Bollywood Stars Who Deceived The Audience With CGI Technology

Bollywood Stars Who Deceived The Audience With CGI Technology
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Bollywood Stars Who Deceived The Audience With CGI Technology

Bollywood Stars Who Deceived The Audience With CGI Technology

Mumbai. The film industry has made many movies amazing by using new technologies. Science-fiction, mythological movies have seen an amazing transformation through VFX. However, sometimes the audience is not able to digest the use of technology everywhere. In some movies, actors used digital technology to show their six packs and the audience caught it. Let us know in which movies the ‘fake six pack’ technique was used to make the audience ‘stupid’-

1. Govinda- Happy Ending

Govinda has won the hearts of crores of Indians with his acting ability. His presence in the film is a guarantee of entertainment for the audience. However, such a scene was filmed in the movie ‘Happy Ending’ that it damaged the image of the actor. In fact, I don’t know with what thinking the filmmaker took the help of digital technology to show the six pack of the actor. Contrary to his thinking, the audience caught Govinda’s ‘fake six pack’.

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2. Salman Khan – Dabangg 3


Although Salman Khan pays full attention to his body and looks fit, but in ‘Dabangg 3’ the actor took the help of digital technology CGI. However, there was no need to show such a body for this role. This trick of Salman was ridiculed a lot on social media.

3. Akshay Kumar as Boss


Akshay Kumar is counted among the fittest actors in the industry. However, when it comes to showing the wonders of larger than life, Akshay also did not miss to take the help of CGI i.e. digital technology. In the climax scene of his film ‘Boss’, digital technology was used to make his body look huge. This fake body of his is shown when he tears his shirt and moves towards the villain-turned-ronit Roy. This work was done so carelessly that the audience caught it.

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4.Salman Khan-Wanted


Salman did the same in the film ‘Wanted’, which did not go down well with the audience. The actor used CGI techniques to make his body look great.

5. Salman – Ek Tha Tiger

Salman Khan has been included in this list the most times. His desire to show six packs was also seen in ‘Ek Tha Tiger’. In this movie too, six packs were put on Salman’s body with CGI technique. A lot of mimes were made on social media about this and the actor was mocked. According to a social media handle, when the VFX studio was showing its work in this movie in a video, suddenly the clip of Salman came out in which there were no packs on his body.

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