcos, Calif. “‘Twilight’ will always hold a special place in my heart because not only did I grow up watching movies, but it was actually my first teen romance film,” she said. When she saw Ms. Rodrigo’s post, she said, “I fell in love with the shirt immediately and bought it.”

Cece Gude, 25, a Miami musician, has an Adam Sandler and Michael Cera shirt; She wears one almost every week. “He’s my favorite actor,” she said of Mr. Sandler, “and he really is one of the funniest people in Hollywood, in my opinion.”

Maya Avalos, a 22-year-old Chicago student, first heard about the brand through TikTok and bought the Pitbull-themed shirt she wore to a Pitbull concert. “I love pitbulls, so a shirt with a pitbull engulfed in flames was a must,” she said, “she has never seen a shirt with such a cool spirit before.”

Ms. Sinclair’s site is run through Shopify, where approximately 1.7 million merchants sell all kinds of goods. The company saw a surge in usage during the pandemic, when most brick-and-mortar retailers moved sales online. And it has made it much easier for upstarts to start and run small businesses.

Gary Dushnitsky, an associate professor of strategy and entrepreneurship at the London Business School, said, “In the days of dot-com, one had to buy computer servers, write code, and spend three months to a year before a virtual store went live. ” “Only large companies, or those that had the foresight and the ability to raise large upfront investments, could launch and develop a virtual presence.”

This is not the case today due to low-code platforms like Shopify, Wix and Magento. “A creative person no longer has to spend weeks looking for a technical co-founder. Rather, they can leverage one of these platforms to launch and grow a successful presence,” said Mr. Dushnitsky. This could lead to more innovation and experimentation, as well as diversification in terms of shoppers. There could be growth, he said, “including those who traditionally did not have technical knowledge or initial capital.”

For Ms. Sinclair, the accessibility provided by Shopify was the key to getting the BUGGIRL200 off the ground. Once this was underway, she moved from her parents’ house to her apartment and turned her full attention to the clothing company.

“It’s still pretty scary, because at the end of the day, it’s a ‘Twilight’ T-shirt business,” she said. It’s also a mild nonsense thing.

“I love when people come to my page and I don’t know if I’m a 14-year-old Taylor Swift fan or an adult woman making T-shirts for a living,” said Ms. Sinclair.

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What Is the Rarest M&M Color and What’s The Story Behind It?


What Is the Rarest M&M Color and What’s The Story Behind It?

What Is M&M?

M&M’s or m&m’s are multi-colored, button-shaped chocolate treats with the letter ‘m’ printed in lower case in white on one of their sides. They’re the flagship product of Mars Incorporated, a division of the Mars Wrigley Confectionery.

M&M’s chocolates consist of a candy shell surrounding a rich filling. The filling varies depending on the variety of M&M’s.

Initially, M&M’s chocolates had a semi-sweet filling. However, numerous other flavors have come up over the years, including peanut M&M’s, almond M&M’s, pretzel M&M’s, caramel M&M’s, dark chocolate M&M’s, and crispy M&M’s, to mention but a few. Following the introduction of multiple M&M’s filling varieties, the original semi-sweet filling was labeled the “plain, normal” variety.

What Is the Rarest M&M’s Color?

Kid playing with mms min

Brown is the most uncommon M&M color, making up a paltry 13% of M&M’s total color collection. To be more specific, the rarest M&M color is actually tan. Tan is a pale tone of brown, which is the same color as tannum – the oak bark used in the tanning of leather.

Note that a regular bag of M&M’s chocolate treats contains all the primary classic colors, namely Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Dark Brown.

Blue is the most common M&M color, representing 24% of all M&M’s chocolate candies in circulation. Orange follows at 18%, with green coming in third at 16%. Yellow, Red, and Brown represent 15%, 14%, and 13%, respectively.

Why Is Brown the Rarest M&M’s Color?

Brown didn’t become the most uncommon M&M’s color by mistake. Rather, it was by a well-choreographed design.

So, what’s the story behind brown’s unfair representation in a bag of M&M’s chocolate treats?

The 70s saw the rise of one of the most sensational rock bands ever – Van Halen. The American rock band, founded in Pasadena, California, in 1972, was credited with restoring the waning popularity of hard rock.

