bollywood celebs bond with their stepfather

bollywood celebs bond with their stepfather
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bollywood celebs bond with their stepfather

bollywood celebs bond with their stepfather

New Delhi. Father’s Day is celebrated on 20 June every year. On this day everyone tells their father how important he is in their life. Bollywood stars are also writing special messages for their father on social media. But there are many such celebs in the industry who saw their parents separating at a very young age. Also, many even saw their mother getting married for the second time. In such a situation, we tell you how the stars are related to their stepfather?

Shahid Kapoor-Rajesh Khattar
Bollywood actors Pankaj Kapoor and Neelima Azim are the parents of Shahid Kapoor. But in the year 1984, Neelima got divorced from Pankaj. After that she married Rajesh Khattar. At that time Shahid was only 9 years old. But Rajesh Khattar and Shahid Kapoor share a very good relationship. Both have been seen together many times. Not only this, Shahid also loves his half-brother Ishaan Khattar very much.

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Dia Mirza-Ahmed Mirza
Dia Mirza was 4 years old when her parents got divorced. Diya’s mother Deepa was married to French Hendrik of Germany but soon both of them got divorced. After which Deepa married Ahmed Mirza. In such a situation, Diya has a deep relationship with him. He adopted his stepfather’s surname. In an interview, Diya had praised her stepfather fiercely. He had said that he felt bad for calling his father a step-step.

Sikandar Kher-Anupam Kher
Bollywood actress Kirron Kher first married Gautam Barry. They have a son Sikandar from this marriage. But their marriage did not last long. In 1985, she got divorced from Gautam and married Anupam Kher. At that time Alexander was only 4 years old. But Anupam adopted Sikandar as his own child. Not only this, he also gave them his name. Kirron and Anupam Kher do not have any children of their own.

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Imran Khan- Rajendranath Zutshi
Bollywood actor Rajendranath Zutshi married Nuzhat, cousin of Aamir Khan. Nuzhat was already married. He has a son Imran Khan from his first marriage. But despite being a stepfather, Rajendranath loves Imran very much. The relationship between the two is very strong. Not only this, Rajendranath has given his entire property to Imran.

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