Chunky Pandey on trolling Ananya Pandey: Special Chunky Pandey talks about how he feels when his daughter Ananya Pandey is brutally trolled.

Chunky Pandey on trolling Ananya Pandey: Special Chunky Pandey talks about how he feels when his daughter Ananya Pandey is brutally trolled.
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Chunky Pandey on trolling Ananya Pandey: Special Chunky Pandey talks about how he feels when his daughter Ananya Pandey is brutally trolled.

Chunky Pandey on trolling Ananya Pandey: Special Chunky Pandey talks about how he feels when his daughter Ananya Pandey is brutally trolled.

Actor Chunky Pandey has made many big films in his long career of three and a half decades. Now, for the first time, it has become a part of the short film ‘Tap-Tap’. When I spoke to Chunky Pandey under the pretext of this shocking short film showing the ups and downs of the glamor world, her own struggles, changes in the industry, the new generation, daughter Ananya and her trolling were all discussed. In an exclusive interview with Navbharat Times, Chunky Pandey said that when Ananya Pandey is trolled on social media, he feels bad as a father, but he also knows that it will never stop. So, Chunky has given the girl a noble advice about it.

There is an old saying that everyone in the industry greets the rising sun. ‘Tap Tap’ is the story of a musician who was once a star, but is now in trouble. Have you ever had to go through such a phase in your long film career?
Of course, these ups and downs happen with every actor. I’ve also seen very high altitudes, I’ve also seen very bad times. I sat without working for a year. All the money is gone. Even after becoming an actor, he was going round the offices to ask for work. I’ve been through all of this, so there are a lot of similarities between this character and my own journey. That’s why I’m so concerned with this story.

What was your strength during that time of struggle? How did you not let yourself be broken?
My dad always told me it was like a game. Like you play cricket, you can’t hit fours and sixes on every ball, but you keep playing. Just don’t get out, then someday you’ll have a chance to hit fours and sixes. This means, don’t take yourself away from things, don’t run away, don’t drink alcohol, stay in sports, then your time will come. Everyone gets a chance, you just have to see that opportunity and stay there when that opportunity comes. In these 34 years, I have seen so many people going from zero to hero and hero to zero that you can’t even imagine. So, I never gave up hope.

Today’s film industry has changed a lot. How do you see this change? And how do you differentiate the new generation of artists from the artists of their time?
You add some five-six zeros to this change, it has become such a big game now. We used to play in lakhs, they play in crores. Technology has advanced. Everything has gotten bigger and better. So the new generation will also be a better model than us. He has seen all our work, now it will only be version 2.0. These new kids have confidence. His mind is young, fresh, thinking differently. I learn from them. I sometimes ask my daughter what to wear today, but experience has its place. The more you work, the better.

What do you find easier and more difficult for this generation than you?
Nowadays, discipline, punctuality is all that matters. We were all thugs, we were big crooks, we used to do a lot of things, but never got caught. We used to go to someone’s house, do anything, but our photos were not printed anywhere. Back then there were no mobiles, no cameras, but today’s poor kids do anything, get caught (laughs). I sometimes feel bad that technology has completely suppressed them. We weren’t that weird.

navbharat timesPeople used to make fun of Ananya Pandey’s subtlety, you used to be ‘flatscreen’
Now you have two generations of actors in your house. What do you teach your daughter Ananias, and what do you learn from her?
I tell Ananya not to underestimate anyone and not to underestimate anyone. Seeing everyone the same. If someone has made a hit movie with someone, he can’t make a hit movie with you and whoever hasn’t made a hit movie can make the most hit movie with you, so don’t judge anyone. Choose a script that you understand. Listen to your heart. Do not multiply too much. At the same time, I have learned from Ananias how to do things peacefully. Ananya’s attitude is very gentle and calm. She completes her work with a smile, while I’m a little short-tempered.

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Ananya is just your daughter so she gets a lot of trolling. Dad wants you to save him from this? How do you explain them?
When it started, it affected the poor thing, but now he also understands that it is not his fault. She’s not guilty, she’s just my daughter. I just tell him that you see the positive side of it, you are being trolled, but you are getting publicity. Look at the good things, don’t be discouraged. Accept what is happening and enjoy it. Then she also started a social media cause positive, because it happens not only to Ananya but to many children. Many kids can’t handle this, go into the complex. This is a side effect of social media, it will continue to happen. You can’t turn it off. You have to accept this and learn to be happy.

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You often act alone in this Woot Select short film festival. How challenging was that?
It was very challenging as there was no one to respond. I have to do all this myself, so I thought, man, this Chunky Pandey has to be given a screen test. Do it alone in front of the camera, do it, but we finished shooting in two days. I was so happy when I saw the movie. I was very impressed with you. Well, I’ve gotten a lot of short film offers before, but I’m a bit of an old school actor. I love three-hour commercials, so when someone came up with a script with a 15-minute story, I would say what would you say in 15 minutes, so I never did a short film, but when the tap came, I was completely engrossed in the story. Its ending is amazing.

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