CBSE Class 9 NCC Syllabus 2021-2022 (PDF)

CBSE Class 9 NCC Syllabus 2021-2022 (PDF)

(*9*) Class 9 NCC Syllabus 2021-2022 (PDF)

class9 ncc syllabus 2021 2022

The (*9*) syllabus for Class 9 Nationwide Cadet Corps (NCC) topic is out there right here. NCC is likely one of the fashionable topics amongst class 9 college students. College students should analyse the brand new syllabus to obviously know the course construction for the NCC topics for the tutorial session 2021-2022. The (*9*) Class 9 NCC Syllabus 2021-2022 may also be downloaded in PDF format from the hyperlink offered on the finish of this text.

(*9*) Class 9 NCC Course Construction 2021-2022 (Code 076):

Frequent Topics

Unit-1 : The NCC

Goal: To acquaint cadets with the goals and targets of NCC

Scope: Introduction, goals, group and basic details about NCC

→ Goals and Targets of NCC

→ Group and Coaching and NCC Track

→ Incentives of Becoming a member of NCC

Unit-2 : Nationwide Integration and Consciousness

Goal: To inculcate sense of patriotism, secular values and encourage cadets to contribute in the direction of nation constructing via nationwide unity and social cohesion

Scope: The ideas of Nationwide Pursuits, Targets and integration, Unity in variety and cultural heritage of India

→ Religions, Tradition, Traditions and Customs of India

→ Nationwide Integration: Significance and Necessity

→ Issues/ Challenges of Nationwide Integration

→ Pictures/ Slogans for Nationwide Integration

Unit-3 : Civil Affairs

Goal: To coach Cadets to help Civil administration in efficiency of selective duties throughout disasters

Scope: Fundamental details about civil protection group and its duties, upkeep of important providers and offering help to civil administration in numerous varieties of emergencies throughout nationwide disasters

→ Sorts of Emergencies/ Pure Hazards

→ Function of NCC throughout Pure Hazards/ Calamities

→ Fireplace Service and Fireplace Preventing

Unit-4: Drill

Goal: To inculcate a way of self-discipline, enhance bearing, smartness, ant turnout and to develop the standard of speedy and implicit obedience to orders

Scope: All vital primary features of drill together with ceremonial drill, drill with arms and phrases of command Drill with out Arms

→ Common and Phrases of Command

→ Consideration, Stand at Ease and Stand Straightforward, turning and inclining on the halt

→ Saluting on the halt

→ Getting on parade, dismissing and falling out

→ Saluting on the March Particular person phrase of command

Unit-5: Weapon Coaching

Goal: To provide elementary data about rifles

Scope: Fundamental data about rifle and firing

→ Traits of a rifle/rifle ammunition and its fireplace energy

→ Stripping, assembling, care and cleansing and sight setting

→ Loading, cocking and unloading

→ The mendacity place and Holding

→ Aiming, vary and determine goal

→ Vary precautions and security precautions

Unit-6 : Journey Coaching

Goal: To inculcate a way of journey and develop confidence, braveness and willpower

Scope: To show cadets to varied journey actions

→ Trekking together with number of route and administrative planning

→ Cycle expedition together with number of route and administrative planning

Unit-7: Persona Growth and Management

Goal: To develop an all-round dynamic character with ample management traits to deal/ contribute successfully in all walks of life

Scope: Fundamental topics of management with emphasis on self-awareness, life/gentle abilities, time administration and character constructing

→ Introduction to Persona improvement

→ Elements influencing/ shaping character: Bodily, Social, Psychological and Philosophical

→ Self-Consciousness-know your self

→ Self-confidence, braveness & self-conviction

→ Drawback fixing abilities

→ Significance of group and staff work

→ Efficient use of time

→ Dealing with stress/ feelings

→ Sociability: Social Abilities

→ Traits of wholesome personalities – ethics/ values

Unit-8: Social Consciousness Group Growth

Goal: To show cadets the values and abilities concerned in offering voluntary Social Service

Scope: Understanding of social service and its wants, data concerning the weaker sections of our society and their necessities, about NGOs and contribution of youth in the direction of social welfare

→ Fundamentals of Social Service, and its wants

→ Contribution of youth in the direction of social welfare

→ Civic tasks

→ Drug abuse and trafficking

→ Causes and prevention of HIV/AIDS, Function of Youth

→ Corruption

→ Provisions of kid Act

Unit-9: Well being and Hygiene

Goal: To instill respect and accountability in the direction of private well being and hygiene

Scope: Fundamental info of the human physique, upkeep of well being and hygiene, sanitation, illness and an elementary data of First Assist and Nursing

