China’s Zhurong rover sends a selfie from Mars

China’s Zhurong rover sends a selfie from Mars

China’s Zhurong rover sends a selfie from Mars

China has launched new photos from its Zhurong rover, which started wheeling its method round Mars in late Could. One of many photographs is a pretty selfie of Zhurong posed subsequent to its touchdown platform. The “touring group photograph,” because the China Nationwide House Administration calls it in a weblog put up, was taken with a small wi-fi digicam that the rover positioned on the floor earlier than scooting again to line up for the shot like an excited father or mother.

Zhurong additionally took a photograph of the touchdown platform by itself, displaying the ramp the rover drove down, the Chinese language flag, and should you look carefully to the left of the flag, the mascots for the Beijing Winter Olympics.

A landing platform with a ramp coming down from it sits among a red-orange landscape.

Zhurong’s touchdown platform.
Picture: CNSA

There are extra photographs within the Twitter thread under, linked here, together with a panorama that exhibits the Pink Planet’s horizon within the distance past the rover, together with marks on the floor from propellant expulsion throughout touchdown.

Zhurong joined NASA’s Perseverance on Mars final month (although the rovers are over a thousand miles aside), making China the second nation to land and function a rover on the planet. It’s anticipated to maintain exploring for about 90 days, and it’ll seize extra photos whereas it analyzes the Martian local weather and geology.

Perseverance additionally despatched alongside some glamour photographs of its personal in April, although it used a robotic arm (a selfie stick, if you’ll) quite than setting a digicam down and backing away from it. This one is a household photograph of each the rover and its little helicopter companion, Ingenuity. NASA particulars how the selfie was made on this weblog put up with movies.

A slightly warped composite photo with Perseverance on the right and the tiny Ingenuity copter to its left. Perseverance’s “face” is turned toward the camera while its main body is angled.

Perseverance and Ingenuity in a selfie stitched collectively from 62 particular person photos.
Picture: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

And right here’s Perseverance’s “face” towards the serene panorama of Mars. The planet is likely to be a lonely place, however it makes for a quite scenic backdrop.

Perseverance’s head poking up from the bottom of the frame like a face, in front of the martian horizon.

Perseverance gazes into the digicam.
Picture: NASA / JPL (panorama sew by Joey Roulette / GadgetClock)

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