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Here’s What No One Tells You About Richest Noob In Free Fire. Who is the richest Noob on Free Fire?

After reading this article you will get to know who is the richest noob in free fire and struggle behind the richest noob in free fire, The Richest Noob in Free Fire. When we talk about Battle Royal sorts, Garena Free Fire makes it to the beat of the list of best Battle Royal Games. Free fire gamers have been cashing out a parcel just by playing this astonishing game. Free Fire has been one of the foremost prevalent Battle Royale games since PUBG Portable was prohibited from the Indian servers.

after reading this article you will get to know who is the richest noob in free fire and struggle behind the richest noob in free fire, The Richest Noob in Free Fire.
after reading this article you will get to know who is the richest noob in free fire and struggle behind the richest noob in free fire, The Richest Noob in Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire could be a well-known fight royale game for iOS and Android users. It is comparative to games like PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty: Mobile, and has overseen to form a specialty of its own. Garena Free Fire right now has over 500 million downloads on Android alone. Free Fire may be a greatly prevalent battle royale game. The game highlights a few interesting characteristics that make it stand out among the other BR titles. One of these highlights is the special characters with changed capacities. As of now, the game includes an add up to 35 characters.

With more than 5 core players and counting, India is one of the nations with the foremost number of Free Fire players within the world. Being considered the world’s no.1 noob game for players of all ages, Free Fire draws in a lot of noob and rich players who never mind saving their cash on purchasing the most smoking things. In the event that you don’t know who the richest noob in Free Fire is, let’s discover out more curious data about him today under this article. Let’s know who he/she is, what is the noob’s username in Free Fire & much more about the game.

Who is the richest noob in the game Free Fire?

Over the past few a long time, mobile gaming has bloomed over India and Youtube is no question the promising arrives for game streamers. There are numerous popular and rich Free Fire gamers and streamers who have collected millions of supporters. A few of them are masters, a few are noobs, but they all oversee to be well known and celebrated in their claim ways.

However, when it comes to the richest noob player in Free Fire, Lokesh Gamer is the foremost celebrated additionally the richest one. Not at all like other Free Fire content makers, Lokesh Gamer does not center on streaming gameplay. He picks up the reputation for investing lakhs of diamonds on Free Fire occasions to urge all of the select and limited things.

This fight royale game has more than 40 characters with great capacities and advantages. Lokesh Gamer who is recognized as the Indian Richest Noob in the game, Free Fire, also has another channel named “LR7 gaming”. This particular channel was begun afterward in 2018.

What’s the reason that Lokesh Gamer is known as the Richest Noob in Free fire?

Free Fire is 10 minutes game where 50 players are dropped on a Remote Island and players compete against each other. Free fire uses Codashop and Game Kharido to Purchase Diamonds in Free Fire. The player who survives till the Final zone and is able to Murder the Final Enemy is considered as Winner.

Game Kharido
Game Kharido

Wining in Free fire requires incredible strategic Knowledge, a strong squad (Teammates) with incredible communication, and a Gaming Skill. The Players have to Search for Weapons, Stay in-play zone and Loot enemies, survive till the last. The Player who can monotonously do it is considered a Professional (Proficient) Player.

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Lokesh Gamer is known for his lack of Game Sense and Game Information. He lacks the gaming expertise which is required to be a Master Player. As numerous of the group of onlookers has seen his gameplay and seen his gameplay is most exceedingly bad than a Silver Society player, He has truly no experience/knowledge of the game, He without knowing the area of Enemy surges into the House, and Gets murdered, He monotonously does same mistakes without any progress his expertise set and game sense. But He isn’t embarrassed about being Called NOOB because knows he isn’t great at it. He uploads his Videos’ with the caption “Richest Noob in Free fire”.

If you are Minecraft Fan then you should definitely read this about – lunar client

Richest noob in free fire – Lokesh’s stats

Squad Mode

Team Name Team HIND
Role in Team Leader
Squad Matches 3379 matches played in which Won 718 matches
Win Ratio 37%
Total Kills 6269
Kill to Passing Ratio(K/D) 2.36%

Duo Mode

Duo Matches 1529 matches played in which Won 152 matches
Win Ratio 28%
Total Kills 2583
Kill to Passing Ratio(K/D) 1.88%

Solo Mode

Single Matches 1287 matches played in which Won 137 matches
Win Ratio 37%
Total Kills 2660
Kill to Passing Ratio(K/D) 2.32%

Youtube channel link for the richest noob in free fire is given below: https://www.youtube.com/c/LOKESHGAMER

Go and check out the richest noob, Lokesh’s YouTube channel to know more about his gaming skills via his videos.

Richest Noob in Free fire – FAQs

Neal Conan, Who Talked (and Listened) to the Nation on NPR, Dies at 71


Neal Conan, Who Talked (and Listened) to the Nation on NPR, Dies at 71

In his final show on NPR, Mr. Conan said he would continue to listen to the network and support it through contributions. But he added: “I need services in return. Go tell me the stories behind everything that happened in the world today. Explain why this happened and how it affects our lives. Do it every day. Tell me what’s important and don’t waste my time with stupid stuff.

As for him, he said that even after some 5,000 hours on the air, “there is still so much to say, but it will have to be enough”.

In an email, Scott Simon, host of NPR’s ‘Weekend Edition Saturday,’ said of Mr. Conan: “There are thousands of people he has interviewed, or responded to. questions, and millions of listeners, direct and personal memories of his kindness, intelligence and eagerness to hear what they had to say. It’s the kind of legacy that just keeps growing.

Mr. Conan played in virtually every role at NPR from 1977 to 2000, when he experienced what he described as a midlife crisis.

“I ran away with the circus,” he told NPR magazine Wavelength in 2013, “and took my radio with me.”

“Circus” in his case meant the opportunity to do live radio broadcasts of baseball games. He thought – rightly so, as it turned out – that covering minor league Aberdeen Arsenal would require the same conversational skills he had applied so effectively to cover domestic political conventions.

Finally, he could get rid of the burden of journalistic objectivity, as he explained in “Play by Play: Baseball, Radio, and Life in the Last Chance League” (2002).

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Lunar Client: What is the Lunar client? How Download and INSTALL Lunar Client! | Official 2021 Tutorial


lunar client: What is the Lunar client? How Download and INSTALL Lunar Client! | Official 2021 Tutorial

Lunar client, an all-in-one PvP client which is available for many versions under Minecraft. This is basically designed to provide the players with a better and improved experience when the player is playing on the multi-player Minecraft server. However, the client is an unofficial game to Minecraft’s creators, which are Mojang A.B. moreover, Lunar needs to be downloaded manually only.

Lunar client, one of the most popular and famous unofficial Minecraft clients is Lunar in recent times and it has also been featured by many of the prominent YouTubers online. Through this technique, there’s a huge increase in the number of players who are looking after the game and how to download, install and use the Lunar. The lunar client is a full mudpack that is available in many versions of Minecraft’s and the versions available are 1.7, 1.8, 1.12, 1.15, and 1.16 versions.

What is the Lunar client
What is the Lunar client

Under this article, we will learn and know about the Lunar client – what is it, how to download the lunar client, how to register on that, how to log in, lunar client mods, billion clients, how to use the lunar client in Minecraft and much more in-depth about the lunar client. So, let’s read out the article to know about it more!

How to register on lunar clients?

Below are the following steps being followed to register yourself on the lunar client:

  1. First of all, visit the website of the lunar client to register yourself
  2. Now, if you have registered yourself then simply log in using your credentials, or else, just simply go to the ‘sign up’ option and enter your details like Full name, Email id, and more
  3. And click on ‘Register’
  4. You now have simply registered yourself on the lunar client website!

Lunar client store

A lunar client store is a place where a player can buy items such as emotes, cloaks, wings, hats, bandannas, and much more. The lunar client also offers some codes which could help you redeem such items. The codes are ‘lunar is better than badlion’, ‘lunar is better than survival’, and much more. These codes are also available on various other websites which could help one to get some codes to redeem good and attractive deals for lunar clients.

Lunar client launcher

If you want to expand the game capabilities, pay attention to the possibility of using the client’s pack mudpack under Minecraft. Through this option is available, there’s a huge number of mods being associated with the forge’s Minecraft. This kind of mob will allow the player who can easily achieve a favorable result during the new journey. Now let’s learn about the system and enjoy the world with an update.

Steps to install this on Minecraft through Tlauncher are:

  1. First of all download and install the Fabric and Fabric API on your device
  2. Now, download the file of mod which would help you to modify your gaming
  3. The third and final step is to copy the client pack mod package to the file/folder called .minecraft/mods and if the folder or file doesn’t exist then simply install the forge again and create it yourself.

Badlion client

The badlion client is available for free download on the Minecraft launcher for both the screens, Windows and Apple which means that the players can easily and quickly set up the system and the whole setup won’t even come in their way while using. Badlion is basically a client which helps to prevent the in-game cheating factor and also helps to continuously scan the signs of cheating being performed in the game such as double clicks, fire buttons, X-rays, and much more. It helps to prevent the game from being framed and cheated on. There are multiple serves, popular servers such as gommehd.net which have partnered with the Badlion client. This pair-up with the Badlion will help the client’s users to be together just to ensure that there’s no cheating being performed in the game with the players of that particular game.

Everything known about the Minecraft Badlion Client in 2021
Everything is known about the Minecraft Badlion Client in 2021

The mods under Badlion client is that it is a fiddle that helps the players to find out their favorite combinations. With displaying the coordinates on screen in the little GUIs and having a directional compass on the screen’s top to provide constant toggled sprint, this surely has it all.

‘Auto-GG’ is one of the mods which is unimportant as it automatically plugs in a ‘GG’ message into a chat after the game is in multiplayer mode.

Is lunar client free of charge? What are the mods which can be used by a player?

Yes, the lunar charge is totally free of cost, they do not charge any kind of fee or any other charges to download. The mods which one can use are the ones that are being provided by the lunar client, one cannot use their own mod. Need to check out the list of mods being available by a lunar mod? Well, we got your back! Here’s the full list of all the mods available, just simply visit the site: https://support.lunarclient.com/modsection and you’ll find the total list of mods!!

How to download and install the lunar client for Minecraft?

The lunar client is very popular in Minecraft in the 1.8 version of the PvP community and the remaining rest of them are a top choice for all the other players who are looking to fine-tune their own skills on PvP with the help of practice with 1v1 duels with other players. The lunar client helps the players with the improvement of their PvP via various other optimizations and also, helps them to ensure some fairness in the game due to the intelligent built-in anti-cheat system.

lunar client download
lunar client download

Downloading of lunar client:

  • Step 1 – First of all, the step is to navigate the lunar client’s link and according to your operating system, select the download option related to that. Once the button of downloading is been clicked, the lunar clients’ installer application would also start installing automatically.
  • Step 2 – After the lunar client installer application is been installed and opened, the player would be greeted with a ‘License agreement’ which the player needs to accept. After that, the client installer would habitually take care of the rest of the process under installment.

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How to use the lunar client?

Before launching Minecraft, the player should configure client settings just to ensure the gaming with the best possible experience. Here’s a guide for you to look at how the lunar client is been used:

  • First of all, navigate towards the setting option of the launcher pad (as shown below) and also, make sure that there’s enough RAM available on your device as it allocates 1/3rd of the available RAM. This is the major change being made while using the client.
  • After this change is done, the player now needs to click on the arrow which is located next to the green launch button which is to select the version to be launched. The lunar client is right now supporting many Minecraft versions as mentioned above.
  • The preferred versions’ are being selected as per their preferred version then the player must click on the lunch button. One the first launch, the client would be downloaded with some necessary files and may it a longer time than usual.
  • Once the third step is complete, Minecraft would be launched and the player will habitually see the lunar client!

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Roberta Raffel Bio | roberta “bobbi” raffel | marcus lemonis Net Worth 2021


Roberta Raffel Bio | Roberta “Bobbi” Raffel | Marcus Lemonis Net Worth 2021

Of all the individuals in this world, such as Actors, athletes, politicians, and business individuals, are considered the pillar, which encompasses a huge part in keeping up solidness. Nowadays we’ll read about the life of such an identity who contributes to this world.

Roberta Raffel (Born on 21st September) in America. A popular American celebrity who is better known as the spouse of Marcus Lemonis (CEO of the Camping World) additionally her spouse American businessman, TV identity, donor. On the other hand, her marriage within the year 2018, and her children’s data are not uncovered on the web, however. In any case, her father and mother conjointly her siblings’ data additionally any other subtle elements are not accessible on the web, however. She completing her essential instruction at a neighborhood tall school which is in their hometown. Concurring to a few sources her spouse was a previous politician.

The early life of Roberta Raffel

Raffel was born on 21 September. A few sources say that she is 67 a long time ancient till the day, but we cannot formally affirm that news as the year of birth isn’t specified on any locales. She was born to Kenneth Fenchel and Millicent Fenchel. Tragically, the data almost her early life isn’t on any locales as well.


Digging a small bit interior her private life, we found out that she was the primary child of their guardians. Roberta Raffel contains a brother and a sister named Stephen Fenchel and Mickey Fenchel Sima. Her father was a war legend and has battled the moment of world war for his nation. Tragically he passed absent in 2013, and her mother passed absent in 2018.

Roberta may be a wonderful woman. Although she has not been caught within the eye of numerous individuals, we should know that she could be a great lady. She could be an exceptionally energetic and self-established businesswoman who has been a tremendous occasion for numerous individuals. But, tragically, there’s no data around her on any social destinations as she lives a private life.

Relationships and personal life of Roberta Raffel

A 67 years old woman hitched a celebrated businessman named Marcus Lemonis who is the CEO of Camping World. This couple features a huge age difference of 20 years; in any case, Lemonis hitched Roberta in 2018. They were hitched in Los Angeles, California. They are living a lavish life in a chateau worth 6.85 million dollars in Montecito, California. On the other hand, a couple of individuals have known this woman but after her marriage, she got much popularity in America. In any case, in this relationship she has kids, or not data isn’t revealed yet. Within the year 2018, her marriage, conjointly there’s not much data is uncovered around her individual life on the web yet.

Roberta Raffel Bio | roberta "bobbi" raffel | marcus lemonis Net Worth 2021
Roberta Raffel Bio | roberta “bobbi” raffel | marcus lemonis Net Worth 2021

Originally from war-torn Beirut, Lebanon, Marcus Anthony Lemonis was raised by US-based Greek assenting guardians Leo and Sophia Lemonis. He may be a graduate of political science with a minor in criminology from Marquette College in Milwaukee.

After graduation, the self-made millionaire, TV personality, and commerce mogul made his fortune within the RV commerce. He is right now at the rudder of issues of a $3 billion realm which may be a combination of Freedom Roads and Camping World – a beat company that bargains in RVs and grouped camping gears.

As a reality TV star, Lemonis is best recognized from the CNBC reality appear The Benefit, where he uses his in-depth information and involvement to assist battling businesses. The businessman has too highlighted on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice and ABC’s Secret Millionaire.

Marcus Lemonis: Business

Marcus’ tutor, Laccoca, helped him with the procurement of Occasion RV superstore, where he acted as CEO for 2 a long time. Marcus at that point moved on to co-found another company, which they named Opportunity Roads.

From this point, they started the method of obtaining an RV dealership beneath a single pennant, and this got to be effective in 2006, where all the companies came beneath the umbrella of Camping World with Marcus as CEO.

Another merger afterward happened with Great Sam Ventures, with Marcus holding his position as the CEO. Camping world automotive essentially bargains within the deals of recreational vehicles, their administrations, and save parts deals. They effectively exchanged on the stock advertise in 2016 and were able to raise $251 million.