→ Hygiene and sanitation (Private and Meals Hygiene)

→ Bodily and psychological well being

→ Infectious and contagious illnesses and its prevention

→ Fundamentals of first assist in widespread medical emergencies

→ Wounds and fractures

→ Introduction to yoga and train

Specialised Topic (Military)

Unit 1: Armed Forces

Goal: To acquaint cadets with the Armed Forces

Scope: Introductory and basic in formation concerning the Armed Forces

→ Fundamental group of Armed Forces

→ Group of the Military

→ Badges and Ranks

→ Honors and Awards

→ Modes of entry into Military

Unit 2: Navy Historical past

Goal: To offer data of famend Navy Generals, PVCs and Indo-Pak Wars

Scope: Introduction tobiographies, famousIndian battlesand gallantry awards

→ Biographies of famend generals (Carriappa/Manekshaw)

→ Research of battles of Indo-Pakwar 1965, 1971 and Kargil

→ Battle films

Unit-3: Map Studying

Goal: To show cadets elementary map studying

Scope: Basicunderstandingofmapsheetsandmapreadinginstrumentsanddevelopment of functionality to make use of them to hold out easy Map Studying

→ Introduction to varieties of Maps and standard indicators.

→ Scales and grid system

→ Topographical types and technical phrases

Unit-4: Discipline Craft and Battle Craft

Goal: To show cadets elementary subject craft and battle craft

Scope: Fundamental subject craft and battle craft

→ Introduction

→ Judging distance

→ Description of floor

→ Discipline alerts

→ Use of floor and motion

→ Choice of formations (Part formation)

Unit-5: Communication

Goal: To introduce cadets to the most recent developments within the subject of communications

Scope: Sorts of communications and future developments

→ Significance of communication

→ Technique of communication

Specialised Topic (Navy)

Unit-1: Naval Orientation

Goal: To impart coaching on Naval Group.

Scope: Historical past of Indian Naval Organizations, Rank construction, Indo-Pak Battle- 1971etc.

→ Historical past of the Indian Navy (Gallantry Award Winners)

→ Group of IN- NHQ, Instructions and Ships

→ Group on Board a Ship

→ Survival and Rescue-Life Security Gadgets onboard Ship, Life Raft

→ Life Boats and Misery Indicators

Unit-2: Naval Communication

Goal: To impart primary data of Naval Communication.

Scope: Introduction to visible communication.

→ Introduction to Naval Communication

→ Phonetic Alphabet – Introduction and use

Unit-3: Seamanship

Goal: To impart primary data about Seamanship.

Scope: Introduction to rigging, anchor work, elements of boats and equipment and so on.

→ Rigging

→ Bends and Hitches: Reef Knot, Half Hitch, Clove Hitch,

→ Rolling Hitch, Timber Hitch, Bowline, Spherical Flip and

→ Two Half Hitches and Bow Line on the Bight and its primary ingredient

Unit-4: Ship and Boat Modeling

Goal: To offer data about Ship Modeling

Scope: Supplies utilized in various kinds of fashions

→ Rules of Ship Modeling

→ Studying of a Ship Drawing of a Mannequin

→ Views in blueprint

→ Measurement of superstructure and hull

Specialised Topic (Air Power)

Unit-1: Common Service Information

Goal: To impart primary data of IAF

Scope: Historical past and Group of IAF

→ Growth of Aviation

→ Historical past of IAF

Unit-2: Air Campaigns

Goal: To impart primary data of Air Campaigns

Scope: Historical past and Motivation.

→ Indo-PakWar-1971

→ Operation Protected Sagar

Unit-3: Aero-modeling

Goal: To offer data about Aero Modelling

Scope: Historical past of aero modelling, supplies utilized in various kinds of fashions

→ Historical past of Aero-modelling

Unit-4: Rules of Flight

Goal: To introduce ideas of flight

Scope: To impart data about primary ideas on which aviation relies

→ Introduction

→ Glossary of Phrases

Unit-5: Components of Air craft

Goal: To offer data of Plane Components

Scope: Information concerning the elements of plane to be flown

→ Components of Plane

Unit-6: Plane Particulars

Goal: To offer data of Plane Devices

Scope: Information concerning the plane to be flown together with checks and procedures

→ Plane Explicit Sort, Particular

Unit-7: Airfield Format

Goal: To offer data of Airfields

Scope: Information concerning the airfields to be flown together with checks and procedures Airfield Format

Unit-8: RT Process

Goal: To offer data of wi-fi communication.

Scope: Information concerning the communication is required for flying plane

→ RT Process

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