Chanel, TikTok and the Beauty Advent Calendar Controversy

Chanel, TikTok and the Beauty Advent Calendar Controversy
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Chanel, TikTok and the Beauty Advent Calendar Controversy

Chanel, TikTok and the Beauty Advent Calendar Controversy

There is no hell of a rage like the social media mob that thinks the luxury scam is known.

Or so it seemed this weekend, when a series of viral TikTok videos featuring the $ 825 Channel Advent Calendar went viral with a frustrated customer buying it, prompting many users to call the brand a foul. Or rather, the whole of his Instagram page.

In a way, this is just the latest example of cautious judgment against powerful global brands by individuals seeking to show alleged injustice, including cultural appropriation, copying designs and other forms of abuse, and changing the balance of power between brands. And the audience.

But the sentiments surrounding this anti-event calendar campaign are particularly high, to some extent, perhaps, due to the inclusion of the holiday and rather than showing goodwill towards consumers, suggesting that this particular gift item is being played out for exploiters. .

Here’s what happened: On December 3, Tic Tac toe from California, Alice Harmon posted a video of Unboxing the Channel Advent Calendar in the shape of a Channel 5 bottle.

“Am I crazy?” She asked. “Of course. But I’ve never seen the Channel Advent Calendar, so let’s see if it’s worth promoting.”

(She had never seen the Channel Advent Calendar before because it never was. It was a special holiday event to celebrate Channel 5’s 100th birthday.)

Ms. Harmon gave the calendar “10 out of 10” for the packaging, but she was reluctant to open the box and find out what the channel stickers were. She liked a hand cream, on the other hand.

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And that led to eight more posts with unboxing, in which Ms. Hormone revealed perfume (good), key chains (not so much), lipstick and nail polish (mostly good, even if they were mostly sample sizes). Mirror (no), CC wax sealed rope bracelet (huh?), Plastic mini snow globes and bags used for Chanel dustbags, shoes or other luggage. It was the dustbag that really drove people away.

As of December 6, the series has been viewed more than 50 million times, and there are thousands of comments on each post, mostly “You robbed” or “Who do they think they are?” To close all of these lines, Ms. Harmon told her followers that she had been “blocked” by the channel.

Although the channel’s ticket page is inactive and set to private, there are no followers, so it is unclear where Ms. Harmon was blocked – she did not respond to requests for comment – but that did not stop her viewers from coming down the channel’s Instagram account. Which has more than 47 million followers and which is posting about the Métiers d’Art show to be held on December 7 in Paris.

Below each photo of the work of the various specialty ateliers that the channel now sponsors – Flower maker Lemri, embroidered Atelier Montex, among others – and promotional clips for the collection film, there are hundreds of comments: “Don’t ignore the inevitability! We need some answers!” And, “Is the movie funded by the sale of the arrival calendar?”

By Monday, four days after Ms. Harmon’s original video, the action was still in full swing – and her followers were growing. (There has been a similar reaction in China, where a blogger says the brand’s arrival calendar is not worth the money.)

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For the channel, he did not address the issue publicly, but Gregoire Audidier, Chanel’s director of international communications and customer experience policy, wrote in an email: . We have never blocked access to the Channel TickTock page, as it is not an active account and no content has ever been published. We are committed to sharing our creations with our followers on all the social networks we are active in. Our pages are open to everyone and our followers are free to express their feelings and opinions, whether they are enthusiastic or critical. ”

As it happens, Chanel is not the only luxury brand that offers expensive Beauty Advent Calendar, although it is the most expensive. Indeed, the game, which started almost a decade ago, is actually late.

There are now a number of limited-edition Christmas calendars, including those from La Mer, Guerlain and L’Ocetan. Dior ($ 550), Armani ($ 310) and St. Laurent ($ 300) also have Beauty Advent Calendars. None of them are cheap and most have a mix of beauty patterns – smaller versions of the products are usually offered for free with purchase – and full-size or limited edition offers.

And the beauty editions are the latest in a long line of adventure calendars, invented in Germany in the mid-19th century to teach children catechism and spirituality, and have been commercialized for many years. The Nazis also created themselves as a form of propaganda.

(The most valuable arrival calendar on the market is probably the new $ 150,000 Tiffany version, a four-foot-tall cabinet featuring a reproduction of Jean-Michel Basquette painting from Tiffany’s recent “Equals Pi” ad campaign and contains 24 gifts inside.)

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So why has the channel version attracted people so much? After all, luxury brands are never unaware of the fact that, to a large extent, what their customers are buying is brand equity itself. Dustbag with “channel” which is more expensive than dustbag with nothing on it.

Moreover, the channel puts all the content of the calendar on its website, so it is no secret what anyone is getting for their money. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

But since it is new, and because its price is very high, and because it is a channel, since all the myths in the name are created, the claims and expectations can be high. And when those expectations aren’t met, the feeling of betrayal, more – and, it seems, the desire to heap publicly in response, is overwhelming.

It can also lead to losses for those who benefit from understanding. What Ms. Hormone opened was not just a new mini perfume. It was a new reality, now completely out of the box.

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