The company is as of now well spread over the nation, with a setup nearness in 36 states. They are as of now the greatest provider of recreational vehicle save parts and supplies within the world. Marcus moreover bought Auto Match USA and Benefit: 1-800-Car-Cash, which are vehicle buying administrations that bargain in pre-owned cars and their accessories.

Aside from speculation within the car industry, Marcus has contributed in other commerce sorts such as Mr. Green Tea, Rose’s wheat-free bakery and cafe, Dapper Classics, Benefit protein bars, and a lot more, which are beneath Marcus Lemonis Enterprises holdings.

The net worth of Roberta Raffel

Roberta’s net worth and compensation have not been uncovered. When it comes to her husband, his net worth is evaluated to be approximately $950 million. She utilized to live a lavish way of life as a businesswoman. Presently that she’s hitched to Lemonis, she’s living a wonderful life. She is playing within the millions since she could be a businesswoman and the owner of several businesses. Without a question, she and her spouse Marcus live a very substance and extravagant life.

Height and body of Roberta Raffel

Despite her assumed age, the blonde-haired celebrity spouse has advantageous physical highlights. Roberta Bobbi Raffel stands at a normal height of 5 feet 6 inches and weighs almost 59 kg. Whereas her other body measurements are unknown, it is clear that Bobbi has kept up a great physique over the years.

Some facts about Roberta Raffel

Full Name: Roberta Raffel
Age: 67 years
Birth Date: September 21
Horoscope: Virgo
Birth Place: United States of America
Profession: Businesswoman
Marital Status: Married
When did Roberta Raffel get married? 2018
Relationship affair? No
Is she lesbian? No
Height / How tall? 5 feet 6 inches (1.68m)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Weight: 59 Kgs
Hair Color: Golden Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Lucky Number: 3
Lucky Stone: Sapphire
Lucky Color: Green
Best Match for Marriage: Taurus, Capricorn


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This Is a Terrible Time for Savers


This Is a Terrible Time for Savers

If you are saving money for the future, somehow, you had better be prepared to lose some of it.

It is the involvement of today’s upside down world in financial markets. The combination of high inflation, strong economic growth, and very low interest rates means that “real” interest rates – what you can earn on your money after accounting for inflation – are inferior to what they have been in modern times.

This result is the result of a glut of global savings and the extraordinary efforts of the Federal Reserve to bring the economy back to health. And that means that the choice for a saver is difficult. You can invest in safe assets and accept a high probability of getting back less, in terms of purchasing power, than what you invested. lose money if market sentiment turns negative.

“For risk-averse people, they have to get used to the worst of all possible worlds, which is seeing their small pool of capital shrink in real terms from year to year,” Sonal Desai said, Chief Investment Officer of Franklin Templeton Fixed Income.

Inflation above interest rates is good news in certain circumstances: if you can borrow money at a fixed rate, for example, and use it to make an investment that will add something of value over time. whether it is a house, farmland or equipment for a business.

But consider the options if you’re not in that position and saving money you expect to need in five years – for a down payment on a house or a child’s college expenses.

You can keep the money in cash, for example through a bank deposit or a money market mutual fund. Short-term interest rates are at or very close to zero, depending on where the money is specifically parked, and Federal Reserve officials plan to keep rates there for perhaps a few more years. Inflation has been 4-5% over the past year, and many forecasters expect it to slowly decline.

Or, you can buy a safe treasury bill that matures in five years. The bond’s annual yield on Friday was 0.77%. This means that if annual inflation is higher than this, the purchasing power of your savings will decrease over time. The most profitable federally insured bank certificates of deposit over this period only offer a little more, a little over 1%.

If you are particularly concerned about rising prices, you can buy an inflation-protected Treasury security, a government-issued bond that is indexed to inflation. The five-year performance of TIPS? A negative 1.83%. This means that if inflation were 3% per year, your equity would only earn 3% minus 1.83%, or 1.17%. In return for protection against the risk of high inflation, you have to tolerate a loss of almost 2% in purchasing power each year.

Then again, you could take a little more risk and buy, say, corporate bonds. But that adds the risk that the companies that issued the bonds will default – and that’s still enough to roughly keep up with expected inflation. (A BBB-rated corporate bond index returned just 2.19% at the end of last week.)

The stock market and other risky assets offer potentially higher returns, with some degree of inflation protection. The profits of the companies that are the basis of stock valuations are skyrocketing, one of the reasons the major indexes have hit record highs in recent days. But with that comes the pervasive risk of a massive sell-off – tolerable for people with long-term investing but potentially problematic for those with shorter horizons.

This environment of extremely negative real interest rates leaves those whose job it is to analyze and recommend bond investment strategies with few good options to advise.

“It’s even hard to make a case for fixed income at these levels,” said Rob Daly, director of fixed income at Glenmede Investment Management. “It’s the old” pennies in front of a steamroller business. “”

That is: someone who buys very low yielding bonds receives low interest in exchange for taking the substantial risk that higher inflation or soaring rates could more than wipe out the gains (when interest rates rise, existing bonds lose value).

For these reasons, Daly recommends that investors allocate more of their portfolios to cash. Yes, he will pay almost no interest, and therefore the saver will lose money in inflation-adjusted terms. But that money will be ready to be invested in riskier, longer-term investments whenever conditions become more favorable.

Likewise, Rick Rieder, director of global fixed income investments at BlackRock, the huge asset manager, recommends that mid-term investors build a portfolio that combines stocks, which offer upside potential. corporate profits, with cash, which provide security. even at the cost of negative real returns.

“It’s surreal,” Mr. Rieder said. “It’s one of those times when the fundamentals are completely detached from reality. The current situation of real rates makes no sense compared to the reality in which we live.

The Fed, in addition to keeping its near-zero short-term interest rate target, buys $ 120 billion in securities each month as part of its quantitative easing program, and is only now starting to talk about plans for it. reduce these purchases. This has the effect of putting a huge buyer in the market which drives up the price of bonds, and therefore lowers rates.

Fed officials believe that the strategy of maintaining an eased monetary policy even as the economy is well under way in its recovery will help quickly put the US labor market back to health. The aim is also to establish credibility that his 2% inflation target is symmetrical, meaning he will not panic when prices temporarily exceed that target.

Many people involved in market strategy are far from happy with this approach and the consequences for potential investors.

“Nominal yields are low because of what the Fed is buying,” said Ms. Desai of Franklin Templeton. “It’s ridiculous given where we are” with growth and inflation.

At the same time, Americans have racked up trillions of additional savings during the pandemic, money they are putting in all kinds of investments, which has pushed asset prices up and returns. expected to decline. Arguably, the flip side of the expected low returns on safe assets are the stratospheric prices of real estate, memes stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

Globally, demographic trends related to the aging of the huge baby boom generation are causing savings to surge. Gertjan Vlieghe, a senior official at the Bank of England, has shown that the pattern of retirement savings evident in Britain and in advanced countries indicates that interest rates remain low.

“We are only about two-thirds away from a decades-long demographic transition that is affecting interest rates,” Vlieghe said in a speech last month. “The key mechanism is not that older people have lower savings rates, but rather that, as people get older, they hold higher levels of assets, especially safe assets.” then slowly spend those savings when they reach retirement age.

This helps explain why interest rates have been consistently low in major economies – in Europe, the United States, and Japan in particular – for years, even at times when those economies have performed relatively well.

In other words, the Fed’s policy and the unique pandemic economy are major contributors to the extremely low rates in the summer of 2021. But it doesn’t help that they come at a time when much of of the world are eager to save – and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

#Terrible #Time #Savers

Vivo mobile vivo x50 pro price EMI Flipkart – Vivo mobile is getting 50 thousand rupees in EMI less than Rs 2,500, know full specification


Vivo mobile vivo x50 pro price EMI Flipkart – Vivo mobile is getting 50 thousand rupees in EMI less than Rs 2,500, know full specification

Vivo mobiles are quite popular for their design and camera setup. One such special camera setup comes with Vivo X50 Pro smartphone. The primary camera in this is 48 megapixels, which is given Gimbal Camera System. Its advantage is that the phone can capture stable video even when the phone is shaken.

This Vivo smartphone was launched by the company last year and now this phone is listed on Flipkart for Rs 49,990, which is a huge amount. But do you know that it is listed on Flipkart with EMI option, in which many banks including State Bank of India are offering offers. In such a situation, this phone of Vivo can be bought in EMI of less than Rs 2500 only. Before knowing about this offer in detail, let us know about its specification.

Vivo X50 Pro also runs on Funtouch OS 10.5 based on Android 10. Its resolution is 1080×2376 pixels. Its screen to body ratio is 92.6 percent. It comes with HDR10+ support, which supports the quality of web series as seen on video streaming apps like Netflix etc. This phone has 8 GB RAM and up to 256 GB internal storage.

The phone packs a 4,315mAh battery with 33W fast charging support. Connectivity options in Vivo X50 Pro include features like SA and NSA 5G, USB Type-C, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v5.1 etc. Vivo X50 Pro also has an in-display fingerprint sensor.

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Vivo X50 Pro also sports a quad camera setup at the back, consisting of a 48-megapixel primary camera with f/1.6 aperture. Secondary Camera 13-megapixel portrait camera with f / 2.46 aperture. The third camera is an 8-megapixel telephoto shooter with f/3.4 aperture and an 8-megapixel macro camera with f/2.2 aperture. Talking about camera features, such as Night View, Portrait, Panorama, Dynamic Photo, Slow Motion, Short Video, Professional Mode, Time-Lapse Photography, Super Moon, AR Cute Shoot Document Correction, OIS Anti-Shake, EIS Video Anti-Shake Features are included.

Vivo X50 Pro includes a 32-megapixel selfie camera with F / 2.45 aperture in the punch hole cutout. Front camera features include Night View, Portrait, Panorama, Dynamic Photo, Slow Motion, Short Video and AR Cute Shot.

Buying Vivo X50 Pro from Flipkart with the help of HDFC credit cart will have to pay an installment of Rs 2424 and this installment will last for 2 years. During this, interest will have to be paid at the rate of 14 percent per annum. In such a situation, users can buy it for Rs 58173.

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Second Hand Laptop under 30000 on amazon student – Second hand laptop: There are many brands of laptops on Amazon, their price is less than Rs 30,000


Second Hand Laptop under 30000 on amazon student – Second hand laptop: There are many brands of laptops on Amazon, their price is less than Rs 30,000

Second Hand Laptop: Many computer tasks can now be done on a smartphone, yet some work can be done on a computer or laptop in a perfect way. But brand new laptops that come with Intel Core i5 processor and many good configurations cost a lot. Today we are going to tell you about the Renewed Laptops found on Amazon.

Renewed Laptop is a type of second hand category, which is sold after testing on Amazon. It can also be a type of refurbished laptop. These laptops can be purchased from ecommerce brand Amazon. Also, 6 months warranty is being given by the seller on this.

Second hand laptop: Dell Latitude Laptop 3340

This laptop of Dell is also being sold in Renewed Condition. This laptop has a 14.1 inch screen. This laptop works on Intel Core i3 4005U processor. It will have 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD storage. It comes with Windows 10 Pro. According to the information given on Amazon, its price is Rs 29,990 while the price of Brand New is Rs 75,999. There is also an option of easy installments on this. 6 months warranty is being given by the seller on this.

Second hand laptop: Fujitsu Intel Core i5

The laptop of this Japanese brand is listed in the Amazon Renewed category. This laptop works on Intel Core i5 processor. Also, this laptop has a 15.6-inch screen, which has a resolution of 1366 X 768 pixels. Also, this laptop has 4 GB RAM, 320 GB HDD internal storage. Its price has been shown on Amazon at Rs 21990, while the price of Brand New is not mentioned. According to the information given on Amazon, this laptop gets 6 months warranty by the seller, while there may be some scratches on it.

Second hand laptop:HP 15s-du1052tu

HP 15s-du1052tu can be purchased from Amazon in Renewed Condition. Intel Pentium processor has been given in this laptop. Also, it has a 15.6-inch display, which has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. This laptop comes with 4 GB RAM and 1 TB storage. It works on Windows 10. Its price on Amazon is Rs 26,300, while the price of Brand New has been shown on it at Rs 27990. 6 months warranty is going on this by the seller.

Tip: Before buying any second hand or refurbished laptop, read and carefully read the information given about it. Understand all the things very well as the warranty is not the company’s but the seller’s, which will be the seller’s responsibility to get it repaired, it is not the company’s responsibility. Go ahead with the deal only after you are completely sure.

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YouTube is underwhelming – The New York Times


YouTube is underwhelming – The New York Times

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This question may sound ridiculous, but it isn’t: Is YouTube a success?

Please hold back your boos. It’s hard to imagine the Internet without YouTube. Buying the video site in its early days was one of the smartest things Google ever did. But after nearly 15 years of being a part of Google, the most successful slot machine in internet history, it’s still not clear that YouTube has realized its financial potential both for itself and for itself. everyone involved in its vast digital economy.

Two data points: The money that YouTube prevents from selling ads – its main source of revenue – was around $ 11.2 billion last year, not much more than the ad revenue of ViacomCBS, an advertising company. Mid-sized American television that has CBS television. network. Twitter, which is not that keen on money, generates on average double the ad sales of each of its users compared to YouTube.

No one should feel bad about YouTube. Yeah, that’s good. But it says a lot about the vitality of the internet that YouTube is arguably the fastest growing online economy and it’s still hard to call it a wholehearted financial winner. And if YouTube doesn’t win, neither will its masses of video creators.

The great promise of the internet was to give anyone a chance to make a living doing what they love, but YouTube shows how elusive that dream has turned out to be. If YouTube doesn’t quite meet high hopes, that means neither is the internet.

Let me dig a little deeper into the weirdness of YouTube in one important respect: it pays some of the people and businesses that fill its virtual shelves with products.

On Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and Twitter, we make their products for free – with a few exceptions – in the form of our silly memes, engagement photos, and beauty tutorials that we post. For videographers who meet YouTube standards, the site typically gives those people and organizations about 55% of the money from the ads that appear in or around their videos.

Due to YouTube’s revenue sharing and other ways for content creators to make money from videos, it has quite possibly generated more income for people online than any website. (It’s impossible to prove. People make money in a less direct way by building an following on sites like Instagram and TikTok, but YouTube is still a go-to place for people to earn income online.)

Perhaps YouTube, especially after revelations several years ago that corporate ads appeared in videos promoting anti-Semitism and other horrific views, has been less aggressive than companies like Facebook. and Twitter to spread commercial messages everywhere. This is a good thing, although these are missed opportunities for YouTube and videographers to make more money.

The end result is that YouTube is making a lot of money for itself and for the videographers, and its revenue is growing very quickly, but the numbers are still quite high compared to its size and influence.

The fact that I even mentioned YouTube in the same paragraph as middleman TV company ViacomCBS and Twitter… YouTube’s reduction in ad revenue is also less than half of Netflix’s annual revenue. (These numbers don’t take into account YouTube’s revenue from other sources, including subscriptions, which the company doesn’t regularly disclose.)

If YouTube has so far not reached its financial potential, what does that say about the rest of the digital world? If you read the work of people like my colleague Taylor Lorenz, who chronicles the internet workforce, it’s easy to see that there can be a disconnect between the promises of the internet economy and the reality.

Some people make a good living from their creations on YouTube or other apps, but many others are constantly scrambling for peanuts and running out.

It’s hard to stand out in the sea of ​​people making dance videos on TikTok, streaming video games live on Twitch, or hosting YouTube talk shows, and it has always been so with the creative professions. Except that digital optimists wanted to believe that the Internet would make it easier and more democratic for anyone to find their fans and their calling.

That’s why YouTube finances are important to the rest of us. If YouTube doesn’t quite work, then neither does the Internet promise.

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Watching TV should be easy, but GOOD GRACIOUS it’s not easy in the United States to watch the Olympic events we want to see. Brian X Chen, the consumer tech columnist for The New York Times, guides us through his efforts.