Whenever Van Halen was hired to perform at a show, they furnished their promoters with a detailed contract which outlined the specific things they’d wish their promoters to take care of. Common areas of responsibility included taking care of sound and lighting, setting up the backstage area, provision of security, and ensuring the band was properly fed. That’s pretty much what any band would do, right?

However, performance contracts by Van Halen went as far as spelling out what most promoters would pass up as inconsequential, nitty-gritty details. For instance, there were clauses on the specific toilet paper brands to be used in the band’s backstage washrooms.

Now, many people have a way of skimming through contract documents looking for what they think is the only information worth consuming. And Van Halen members understood this all too well. So, to ensure that their promoters had read the contract document from start to finish, the band inserted an interesting stipulation with regards to M&M’s chocolate candies. The clause demanded that there were to be no brown M&M’s candies in the backstage area.

Note that M&M’s candies were a craze during this period. The chocolates were literally unmissable during rock band performances.

Most importantly, no other music band had expressed what appeared to be weird reservations for brown M&M’s candies. Therefore, embedding this seemingly sinister clause in their contracts would help the band establish whether their promoters had diligently read their contract documents or not. And to put their money where their mouth is, Van Halen canceled the entire event whenever M&M’s chocolates turned up in the backstage areas of the shows they were performing at. The promoter would shoulder all the losses resulting from these cancellations.

As more events were canceled due to violation of the “brown chocolate clause,” the brown M&M’s chocolates consequently lost their popularity. It was only a matter of time before the company behind M&M’s responded by reducing the production of brown M&M’s chocolates.

Several years later, it emerged that there was more to Van Halen’s ‘brown M&M’s’ rider than what the public might have believed.

According to Van Halen’s lead singer, David Lee Roth, the bizarre clause was born out of the band’s past experiences performing in buildings that were not designed to accommodate rock bands of their caliber. Without spelling out specific guidelines on the kinds of stages they were to perform on, the band as well as its fans risked serious injuries. So, they decided to add the “no brown M&M’s clause” to ensure all their conditions were met prior to gracing any show.

If any brown M&M’s were found in the backroom, it only meant that the promoter had not paid due attention to the contract document and that there could be other bigger problems to worry about.

Final Word

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fan of M&M’s or not. It’s interesting to learn a few fun facts about these fancy chocolates.

That way, you can go ahead and order your next bag of M&M’s candy treats from a point of information.

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California’s housing crisis looms large for Gavin Newsom


California’s housing crisis looms large for Gavin Newsom

The median home value in California has eclipsed $800,000. Tenants in the state are among the highest cost burden in the country. More than 100,000 residents sleep outside or in their cars each night. A crisis, a disaster, a religion of misery, a disgrace – whatever journalists and politicians call it, people across the state, including all major candidates for governor in the recall vote this week, agree that the situation is untenable.

The question is what can the governor do about it. This is something that Governor Gavin Newsom has spent the last three years talking about. And now that he has won a decisive victory in the recall election, which has cost nearly $300 million and attracted state and governor attention for several months, Mr Newsom is turning his attention to housing problems.

In many ways, the answer is different from when he took office in 2019.

Right now the focus is Senate Bill 9, which would allow duplexes in neighborhoods across the state and is one of hundreds of unsigned bills that piled up on Mr Newsom’s desk during the recall campaign. But even if Mr Newsom signs it, which he is widely expected to do in the coming days, his legacy on housing may be less about laws passed under his watch than his administration’s ability to enforce them. is likely to. That’s because the executive branch wields a lot more power over state housing policy than it did a few years ago, following the state’s dismay at how difficult it is for local governments to build housing in California.

Mr Newsom’s administration has come to play a role, such as suing cities for not building enough with population growth and forming a team to ensure that cities approve new housing. The moves are part of a nationwide shift in power — away from city councils and toward state homes — over the $1 trillion annual residential construction market.

“It used to be that housing was run by local planning departments and California governors didn’t really care,” said Ben Metcalf, managing director of the Turner Center for Housing Innovation at the University of California, Berkeley. “he changed.”

