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Borderlands 3 Shift codes 2020

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Borderlands 3 Shift codes 2020

New Borderlands 3 Shift Codes

Borderlands 3 shift codes, nevertheless, these are single-use keys, so it is best to attend till you are a high-level Vault Hunter to make use of the keys that they generate, as this may give the loot an extended shelf life. Subsequent up are the tweeted Borderlands 3 Shift codes, usually with some strict cut-off dates that may see them expire in hours or days. Plug all of them in and shortly seize the keys or endlessly lose them.


  • ZFKJ3-TT6FF-KTFKT-T3JJT-JWX36 (1 Golden Key)

  • Z65B3-JCXX6-5JXW3-3B33J-9SWT6 (1 Golden Key)

  • 9XCBT-WBXFR-5TRWJ-JJJ33-TX53Z (3 Golden Keys)

  • ZRWBJ-ST6XR-CBFKT-JT3J3-FRXJ5 (1 Golden Key)

  • ZFKJ3-TT3BB-JTBJT-T3JJT-JWX9H (3 Golden Keys)

  • CHKB3-FJT9J-SK3K5-T33JJ-95J56 (1 Golden Key)

Borderlands 3 Shift Codes

Borderlands 3 is again on shift codes. By typing the 25-digit codes on the Shift. GearboxSoftware.com web site, they’re the way in which Gearbox offers gamers totally different gadgets and rewards in-game. Most shift codes give golden keys that unlock a particular chest in Sanctuary and provide you with certainly one of 3 billion or so Borderlands weapons.

Everlasting Borderlands 3 Shift codes

  • ZFKJ3-TT3BB-JTBJT-T3JJT-JWX9H – 3 Golden Keys


  • ZFKJ3-TT6FF-KTFKT-T3JJT-JWX36 – 1 Golden Key

  • 9XCBT-WBXFR-5TRWJ-JJJ33-TX53Z – 1 Golden Key

  • ZRWBJ-ST6XR-CBFKT-JT3J3-FRXJ5 – 1 Golden Key

  • Z65B3-JCXX6-5JXW3-3B33J-9SWT6 – 1 Golden Key

Borderlands 3 Shift Codes Twitter 

To this point, most of the Shift codes of Borderlands 3 have expired after only some hours, and are posted completely on the Twitter account of Randy Pitchford. The easiest way to catch Shift codes, which expire inside 24 hours, is to observe him. In preparation for the weekend which can expire on Saturday morning, you’ll be able to normally spot one on Fridays.

Methods to Redeem Shift Codes Borderlands 3

  • Go to the Shift web site and set your account

  • As soon as it has been arrange, you should definitely affiliate the platform on which you might be enjoying Borderlands 3, with the intention to redeem your Shift Codes for that sport model. After that, go over to the redemption web page of the Shift Code and enter the Shift Codes you’ve got discovered. That web page will immediate you to drop the code you need to redeem codes for and the platform you need.

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