I learned the hard way that people who quit cable TV always have the small end of the stick.

This week I was trying to watch a rerun of the climbing events at the Olympics. I was particularly interested to see Adam Ondra, the best climber in the world.

But the semifinals recording that NBC made available on YouTube TV, the online bouquet of TV channels I pay for, reduced the climb coverage to just one hour. Much to my frustration, the segment omitted most of Ondra’s airtime. (Read this if you want to know how Ondra fared in Thursday’s competition.)

I posted a sarcastic complaint on Twitter. I quickly learned from my subscribers that the coverage of the Olympics that Americans see on prime-time TV or streamed on services like YouTube TV is significantly less than the more comprehensive coverage of Olympic events in the app. NBC Sports.

I downloaded the NBC Sports app and voila: full footage from every event! But I ran into another problem. To use the service, I had to log into the app with the account information for a cable TV subscription, which I don’t have.

(There’s also coverage of the Olympics on Peacock, the video streaming service that’s part of the same company as NBC. It’s confusing.)

Long story short, the cord cut is awesome. It is much easier than before for sports junkies to watch matches and events live online. But it’s still optimal to have cable TV, too. Who can afford all these subscriptions?

  • We still haven’t found any health apps: New York is the first major jurisdiction in the United States where restaurants, gyms and other public places will require customers to provide proof of coronavirus vaccination. My colleagues Erin Woo and Kellen Browning examine the privacy implications of electronic systems for tracking vaccine recipients. (Other countries have also deployed digital vaccine verification systems.)

  • Facebook vs academics: The company said researchers who solicited volunteers to help study the opaque Facebook ad targeting system threaten people’s privacy. Facebook has a valid point, Bloomberg News says, as do academics.

  • Do you remember the Segway? No? Exactly. A former book agent writes in Slate about his role in overlaying the Segway, a novel but ultimately unpopular scooter introduced in 2001 that promised to change the world and didn’t. It’s a useful lesson in how the pressure of impossible dreams can ruin the chances of a new product.

Crowds at the 1996 Democratic National Convention danced on “Macarena”. It’s painfully old-fashioned and wonderful.

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How To Top-Up Free Fire Diamonds From Codashop For August 2021? | Codashop 100% Cheap Diamond 100% Bonus


How To Top-Up Free Fire Diamonds From Codashop For August 2021? | Codashop 100% Cheap Diamond 100% Bonus

Diamonds are the money of the prevalent fight royale sensation, Free Fire. These precious stones are utilized to buy the Elite Pass, different eye-catching outfit bundles, alluring skins, characters with capacities, and so forth. Players as a rule purchase them specifically from the in-game shop that is utilizing Google Play Store. On the other hand, they can moreover purchase the diamonds from the Coda shop.

How to top-up Free Fire diamonds from Codashop? Step by Step Guide
How to top-up Free Fire diamonds from Codashop? Step by Step Guide

Coda shop is one of the biggest and most trusted top-up websites. Players can utilize it to immediately top-up in-game monetary forms to their accounts. Players can too utilize the Coda shop to buy precious stones in Free Fire and get extra benefits within to prepare. There’s no particular requirement to make an account.

How to top up free fire diamonds using Codashop?

Players got to take after the steps given underneath if they need to purchase Free Fire diamonds from the Coda shop successfully:

  1. To begin with, players will have to visit the official Coda shop site. They can tap here to be diverted to it.
  2. Players will at that point need to enter their Free Fire ID.
  3. Versatile gamers at that point ought to select the number of Free Fire diamonds to purchase, depending on the Elite Pass they want to acquire.
  4. Clients will at that point got to select their favored mode of payment.
  5. After choosing, the players will press on the “Buy now” alternative. (Free Fire gamers have the choice to enter their e-mail address to get the receipt of the buy utilizing e-mail)

Topping up is now easy and convenient, how?

The clean see and ergonomic interface permits everybody to revive their accounts in a jiffy. Dispatch the app and take after these speedy steps and you’ll beat up your favorite diversions and another computerized substance fair by swiping and clicking.

  • Select the amusement or app of your choice.
  • Select the energize amount.
  • Choose your favored mode of payment.
  • Complete your payment.

Pay your way helpfully with the foremost trusted installment channels accessible in India. Select from Coordinate Carrier Charging, E-Wallets, and Bank Exchange among the well-known options. Credits are conveyed right away to your account in fair many seconds after your installment. It’s unquestionably the quickest way to top-up online, indeed without a credit card.

Codashop India

Coda shop as of now includes an uncommon offer for Indian clients to urge the Lethal Finstooth Mini Uzi Crate and get up to ₹500 cashback by means of the Paytm Wallet. Be that as it may, they need to buy a least 310 diamonds to profit from this.  Given underneath may be a guide on how gamers can buy Free Fire precious stones utilizing the Coda shop:

 Step 1: They to begin with ought to go to the official Coda shop site here.

 Step 2: When clients reach the site, they have to be a tap on the “Free Fire” option.

Step 3: Along these lines, they should enter their Player ID into the content field. Players at that point need to select perspectives just like the required recharge/top-up and installment method.

Modes of installment accessible are: 

  • Paytm
  • UPI 
  • Net Banking

Step 4: Clients will at long last have to make an effective buy on Coda shop, and the diamonds will before long be included in their Free Fire accounts.

Codashop: Ola Party

Quick Live (earlier known as Ola party) is you’re put to sparkle. Live Battles: Join the live fights for huge rewards! Bring your A-game and it’s time to have a one-on-one! Top up Qwick Live Diamonds in seconds. Follow the steps below:

  • Just enter your Qwick Live client ID
  • simply select the esteem of Diamonds you would like to buy
  • then total the installment or just complete the payment method
  • The Diamonds will be included quickly in your Qwick Live account.

Pay helpfully utilizing Paytm Wallet, UPI, Net Keeping money, Free Charge, and Card Installment. There’s no enlistment or log-in required!

Costs of diamonds in Codashop 

These are the current costs of the precious stones in the Coda shop:

  • INR 40 for 50 Diamonds 
  • INR 80 for 100 Diamonds 
  • INR 240 for 310 Diamonds 
  • INR 400 for 520 Diamonds              
  • INR 800 for 1060 Diamonds 
  • INR 1600 for 2180 Diamonds 
  • INR 4000 for 5600 Diamonds 

Since the diamonds’ costs are nearly the same when compared to the in-game costs, a few players might wonder what extra benefits they are getting for obtaining the precious stones from the Coda shop.

Coda shop gives players an assortment of offers. Right now, on the off chance that players buy 310 jewels or more from Coda shop utilizing Paytm wallet, they will get 3x Carrot-Nator AN94 weapon box without charge. This offer may change from locale to locale. On the beat of that, unused clients will too get a cashback up to INR 200.

Codashop: Free fire

Free Fire is a fight royale extreme survival shooter amusement on versatile. Each 10-minute amusement places you on an inaccessible island where you’re set against 49 other players, battling for survival. Free fire is one of the most amazing and famous gaming going on nowadays. People have been made about the game. Then why not add up or simply top up your diamonds on your favorite game using coda shop? Yes with the help of a coda shop one can purchase diamonds in such amounts as 50, 100, 310, etc., the player just needs to follow some basic steps to make those diamonds available in your account! It is quite easy and convenient to use for the player. Coda shop makes your whole process easier. With these diamonds, the player can easily unlock the Elite pass rewards, skins of the guns, pets, outfits of the player, and much more

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codashop pubg

Free Fire Diamond beat up at Coda shop is simple as checking 1, 2, 3!

  1. Fair enter your FF client ID
  2. Then, select the sum of Diamonds you want to buy
  3. Simply total the installment and the Diamonds will be included in your Free Fire account.

Pay helpfully utilizing Paytm Wallet, UPI, and Net Managing an account. There’s no credit card, enrollment, or log-in required!

What if Highways Were Electric? Germany Is Testing the Idea.


What if Highways Were Electric? Germany Is Testing the Idea.

OBER-RAMSTADT, Germany – Recently, on a motorway south of Frankfurt, Thomas Schmieder maneuvered his Scania semi-trailer and load of house paint into the far right lane. Then he flipped a switch you won’t find on most truck dashboards.

Outside the cabin, a craft began to deploy from the roof, resembling a clothes dryer with an upside down sled welded to the top. As Mr. Schmieder continued to drive, a video display showed the metal runners rising and pushing gently against the wires passing above.

The cabin became very quiet when the diesel engine stopped and the electric motors took over. The truck was still a truck, but now it was powered like many trains or streetcars.

There is a debate about how to make the trucking industry emission-free, and whether batteries or hydrogen fuel cells are the best way to turn on electric motors in large vehicles. Mr Schmieder was part of a test of a third alternative: a system that supplies trucks with electricity as they travel, using wires stretched over the roadway and a pantograph mounted on the road. cabin.

At one level, the idea really makes sense. The system is energy efficient as it supplies energy directly from the power grid to the motors. The technology saves weight and money as batteries tend to be heavy and expensive, and a truck using overhead cables only needs a battery large enough to get from the off-ramp. to its final destination.

And the system is relatively simple. Siemens, the German electronics giant that supplied the material for this test route, has adapted equipment that has been used for decades to drive urban trains and trams.

On another level, the idea is crazy. Who is going to pay to run thousands of kilometers of high voltage power cables over the world’s major highways?

Figuring out how to make trucks emissions-free is a crucial part of the fight against climate change and polluted air. Long-haul diesel trucks produce a disproportionate share of greenhouse gases and other pollutants because they spend a lot of time on the road.

But the industry is divided. Daimler and Volvo, the two largest truck manufacturers in the world, are betting on hydrogen fuel cells for long-haul platforms. They argue that the heavy batteries needed to provide acceptable range are impractical for trucks because they subtract too much capacity from the payload.

Traton, the company that owns Scania truck makers MAN and Navistar, argues that hydrogen is too expensive and inefficient, due to the energy required to produce it. Traton, majority owned by Volkswagen, is betting on constantly improving batteries – and on electrified highways.

Traton is one of the backers of the so-called eHighway south of Frankfurt, a group that also includes Siemens and Autobahn GmbH, the government agency that oversees German highways. There are also short sections of electrified road in the states of Schleswig-Holstein and Baden-Württemberg. The technology was tested in Sweden and, in 2017, on a one-mile stretch near the Port of Los Angeles.

So far, sections of motorway with overhead cables in Germany have been short – about three miles long in both directions near Frankfurt. Their purpose is to test the performance of the system in day-to-day use by real trucking companies carrying real goods. By the end of the year, more than 20 trucks will use the systems in Germany.

Enter Mr. Schmieder, who learned to drive a truck in the German Army, and his employer, a trucking company called Schanz Spedition in the small town of Ober-Ramstadt, in a hilly, densely forested area about 35 miles away from Frankfurt. .

If the electronic highway is ever to be rolled out on a large scale, it must work for companies like Schanz, a family business run by Christine Hemmel and Kerstin Seibert, great-granddaughter sisters of the founder. Their father, Hans Adam Schanz, although technically retired, was behind the wheel of a forklift maneuvering pallets in the back of a truck recently as Mr. Schmieder climbed into the cab for his second race of the day by transporting paint to a distribution center in Frankfurt. .

Business is booming, Schmieder said, as the closures sparked a home improvement craze and fueled demand for paint made at a factory near Schanz headquarters.

Mr. Schmieder runs the same race up to five times a day. This is the kind of route that eHighway donors consider ideal.

Hasso Grünjes, who is overseeing Siemens’ involvement in the project, said it would make sense to electrify busy roads first, such as the one between the Dutch port of Rotterdam and Duisburg, in the industrial heartland of the Germany ; or the motorway connecting the German ports of Hamburg and Lübeck.

A lot of trucks are just going back and forth between these destinations, said Mr Grünjes. Trucking companies that use the routes would save money on fuel, their highest cost, and easily justify the investment in trucks with pantographs on the roof. In the longer term, according to Siemens figures, 4,000 kilometers of cable motorway, or 2,400 miles, could handle 60% of German truck traffic. Siemens announced Thursday that it will cooperate with German auto parts supplier Continental to mass produce the pantographs.

But it would fall on the German government to build the overhead cables, which cost around 2.5 million euros per kilometer, or about $ 5 million per mile.

The German Environment Ministry, which funds the three electrified highways in Germany, compares the results with studies of trucks using hydrogen fuel cells and trucks using batteries. In three or four years, the ministry said in a statement, a decision will be made on which technology to support.

“Many studies have come to the conclusion that overhead cable trucks, despite the high infrastructure costs, are the most cost-effective option,” the ministry said.

But, responding to questions from the New York Times, the ministry noted that batteries were getting cheaper and better, and charging times were getting shorter. “In the final analysis, the total cost of infrastructure, vehicles and energy will decide which technology or combination of technologies prevails,” the ministry said.

The government is cautious because of the risk that taxpayers will only pay for electrified highways to have the technology shunned by the trucking industry or made obsolete by something else.

“In theory, this is the best idea,” said Geert De Cock, electricity and energy specialist at Transport & Environment, an advocacy group in Brussels. But he said the political obstacles, for example in getting European governments to agree on technical standards, are too formidable.

“It’s more of a coordination issue than a technology issue,” said De Cock. “We don’t support it because we don’t think it’s going to happen.”

Mr. Schmieder, the truck driver, is a believer. He applied for a job at Schanz in 2019, at the start of the test project, so that he could be part of it.

“I’m still very interested in electromobility and where it goes,” he said, as he drove the Scania through a narrow valley that leads from Schanz headquarters to the A5 motorway. The truck, a hybrid with a diesel engine, an electric motor and a small battery, passed a sign for Frankenstein Castle, believed to have inspired the fictional monster.

Shortly after Mr. Schmieder climbed a ramp on the A5, the pylons supporting the overhead cables of the electronic highway became visible. Inside the cabin, the transition was barely noticeable when Mr. Schmieder deployed the pantograph that connects to overhead cables, a so-called catenary system.

The cables also recharged Scania’s battery, which stores enough energy to cover short distances without emissions in city traffic. This is another advantage of the catenary system: The eHighway could eliminate the need for charging stops, which are important in the trucking industry where time is money.

“The infrastructure requires a lot of resources,” Manfred Boltze, professor at the Technical University of Darmstadt, who provides advice and analysis, said by email. “On the other hand, it offers very high energy efficiency and only small batteries are needed for trips beyond overhead cables. “

Mr Schmieder rested his hands lightly on the steering wheel as autonomous driving software held the truck directly under the cables. He and other drivers went through a one-day training program to learn how to use the system and deal with problems, such as an accident blocking the lane ahead. It happened to Mr. Schmieder, he said. It simply got out from under the overhead cables in another lane using the truck’s diesel engine.

There were occasional technical issues. A few times the sensors failed. “But big problems? No, ”said Schmieder.

Technology, pretty much everyone agrees, is not the biggest obstacle to a global network of electric roads.

“We have shown that it can be built,” said Mr Grünjes. “The question now is how to build on a larger scale. “

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The App With the Unprintable Name That Wants to Give Power to Creators


The App With the Unprintable Name That Wants to Give Power to Creators

In October, Ms Lugrin published a blog post announcing the FYPM, which she wrote was “born out of rage.” Tackling influencer marketing platforms, she said most were “just another platform designed to help more business owners harness the talents of influencers, but in an innovative new way.” ‘!

After building a prototype of FYPM, she was accepted in March into a 10-week start-up incubation program in Taiwan run by Backend Capital, a venture capital firm. There she met her co-founder, Ms. Mehra, who was looking for her next challenge.

