CBSE Class 10th, 12th Board Exam 2021 – Importance of word limit in exam writing

CBSE Class 10th, 12th Board Exam 2021 – Importance of word limit in exam writing
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CBSE Class 10th, 12th Board Exam 2021 – Importance of word limit in exam writing

CBSE Class 10th, 12th Board Exam 2021 – Importance of word limit in exam writing

Composing answers suitably in CBSE Board Tests requires appropriate preparation. Each word in a response should communicate precise info. Some students believe in the myth that the more the replies, the greater you score in that the exam. But insignificant and long paragraphs contained in the replies not merely waste your own time throughout the exam but in addition bring down your score.  We’ve discussed below some critical points on sticking with this proper word limit for long and short answer type questions in CBSE Class 10 and Class 1 2 Board Tests.

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Q. Is it essential to abide by this word limit which is prescribed in that the CBSE exam newspapers?

Ans. there’s a reason the word limit was delegated to every question in that the CBSE plank tests. Actually, they would like one to compose a more clear and accurate answer, however, perhaps not stories that are unworthy. Make an effort to keep as near it because it’s all subjective. I am talking about, in case you’ve finished your word limit, it is possible to still endure to get a second 4-5 traces to place in the scope of your comprehension. Although examiner isn’t going to rely on the number of words and also punish you for crossing the word limit. But some times crossing it with a couple more words brings down your marks should those words don’t fulfill with the demand of this question. Exactly the exact same might happen in case in the event that you write not enough. It’s all subjective and is now as much as the educator. The teacher/examiner consistently search for the appropriate key words in circumstance with this question. 

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It is still ok for those who over shoot the word limit or so are short of several words, just be certain that it isn’t evident . According to the state recommendations outlined by CBSE for its educators who’ll assess the plank exam duplicates, no marks must be exchanged for crossing the word limit. The only real items to be highlighted while assessing the clear answer broadcasts are succinct, logical and organized replies.

Along with the, it is essential that you to cross the word limit because writing longer words will probably take more away of enough full time allocated for writing that the exam. Ergo, you could certainly be left having insufficient time and energy to address the rest of the questions that’ll cause some loss of marks in that the newspaper.


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