‘Come Away’ Review: Escaping Grief Through Fantasy

‘Come Away’ Review: Escaping Grief Through Fantasy

‘Come Away’ Overview: Escaping Grief Via Fantasy

Like a magic brew thinned into bouillon, “Come Away” folds spellbinding storybook tales into an earthly melodrama. The film proposes that Peter Pan and Alice, of Wonderland, are brother and sister. As youngsters, they share an idyllic life, till a household tragedy prompts them to retreat into their respective fantasy lands.

The story takes place within the English countryside, the place the craftsman Jack (David Oyelowo) and his spouse Rose (Angelina Jolie) stay in a quaint cottage with three youngsters. The children train their energetic imaginations within the woods, the place they faux to shoot arrows and cross swords in fight. The director Brenda Chapman (“Courageous”) aligns us with the siblings by bringing their jovial make-believe to life. An overturned rowboat is proven to be a ship stuffed with pirates; sticks, when brandished, grow to be sharp blades.

Then, in a depressing twist, an accident leaves the household overcome by grief. As Jack’s playing downside re-emerges and Rose develops a style for liquor, the plot dulls and the body appears awash with grey. The youthful youngsters Peter (Jordan A. Nash) and Alice (Keira Chansa) attempt to escape the ache by means of fanciful journeys to Neverland and Wonderland. Even these temporary interludes can not carry the oppressive gloom.

The pleasures of “Peter Pan” and “Alice in Wonderland” lie in how the tales spin glowing fantasy out of coming-of-age aches. By drawing an express line between Peter and Alice’s terrestrial trauma and their whimsical worlds, “Come Away” spoils the metaphor — like a model of “The Wizard of Oz” during which Dorothy spends the entire time in Kansas. Too dreary for children and too rote for grown-ups, “Come Away” empties itself of magic.

Come Away
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