“I wanted to use the technology for good,” Ms. Mehra said. “I saw the FYPM as an ideal way to fight pay inequalities. “

FYPM is already on the brands radar. James Nord, CEO and founder of Fohr, an influencer marketing firm that has paid more than $ 65 million to creators over the past five years, said he supported Ms Lugrin’s mission but hoped more nuances could be incorporated into the platform as it grows.

“This can lead some creators to have false expectations of what their salary might be because they hear about someone who has booked a job at a specific price,” he said.

FYPM, which is still in testing, allows users to filter branded offerings by platform such as Twitter, Clubhouse, Substack, Instagram, and OnlyFans. Creators can also sort by location, niche, and brand category, such as travel or food and drink.

So far, around 1,500 designers have posted more than 2,000 reviews of 1,300 brands on FYPM. Ms. Lugrin and Ms. Mehra have raised a small amount of funds and plan to do more.

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A Wall Street Dressing Down: Always. Be. Casual.


A Wall Street Dressing Down: Always. Be. Casual.

The costumes are coming back to the office. In chino. And sneakers. And ballerinas.

As Wall Street workers return to their Manhattan offices this summer, they stand out for their casual attire. Men show up for work in polo shirts. Women have abandoned the high heels once considered de rigueur. The links cannot be found. Even the Lululemon logo has been spotted.

The changes are superficial, but they suggest a larger cultural shift in an industry where well-cut suits and wing tips once symbolized arrogance, commemorated in popular culture by Gordon Gekko in the movie “Wall Street” and Patrick. Bateman in Bret’s film adaptation of Easton Ellis’ novel “American Psycho”. Even though many corporate workplaces across the country have relaxed their dress codes in recent years, Wall Street has remained mostly buttoned up.

Like so many other things, that changed during the pandemic. Major banking firms, including Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, and Citigroup, have found their employees loath to wear their corporate attire, after more than a year of working from home wearing mostly loungewear or Zoom-friendly shirts. on the top and the sweatpants. below. As banks bring their workers back to their desks – even as some other companies have suspended such plans – senior executives are loosening dress codes as a concession to their tired staff.

“It’s a little more relaxed than I expected,” said Melissa Cortes, a legal analyst who recently joined Goldman. “I’m wearing sneakers right now and people are wearing jeans with blazers or shirts,” said Ms. Cortes, who wore a white jacket, black wide leg pants and white sneakers on Wednesday.

While banks haven’t sent formal notes, their informal message is that returning employees should feel free to dress appropriately for the occasion – and that during a summer with few meetings with customers in person, more casual attire is permitted. Jeans have even appeared in trading floors, and there are plenty of opportunities for bankers to throw a familiar joke in the workplace: what’s with the tie? Do you have a job interview?

That being Wall Street, laid back doesn’t necessarily mean cheap, of course. Most of the sneakers, shirts, watches and other more casual accessories spotted in Lower Manhattan last week cost several hundred dollars or more.

Formal dress codes began to erode in the 1990s when casual Fridays were introduced to workplaces, fashion historian Daniel Delis Hill said. “I was working at Merrill Lynch in 1999 when the big shock came from the CEO that brokers could now wear casual clothes on Fridays,” Hill wrote in an email. “There was however a long list of dos and don’ts,” he said – jeans were definitely not allowed.

Despite periodic efforts to relax dress codes – including in 2019, when Goldman made suits and ties optional – the bank had been one of the last strongholds of formal workwear, alongside law firms. And in some areas of Wall Street, like hedge funds, the code has generally been more permissive.

But in banking, strict hierarchies were anchored in unwritten fashion rules. Colleagues would ridicule those who wore outfits considered too gaudy or too shabby for the wearer’s place in the company’s food chain. Superiors were style guides, but wearing something fancier than your boss was seen as a misstep. An expensive watch can be seen as a mark of success, an obnoxious flex, or both.

Nowadays, some bosses have ditched luxury watches in favor of Apple watches and swapped suits for short sleeves and khaki, making it difficult for subordinates to know what to wear to look the part. JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon recently wore a black polo shirt for a TV interview; Goldman boss David Solomon, DJs in T-shirts on weekends; and Jefferies boss Rich Handler posted a photo of himself wearing a henley t-shirt on Twitter. At an event welcoming employees to the office in July, Citigroup’s Jane Fraser – the only female patron of a major Wall Street bank – kept her signature look: a jeweled-toned dress.

“Gone are the days when people had to wear the uniform of a coat, tie and suit,” said John Florsheim, a fifth-generation descendant of the namesake brand, known for its dress shoes. with leather soles for men and boys. “It’s going to continue to get more comfortable and relaxed, but people are still going to want to look good. “

Today, 80% of the shoes designed by his company are casual in style, said Florsheim, up from 50% before the pandemic.

Another reason banks are doing away with traditional dress codes is talent retention. As Wall Street companies increasingly compete for rookies with tech companies – which are more supportive of both remote work and casual wear – they seek to present a less stifling image. Many banks are also trying to hire a more diverse cohort.

John C. Williams, chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and renowned sneaker enthusiast, said the Fed wants people to bring their “authentic selves” to work because personal style is an important part of valuing of all forms of individuality and diversity.

He said he can’t wait to wear new pairs from his sneaker collection to the office. “When people can be themselves, they do their best,” he said.

“There’s this urge to break down this idea of ​​what you have to look like to work in banks,” said Alison Taylor, who teaches courses in professional liability at New York University’s Stern School of Business. . “It is such a heavy and unspoken signifier to know if you adapt to it or not. “

Large lenders vary in their plans to bring staff back to offices. Most of the industry was targeting Labor Day for a full-scale comeback, although this may be complicated by an increase in coronavirus cases. Some Wall Street employees have been working in their offices for months, but many have only recently returned for the first time since the outbreak began.

It was like the first day of school, some bankers said. They wanted to look good in front of their coworkers, but couldn’t bear the thought of wearing dress shoes or heels. Before entering, some checked with friends to see if their choices matched the crowd.

One item that has been popular among the men on Wall Street is the ABC pants from Lululemon, which the athleisure company markets as a stretch, wrinkle-resistant polyester garment suitable for “all-day comfort.” (The company placed its highly recognizable logo on a pull tab near the pocket to make the pants look less like workout gear.)

Untuckit, the maker of short-hem button-down shirts, saw sales increase as vaccination rates in the United States increased in April and May, said Chris Riccobono, founder of the company. Customers flocked to its two stores in Manhattan, looking for consistently crisp shirts in breathable fabric.

“What’s amazing is that these guys wore suits in midsummer, walking the streets of New York, getting off the train” before the pandemic, Mr. Riccobono said. “It took corona for the guys who only ever wore costumes to realize, ‘Hang on a sec. “”

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ff reward: Free Fire Redeem Code Today 31 July 2021 – Garena FF Redeem Code Check Latest Rewards


ff reward: Free Fire Redeem Code Today 31 July 2021 – Garena FF Redeem Code Check Latest Rewards

Garena Free Fire, a full-on and amazing adventure-based battle royale game that has gained a lot of popularity during the absence of PUBG mobile in India. And, now it has become one of the most popular mobile games in the world and is being highly rated on the goggle’s play store as well. Now in the game, players can form up their own strategies such as landing positions, taking up a fight with their enemies, and acquiring weapons, tools, and supplies. It is surely one of the few platforms in the gaming world that gives a lot of freebies to its players. Free fire rewards codes can help its players to get a plethora of in-game items for free.

ff reward
ff reward

The game offers a plethora of items such as bundles. Emotes, guns, costumes, skins, and more. The players of the game can use Diamonds to purchase these items, while the ones who can participate in different events get some great rewards and much more. The developers can also give out some freebies and rewards codes to their players which provide some of the interesting rewards like new skins, etc. Also, these cosmetic items could help you give your avatar or character a more classy, cool, and attractive look. One can obtain these materials through spending their money on them or by maybe joining any of the free-fire events being organized to get the items at discounted rates. Players can use this code on the official website of Free Fire to redeem these codes and items.

Well, under this article we will let you know what are the FF rewards, how one can redeem those rewards, the FF Redeem codes, how to use the FF reward redemption site, and much more. So let’s look at these things in deep and know about their uses!

What are these rewards of free fire?

Free fire offers a variety of rich and great items such as enticing bundles and more. However, these items are generally being quite expensive and the players need to spend their in-game currencies, their diamonds just to buy the most of these rewards or stuff. On some regular occasions, the developers of the game release some exclusive redeem-to-codes for the players of the game.

These rewards by FF allow the player to get some attractive, trendy, and cool-looking stuff for free which included the players’ skins, their guns, their costumes, characters and emotes, and much more. The important point is that the code comes with a particular expiry date, till which date can the code be used, and once the date is passed on, the code of redemption becomes useless, it cannot be used. Moreover, the developers of the game make these codes for the players who are on a specific server and the player who are from other regions who cannot redeem them easily.

How to use the Free Fire rewards redemption site?

For the redemption of these free fire rewards codes, the developers of the game have to create a specific reward redemption site. Here we have mentioned one of the links to it, which will directly take you to the given webpage for reward redemption.

The redemption process: if the user wants to make the actual use of these FF reward codes then they should simply follow the instructions given below:

  1. The very first baby step is to visit the game’s website, using the link mentioned/provided above.
  2. Using the platform which is associated with your ID, simply log in to your profile using the same websites’ link. But if the player wants to be eligible for the reward, the user must have to bind their ID to on the platforms.
  3. After the user has successfully logged in to their accounts, the user now needs to carefully enter that 12-letter code for redemption in the text box.
  4. Click on the ‘confirm’ button below to complete the process and the name of that particular reward would be displayed on the screen itself within the same dialog box.
  5. When the item has been added, the user can easily collect them from their mail section or area of the game itself. Usually, it takes a day for the rewards to appear or be seen in the mail.

If the user tries to use a code that is expired, then they will automatically encounter an error without any way of circumventing it.

Garena Free Fire redeem codes 2021

The FF game has added up some redeem codes that can gift the players some amazing rewards such as bundles, top characters like Skyler, CR7, or DJ Alok, and more. A player can also have a Free pass of elite, Diamonds which can be used by using these codes or a Custom room card. Why waste time? Go grab these codes asap!! Here’s a list of fresh redeem codes for July month as well.

 14th July 2021: Free Fire redeem codes

FF Reward Codes FF Rewards
HEDPOJKMB4L Hip Hop Bundle Redeem Code (Redemption Kode)
TBKUKIDTM4LG Elite Pass Code (Kode)
FFICDCTHQ8LC Free Fire MP40 Skin Redemption Code
FFICUTDH1KVU Maro Character Rewards Code
FFESPORTS3MU Get Mr. Shark Backpack, Kelly Bobblehead, Spikey Spine
FFICDCTSL5FT Free Diamonds Voucher
ZH6CDBXFDSPN Head Hunting Parachute
FFBCT7P7N2P2 Animal Weapon Bundles
FFBCC4QWKLL9 Get Vandal Revolt Weapon Bundle
FFBCEGMPC3HZ Get Justice Fighter and Vandal Revolt Weapon Bundle
9GJT66GNDCLN Sneaky Clown Weapon Bundle
5G9GCY97UUD4 1x Rebel Academy Weapon Bundle
GYXKT8UFBBSF Phantom Bear Bundle
M5WTW5VK5EA EGG Hunter Loot Box
4M2ZVXNLJTHP Dreki Pet Code
SBQDZ6KLYIOP Shirou Free Fire Character
FF6M1L8SQAUY FF Token Bundle Code
FFTILM659NZB Free 299 Diamonds Bundle

Exclusive codes for specific items only

These are the Free Fire codes which are for useful bundles, crate rewards, and more. Let’s check them out:

  • SARG886AV5GR – Redeem Code to get Egg Day Banner and Phantom Bear Bundle
  • FFESPORTS3MU – Redeem Code to get Shirou Bobblehead, Mr. Shark Backpack, Kelly Bobblehead, Spikey Spine Surfboard
  • FICDCTSL5FT – Redeem Code to get Diamond Royale Voucher
  • ZH6CDBXFDSPN – Redeem Code to obtain Head Hunting Parachute
  • FFBCT7P7N2P2 – Redeem Code to get Animal Weapon Loot Crate
  • FFBCLY4LNC4B – Use this Code to get Cosmic Bounty Hunter Weapon Loot, Crate
  • FFBCC4QWKLL9 – Vandal Revolt Weapon Loot Crate Code
  • FFBCEGMPC3HZ – Get Justice Fighter and Vandal Revolt Weapon Loot Crate
  • 9GJT66GNDCLN – 4x MP40 – Sneaky Clown Weapon Loot Crate’s Redeem Code
  • 5G9GCY97UUD4 – 1x Rebel Academy Weapon Loot Crate Code
  • FF6M1L8SQAUY – Redeem Code to get Free Fire Diamond

Free Fire Redeem Code Today (31 July 2021)

Following is the list of the redeem codes for today for the Indian players of the Garena Free Fire game. Claim these latest codes to get attractive rewards.

Redeem code: Q67D37Y5H9RW

Reward: 1x Punishers Weapon Loot Crate

  • ECSMH8ZK763Q
Redeem Code Rewards
R9UVPEYJOXZX 3x Weapon Royale Voucher
FFGYBGFDAPQO Free Fire diamonds
BBHUQWPO1111UY Diamond Royale Voucher
FFGTYUO11POKH Justin Fighter and Vandals Rebellions Loot Crate
FFMCLJESSCR7 2x MP40 New Year Weapon Loot Crate
FFMC5GZ8S3JC 2x Flaming Red Weapon Loot Crate
XUW3FNK7AV8N 2x Custom Room Cards
FFMC6UR5ZNJQ Old Fashioned Weapon Loot Crate
XLMMVSBNV6YC 2x Winterlands Weapon Loot Crate
FFMC2SJLKXSB 2x Scorching Sands Weapon Loot Crate
LH3DHG87XU5U 1x Diamond Royale Voucher
1x Weapon Royale Voucher
PACJJTUA29UU 1x Diamond Royale Voucher

Anjana Om Kashyap Age, Husband, Family, Salary, Education, wikibio


Anjana Om Kashyap Age, Husband, Family, Salary, Education, wiki bio

The person with a great ambitious, amazing personality and the one who can stand up for the issues without fearing before them, Anjana Om Kashyap. She is an Indian journalist, news representor and anchor. She is the executive head editor of the most famous news channel in India, Aaj Tak. Anjana is a very popular Indian television news representor and anchor who is very well known and appreciated for her amazing speaking skills. She’s also been on News shows like ‘Halla Bol’ and ‘Special report’. Anjana is very widely known for her hostile stance and skills on social issues. Anjana is actually one strong woman to face and stand with.

Anjana Om Kashyap Wikibio

In this article, we will read about the very famous journalist, Anjana Om Kashyap, and about her background. We will read about Anjana’s educational background, her career line, her family, education, and much more about her. So, let’s read all about her!

Education background – Anjana Om Kashyap

Anjana has completed her initial schooling at Loreto Convent School, it’s a local Catholic school in Ranchi and then completed further schooling from Delhi Public School in Ranchi only. Anjana always wanted to do honors in Botany, into the medical field from the University of Delhi. She had appeared for several exams related to pre-medical admissions and finally cracked it out but was not able to crack it up and got failed ad disappointed again to herself. So, then she decided to pursue her master’s degree in social work from the Delhi school of social works. She had the qualities of a prolific debater and woman with strong leadership skills, which made her pursue a degree in social work. Then after she started preparing for UPSC exams but again was failed and disappointed in herself. Also, she has done a diploma course in Journalism from Jamia Millia Islamia College, New Delhi.

Family background – Anjana Om Kashyap:

Anjana was born in Ranchi, the capital city of Jharkhand in India on the 12th of June in 1975. Anjana’s age is 46 years old. Anjana’s zodiac sign is Gemini. She was born in a middle-class Bhumihar Brahmin family, her father is Late Om Prakash Tiwari, who was a doctor with the Indian Army on a short-service commission basis. Her father served during the time of the Bangladesh War of Independence and also has one brother.

