Corona Vaccine can be given through Inhaler or Pill instead of injection Know what is preparation

Corona Vaccine can be given through Inhaler or Pill instead of injection Know what is preparation
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Corona Vaccine can be given through Inhaler or Pill instead of injection Know what is preparation

Corona Vaccine can be given through Inhaler or Pill instead of injection Know what is preparation

Now preparing to give vaccine through inhaler or tablet instead of injection to prevent corona epidemic, can prove to be a big game changer

New Delhi. The coronavirus pandemic has badly affected our lives. While moving from epidemic to normal life, the most important thing is to follow the corona protocol and vaccinate with caution. Because vigilance and vaccination is the biggest shield against this deadly disease. There is also a constant emphasis on increasing the speed of vaccination across the country.

Continuous trials are also going on to bring every age group under the ambit of the vaccine. Not only this, work is also going on to make the vaccine more easy and effective around the world. Currently, injection is the only method of vaccine in the world, but for those who are afraid of needles, options are being worked rapidly now. In this, preparations are being made to bring the pill from the inhaler to the tablet.

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Vaccines are being given to people through injection to protect them from corona virus infection. But in the future, the vaccine can also be given to people in the form of tablets and inhalers.

getting ready inhaler
In a laboratory in Medikon Village, one of the largest science parks in southern Sweden, chemist Injemo Andresen invented a thin, plastic inhaler the size of a matchbox that would protect people from the COVID-19 virus.

According to the research team, this inhaler will be available to people in the future in the powder version of the vaccine at home. Which can play a big role in fighting the global pandemic. The inhaler is being designed to be much cheaper and easier to produce.

Inhaler can be taken in this way
This inhaler can be taken as a vaccine to prevent corona infection. Designed to be easy to use, it can be used by simply removing a small plastic slip. It can be taken by taking a deep breath. Its effect will be from the nose to the lungs.

The firm’s CEO Johan Voborg said that this is a very cheap and easy-to-produce technology, which is commonly used by asthma patients.

A company named Iconovo is collaborating with an immunology research start-up at Stockholm, ISR, to develop a dry powder vaccine against COVID-19.

Can be stored in temperature up to 40C
The powder uses manufactured COVID-19 virus proteins and can withstand temperatures up to 40C. Interestingly, unlike vaccine shots, they do not need to be stored in glass vials at cold temperatures.

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Work is being done on these variants of Corona
The company is currently testing its vaccine on beta (South African) and alpha (UK) variants of COVID-19. This could speed up the process of vaccine rollout in Africa, where there are no domestic vaccines and warmer temperatures have made it even more challenging.

The dried vaccine still needs to undergo various tests to know its full potential and whether it is as effective as the list of vaccines provided by WHO.
Human trials will start in the next two months
So far it has only been tested on rats, although studies on humans are expected to begin within two months. If successful, powdered vaccines could revolutionize the global response to the coronavirus pandemic. More people can be saved and immunized against the virus.

Preparation for giving vaccine through tablet
About 10 minutes away from Iconovo, another new invention is in preparation. Swartiling Peterson, Professor of Global Transformation for Health in Carolinas and who was UNICEF’s Global Health Chief from 2016-2020, has signed a new agreement with ‘Promising Technology’.

Swedish pharmaceutical company Ziccum is developing a future liquid vaccine that has no limit to its effectiveness. According to Ziccum CEO Goran Konradsen, this vaccine powder will first be mixed with water and then given to the people through injection.

This vaccine can also be taken through nasal spray ie nasal or tablet. However, there is still a lot of work to be done on this technology.

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