Mr Newsom, a Democrat, has tried to get through the pandemic emergency by extending the state’s moratorium on evictions, even if the federal one lapses, and adding to the state’s budget surplus and various coronavirus relief packages. Has tried to pour money into homeless funding and programs. Turn hotels into supportive accommodations.

But California remains one of the hardest places in America to build housing, leading to an imbalance in supply and demand. It is the key end to a nationwide problem that is driving middle-income households out of ownership and one in four rental households that pay more than half of their pretax income in rent.

Planners, economists and both political parties have long called on states to use their power to reduce housing shortages by breaking local impasse. They point out that suburban governments have little incentive to fix the problem because they are accountable to homeowners who prefer that prices only go up. The conundrum would be housing reformers from at least the 1970s, and emerged in Republican debate during California’s recall campaign, where candidates talked a lot about adding more housing, but shied away from discussion of whether that would be housing. Where will you go

These often contradictory comments were a perfect encapsulation of the mood of Californians: They are universally unhappy with the state’s cost of living and tent cities that have appeared on freeways, parks, and beaches. But homeowners fiercely defend their power to say what makes up for what they have. Former San Diego mayor and Republican candidate in the recall election, Kevin Faulkner, ran away from his own pro-density policies in California’s second-largest city, saying, “When we see some of these pieces of legislation that are wanted in California.” Abolishing the single-family sector, it is wrong.”

Mr Newsom has tried to follow the same lines. In 2018, he campaigned on the “Marshall Plan for Housing”, which aimed to deliver 3.5 million new housing units by 2025. He regretted the figure after being in the governor’s chair, and it became fodder for his major recall rival. , talk show host Larry Elder, who seized on it as an example of broken promises. Mr Elder didn’t need sophisticated research to find fault with the numbers: in a state that allows for about 100,000 housing units a year, providing 3.5 million – 35 years of housing at the current pace – is close to a physical impossibility. .

Mr Newsom has since remained mostly silent about the larger zoning law. He did not take a position on Senate Bill 50, a controversial measure that would have allowed apartment buildings in neighborhoods across the state. And that Senate was largely silent about Bill 9 as it passed through both houses of the state legislature and lay on its table.

What it has done instead is enforce existing laws more aggressively than its predecessors. Two weeks after Mr Newsom took office, California’s attorney general sued Huntington Beach for failing to plan for adequate new housing. Since then, the state’s Department of Housing and Community Development has sent hundreds of letters asking cities to change or simplify their planning codes to comply with state law.

The governor’s most recent budget allocated $4.3 million to staff a “housing accountability unit” made up of planners and lawyers, who would oversee local governments’ housing decisions and intervene if state law was not followed.

Zoning defines the physical character of a neighborhood and who can live next door, so it has attracted the most attention in the California housing debate. But over the years, the legislature has quietly passed small measures that, when combined together, have fundamentally changed the relationship between state and local government. The new rules change how many housing cities have to plan, make it harder for developers to stop building them and ultimately deprive them of funding and local control if they go too far from state mandates.

As they move much of the oversight of housing to Sacramento, the question has fallen to the executive branch about how aggressively those laws are enforced. It’s one thing for the state to pass legislation to segregate neighborhoods, set aside more land for subsidized housing, and require cities to allow backyard cottages. If enforcing them is not a priority – which has long been the case with housing laws – then they are bound to be overlooked.

In an interview after the recall vote, Jason Elliott, a senior adviser to Mr Newsom who works on housing policy, dismissed a series of bill numbers and the plan code’s cryptic text to indicate dozens of housing regulations, mostly untested. live. Environmental measures that support increased density to reduce car trips. Various laws permitting backyard units. A way for developers to prosecute cities that don’t follow their own zoning rules. These are the kinds of laws that the new Housing Accountability Unit will try to implement.

“I would never say that we have passed the law and we can’t do more,” Mr Elliott said. “But what we really need to do is if we want to see units spring up so several dozen people think about this and only do that, and empower them to reach cities.”

Will Mr Newsom ever get close to 3.5 million new units? No, even if it were politically possible, it would affect the timber and labor supply.

It took California decades to get into this bad housing crisis. It takes lofty rhetoric and promises for millions of units for a campaign slogan, but the reality looks like a process of slowly digging in.