Anjana om Kashyap husband:

Anjana om Kashyap is married to Mangesh Kashyap, who was a deputy commissioner of the Delhi police and since 2016 he is being appointed as a CVO in Municipal Corporation (South Delhi) in New Delhi. Anjana and her husband, Mangesh met during her college days at Delhi University. Anjana and Mangesh have 2 children together, one daughter and one son. The name of their children is not known in public until now. Also, some of her family member’s names are not known in public till now.

Career life of Anjana:

Anjana joined her first job as a counselor at Daewoo Motors and later on resigned from the job after working for a year or so. She then decided to join an NGO under which she could work as a legal counselor. In the 2000s, Anjana has opted to go for a diploma degree in Journalism, then after she graduated from Jamia Millia Islamia College she decided to join ‘Doordarshan’. In Doordarshan, she was assigned to do news-desk for Aankhon Dekhi show, which is an investigative show but also she was assigned to do some infrequent reporting duty to her seniors.

Within a year of working with Doordarshan, she shifted her job with Zee News. As she always wanted to be an anchor and news represented on the TV, the channel found out that her speaking skills need to be polished a bit more and thereafter, decided to employ Anjana in producing role. As the years of working hard at Zee for her goal passed on, Anjana finally cracked and passed out the interview and auditions for being an anchor and was occasionally being used to do anchoring for some special features.

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After a while working with the Zee channel, in around 2007, she decided to join News 24 channel, where she could see her dream come true, she was assigned a role as a mainstream anchor to perform all the evening debates from thereon. And then in 2012, after gearing up her skills, she left that job at News 24 and joined Star news which however was shut down later in few months. Anjana had become one of the several journalists who had to follow their immediate ex-boss at News24, Supriya Prasad, to give her job from News 24 to Aaj Tak in late 2012.

Anjana was also one of the few reporters who were allowed and had access to interview, Mr. Narendra Modi for his run-up in the 2019’s National Elections. Anjana also refused to pose any sort of challenging questions to him.

Anjana om Kashyap salary:

as per on 6th June 2021 –

Monthly Income Rs. 25 Lakhs INR +
Annual Income Rs. 3 Crore INR +

Anjana Om Kashyap age:

Anjana Om Kashyap age is 46 years old as she was born on 12 June 1975

Anjana om Kashyap husband name:

Anjana om Kashyap husband name  – She is married to Mangesh Kashyap, who was a deputy commissioner of the Delhi police and since 2016 he is being appointed as a CVO in Municipal Corporation (South Delhi) in New Delhi.

Awards won by Anjana are:

  • In the National Television Awards under the category of Best Reporter of the year
  • By ITA in 2014 under the category of Best Anchor
  • By ENBA Awards under the category of Best Anchor in 2015
  • In 2015, by IMWA awards under the category of Best Anchor
  • Excellence award by the Indian Today Chairman’s
  • By Ph.D. Chamber of Commerce and Industry under the category of Excellence in Journalism awards.

Some facts about Anjana Om Kashyap

  • ® Anjana’s net worth is INR 60-70 Crore’s and salary is INR 1 crore / per year
  • ® She had a very popular show on News 24 named ‘Do Took’, a debate show
  • ® She loves to watch or binge on movies
  • ® She has also acted in 2 Bollywood movies named: Sultan in 2016 and Tiger Zinda Hai in 2017, both Salman Khan Movies.
  • ® Anjana was known as AOK, her full name’s the short form.
  • ® Anjana belongs to Bihari ethnicity, as her father belong to Arrah city of Bihar and her mother is from Bihar’s Sharif
  • ® She has collaborated with various NGOs to work with for a cause of resettlement colonies and child rape victims.
  • ® In 2012, in the Delhi gang-rape case, Anjana was a victim of eve-teasing during her reporting sections and has covered various news and issues like the Nirbhaya rape case.

Curse of Vanishing in Minecraft: what is curse of vanishing | what does curse of vanishing do


Curse of Vanishing in Minecraft: what is curse of vanishing | what does curse of vanishing do

Curse of vanishing, a Minecraft’s enchantment that will cause a piece of gear which possesses to disappear from existence when a mine-craft player dies along with an item equipped or in their own inventory. These enchantments could be a nightmare to the gamers to deal with, they could place a negative effect on the gear’s piece that has the curse. These pieces of the gear which have been enchanted along with the curse of vanishing has the power potential to disappear completely and fully from their existence. This curse is one of the rarest enchantments in Minecraft mainly because it’s a cursed book and it may be found naturally in the gaming world.

Curse of Vanishing Minecraft

So, if the Minecraft player has a gear’s piece along with the curse of vanishing on the person when they die, that piece of gear would vanish from the gaming world forever. The particular item is then non-retrievable whenever this situation happens and it could be a substantial loss, depending on the particular item. This curse cannot be made and it only appears in the fishing drops or chest loops. The curse cannot be removed from your items then. It can be applied to all types of items like armor, tools, weapons, or miscellaneous items.

what does curse of vanishing do
what does curse of vanishing do

There are two types of curses in Minecraft. The curse of vanishing, one of the wickedest enchantments one can ever get in Minecraft. The curse offers no real benefits but only exists to make some items enchanted that could be found throughout the world worse. The curse of binding is nothing as worse as compared to the curse of vanishing as the curse of binding is more of annoyance and the curse of vanishing is to remove a lot of progress.

What Does Curse of Vanishing do in Minecraft?

If one of the items or inventory of the player is being cursed by vanishing, then the player happens to die and the item is been removed from the whole game. It will not drop from the player’s account or on the player’s death but would totally vanish from the game. It could be disheartening for a player on diamond level or if the curse is on armor or tools which happens to disappear after an unfortunate encounter. With this curse, there’s no benefit for the player and exists to assist the player in adventure maps to make an item impossible to retain.

One can fool the curse of vanishing by just dropping the item in the storage before the death, but the curse of vanishing only triggers ad works when the player is died along with an item of his / her inventory. If the player holds the item in their mouse cursor and they die before dropping it or even getting a chance to drop it, the item of that player would still vanish. Mobs can spawn with the items being enchanted and have a curse of vanishing. If the item were to drop, it could disappear due to the curse itself.

How the player could get a curse of vanishing enchantment?

Minecraft players could obtain this specific enchantment and will be able to need to do a little bit more extra work, as compared to many different and other enchantments. This curse of banishment is one of the treasure enchantments which is meant that it can only be acquired as an enchanting book from chest loot, fishing, buying it from the librarian village in exchange for emeralds, or through raid rewards, bedrock only.

what is curse of vanishing
what is curse of vanishing

Also, there’s a known bug in the Bedrock Edition of the game which prevents the players from obtaining the cursed enchantment book from the villagers. This could mean that the players of Bedrock will need and have to use one of their other methods to obtain it.

How to get the curse of vanishing?

Finding out the curse of vanishing can depend completely on luck or bad luck, depends on your perspective. The easiest and quickest way to get the curse of vanishing is trading. This curse won’t appear on the enchanting table. Setting up some bookcases or a lectern in the village or a librarian villager who would trade would help to work in the curse of vanishing. But through the loot of village items and if found throughout the world, it’s a little less reliable but the curse would apply on death.

By completing the transaction of items with the librarian, one can unlock more items to trade on the left-hand side and can increase its chances to find out the curse of vanishing. Or else, the player can look into temples and dungeons in the gaming world itself and can search for their own chests for the cursed book.

How is the curse of vanishing removed?

Well, if you have an item that is being cursed of vanishing and enchantments being applied, it is possible and actually simple to remove the curse easily. All the player need is the same item that carries or has the curse but with un-enchantments.

The above picture represents the removal of the curse of vanishing enchantment

To remove the curse, first of all, open up the crafting table. The image above represents that the player has a Diamond sword with the curse of vanishing and a diamond sword with is without the curse of vanishing. So, now in the crafting table merge these two which will not only repair the damaged item of the table but also remove the curse of vanishing enchantment too.

To remove the enchantments from weapons or tools, the Grindstone is being used but well it doesn’t work well with curses. This is the easiest, quickest, and viable method to use. Moreover,  one could lose any other enchantments which they have equipped along with the curse of vanishing.

Items that can be cursed:

The list of items under which the curse of vanishing can be applied or appeared is as:

  • Weapons – such as swords, shields, crossbows, bows, and trident
  • Armor (all types) – such as elytra, boots, helmet, leggings, and chest plate
  • Tools – such as compass, shears, carrot on a stick, Axe, Shovel, Hoe, Flint and steel, Pickaxe, Rod of fishing, and more.

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Biden Wants to Embrace Power Lines. Some Americans Disagree.


Biden Wants to Embrace Power Lines. Some Americans Disagree.

La nation est confrontée une fois par génération à des choix sur la façon dont l’énergie doit être fournie aux maisons, aux entreprises et aux voitures électriques – des décisions qui pourraient façonner le cours du changement climatique et déterminer comment les États-Unis font face aux incendies de forêt, aux vagues de chaleur et à d’autres conditions météorologiques extrêmes liées au réchauffement climatique.

D’un côté, les grands services publics d’électricité et le président Biden veulent construire des milliers de kilomètres de lignes électriques pour acheminer l’électricité créée par des éoliennes et des parcs solaires éloignés vers les villes et les banlieues. De l’autre, certaines organisations environnementales et groupes communautaires font pression pour investir davantage dans les panneaux solaires sur les toits, les batteries et les éoliennes locales.

Une lutte politique intense se déroule à Washington et dans les capitales des États concernant les choix que les législateurs, les entreprises énergétiques et les particuliers feront au cours des prochaines années, ce qui pourrait verrouiller un système énergétique qui durera des décennies. Le fossé entre ceux qui veulent plus de lignes électriques et ceux qui réclament un système énergétique plus décentralisé a divisé l’industrie des énergies renouvelables et le mouvement environnemental. Et il a créé des partenariats de convenance entre les entreprises de combustibles fossiles et les groupes locaux qui luttent contre les lignes électriques.

La question est de savoir à quelle vitesse le pays peut passer à une énergie plus propre et dans quelle mesure les tarifs d’électricité augmenteront.

M. Biden a obtenu 73 milliards de dollars pour des milliers de kilomètres de nouvelles lignes électriques dans une proposition d’infrastructure que lui et les sénateurs des deux parties ont acceptée en juin. Cet accord comprend la création d’une Grid Development Authority pour accélérer les approbations pour les lignes de transmission.

La plupart des experts en énergie conviennent que les États-Unis doivent améliorer leurs réseaux électriques vieillissants, en particulier après que des millions de Texans ont passé des jours à geler cet hiver lorsque le système électrique de l’État a échoué.

“Les choix que nous faisons aujourd’hui nous mettrons sur une voie qui, si l’histoire est un baromètre, pourrait durer de 50 à 100 ans”, a déclaré Amy Myers Jaffe, directrice générale du Climate Policy Lab de l’Université Tufts. “L’enjeu est littéralement la santé et le bien-être économique de chaque Américain.”

L’option soutenue par M. Biden et certaines grandes sociétés énergétiques remplacerait les centrales électriques au charbon et au gaz naturel par de grands parcs éoliens et solaires à des centaines de kilomètres des villes, ce qui nécessiterait de nombreuses nouvelles lignes électriques. Une telle intégration renforcerait le contrôle que l’industrie des services publics et Wall Street ont sur le réseau.

“Vous devez avoir un grand plan national pour vous assurer que l’électricité va de l’endroit où elle est produite à l’endroit où se trouve le besoin”, a déclaré la secrétaire à l’Énergie Jennifer Granholm dans une interview.

Mais de nombreux alliés libéraux de M. Biden soutiennent que les panneaux solaires, les batteries et d’autres sources d’énergie locales devraient être mis en avant car ils seraient plus résistants et pourraient être construits plus rapidement.

« Nous devons construire le système de transmission et de distribution d’électricité pour le réseau du futur et non celui du passé », a déclaré Howard Learner, directeur exécutif de l’Environmental Law & Policy Center, une organisation à but non lucratif basée à Chicago. « L’énergie solaire et le stockage sont aussi transformateurs pour le secteur de l’électricité que les services sans fil l’ont été pour le secteur des télécommunications ».

Selon toute probabilité, il y aura un mélange de solutions comprenant davantage de lignes de transmission et de panneaux solaires sur le toit. La combinaison qui émergera dépendra des accords conclus au Congrès, mais aussi des escarmouches qui se dérouleront dans tout le pays.

Mme Granholm a déclaré que l’administration soutenait les systèmes solaires et micro-réseaux sur les toits, des systèmes qui permettent aux villes ou aux quartiers de générer et d’utiliser leur propre électricité. M. Biden a proposé un crédit d’impôt fédéral à l’investissement pour les projets locaux de stockage d’énergie, par exemple. Mais elle a ajouté que les approches décentralisées ne seraient pas suffisantes pour atteindre l’objectif du président d’éliminer les émissions de gaz à effet de serre du secteur électrique d’ici 2035.

Alors que des millions de maisons californiennes se sont éteintes pendant une vague de chaleur l’été dernier, l’aide est venue d’une source inhabituelle : les batteries installées dans les maisons, les entreprises et les bâtiments municipaux.

Ces batteries, ainsi que l’énergie solaire sur les toits, ont alimenté jusqu’à 6% de l’alimentation électrique du réseau public pendant la crise, aidant à compenser les centrales au gaz naturel et nucléaires inutilisées. Les panneaux solaires sur les toits ont généré 4 pour cent supplémentaires de l’électricité de l’État.

Ce résultat – les propriétaires et les entreprises aidant le réseau – aurait été impensable il y a une décennie. Depuis plus d’un siècle, l’électricité circule dans un seul sens : des centrales électriques aux personnes.

La Californie a montré que les foyers et les entreprises n’ont pas à être des consommateurs passifs. Ils peuvent devenir des mini-centrales électriques, gagnant potentiellement autant en fournissant de l’énergie qu’ils paient pour l’électricité qu’ils tirent du réseau.

Les batteries domestiques et professionnelles, qui peuvent être aussi petites qu’un grand téléviseur et aussi grosses qu’une salle de serveurs informatiques, sont chargées à partir du réseau ou de panneaux solaires sur le toit. Ils libèrent de l’énergie après le coucher du soleil ou pendant les pannes d’électricité, qui sont devenues plus courantes ces dernières années.

Certains environnementalistes soutiennent qu’une plus grande utilisation de l’énergie solaire et des batteries sur les toits devient de plus en plus essentielle en raison du changement climatique.

Après que son équipement ait déclenché plusieurs grands incendies de forêt, Pacific Gas & Electric a commencé à couper le courant les jours chauds et venteux pour éviter les incendies. L’entreprise est sortie de la faillite l’année dernière après avoir accumulé 30 milliards de dollars de passif pour les incendies de forêt causés par son équipement, y compris les lignes de transmission.

Elizabeth Ellenburg, une survivante du cancer de 87 ans à Napa, en Californie, a acheté des panneaux solaires et une batterie à Sunrun en 2019 pour faire fonctionner son réfrigérateur, son équipement d’oxygène et ses appareils électroménagers pendant les coupures de courant de PG&E, un plan qui, selon elle, a a bien fonctionné.

“Habituellement, lorsque PG&E sort, ce n’est pas 24 heures – ce sont des jours”, a déclaré Mme Ellenburg, une infirmière à la retraite. « Je dois avoir la capacité d’utiliser du matériel médical. Pour vivre dans ma propre maison, j’avais besoin d’une alimentation autre que celle de la compagnie d’électricité.

