Britney Spears Asks for Quick Hearing to Oust Her Father as Conservator

Britney Spears Asks for Quick Hearing to Oust Her Father as Conservator
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Britney Spears Asks for Quick Hearing to Oust Her Father as Conservator

Britney Spears Asks for Quick Hearing to Oust Her Father as Conservator

An attorney for Britney Spears has asked the court to expedite the hearing on her request to remove her father, or immediately suspend him, from the guardianship that has controlled the life and finances of the 39-year-old singer for 13 years.

The motion filed Thursday in Los Angeles Estates Court comes a week after Ms Spears’ attorney asked Mr Spears to withdraw from the arrangement. The court is due to hear the claim on September 29, but the new case seeks to have Mr Spears removed before that date, noting that “every day that passes is another day of avoidable harm and harm to Ms Spears and the estate. “

The demand pursues an aggressive new approach since the singer testified in court in June, when she called the arrangement “abusive” and said her father and anyone else involved in the guardianship should go to jail. . The case was filed by Ms Spears’ new attorney, Mathew S. Rosengart, a former federal prosecutor who was approved last month to replace the duty counsel who began representing the singer in 2008, when the Guardianship was granted amid concerns about Ms Spears. Spears’ mental health and his potential substance use.

Mr Spears’ impeachment request cited a section of the probate code that gives the court broad discretion to remove a Registrar if it is in the “best interests” of the Registrar and does not require that there be a fault with a curator. .

Ms Spears’ medical team, her mother and her current personal curator, Jodi Montgomery, said Mr Spears’ removal was in Ms Spears’ best interests, court documents show.

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Since 2008, Mr. Spears has overseen his daughter’s finances, sometimes with a co-curator. He had also largely controlled Ms Spears’ personal and medical care until Ms Montgomery took over in September 2019 on an ongoing temporary basis.

The petition argues that Mr Spears’ presence as a Tory is hurting Ms Spears financially, as the singer has said she will no longer work until she leaves. In the case, Ms Spears ‘attorney also criticized Mr Spears’ handling of the singer’s nearly $ 60 million estate.

Lawyers for Mr Spears did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but have already defended his care and concern for his daughter.

Mr. Spears is paid $ 16,000 per month as a curator, which the petition says is $ 2,000 more per month than he allocated to Ms. Spears. Mr. Spears also receives $ 2,000 per month for office expenses.

Mr. Spears’ attorneys are also paid by Ms. Spears. The record indicates that a group of her attorneys recently billed Ms. Spears’ estate over $ 1.3 million for approximately eight months of work, including more than $ 540,000 for “media matters” devoted to the defense. guardianship. The record indicates that if Mr. Spears chooses to fight his dismissal, he could be liable for attorney fees.

In the file, Mr. Rosengart said Mr. Spears overpaid Ms. Spears’ former business manager, Tri Star Sports & Entertainment, over $ 300,000 in 2019. Tri Star received a 5% commission on the labor from Ms. Spears, but demanded a payment of $ 500,000 from the estate as a “floor” when Ms. Spears took an indefinite break from work. The record reports that Mr. Spears accepted the payment rather than negotiating a more favorable deal.

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In court last year, a lawyer for Mr. Spears called the fees reasonable.

The record indicates that while Mr. Spears spent Ms. Spears’ money on himself and others, he objected to her request in late July to take a brief vacation to Hawaii because she was ” useless “. The record indicates that Ms Spears’ law firm ultimately obtained travel approval.

Mr. Rosengart has requested that a certified public accountant in California, Jason Rubin, be appointed to replace Mr. Spears.

“Trusteeship should be a last resort, designed to benefit the curator rather than a mechanism designed to serve as a third party enrichment tool,” the file said. “It is evident that this tutelage has allowed potential influencers to take over the domain and exploit Ms. Spears, often for their own benefit. The suspension and final removal of Mr. Spears will be the first step towards rectifying this abuse.

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