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Tips and strategies for preparing the AZ-204: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure exam


The purpose of this article is to aid you in your preparation for the Microsoft Azure AZ 204 exam. Such Microsoft certification courses can help you to get a basic grasp of creating apps on Azure, even if you don’t plan to take the exam. The Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate credential is awarded to candidates who complete the Exam AZ 204: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure.

Featured Image 1

Why should you take the Microsoft Azure AZ 204 exam?

The Microsoft Azure certifications assess a candidate’s ability to perform technical tasks like developing Azure storage, implementing Azure security, developing Azure compute solutions. Additionally, you should know about monitoring, troubleshooting, optimizing Azure solutions, and connecting to and using Azure assistance, Microsoft artificial intelligence, and cloud security. A Microsoft-certified professional would only get to obtain the Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate certification subsequent to passing the exam of  AZ 204.

The Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate is part of Microsoft certification courses based on employment roles that began in late 2018. It’s one of the Microsoft certifications that is designed for Azure Developers who work as part of a team to create and develop cloud-based software solutions utilizing the Microsoft Azure cloud platform or cloud computing. Hence, if you want to work in such a lucrative role in the future, it would be prudent to take the Microsoft Azure AZ 204 exam.

Microsoft Azure AZ 204 Exam Requirements

There is no specific requirement for the AZ 204 exam, which is among the most popular Microsoft online courses. However, applicants are advised to meet the required knowledge and experience criteria to improve their chances of passing the exam. Prerequisites for the AZ 204 test are as follows:

  • Applicants should have at least 1-2 years of expertise in cloud solution development and Microsoft Azure.
  • Candidates should have a high degree of programming proficiency in an Azure-supported high-level programming language.

Preparing for Microsoft Azure AZ 204 Exam

Here are a few suggestions to take into account prior to taking this exam:

  • To acquire more information on the services covered in the test, visit the Microsoft Office Docs website or speak to your trainer at the educational institute.
  • Microsoft learning modules include a wide range of activities and hands-on information, which you should not miss out on.
  • Practice the sample exam questions as often as possible to become familiar with the kind of questions you could encounter in the exam.

Take the practice tests.

Before taking a certification exam, a candidate’s top goal should always be to take practice exams, as a part of their Microsoft certification training. Proactively practicing the expert-curated Microsoft Azure AZ 204 exam questions would allow the applicant to improve their time management and fast thinking skills. As a result, the candidate’s chances of passing the exam would also increase. Many free AZ 204 practice exams are available online for the applicant.

The practice exam papers given by Microsoft are by far the most valuable part of the preparation. These gave insight into the structure of the inquiries and the sorts of issues that were expected to arise. Because there isn’t currently a sample AZ 204 examination, you can use the Az-203 exam to understand better the types of questions you might expect.

There are a few aspects of the exam structure that you must know of:

  • Code samples are offered for several questions in an “excerpt” option at the top of the question page. For example, the questions range from multiple choice to “drag and drop” sequencing of CLI commands. You must read the questions and answers attentively to avoid missing minor facts.
  • In the practice tests, you either receive full marks or no marks for each question, but in the actual exam, you earn credit for half-right answers; which is excellent for getting better scores.
  • Attempt all questions where you are sure to score well first, and then go forward with the others.

Use the CLI and C# SDKs to practice managing Azure Resources.

Spend time practicing using CLI and C# SDKs to manage resources. Many of the exam questions focused on setting up and maintaining Azure solutions, and practicing those ahead of time would make things a lot easier and bring you closer to becoming a Microsoft certified professional.

Though you don’t have to master the full CLI, knowing how to manage all the resources specified in the test criteria will help you a lot. Many of the exam’s more practical sections revolve around determining which Azure resource is the best fit in a particular circumstance. The portions are typically relatively easy if you go through the resources well enough.

Examine the Microsoft exam materials.

Working through the Microsoft certification training materials takes up a lot of time but reading over each part is helpful since minor details make choosing between comparable resources much more straightforward. For example, storage restrictions that may rule out specific options are beneficial to have a general sense of – even if you don’t know the precise amount.

Don’t be scared!

Finally, don’t freak out! It might feel as though there is an enormous amount of information to absorb and retain. However, there are several tools available to assist you with the process and get you closer to the relevant Azure certifications.