L’entreprise affirme travailler à l’amélioration de ses équipements. « Notre objectif est de rendre notre système de distribution et de transmission plus résilient et ignifuge », a déclaré Sumeet Singh, directeur des risques de PG&E.

Mais les dépenses de prévention des incendies des services publics californiens ont augmenté les tarifs d’électricité, et les groupes de consommateurs affirment que la construction de plus de lignes électriques les poussera encore plus haut.

Les tarifs d’électricité résidentiels moyens à l’échelle nationale ont augmenté d’environ 14 % au cours de la dernière décennie, même si la consommation moyenne d’énergie des ménages a augmenté d’un peu plus de 1 %.

Les régulateurs autorisent généralement les services publics à facturer aux clients le coût des investissements plus une marge bénéficiaire, généralement d’environ 10,5%, ce qui incite les entreprises à construire des centrales et des lignes électriques.

“De toute évidence, nous applaudissons l’engagement de l’administration envers les énergies renouvelables, mais plus gros n’est pas toujours mieux”, a déclaré Bernadette Del Chiaro, directrice exécutive de la California Solar and Storage Association, une organisation qui fait pression pour l’industrie solaire sur les toits. « Smarter se tourne vers les micro-réseaux, y compris l’énergie solaire sur les toits. De toute évidence, les services publics sont bloqués dans le 20e siècle ; ils veulent construire le chemin de fer transcontinental du réseau électrique.

Un rapport de 2019 du National Renewable Energy Laboratory, une branche de recherche du ministère de l’Énergie, a révélé qu’une plus grande utilisation de l’énergie solaire sur les toits peut réduire le besoin de nouvelles lignes de transmission, déplacer des centrales électriques coûteuses et économiser l’énergie perdue lorsque l’électricité est déplacée longtemps. distances. L’étude a également révélé que les systèmes de toiture peuvent faire pression sur les services publics pour améliorer ou étendre les câbles et les équipements de quartier.

Mais l’industrie des services publics fait valoir que de nouvelles lignes de transmission sont nécessaires pour atteindre 100 % d’énergie propre et alimenter les voitures et les camions électriques. Ces coûts élevés seront compensés par l’argent économisé en passant des combustibles fossiles à des panneaux solaires et des éoliennes moins chers, a déclaré Emily Sanford Fisher, vice-présidente principale de l’énergie propre à l’Edison Electric Institute, qui représente les services publics appartenant à des investisseurs.

“Ce n’est pas parce que nous dépensons de l’argent pour plus de choses que nous n’obtenons pas d’avantages pour les autres”, a déclaré Mme Fisher. “Je pense que le problème n’est pas que nous allons construire trop de transmission, c’est que nous n’allons pas en avoir assez.”

En février, le Texas a été paralysé pendant plus de quatre jours par un gel profond qui a fermé des centrales électriques et désactivé des gazoducs. Les gens utilisaient des voitures et des grils et brûlaient même des meubles pour se réchauffer; au moins 150 morts.

L’une des raisons de l’échec était que l’État a maintenu le réseau géré par l’Electric Reliability Council du Texas en grande partie déconnecté du reste du pays pour éviter la surveillance fédérale. Cela a empêché l’État d’importer de l’électricité et fait du Texas un argument en faveur du système électrique interconnecté souhaité par M. Biden.

Considérez Marfa, une ville artistique dans le désert de Chihuahuan. Les résidents ont eu du mal à rester au chaud alors que le sol était recouvert de neige et de pluie verglaçante. Pourtant, à 75 milles à l’ouest, les lumières étaient allumées à Van Horn, au Texas. Cette ville est desservie par El Paso Electric, un service public rattaché au Western Electricity Coordinating Council, un réseau qui relie 14 États, deux provinces canadiennes et un État mexicain.

Un réseau national plus connecté pourrait aider les endroits touchés par des catastrophes à tirer de l’énergie d’ailleurs, a déclaré Ralph Cavanagh, un responsable du Natural Resources Defense Council, un groupe environnemental.

M. Biden est d’accord. Il a même appelé à de nouvelles lignes électriques lors de sa campagne présidentielle.

Cela aurait pu l’aider à gagner le soutien des services publics d’électricité, qui donnent généralement des contributions plus importantes aux républicains. Lors des élections de 2020, les comités d’action politique de l’industrie et ses dirigeants lui ont donné 1,4 million de dollars, contre environ 1 million de dollars à Donald J. Trump, selon le Center for Responsive Politics.

À Washington, les développeurs de grands projets solaires et éoliens font pression pour un réseau plus connecté tandis que les services publics veulent plus de financement fédéral pour les nouvelles lignes de transmission. Les défenseurs des panneaux solaires et des batteries sur les toits font pression sur le Congrès pour obtenir davantage d’incitations fédérales.

Séparément, il y a des batailles rangées dans les capitales des États pour savoir combien les services publics doivent payer aux propriétaires pour l’électricité produite par les panneaux solaires sur les toits. Les services publics de Californie, de Floride et d’ailleurs veulent que les législateurs réduisent ces tarifs. Les propriétaires de panneaux solaires et les groupes d’énergie renouvelable luttent contre ces efforts.

Malgré le soutien de M. Biden, l’industrie des services publics pourrait avoir du mal à ajouter des lignes électriques.

De nombreux Américains résistent aux lignes de transmission pour des raisons esthétiques et environnementales. De puissants intérêts économiques sont également en jeu. Dans le Maine, par exemple, une campagne est en cours pour arrêter une ligne de 145 milles qui acheminera l’énergie hydroélectrique du Québec au Massachusetts.

La Nouvelle-Angleterre a éliminé progressivement le charbon, mais utilise toujours le gaz naturel. Les législateurs espèrent changer cela avec l’aide de la ligne de 1 milliard de dollars, appelée New England Clean Energy Connect.

Ce printemps, des ouvriers ont défriché des arbres et installé des poteaux d’acier dans les forêts de l’ouest du Maine. Proposé pour la première fois il y a une décennie, le projet était censé traverser le New Hampshire jusqu’à ce que l’État le rejette. Les organismes de réglementation fédéraux et étatiques ont approuvé le tracé du Maine, qui est parrainé par Central Maine Power et HydroQuébec.

Mais le projet est embourbé dans des poursuites judiciaires, et les résidents du Maine pourraient le bloquer par une mesure de vote de novembre.

Des groupes environnementaux et un comité d’action politique financé par Calpine et Vistra, qui exploitent des centrales à gaz, se battent tous les deux contre la ligne. Les opposants affirment que cela mettra en péril les migrations de tétras, de visons et d’orignaux et supprimera la couverture arborée qui refroidit les rivières, mettant en danger l’omble de fontaine.

“Cette ligne de transmission aurait de graves impacts sur l’environnement et l’habitat faunique du Maine”, a déclaré Sandra Howard, chef de file de la campagne contre la ligne.

Les responsables de l’administration Biden ont déclaré qu’ils étaient sensibles à ces préoccupations et souhaitaient que de nombreuses lignes électriques soient construites le long des autoroutes, des voies ferrées et d’autres emprises existantes afin de minimiser les conflits.

Mais M. Biden n’a pas beaucoup de temps. La quantité de dioxyde de carbone dans l’atmosphère a établi un record en mai, et certains scientifiques pensent que les récentes vagues de chaleur ont été aggravées par le changement climatique.

« Les projets de transmission prennent plus de 10 ans entre la conception et l’achèvement », a déclaré Douglas D. Giuffre, expert en énergie chez IHS Markit. “Donc, si nous envisageons la décarbonisation du secteur de l’électricité d’ici 2035, alors tout cela doit se produire très rapidement.”

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Weddings Took a Big Hit in 2020. Enter the Micro-Wedding.


Weddings Took a Big Hit in 2020. Enter the Micro-Wedding.

Rocket Science Events, founded in 2010 in Minneapolis, specializes in elaborate and imaginative weddings held in non-traditional venues, such as an airplane hangar or a boxing hall. In early 2020, Gretchen Culver, its founder, had three part-time employees, a handful of independent contractor work events, and projected earnings of just under $ 500,000. Then the lockdown hit Minnesota.

“It was terrible for us,” she said. “All of my weddings have been postponed and I waived the date change fee. That meant, essentially, zero revenue for Rocket Science in 2020 and most of 2021. ”

A few years before the pandemic, however, Ms Culver began to notice that the number of guests for many weddings was declining. Instead of 200-300 people at weddings, many customers wanted 100 or less. “I could sense that the priorities were changing,” she said. “Deep in my head I was wondering if there was a way to make small weddings, with a smaller overall budget, work for my business.”

The pandemic gave him the opportunity to find out. She consulted with a planner in Birmingham, Alabama, doing several micro-weddings a day and that conversation sparked a light bulb moment for Ms. Culver. She’s created a separate business, Minne Weddings, which offers very stylish, all-inclusive Sunday wedding packages.

Several time slots are available on each date for a 90-minute wedding that can accommodate up to 32 guests. Package includes venue, rentals, decor, digital invitations, flowers, photos, videography, cake, sparkling wine and an officiant; prices range from $ 5,000 to $ 7,000. Couples booking the last slot on a particular day can pay to extend the wedding to three and a half hours and add extras like special dances, speeches, and more food. Everything is done through the website; in most cases, Ms. Culver does not even meet the couple until the wedding day.

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Where to find Kid Kujirai in Genshin Impact? All locations and Temaria game explained


Genshin Impact 2.0 has a hidden challenge that involves a Temaria game and Kid Kujirai. Inazuma arrived with three islands that players can explore, and it not only brings new puzzles but also hidden things to do.There are many hidden achievements in Inazuma, and one of them can be obtained by playing the Temaria game with Kid Kujirai. This game can also be done in co-op after players finish the Temari challenge.Kid Kujirai locations in Genshin Impact Inazuma Obtaining a precious chest in Genshin ImpactAfter unlocking the Temaria game by finding Kid Kujirai near the Konda Village, gamers can locate the former in several other locations. Playing this game will require them to find the Temari ball three times. Afterward, players will obtain a Precious Chest.Here’s where they can find Kid Kujirai in Genshin Impact’s Inazuma:1) East of Inazuma City Kid Kujirai in Inazuma CityPlayers can find Kid Kujirai to the east of Inazuma City. He will be standing near a Thunder Sakura Bough. 2) Southwest of Araumi Kid Kujirai near Araumi shorePlayers can find Kid Kujirai to the southwest of Araumi. He’s standing on a cliff by the beach.3) Northwest of Tatarasuna Kid Kujirai in Genshin Impact’s InazumaKid Kujirai can be found northwest of Tatarasuna, on a beach close to Xavier.4) Southeast of Tatarasuna Kid Kujirai between two treesIin Tatarasuna again, Kid Kujirai is standing between two trees, southeast of Tatarasuna.5) Jakotsu Mine Kid Kujirai in the MineGamers may come across Kid Kujirai while doing the Orobashi’s Legacy quest. He will wait for them in the Jakotsu Mine. The Temari ball can be found by using the Thunder Spheres to travel upward quickly.6) Inside the Serpent’s Head The Serpent was once defeated by BaalKid Kujirai can be found inside the Serpent’s Head. To play this Temaria game, users must first follow the two Electro Seelies to open the door inside the head.How to play the Temari game in Genshin Impact This new Genshin Impact game is similar to Dandy’s challenges in LiyueKid Kujirai will ask Travelers to find the Temari ball within 30 seconds. This challenge has to be done three times on every spot. Finding the balls isn’t always that easyEach time, the ball will be further away than the last one. So players have to keep a close eye to see where the ball is. Using the distance meter to find the Temari easilyThey can use the distance counter to help find the Temari. By moving in different directions, gamers can estimate where the Temari is.This challenge can be done over and over again, and the Temari’s location won’t change. So, they should not worry about failing. Elemental Sight is a great help to find the TemariBecause the Temari ball is small and can easily be missed, users can utilize Elemental Sight to locate the target. 0 0 Reply x   Edit   Delete Delete the comment? No thanks Delete Cancel Update Login to reply Cancel Reply

How Two Start-ups Made a Fortune in Fees on P.P.P. Loans


How Two Start-ups Made a Fortune in Fees on P.P.P. Loans

Also at the end of February, Blueacorn and Womply received an unexpected tailwind from a major rule change by the Small Business Administration, which oversaw the loan program. Concerned that women and minority-run businesses were disproportionately excluded, the Biden administration overhauled the loan formula to give sole proprietors – a group that includes entrepreneurs and workers in concert – loans based on their reported income rather than profits. Overnight, millions more qualified to receive help. Attracted by the marketing campaigns, they rushed to the two companies.

In early March, “we were overwhelmed with demand,” said Mr. Calhoun of Blueacorn, a private equity veteran who joined the company this month to help manage its growth. “We had a 24 hour period where we went from 15,000 new customer service tickets to 27,000,” he recalls. “These are similar levels to Amazon.”

Blueacorn has rented call centers and trained hundreds of temporary workers in troubleshooting. Womply has redeployed almost all of its 200 employees to work on credit issues. The two companies are still struggling to keep up. On Reddit groups and social media sites, thousands of borrowers have complained about delays, poor communication, and issues resolving errors.

Louis Glatthorn, an Uber driver in Boone, NC who goes by name Bob, applied on Womply’s website on April 7 and signed the documents two weeks later for a loan of $ 7,818. But the money – which is listed on government records as approved – was not paid by Benworth Capital, one of Womply’s partners. Mr. Glatthorn’s attempts to reach Womply for assistance were unsuccessful.

“You can never talk to a person or make contact with yourself,” he said. A representative for Womply declined to comment on Mr. Glatthorn’s experience.

Others had a smoother run. Dan Bourque, an Uber driver in San Francisco, saw the Womply ads and applied for a loan in mid-April. Seventeen days later, he had a deposit of $ 10,477 – funded by Fountainhead SBF, another of Womply’s partner lenders – in his bank account. For this loan, the process “has been flawless,” he said.

The millions of small loans made by the two tech companies, coupled with Congress’ decision to make small loans more lucrative, resulted in gigantic payments for small lenders. Last year, Prestamos made $ 1.3 million for its loans. This year, it will raise nearly $ 1.2 billion, according to a New York Times calculation of lender fees based on government data.

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50 Years Ago, NASA Put a Car on the Moon


50 Years Ago, NASA Put a Car on the Moon

Dave Scott n’allait pas passer devant un rocher intéressant sans s’arrêter. C’était le 31 juillet 1971, et lui et Jim Irwin, son collègue astronaute d’Apollo 15, ont été les premiers à conduire sur la lune. Après une escapade inaugurale de 6 heures dans le nouveau rover lunaire, les deux se dirigeaient vers leur atterrisseur, le Falcon, lorsque M. Scott a fait un arrêt au stand imprévu.

À l’ouest d’un cratère appelé Rhysling, M. Scott s’est précipité hors du rover et a rapidement ramassé une roche de lave noire, pleine de trous formés par le gaz qui s’échappait. M. Scott et M. Irwin avaient été formés en géologie et savaient que le spécimen, une roche vésiculaire, serait précieux pour les scientifiques sur Terre. Ils savaient également que s’ils demandaient la permission de s’arrêter et de l’obtenir, les responsables de la mission surveillant l’horloge diraient non. Alors M. Scott a inventé une histoire selon laquelle ils ont arrêté le rover parce qu’il jouait avec sa ceinture de sécurité. L’échantillon a été découvert lorsque les astronautes sont revenus sur Terre, M. Scott a décrit ce qu’il avait fait, et “Seatbelt Rock” est devenu l’une des découvertes géologiques les plus prisées d’Apollo 15.

