CBSE Class 9 Home Science Syllabus 2021-2022 (New)

CBSE Class 9 Home Science Syllabus 2021-2022 (New)
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CBSE Class 9 Home Science Syllabus 2021-2022 (New)

CBSE Class 9 Home Science Syllabus 2021-2022 (New)

CBSE Class 9 Home Science Syllabus 2021-2022 is obtainable right here for obtain in PDF format. College students should verify this syllabus at the start of the educational session to know the course construction and examination scheme. Thus, they will plan their research accordingly and put together for his or her 12 months finish exams.  

Test CBSE Class 9 Course Construction 2021-2022: Concept & Sensible

Concept: 70 Marks

Time: 3 Hrs.

Sensible: 30 Marks

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Unit I : Idea and scope of Home Science Schooling and up to date tendencies (5 Durations)

a) Idea of Home science

b) Fields of Home Science

c) Relevance of research of Home Science and profession choices

d) Current tendencies

Unit II : Human Development & Growth – I (25 Durations)

a) Idea of development and growth

b) Ideas of development and growth

c) Elements affecting development and growth (environmental and heredity)

d) Age particular milestones (Beginning to three years)-Bodily, motor, social, emotional, cognitive and language

Unit III : Household and Values (20 Durations)

a) Idea and kinds of household

b) Function of household in Holistic growth of a person (Bodily, Social, Psychological and non secular)

c) Moral and worth primarily based society (want for completely satisfied household, respect and take care of every member of household, Dignity of labour, work distribution throughout the household)

d) Significance of Woman Baby.

e) Affect of assorted elements on a household: Globalisation, urbanisation, migration, expertise and media.

Unit IV : Meals, Diet and Well being (45 Durations)

a) Definition of meals, vitamin, nutrient, Well being and dietary standing.

b) Meals and its capabilities (Physiological, social and psychological)

c) Vitamins : sources and capabilities

d) Relationship of meals, well being and ailments

e) Malnutrition : ideas and elements (over vitamin and beneath vitamin)

f) Idea of Balanced Weight-reduction plan

g) Strategies of cooking and processing

Cooking strategies: Dry strategies, moist strategies, mixture strategies

→ Processing strategies: Germination, Fermentation, Mutual supplementation / Mixture

→ Conservation of vitamins whereas cooking and processing

Unit V : Fibre and Material 34 Pd

a) Definition of Fiber and Yarn

b) Classification of fiber on the premise of origin and size

c) Traits of fibers: really feel, look, color fastness, size, energy, absorbency, shrinkage, elasticity, impact of warmth and daylight.

d) Strategies of building of cloth – temporary description of weaving, knitting and felting.

e) Number of cloth: Elements affecting choice of cloth (age, function, occupation, vogue, determine, local weather, consolation and value).

Unit VI : Useful resource Administration (34 Durations)

a) Assets: Definition and traits

b) Varieties of assets (Human: Time, Power, Information and perspective Non-Human : Cash, materialistic items and group assets)

c) Waste Administration – Must refuse, scale back, reuse, restore and recycle waste.

d) Correct disposal of kitchen waste (Biodegradable: Composting, Vermicomposting, biogas and bagass. Non Biodegradable: Inceneration, Land fills and recycle)

Unit VII : Measures of Security and Administration of Emergencies (17 Durations)

a) Accident susceptible / Unsafe Zones at residence

b) Want of security at residence

c) Measures of security towards burns, electrical shocks, cuts, fractures, bites, poisoning

d) First Support: Idea and Significance

Practicals – 30 Marks (40 Durations)

1) Statement of bodily growth in a toddler from start to 3 years

2) Statement of motor expertise in a toddler from start to three years.

3) Function of relations: collage / chart and so forth.

4) Design academic video games particular to capabilities / sources of vitamins.

5) Weights and measures: Equivalents / conversions of Ounce, gram, cup, teaspoon, tablespoon, learn how to use a kitchen weighing scale.

6) Identification of fruits, greens, spices, oils, sugars, cereals, and lentils

7) Meals processing methodology demonstration: Germination and Fermentation.

8) Assortment and Identification of fibre: bodily and burning checks.

9) Create a slogan/poster for correct disposal of home waste.

10) Put together a primary support equipment and observe giving first support for burns, cuts, bites, fractures, electrical shocks (group exercise)






a) Statement of bodily growth in a toddler from start to 3 years (3 marks)


Statement of motor expertise in a toddler from start to three years.

b) Put together and Current a dish utilizing germination OR fermentation (With fireplace/with out fireplace) (7 Marks)

c) Identification of fibre utilizing bodily and burning checks. (3 Marks)

II. First Support Equipment (5 Marks)

III. File Work (10Marks)

IV. Viva (2 Marks)

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This full syllabus will be saved as PDF from the hyperlink given beneath:

Necessary – CBSE Class 9 Finest Full Examine Materials for 2021-2022

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