UPSC: Success Story of Ankit Pannu who cleared UPSC exam and became an IAS officer in his second attempt


UPSC: Success Story of Ankit Pannu who cleared UPSC exam and became an IAS officer in his second attempt

UPSC: Ankit topped the UPSC exam in 2017 with 31st rank in his second attempt.

UPSC: Civil Services Examination is considered to be the toughest examination in the country. Every year lakhs of people appear in this exam with the dream of becoming an IAS officer but only a few candidates are able to turn their dream into reality. One such person is Ankit Pannu who cleared this difficult exam in the first attempt itself, but due to not getting the desired rank, he tried again and this time he achieved success. Let’s know about Ankit Pannu.

Ankit Pannu is a resident of Delhi. He got his early education from Modern Public School, Shalimar Bagh. After this he did his engineering degree from Delhi Technological University. During his graduation, Ankit had decided that he would become an IAS officer after passing the civil services examination. He started his studies in the third year of engineering and after the completion of his graduation, his preparation was in full swing.

UPSC: Leaving lakhs of jobs abroad, Abhishek got 10th rank in UPSC exam like this

Ankit had secured 444th rank in the first attempt of UPSC examination in the year 2016 due to the right strategy and hard work. It was no trivial success but still Ankit was determined to take the UPSC exam again as he did not want to compromise on his dream of becoming an IAS officer. He encouraged himself with the success he got in the first attempt but at the same time he recognized his mistakes and rectified them. Due to this passion, he topped the UPSC exam in the year 2017 with 31st rank in the second attempt.

Aspirants preparing for UPSC exam need to be very patient and positive. Ankit also believes that while preparing for the exam, one should keep distance from negative people and at the same time believe in oneself. For studies, Ankit says that first of all, one should read and understand the syllabus well. After this, make a time table according to the topic and study regularly. If one can get success in the first attempt itself, then we can definitely clear this exam with the right strategy and hard work.

JNV Admission 2021: New notice issued for Navodaya Vidyalaya entrance exam, exam will be held on this date in these two districts

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Rapidtags – What is Rapidtags? | Rapidtags YouTube Tag Generator and Optimizer Rapidtags Tags and Popular keywords generator


Rapidtags – What is Rapidtags? | Rapidtags YouTube Tag Generator and Optimizer Rapidtags Tags and Popular keywords generator

YouTube is the moment biggest search engine in the world, so keyword-optimizing your videos on the stage is fair as important as keyword-optimizing your web journal posts for Google. Even on the off chance that you’ve fair made the following video, you must keep in mind that a calculation directs which recordings YouTube will serve to its gathering of people and which ones it won’t.

One of the finest ways to keyword-optimize your recordings for YouTube is leveraging labels. Underneath, we’ve put together a direct that will clarify precisely what YouTube tags are, why they’re critical, and which are the tags generators available such as Rapid tags and much more.

Rapidtags - What is Rapidtags | Rapidtags | Grow quicker on YouTube
Rapidtags – What is Rapidtags | Rapidtags | Grow quicker on YouTube

To succeed on YouTube, advancing your recordings for look engine optimization could be a must. Enhancing and including tags to your YouTube recordings will offer the assistance they show up tall in look comes about. With a few billion sees every day, YouTube is the put to be to reach more people.

To rank your recordings at the best of the comes about pages, YouTube tags play a key part. In terms of SEO, they have a coordinated impact on the situating of recordings and their number of views.

What are YouTube tags and why are they important?

YouTube Tags are words and expressions you’ll be able to incorporate in your YouTube videos’ portrayal. They let your watchers, and YouTube, know what your recordings are approximately and can offer assistance to them rank higher within the platform’s look results.

YouTube tags work to assist YouTube to get a handle on your video’s substance and setting. This way, YouTube can get your video’s theme and category, and relate it with comparative content, which can increase your video’s reach. The rise of semantic look has made YouTube tags less imperative over time, but they’re still a vital component you’ll be able to utilize to your advantage. Using tag generators like the Rapid tag generator website could help one to get more hashtags to improve their results on their videos.

Which are the best YouTube tags generators available?