Comme de nombreux échantillons lunaires retournés sur Terre lors des dernières missions Apollo, Seatbelt Rock n’aurait jamais été collecté si les astronautes n’avaient pas apporté de voiture avec eux. Apollo 11 et Apollo 13 sont les missions lunaires de la NASA dont on se souvient le plus souvent. Mais à l’occasion du 50e anniversaire d’Apollo 15, lancé le 26 juillet 1971, certains passionnés de l’espace, historiens et auteurs considèrent le rover lunaire comme l’un des symboles les plus durables du programme américain d’exploration lunaire.

Pliable, durable, alimenté par batterie et construit par Boeing et General Motors, le véhicule est considéré par certains comme faisant des trois dernières missions le couronnement de l’ère Apollo.

« Chaque mission du programme spatial avec équipage, remontant au premier vol d’Alan Shepherd, avait jeté les bases des trois dernières missions Apollo », a déclaré Earl Swift, auteur d’un nouveau livre sur le rover lunaire, « Across the Airless Wilds : Le Rover lunaire et le triomphe du dernier alunissage.

“Vous voyez la NASA prendre toute cette sagesse recueillie, glanée au cours de la décennie précédente dans l’espace, et l’appliquer”, a déclaré M. Swift. “C’est une science beaucoup plus captivante.”

Une fois que le petit pas de Neil Armstrong a satisfait les objectifs géopolitiques du projet Apollo, la NASA a mis l’accent sur la science, a déclaré Teasel Muir-Harmony, conservateur des collections Apollo au National Air and Space Museum de la Smithsonian Institution à Washington. Alors que les premiers marcheurs lunaires récupéraient des échantillons à proximité de leurs sites d’atterrissage, les scientifiques espéraient depuis longtemps un road trip lunaire qui promettait des roches rares. Les plans d’un rover lunaire ont finalement reçu le feu vert deux mois seulement avant qu’Armstrong et Buzz Aldrin ne deviennent les premiers humains sur la lune.

Bien que les buggys lunaires aient été imaginés depuis des années, conduire une voiture sur la lune est plus compliqué qu’il n’y paraît. Tout au long des années 1960, les ingénieurs ont étudié une variété de concepts : des véhicules à chenilles ressemblant à des chars, des voitures volantes, même une monstruosité ronde en forme, comme le décrit M. Swift, « comme un Tootsie Pop envahi par la végétation, avec sa cabine sphérique au sommet d’un seul long jambe, qui à son tour était montée sur un pied à chenilles. En fin de compte, un buggy semblable à une voiture est arrivé en tête.

“Il y avait d’autres idées farfelues, comme un pogo stick ou une moto – des choses que je suis heureuse qu’ils n’aient pas poursuivies”, a déclaré Mme Muir-Harmony. “Le rover lunaire est, à certains égards, relativement pratique.”

La voiture lunaire était également typiquement américaine. Le châssis exposé du rover, son antenne en forme de parapluie et ses roues à rayons faisaient qu’il ne ressemblait à aucune voiture sur Terre, mais son lien avec l’industrie automobile américaine et l’histoire d’amour de la nation avec l’automobile ont captivé l’attention du public comme rien depuis Apollo 11, Mme Muir- dit Harmonie.

À partir du projet Mercury dans les années 1960, un concessionnaire automobile de Floride a autorisé les astronautes à louer des voitures Chevrolet pour 1 $, qui ont ensuite été vendues au public. L’équipage d’Apollo 15 a choisi des Corvettes rouges, blanches et bleues. Une photo diffusée dans le magazine Life montrait les astronautes posant avec leurs muscle cars américaines emblématiques aux côtés du buggy lunaire, donnant au rover lunaire un look cool par association, a déclaré Mme Muir-Harmony. “Il y a beaucoup de choses à déballer dans cette image”, a-t-elle ajouté.

M. Irwin et M. Scott ont contribué à susciter l’enthousiasme une fois qu’eux et le rover ont atteint la lune. Au cours du deuxième jour de la mission, les astronautes se sont rendus dans un cratère nommé Spur, où ils ont trouvé une grande roche cristalline blanche, un type de minéral sur les listes de souhaits des géologues car il pourrait fournir des indices sur les origines de la lune.

Les astronautes pouvaient à peine contenir leur joie : « Oh, mon garçon ! » a crié M. Scott. « Regardez la lueur ! » dit M. Irwin. « Devinez ce que nous venons de trouver ? M. Scott a transmis par radio à la Terre, tandis que M. Irwin riait de joie. « Devinez ce que nous venons de trouver ! Je pense que nous avons trouvé ce pour quoi nous sommes venus.

La roche blanche a ensuite été nommée Genesis Rock, car les scientifiques pensaient initialement qu’elle datait de la formation de la lune.

L’excitation des astronautes et leur voiture ont ramené les missions Apollo sur Terre, a déclaré Mme Muir-Harmony. “Cela a fourni un point d’accès, alors même que l’exploration de la lune devenait de plus en plus complexe et compliquée à suivre.”

M. Swift note que certains reportages à l’époque considéraient le rover comme un “produit inévitable, presque comique des gens les plus automobiles de la Terre”, bien qu’il n’y ait rien d’inévitable dans cette voiture extraterrestre sans chevaux.

Pour voyager avec les astronautes au lieu d’utiliser une fusée séparée, le rover devait peser moins de 500 livres, mais supporter le double en cargaison humaine et géologique. Sur la lune, il devait fonctionner dans des variations de température de plus de 500 degrés Fahrenheit entre la lumière du soleil et l’ombre ; résister à la poussière lunaire abrasive et aux micro-météoroïdes voyageant plus vite que les balles ; et couvrir une surface pointue et accidentée qui contenait des montagnes, des cratères, du gravier meuble et de la poudre. Les ingénieurs de GM et de Boeing se sont empressés de terminer leur conception à temps pour les dernières missions Apollo sous la menace que la NASA annulerait le programme de rover avant qu’il ne quitte le sol.

“S’il n’y avait pas eu quelques ingénieurs de General Motors, il n’y aurait pas eu de rover du tout », a déclaré M. Swift dans une interview.

Son livre explique également que les ingénieurs immigrés, dont Mieczyslaw Gregory Bekker, élevé en Pologne, et Ferenc Pavlics, né en Hongrie, ont persévéré malgré d’importants dépassements de budget, des délais dépassés et des défis techniques. Bien que les astronautes aient tendance à revendiquer davantage l’attention, les ingénieurs ont joué un rôle déterminant dans le programme spatial, a déclaré M. Swift, et certains comme M. Bekker et M. Pavlics ont souligné l’impact des immigrants sur l’innovation américaine.

“La course de l’Amérique pour atteindre la lune, à la fois au sein de la NASA et des entreprises aérospatiales qui ont construit le matériel, s’est appuyée sur l’esprit et les talents des immigrants – sur des Américains qui ont commencé leur vie ailleurs”, a-t-il écrit.

Une fois que le rover est arrivé et que les astronautes l’ont déplié sur la lune, l’expérience de conduite était également étonnamment étrange. Les astronautes l’ont comparée à d’autres moyens de transport terrestres : M. Irwin a déclaré que la voiture s’est élevée et est tombée comme « un bronco en fuite », et M. Scott a déclaré qu’elle tournait comme un hors-bord lorsqu’il a essayé de tourner à la vitesse vertigineuse de 6 miles par heure.

Les responsables de la mission avaient prévu que le rover ne parcoure que la distance parcourue par les astronautes, au cas où quelque chose se produirait et qu’ils devaient le ramener à leur vaisseau spatial. Mais les équipages d’Apollo ont parcouru de plus grandes distances à chaque mission à mesure que la confiance de la NASA grandissait. Lorsque les astronautes ont quitté la lune, les rovers ont été laissés sur les sites d’atterrissage, où ils restent, ramassant de la poussière et des rayons cosmiques. Les engins spatiaux en orbite autour de la lune prennent parfois leurs photos, et dans certaines images, des traces de rover sont visibles.

Les astronautes ont trouvé des roches plus intéressantes, permettant aux scientifiques de poser différents types de questions, a déclaré Barbara Cohen, planétologue au Goddard Space Flight Center de la NASA à Greenbelt, dans le Maryland, qui étudie les échantillons. Le rover a également permis aux astronautes de se concentrer sur la science plutôt que de s’inquiéter de manquer d’oxygène ou d’autres ressources consommables, a-t-elle déclaré.

Elle s’est souvenue d’avoir participé à une mission analogue de la NASA il y a plusieurs années, où des scientifiques enfilaient des combinaisons spatiales et effectuaient des expériences dans une station de terrain dans le désert comme s’ils étaient sur la Lune ou sur Mars. Elle se souvenait que les participants se préparaient à prélever un échantillon et avaient été interrompus par les contrôleurs de mission qui voulaient vérifier leurs signes vitaux.

“Nous nous sommes dit : ‘Allez,'”, se souvient-elle. « Cela m’a fait comprendre que la géologie n’est pas la seule responsable. C’est une chose que le rover fait pour vous ; il permet de poser différentes questions scientifiques auxquelles il est plus facile de répondre sur des sites spécifiques.

Genesis Rock, un minéral datant des premiers jours de la lune, illustre le point de vue du Dr Cohen. Les scientifiques débattent toujours – avec véhémence – de la façon dont la lune est apparue et des conditions qui y étaient, et par extension, ici sur Terre, pendant le premier milliard d’années.

Le Dr Cohen fait partie de plusieurs scientifiques qui se préparent à ouvrir des échantillons intacts qui ont été scellés depuis leur retour chez eux lors de la mission Apollo 17. Elle étudiera les gaz rares dans les échantillons pour comprendre comment le rayonnement solaire affecte la poussière lunaire.

Katherine Burgess, géologue au US Naval Research Laboratory à Washington, DC, étudiera les échantillons vierges pour mesurer comment le rayonnement du vent solaire affecte les niveaux d’hydrogène et d’hélium à l’intérieur de la poussière lunaire. Les vaisseaux spatiaux peuvent détecter l’hélium sur la lune depuis l’orbite, mais les scientifiques ne savent toujours pas comment il varie sur le terrain lunaire. “Sans ces échantillons pour le confirmer, ce n’est toujours qu’une question ouverte”, a-t-elle déclaré.

Les futures missions pourraient utiliser de l’hélium lunaire, en particulier une variante appelée hélium-3, comme source de combustible pour les réacteurs nucléaires. Cela signifie qu’une future génération de rovers lunaires pourrait être alimentée par un matériau dont la première génération a identifié la présence il y a un demi-siècle.

Alors même que les scientifiques étudient ces échantillons originaux, beaucoup espèrent un nouveau lot, renvoyé chez eux avec une nouvelle génération d’astronautes ou collecté par des rovers descendants de la version originale. En mai, General Motors a annoncé un partenariat avec Lockheed Martin pour construire un nouveau rover pour le programme Artemis de la NASA, qui vise à ramener les astronautes américains sur la Lune cette décennie.

Bien qu’ils aient été construits à des décennies d’intervalle et par des équipes différentes, le programme de rover lunaire a également informé la première génération de rovers martiens, en particulier Sojourner, le premier véhicule sur une autre planète. Les ingénieurs du Jet Propulsion Laboratory, où sont construits les rovers de la NASA sur Mars, ont conçu des rovers à six roues et à châssis flexible dans la même veine que les premiers modèles de GM, a déclaré M. Swift. “Je pense que vous trouvez une lignée inspirante dans ce premier travail de GM”, a-t-il déclaré.

La science est le moteur de la NASA d’aujourd’hui plus que la géopolitique, mais l’agence spatiale continue de promouvoir et d’effectuer des voyages spatiaux habités pour des raisons qui vont au-delà de la prospection de roches. Mme Muir-Harmony a déclaré que les rovers lunaires d’Apollo et ses successeurs modernes représentent ce sens de l’aventure.

« La science est un résultat si important d’Apollo, mais il est important de reconnaître ce avec quoi le public est engagé. L’attrait du rover lunaire est lié à l’attrait des vols spatiaux habités, qui sont capables de témoigner de leur joie et d’un sentiment de participation par procuration », a-t-elle déclaré.

De plus, il est difficile de résister à l’aventure de la traversée de la lune, le plus grand voyage en voiture de tous les temps.

Hier et aujourd’hui, “les échantillons et le matériel de la lune ne retiennent pas l’attention du public”, a-t-elle déclaré. “Le rover est.”

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Buyers of Amazon Devices Are Guinea Pigs. That’s a Problem.


Buyers of Amazon Devices Are Guinea Pigs. That’s a Problem.

After a few years of testing prototypes and forming partnerships to source artwork, the collaboration resulted in the 2017 introduction of Frame TV, a Samsung TV that looked like a photo frame. It used motion sensors to show artwork when people were present and turned off when no one was there. Television has become a bestseller.

Mr Béhar, who founded Fuseproject, an industrial design company, said he understood Amazon’s approach as a retail company to quickly test ideas, such as when it measures how customers react to different prices in its stores. But “with hardware people end up with stuff that is unnecessary or doesn’t work anymore,” he said. “In the world we live in today, with global warming, plastics and waste, I think we have to be very careful.”

Don Norman, who founded the Design Lab at the University of California at San Diego and wrote the book “The Design of Everyday Things,” said that during his career he had seen other companies use approaches similar to those of Amazon.

In the 1990s, when Mr. Norman was working with Apple as a User Experience Architect, the company collaborated with Sony on a product. He said Apple planned to spend years doing market research and testing prototypes before shipping them.

“Sony laughed at us and said, ‘What a stupid way to do it. We just build a product and sell it. We get the feedback, we kill it and make it a better one. It’s much more efficient and faster than your method, ”said Norman.

This on-the-fly development approach is unpopular, he said, as most companies recognize that customers get angry when gadgets are quickly killed. “There is a certain logic to it, but also a complete disrespect for what it could mean for your customers, your environment or the world,” Norman said.

Kyle Wiens, managing director of iFixit, a company that sells parts to fix gadgets, said there are better ways than Amazon to shut down products. When Pebble, a smartwatch maker, shut down in 2016, the company said the software would continue to work. People continued to enjoy the product for years after the company’s death.

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Tarjeton imss: All about the IMSS Digital Card Tarjeton Digital – IIS Windows Server – IMSS | Tarjetón Digital IMSS • Activos y Jubilados (Julio 2021)


Tarjeton imss: All about the IMSS Digital Card Tarjeton Digital – IIS Windows Server – IMSS | Tarjetón Digital IMSS • Activos y Jubilados (Julio 2021)

Tarjeton imss: The Digital IMSS card

Tarjeton imss: The IMSS digital card (Tarjeton imss)is an electronic instrument that has been made available to citizens by the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) Tarjeton imss and that allows access to information, both for active workers and retirees, digitally and without moving to a physical office.

tarjeton imss
tarjeton imss

Taking advantage of technological advances and new communication channels, the IMSS continues to advance in its incorporation into new technologies and facilitates access to information for active workers and retirees, access to their information and job profile at the IMSS, etc …

⚠IMPORTANT: with the IMSS digital card, the Mexican citizen will be able to have access to the payment stubs and monthly perceptions offered by the IMSS as well as access to the payment receipts of any month.

It is therefore essential and evident that processing or requesting the IMSS Digital card entails significant advantages and technologically improves access to citizen information.

What is the IMSS Digital Card?

Since the Mexican Institute of Social Security has launched the IMSS digital card, both active and retired workers can consult the payment card electronically. It is enough to have an internet connection and a device to access the website of the digital card. In addition, it is also accessible through the IMSS Digital card app.

Therefore, access to this type of data that previously had to be done physically through the office has been simplified. Now you can simply access it digitally and it is as simple as registering for the digital card (if you have not already done so) or entering your username and password (if you already have the IMSS card).

⚠IMPORTANT: Having the IMSS digital card it is not necessary to have the card or payment stub printed on paper. You can already access these data whenever you want through telematic access and it is recommended, for security reasons, not to print the card unless it is strictly necessary.

