Bollywood Actress Rekha Beauty Secrets

Bollywood Actress Rekha Beauty Secrets
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Bollywood Actress Rekha Beauty Secrets

Bollywood Actress Rekha Beauty Secrets

New Delhi. The magic of Bollywood’s beautiful and everlasting actress Rekha continues even today. Even today, the beauty of Rekha, who has turned 66, wins the hearts of people. Seeing Rekha’s style and her style, today’s actresses are also seen filling water in front of her. Today we are going to tell you about Rekha’s glowing skin and her fitness.

Rekha’s Skin Routine

Rekha drinks a lot of water to keep her skin hydrated. Due to which her skin keeps glow and whenever she goes to sleep, she first removes her makeup. So that their skin beauty products do not harm their skin. Along with this, their skin also gets a lot of comfort.

Rekha also uses home remedies for the skin. Rekha also uses Ayurvedic rules to keep her skin tight. To keep herself fit, the actress does yoga and exercises daily.

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Rekha does not eat outside food

Talking about the diet of Bollywood diva Rekha, she eats pure food at home. She eats green vegetables in her diet. In which pure things like broccoli, avocado, lentils and roti are eaten. Rekha eats curd every day for lunch. Also, drink about 10-12 glasses of water a day. This line does not like to eat junk food ie outside food at all. Rekha eats dinner at around 7 pm. After which she goes to sleep early and wakes up early in the morning.

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Rekha takes special care of hair

Not only Rekha’s skin but her hair also adds to her beauty. Even today Rekha’s hair is long, dark and thick. Rekha applies mustard, coconut, almond oil to her hair daily. Along with this, she also applies amla powder in the hair. Along with this, Rekha also applies organic hair masks in her hair. Which she makes from gram dal.

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