To recognize the leading YouTube tag for your video or channel and offer the assistance you to rank higher in YouTube’s look comes about, there are diverse tag generators. Here is our determination of the most excellent tag generators like Rapid tag generators which we think are a great beginning point for your research:

  1. Keyword Keg: It is an amazing tag generator for YouTube that will offer the client an exact investigation in terms of significance, which can moreover assess its level of reputation and its potential target. To be able to discover the tags offered by this device, you’ll subscribe to the location. All things considered, without a membership, the client will be able to continue to the confirmation of the 5 results that he has decided.
  2. io: The Swiss cut for keyword suggestions. Keywordtool.io offers keyword recommendations for Google, YouTube, Amazon, Bing, and App Store. With respect to YouTube recommendations, Keywordtool.io refers to YouTube Auto-Complete information as it were. The free adaptation includes keywords (limited number), Filter by language and country & questions that incorporate the keyword. Keywordtool.io’s questions include may be a great way to induce long-tail watchwords.
  3. VidIQ: VidIQ’s browser plugin gives an accommodating SEO checklist straightforwardly within the YouTube interface. Separated from this checklist VidIQ improves the video title, depiction, and tag interface. By the time this survey was made the quality of watchwords showed up to be or maybe powerless. The terms are exceptionally generic. The information source could be Google AdWords.
  4. Rapid Tags: To discover the most excellent YouTube labels, Rapid Tags is the reference. One of the uncommon highlights of this device is that it offers tags with the same arrangement as the one shown within the “tags” area of the video-sharing platform. Therefore, all you’ve got to do is duplicate these YouTube labels and glue them into the dedicated segment. This operation won’t take you more than a few seconds. Apart from its ease of use, Rapid Tags does not require enrollment or membership and is totally free of charge. Among the curious highlights of this apparatus may be a “rank analyzer”. Based on the YouTube labels beneath thought, it decides the look volume as well as their engagement rates.

Well, among all the tag generators sites, Rapid Tags is one of the most trusted and popular tag generators to make your YouTube videos full of views. These Rapid Tags generators are also available for Instagram and Rapid Tag Twitter to make the post and videos more viral and boost your online presence on the particular platform. Here’s the link to Rapid Tags to make your platform go Woosh!!

Can these YouTube hashtags like Rapid tag generators help to get more views on the video?

Concurring with the YouTube Creator Academy, hashtags can progress your SEO. Hashtags can assist you to get more sees in three ways.

Image Source: rapidtags.io

First, hashtags can lead individuals to your video from other recordings that utilize the same hashtag. For case, let’s say you just transferred a video about promoting. And you included the hashtag #promoting to that video. Well, when individuals press on other recordings with the #promoting hashtag, there’s a chance that will lead straightforwardly to your video.

Also, individuals really look at YouTube utilizing hashtags as their keyword. So after you optimize your video around that hashtag, you’ll rank for those hashtag searches.

Finally, similar to typical YouTube tags, hashtags offer assistance to YouTube superior get-it your video content. For illustration, hashtags like “#diet”, #paleo” and “#keto” offer assistance YouTube get it that your video is almost healthy & wellness.

And other than the SEO advantage, hashtags are a flawless way to tie recordings from your channel together… without playlists.

For example, Gary Vaynerchuk employments the hashtag “#askgaryvee” to create it simple to discover all of the Q&A recordings from his channel. That said, hashtags aren’t attending to mystically result in more sees. In truth, YouTube has cautioned that hashtags are not a ensure for success.

In other words: hashtags have the potential to assist you to get more sees. But they’re not planning to overcome other key variables within the YouTube calculation.

See Best Movies Downloading Sites –


So, Hashtags, Tags, and Keywords will assist you to grow big. And utilizing them in the right way will assist you to develop faster. Make beyond any doubt to avoid terrible strategies or unplanned YouTube techniques. At long last, you’ll effectively do a channel review and discover out more procedures to assist move forward your YouTube journey.

Richest Noob in Free Fire: All you need to know – Gadget Clock


Here’s What No One Tells You About Richest Noob In Free Fire. Who is the richest Noob on Free Fire?

