CBSE 10th Maths Case Study Questions for Chapter 13 Surface Areas and Volumes (Published by CBSE)

CBSE 10th Maths Case Study Questions for Chapter 13 Surface Areas and Volumes (Published by CBSE)
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CBSE 10th Maths Case Study Questions for Chapter 13 Surface Areas and Volumes (Published by CBSE)

(*13*) 10th Maths Case Study Questions for Chapter 13 Surface Areas and Volumes (Released by (*13*))

Case study questions for (*13*) Course 10 Maths Chapter 13 – Surface Areas and Volumes are published by that the (*13*) board) Students may address these questions to familiarize themselves with all the brand new kind of questions. Replies to all of the questions are provided together with them. These research study questions are absolutely valuable to organize for that the (*13*) Course 10 Maths Assessment 2021 2022.

Case Study Questions for Course 10 Maths Chapter 10 – Surface Areas and Volumes

research study 1:

Adventure decks will be the ideal place for the kiddies to rehearse decisionmaking for themselves without kids and teachers counseling their every movement. Some students of a school reached for experience at Sakleshpur. At this camp, the waiters served several students having a welcome beverage at a cylindrical glass and a few students at a hemispherical cup whose measurements are shown below. Then they moved for a jungle trek. The jungle was enjoyable but exhausting. As dusk fell, it had been time for you to take refuge. Each set of 4 students was provided a picture of field 551m2. Each class had to produce a conical tent to support all of the 4 students. Let’s assume that the entire stitching and wasting incurred while cutting on, would level into 1m2, the students put the cyclists. The radius of this tent will be 7m.

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inch . ) The quantity of grated cup is

a) 295.75 cm3

b) 7415.5 cm3

c) 384.88 cm3

d) 404.25 cm3

Response: Id ) 404.25 cm3

2. The quantity of hemispherical cup is

a) 179.67 cm3

b) 89.83 cm3

c) 172.25 cm3

d) 210.60 cm3

Response: b) 89.83 cm3

3. Which container had greater juice and by howmuch?

a) Hemispherical cup, 195 cm3

b) Cylindrical glass, 207 cm3

c) Hemispherical cup, 280.85 cm3

Id ) Cylindrical glass, 314.42 cm3

Response: Id ) Cylindrical glass, 314.42 cm3

4. ) The elevation of this conical tent willing to support four students would be

per year ) 18m

b) 10m

c) 24m

Id ) 14m

Response: c) 24m

5. ) How much distance on the earth is inhabited by each student inside the tent

a) 54 m2

b) 38.5 m2

c) 86 m2

Id ) 2-4 m2

Response: b) 38.5 m2

example two:

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The terrific Stupa in Sanchi is amongst the earliest stone structures in India, respectively and an essential monument of Indian Architecture. It had been initially commissioned by that the emperor Ashoka in the 3rd century BCE. Its nucleus was an easy hemispherical brick architecture built within the relics of the Buddha. .It is an ideal illustration of mix of solid amounts. A enormous hemispherical dome using a cuboidal architecture installed about it. (Require π = 22/7)

1. ) Calculate the level of the hemispherical dome in case the elevation of the dome is 2 1 m —

a) 19404 cu. M

b) 2, 000 cu. M

c) 15000 cu. M

Id ) 19000 cu. M

Response: a) 19404 cu. M

2. ) The formulation to locate the Volume of Sphere is –

a) 2/3 πr3

b) 4/3 πr3

c) 4 πr2

d) two πr2

Response: b) 4/3 πr3

3. The material require to pay for the hemispherical dome when the radius of its base is 14m is

a) 1222 sq.m

b) 1232 sq.m

c) 1200 sq.m

Id ) 1400 sq.m

Response: b) 1232 sq.m

4. The entire area of the joint amount i.e. hemispherical terrace with radius 14m and cuboidal shaped shirt having measurements 8m 6m 4m is

a)1200 sq. m

b) 1232 sq. m

c) 1392 sq.m

Id ) 1932 sq. m

Response: c) 1392 sq.m

5. The amount of the cuboidal shaped shirt has been measurements cited in question 4

a) 182.45 m3

b) 282.45 m3

c) 292 m3

Id ) 192 m3

Response: Id ) 192 m3

Casestudy 3:

On a Sunday, your parents took one to an honest. You can visit plenty of toys and you wanted them to get a RUBIK’s block and strawberry Pot for youpersonally. Celebrate the characters and answer the questions:-

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inch. The duration of this diagonal if every border measures 6cm is

a) 3√3

b) 3√6 )

c) √12

Id ) 6 ) √3

Replies: Id ) 6 ) √3

2. Level of the good figure when the amount of the border will be 7cm is

a)256 cm3

b) 196 cm3

c) 343 cm3

Id ) 434 cm3

Replies: c) 343 cm3

3. What’s the curved area of hemisphere (icecream ) in the event the bottom radius is 7cm?

a) 309 cm2

b) 308 cm2

c) 803 cm2

d) 903 cm2

Replies: b) 308 cm2

4. Slant height of a cone in case the radius is 7cm and the elevation is 2-4 cm___

a) 26cm

b) 25 cm

c) 52 cm

d) 62cm

Replies: b) 25 cm

5. The Entire surface area of cone using hemispherical Icecream is

a) 858 cm2

b) 885 cm2

c) 588 cm2

Id ) 855 cm2

Replies: a) 858 cm2

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