Blue Origin to fly 18 year old boy to space with Jeff Bezos

Blue Origin to fly 18 year old boy to space with Jeff Bezos
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Blue Origin to fly 18 year old boy to space with Jeff Bezos

Blue Origin to fly 18 year old boy to space with Jeff Bezos

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ space company will set a new record with the first passenger flight of Blue Origin, besides Bezos three other passengers will fly

New Delhi. The space company of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is going to fly the first passenger flight of Blue Origin. The special thing is that this first flight of his will also set a new record.

In fact, in this flight, an 18-year-old boy, Oliver Damon, will go on a space walk. He will also set the record for becoming the youngest astronaut to travel in space.

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Earlier this passenger had a record
The record for the youngest ever space traveler was broken by the Soviet Union’s G. Titov, who flew into Earth orbit at the age of 25, four months after Yuri Gagarin, the world’s first cosmonaut from his own country. But now when Bezos will fly to space, he will be accompanied by 18-year-old Oliver Dimon, who will become the youngest astronaut.

11 minute trip
Let us tell you that it will be called Oliver’s luck that he not only got a chance to go to space but will also hold the record of being the youngest.

Actually, the person who won the seat for this 11-minute trip withdrew from the first trip due to lack of time and this seat went to Oliver Damon, a high school graduate.

Daeman, a Netherlands resident, was the runner-up in the auction and will now become the first passenger to pay for a ticket to space.

Bezos’s company Blue Origin issued a statement saying that the person who won the $28 million auction will be taken on the next trip.

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A total of four passengers will fly
According to Blue Origin, there will be two other passengers in addition to Bezos and Damon in this 10-minute flight. These passengers will be Bezos’ brother Mark and Volley Funk, one of 13 pilots selected for NASA’s Mercury-7 spacecraft in the 1960s.

Funk was later pulled out of the mission by NASA for being a woman.

what did daemon say
In a video posted by a Dutch broadcaster, Diemann said, “I’m excited to think about the experience of zero-G and seeing the world from above.

Damon’s father is the CEO of a private equity firm. However, Damon has not yet told how much money he spent to go on this trip.

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