Access to the IMSS Digital Card

If you already have the Digital Card

If you have already registered through the official website of the IMSS Digital Card and you are an activated user, you can enter the portal or app simply with the username and password that has been created in the request and registration of the card. If you want to do it through the official website, you should check this address:

  • Online access to the IMSS Digital Card for active workers: http://rh.imss.gob.mx/tarjetondigital/
  • Online access to the IMSS Digital Card for retirees: http://rh.imss.gob.mx/tarjetonjubilados/
Access to IMSS Card for assets
Access to IMSS Card for assets
IMSS Digital card
Access to IMSS Card for retirees

If you still do not have the Digital Card

If you still do not have the  IMSS card, it  is necessary to enter any of the addresses mentioned above (depending on whether you are an active worker or retired) and, instead of entering your username and password (since you do not have it) you should go below and click on the «HERE» behind the informational message «New user registration …»

As we saw inactive workers, retirees and pensioners also need to register to access the card from any device connected to the internet. To do this, you need to enter the IMSS system for retirees and provide the information they will request, including the start date of the pension and an alternate email.

Remember that when entering the system and creating your username for the first time, you will have a period of twelve hours to confirm your registration; check your email, in which you will receive a link so that you can review all the information you entered and confirm that everything is correct.

Doubts about the IMSS Digital Card



  • Toll-free 800 623 2323  from  8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday.
  • Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays the service hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Requirements to get the IMSS card

To obtain the IMSS card, it is strictly necessary and mandatory to be the beneficiary or w34 the adjudicator of a beneficiary who is registered and can benefit from the benefits of belonging to the IMSS. Citizens who can access the benefits of the digital card must meet these prerequisites:

  • Be a direct contractor of an IMSS beneficiary
  • Active worker registered with the IMSS
  • The retiree who has contributed the minimum number of weeks to the IMSS
  • Students from universities or other centers that register students in the IMSS
⚠REMEMBER: On our website we leave you relevant information about the services offered by the IMSS Digital Card, both for active workers and retirees. If you want more information about it, you can visit the IMSS retired card page or the imss actives digital card page for more information.

How to download the IMSS Payment Card?

One of the main technological advances that the IMSS has brought us in recent years has been the possibility of carrying out many procedures on the official IMSS website. Among many other procedures, on the IMSS website, you can download the Payment Card quickly, easily, and, above all, safely.

All operations carried out on the official IMSS website are confidential and processed safely for the user. Downloading your digital payment card will be an easy procedure to do and the IMSS will guarantee the confidentiality of all your personal data.

Also, remember that both the IMSS payment card for assets and the IMSS payment card for retirees or pensioners can be downloaded or sent by email. In any case, we recommend that you always choose the “file” option to generate the digital payment card and be able to download it to your computer.

We have prepared a simple guide to help you in the process of downloading your payment card. Follow this link and discover how easy it is !!!

IMSS 2021 Payment Calendar

You already know that with your personal data you can access the IMSS payment card. You can obtain the payment card via email or by going to a physical headquarters of the social security of Mexico (IMSS). Your greeting cards IMSS you can get all the information about your pay stubs, your situation before the IMSS (both retirees of the IMSS as assets of the IMSS ), print the flyer of the IMSSdownload the app from the IMSS, payment information of the IMSS … and many other operations.

Precisely, regarding the payment of the IMSS, we have included the IMSS payment calendar for 2021 so that you are aware of all the IMSS dates to process the payment of pensions. We have left all the holidays, vacation roles, IMSS payment days from Banamex and other banks, etc… in the most visual way possible so that you can be up to date on the IMSS payment dates. In addition, any possible modifications will be added so that you have the data fully updated.

Return to Office Hits a Snag: Young Resisters


Return to Office Hits a Snag: Young Resisters

David Gross, an executive at a New York-based advertising agency, summoned the troops to Zoom this month to deliver a message he and his fellow partners were eager to share: It was time to think about returning to the office.

Mr Gross, 40, had no idea how employees, many in their 20s and early 30s, would take him. The initial response – deathly silence – was not encouraging. Then a young man signaled that he had a question. “Is the policy compulsory? He wanted to know.

Yes, it is mandatory, three days a week, he was told.

So began a delicate conversation at Anchor Worldwide, Mr. Gross’ company, which is replicated this summer in businesses large and small across the country. While workers of all ages have grown accustomed to dialing the number and avoiding tiring daily commutes, younger people have become especially attached to the new way of doing business.

And in many cases, the decision to come back pits older managers who see office work as the natural order of things against younger employees who have come to see working remotely as quite normal over the past 16 years. months after the pandemic. Some new hires have never been to their employer’s workplace.

“Frankly, they don’t know what they’re missing because we have a strong culture,” Mr. Gross said. “Creative development and production require face-to-face collaboration. It’s hard to brainstorm on a Zoom call.

Some industries, like banking and finance, are taking a harsher line and insisting that workers, young and old, return. CEOs of Wall Street giants like Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase have indicated that they expect employees to return to their cubicles and offices in the coming months.

Other companies, especially those in technology and media, are more flexible. As much as Mr. Gross wants people to come back to his ad agency, he’s also worried about retaining young talent at a time when the churn rate is increasing, so he’s made it clear that there is room for one. lodging.

“We are in a really progressive industry, and some companies have become completely distant,” he explained. “You have to frame it in terms of flexibility. “

In a recent Conference Board poll, 55% of Millennials, defined as people born between 1981 and 1996, questioned whether to return to the office. Among Gen Xers, born between 1965 and 1980, 45% had doubts about going back, while only 36% of baby boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, thought that way.

And if anything, the rise of the Delta variant of the coronavirus in recent days could fuel resistance from reluctant office workers of all ages.

“Among generations, millennials are the most concerned about their health and psychological well-being,” said Rebecca L. Ray, executive vice president of human capital at the Conference Board. “Businesses would be well served to be as flexible as possible. “

Matthew Yeager, 33, quit his job as a web developer at an insurance company in May after she told him he had to return to the office as vaccination rates in his town of Columbus, Ohio increased . He limited his job search to opportunities that offered entirely remote work, and in June started at a New York-based recruiting and human resources company.

“It was difficult because I really liked my job and the people I worked with, but I didn’t want to lose that flexibility of being able to work remotely,” Yeager said. “The office has all of these distractions that are taken away when you work from home.”

Mr Yeager said he would also like to have the option to work remotely in any positions he is considering going forward. “More businesses should give people the opportunity to work and be productive in the best possible way,” he said.

Even though the age division pushes managers to look for ways to persuade young hires to come back, there are other divisions. Many parents and other caregivers fear leaving home while school plans are still on hold, a consideration that has disproportionately affected women during the pandemic.

At the same time, more than one older worker rejoices in the flexibility of working from home after years spent in a cubicle, even though some in their twenties yearn for the camaraderie of the office or the vibrancy of an urban environment.

Still, the fact that so many young people are working from home is a long-standing habit reversal, said Julia Pollak, labor economist at ZipRecruiter, the online job market.

“The norm for so long has been that remote work in office jobs has been reserved for the older and more experienced and trustworthy people,” she said. “It’s interesting how quickly young workers have embraced this. “

When working separately, young employees lose opportunities to network, develop mentors and gain valuable experience by watching their colleagues up close, senior managers say.

In some cases, older millennials like Jonathan Singer, 37, a real estate attorney in Portland, Ore., Find themselves arguing for the return to the office with skeptical young colleagues who have become accustomed to working from home.

“As a manager, it’s really hard to get cohesion and collegiality without being together regularly, and it’s hard to be a mentor without being in one place,” Singer said. But persuading young workers to see things his way has not been easy.

“With the influence employees have and the proof that they can work from home, it’s difficult to get the toothpaste back in the tube,” he said.

Fearing the loss of one more junior employee in what has become a tight labor market, Mr Singer allowed a young colleague to work from home one day a week, knowing he would revisit the matter in the future.

“It’s just not possible to say no to remote work,” Singer explained. “It’s just not worth risking losing a good employee because of a doctrinal view that people should be in the office. “

Amanda Diaz, 28, is relieved that she doesn’t have to return to the office, at least for now. She works for the Humana health insurance company in San Juan, PR, but does the work from her home in Trujillo Alto, which is about a 40-minute drive from the office.

Humana offers her employees the option to work from their office or home, and Ms Diaz said she will continue to work remotely as long as she is able.

“Think about all the time you spend getting ready and getting to work,” she said. “Instead, I use those about two hours to make a healthy lunch, exercise, or rest.”

Alexander Fleiss, 38, chief executive of investment management firm Rebellion Research, said some employees refused to return to the office. He hopes peer pressure and fear of missing out on a promotion for lack of face-to-face interactions will keep people coming back.

“These people could lose their jobs because of natural selection,” Mr. Fleiss said. He said he wouldn’t be surprised if workers started suing the companies because they believed they were fired for refusing to return to the office.

Mr. Fleiss also tries to persuade his staff who are working on projects to come back focusing on the benefits of face-to-face collaborations, but many employees still prefer to stick to Zoom calls.

“If this is what they want, this is what they want,” he said. “These days you can’t force anyone to do anything. You can only urge.

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As China Boomed, It Didn’t Take Climate Change Into Account. Now It Must.


As China Boomed, It Didn’t Take Climate Change Into Account. Now It Must.

China’s meteoric growth over the past four decades has erected thriving cities where there had been hamlets and farmland. Cities attracted factories and factories attracted workers. The boom lifted hundreds of millions of people out of the poverty and rural hardships they once faced.

Today, these cities face the daunting new challenge of adapting to the extreme weather conditions caused by climate change, a possibility few gave much thought to as the country embarked on its extraordinary economic transformation. China’s rapid and jumbled urbanization has, in some ways, made the challenge more difficult.

No weather event can be directly linked to climate change, but the storm that flooded Zhengzhou and other central Chinese cities last week, killing at least 69 people on Monday, reflects a global trend that recently saw flooding fatal in Germany and Belgium. and the extreme heat and forest fires in Siberia. The floods in China also highlight the environmental vulnerabilities that accompanied the country’s economic boom and could further undermine it.

China has always experienced flooding, but as Kong Feng, then a public policy professor at Tsinghua University in Beijing, wrote in 2019, the flooding of cities across China in recent years is “a general manifestation of urban problems’ in the country.

The vast expansion of roads, subways and railroads in cities that swelled almost overnight meant there were fewer places where rain could be safely absorbed, disrupting what scientists are calling the natural hydrological cycle.

Faith Chan, a professor of geology at the University of Nottingham in Ningbo in eastern China, said cities in the country – and there are 93 of them with over a million people – have modernized to a time when Chinese leaders have made climate resilience less of a priority than economic growth.

“If they had the option of rebuilding a city or planning one, I think they would agree to make it more balanced,” said Chan, who is also a visiting scholar at the Water @ Research Institute. Leeds University. from Leeds.

China has already taken steps to start tackling climate change. Xi Jinping is the country’s first leader to make the issue a national priority.

As early as 2013, Xi had promised to build an “ecological civilization” in China. “We must maintain harmony between man and nature and pursue sustainable development,” he said in a speech in Geneva in 2013.

The country has almost quintupled the area of ​​green space in its cities over the past two decades. He introduced a pilot program to create “sponge cities,” including Zhengzhou, that better absorb rainfall. Last year, Xi pledged to accelerate emissions reductions and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. This was a tectonic policy shift and could prove to be a shift in practice also.

The question is whether it is too late. Even though countries like China and the United States are rapidly reducing greenhouse gases, warming those already emitted is likely to have lasting consequences.

Rising sea levels now threaten China’s coastal metropolises, while increasingly severe storms hit inland cities that, like Zhengzhou, are sinking under the weight of planned development in a hurry, with buildings and infrastructure sometimes poorly constructed.

Even Beijing, which was hit by a deadly flash flood in 2012 that left 79 people dead, still lacks the drainage system necessary to siphon precipitation from a major storm, despite the capital’s glittering architectural landmarks signifying the increasing status of China.

In Zhengzhou, authorities described the torrential rains that fell last week as a once-only storm in a millennium that no planning could have prevented.

Despite this, people have asked why the city’s new metro system was flooded, trapping passengers as the water steadily rose, and why a “smart tunnel” under the city’s third ring road was flooded so quickly. that those in the car had little time to escape.

The worsening impact of climate change could pose a challenge for the ruling Communist Party, given that political power in China has long been associated with the ability to bring natural disasters under control. A public groundswell several years ago over toxic air pollution in Beijing and other cities has finally forced the government to act.

“As we have more and more events like what happened in recent days, I think there will be a greater national awareness of the impact of climate change and more thinking about what we should do about it, ”said Li Shuo, a climate analyst at Greenpeace in China.

China’s urbanization has, in some ways, made adjustment easier. It displaced millions of people from rural villages which had much less defense against recurrent flooding. That is why the toll of recent floods is in the hundreds and thousands, not millions, as some of the worst disasters in the country’s history have been.

Zhengzhou’s experience, however, underscores the extent of the challenges ahead and the limits of easy solutions.

Once a simple crossroads south of a bend in the Yellow River, the city has grown exponentially since China’s economic reforms began more than 40 years ago.

Today, skyscrapers and apartment towers stretch out into the distance. The city’s population has doubled since 2001, reaching 12.6 million.

Zhengzhou is flooded so frequently that locals joke about it bitingly. “No need to envy these towns where you can see the sea,” read an online comment that spread during a flood in 2011, according to a report in a local newspaper. “Today, we welcome you to see the sea in Zhengzhou.”

In 2016, the city was one of 16 chosen for a pilot program to expand green spaces to mitigate flooding – the “sponge city” concept.

The idea, much like what American planners call “low impact development”, is to channel water from dense urban spaces to parks and lakes, where it can be absorbed or even recycled.

Yu Kongjian, the dean of the School of Landscape Architecture at Peking University, is credited with popularizing the idea in China. He said in a telephone interview that in its rapid development since the 1980s, China has turned to Western designs unsuited to the extremes already experienced by the country’s climate. The cities were covered with cement, “colonized”, as he put it, by “gray infrastructures”.

China, he said, must “revive and improve ancient wisdom”, reserving natural spaces for water and greenery as farmers once did.

As part of the program, Zhengzhou built more than 3,000 miles of new drainage, cleared 125 flood-prone areas and created hundreds of hectares of new green space, according to an article in the Zhengzhou Daily, a public newspaper.

One of these spaces is Diehu Park or Butterfly Lake Park, where weeping willows and camphor trees surround an artificial lake. It only opened last October. It was also flooded last week.

“The sponges absorb water slowly, not quickly,” Dai Chuanying, a park maintenance worker, said on Friday. “If there is too much water, the sponge cannot absorb everything.”

Even before the floods last week, some had questioned the concept. After the city experienced flooding in 2019, the China Youth Daily, a party-run newspaper, lamented that heavy spending on projects has not resulted in significant improvements.

Others noted that the sponge cities were not a panacea. They were never intended for torrential rains like the one in Zhengzhou on July 20, when eight inches of rain fell in an hour.

“While the Sponge City initiative is an excellent sustainable development approach to stormwater management, it is still questionable whether it can be seen as the complete solution to flood risk management in a climate. changing, “said Konstantinos Papadikis, dean of the School of Design at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University in Xi’an.

The factories that drove China’s growth have also pumped more and more gases that contribute to climate change, while seriously polluting the air. Like everywhere else, China now faces the tasks of reducing emissions and preparing for the effects of global warming that seem increasingly inevitable.

Professor Chan said that in China the issue of climate change has not been as politically polarizing as in the United States, for example. This could facilitate public support for the changes local and national governments need to make, many of which will be costly.

“I know that for cities land use issues are expensive, but we are talking about climate change,” he said. “We’re talking about future development for the next generation or the next, next generation.”

Li You contributed to the research.

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