Business Studies: CBSE Board: How to write the answer to the Business Studies paper

Business Studies: CBSE Board: How to write the answer to the Business Studies paper
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Business Studies: CBSE Board: How to write the answer to the Business Studies paper

Business Studies: CBSE Board: How to write the answer to the Business Studies paper

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The business study exam for CBSE 12th students is on Thursday. The following points should be kept in mind by the students while submitting the business study paper.

Completely check the question paper in 15 minutes reading time and check the marks and word limit given for each question. Begin writing the answers to the questions you know best. But, for this you have to follow the sequence like first solving small questions, then small, then big and finally solving essay-like questions. Properly allocate your time for very short, short, long and essay-like questions so that you do not waste time solving the last few questions and do not have to skip some questions.

Write as many answers as you are asked to answer. By writing long answers, you will not get much marks but you will definitely waste your precious time. Do not rush to write the answers to the questions, read the questions carefully before writing the answers. Sometimes it happens that students read the question incorrectly and write the wrong answer. As the question was asked to write the difference between formal and informal communication but the students do not pay attention, many times they read what is the difference between formal institution and informal institution. Thus they write the wrong answer. Analyze carefully before answering each question. Prepare your answers according to the needs of the questions. The time you spend planning an answer is worth it. Follow the correct sequence in the questions where any process or steps are asked. Remember that if you want to get more than 95 percent marks, the presentation of the answer is also very important. So underline the headlines and important points. Always leave space between two points and two answers.

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You should write the headline in capital letters like the importance of management. You should also use diagrams and cartoons to make your answers appealing. Always provide appropriate examples where possible to support your answer. Write the opinions of both parties where you want to vote and then give your result. Always write the appropriate opening and closing lines for all questions.

Mention the basis for the difference in the answers to the questions in which the comparison is to be written. The answers to such questions should be in tabular form. Write the question number correctly. Write the marks according to the questions in which the marks are mentioned for each mark. By writing more points, you will not get more points, but if one of them is wrong, your number will definitely be deducted. For example, write any four key points in a four point question. If you write five or six marks and the third point is wrong, your number will be deducted. This does not mean that your fifth and sixth marks are important. Before submitting your answer sheet, check your roll number and other required details.

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