After reading this article you will get to know who is the richest noob in free fire and struggle behind the richest noob in free fire, The Richest Noob in Free Fire. When we talk about Battle Royal sorts, Garena Free Fire makes it to the beat of the list of best Battle Royal Games. Free fire gamers have been cashing out a parcel just by playing this astonishing game. Free Fire has been one of the foremost prevalent Battle Royale games since PUBG Portable was prohibited from the Indian servers.

after reading this article you will get to know who is the richest noob in free fire and struggle behind the richest noob in free fire, The Richest Noob in Free Fire.
after reading this article you will get to know who is the richest noob in free fire and struggle behind the richest noob in free fire, The Richest Noob in Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire could be a well-known fight royale game for iOS and Android users. It is comparative to games like PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty: Mobile, and has overseen to form a specialty of its own. Garena Free Fire right now has over 500 million downloads on Android alone. Free Fire may be a greatly prevalent battle royale game. The game highlights a few interesting characteristics that make it stand out among the other BR titles. One of these highlights is the special characters with changed capacities. As of now, the game includes an add up to 35 characters.

With more than 5 core players and counting, India is one of the nations with the foremost number of Free Fire players within the world. Being considered the world’s no.1 noob game for players of all ages, Free Fire draws in a lot of noob and rich players who never mind saving their cash on purchasing the most smoking things. In the event that you don’t know who the richest noob in Free Fire is, let’s discover out more curious data about him today under this article. Let’s know who he/she is, what is the noob’s username in Free Fire & much more about the game.

Who is the richest noob in the game Free Fire?

Over the past few a long time, mobile gaming has bloomed over India and Youtube is no question the promising arrives for game streamers. There are numerous popular and rich Free Fire gamers and streamers who have collected millions of supporters. A few of them are masters, a few are noobs, but they all oversee to be well known and celebrated in their claim ways.

However, when it comes to the richest noob player in Free Fire, Lokesh Gamer is the foremost celebrated additionally the richest one. Not at all like other Free Fire content makers, Lokesh Gamer does not center on streaming gameplay. He picks up the reputation for investing lakhs of diamonds on Free Fire occasions to urge all of the select and limited things.

This fight royale game has more than 40 characters with great capacities and advantages. Lokesh Gamer who is recognized as the Indian Richest Noob in the game, Free Fire, also has another channel named “LR7 gaming”. This particular channel was begun afterward in 2018.

What’s the reason that Lokesh Gamer is known as the Richest Noob in Free fire?

Free Fire is 10 minutes game where 50 players are dropped on a Remote Island and players compete against each other. Free fire uses Codashop and Game Kharido to Purchase Diamonds in Free Fire. The player who survives till the Final zone and is able to Murder the Final Enemy is considered as Winner.

Game Kharido
Game Kharido

Wining in Free fire requires incredible strategic Knowledge, a strong squad (Teammates) with incredible communication, and a Gaming Skill. The Players have to Search for Weapons, Stay in-play zone and Loot enemies, survive till the last. The Player who can monotonously do it is considered a Professional (Proficient) Player.

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Lokesh Gamer is known for his lack of Game Sense and Game Information. He lacks the gaming expertise which is required to be a Master Player. As numerous of the group of onlookers has seen his gameplay and seen his gameplay is most exceedingly bad than a Silver Society player, He has truly no experience/knowledge of the game, He without knowing the area of Enemy surges into the House, and Gets murdered, He monotonously does same mistakes without any progress his expertise set and game sense. But He isn’t embarrassed about being Called NOOB because knows he isn’t great at it. He uploads his Videos’ with the caption “Richest Noob in Free fire”.

If you are Minecraft Fan then you should definitely read this about – lunar client

Richest noob in free fire – Lokesh’s stats

Squad Mode

Team Name Team HIND
Role in Team Leader
Squad Matches 3379 matches played in which Won 718 matches
Win Ratio 37%
Total Kills 6269
Kill to Passing Ratio(K/D) 2.36%

Duo Mode

Duo Matches 1529 matches played in which Won 152 matches
Win Ratio 28%
Total Kills 2583
Kill to Passing Ratio(K/D) 1.88%

Solo Mode

Single Matches 1287 matches played in which Won 137 matches
Win Ratio 37%
Total Kills 2660
Kill to Passing Ratio(K/D) 2.32%

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