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Will the Coronavirus come under control when summer starts?

Can they prevent the spread of coronavirus?
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Can they prevent the spread of coronavirus?

Will the Coronavirus come under control when summer starts?

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Can summer prevent the spread of coronavirus?

Coronavirus has killed more than one and a half thousand people worldwide. The number of people infected with a corona in India has increased to over 150.

Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has said that war against the Coronavirus has begun. But will the coronavirus against which this war is invoked all over the world automatically be destroyed when summer begins? This question is being discussed on social media.

Will the Coronavirus die automatically in the summer?

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Before we look at how coronavirus is destroyed, let’s look at how the virus spreads. Coronavirus is a liquid droplet that spreads through tiny droplets of liquid. If a coronary artery sneezes or coughs it, at least 3,000 sprinkles are thrown out of the mouth at a time. In these spindles, billions of coronaviruses are safe in protein folds.

Detailed information is given on how long the coronavirus survives on its exit. It states that viruses can survive for at least three to four hours in tiny droplets, according to a study by the American National Institute of Health. These drops, which are not visible to the eyes, can float for some time even in the air.

If one of these drops falls on wood, the virus can survive for more than 24 hours. Plastic and stainless steel drops can remain active for up to two to three days. That is, the coroner’s hand peeked in the face and he opened the door with his hand. Even if you touch the same handle the next day, you may be infected, BBC Future quoted American Health Center as saying.

What is the effect of temperature?

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No virus is destroyed by 60-70 ° C. That temperature is not even outside in the summer, and not inside your body at all.

Some viruses are destroyed when temperatures rise, but does the temperature affect the Coronavirus? About this, British doctor Sarah Jarvis says, “We know that some viruses change seasonally. There are several reasons. The drops that contain the virus can stay in humid air for longer.

“SARS came along in 2002. The team arrived in November, but it stopped in July. But it is difficult to say whether this was due to seasonal changes. It may also be the reason behind the fact that we stop outdoors in the summer,” says Jarvis. General Chat Chat Lounge

Toxicologist Dr. Paresh Deshpande says that due to the increase in temperature, the time of its destruction can be reduced. He says, “If someone sneezes in hot weather, the corolla droplets will dry out quickly and this can slow down the spread of corona.”

It is generally known that the virus cannot survive outside the body during the summer days, but it is not yet known what the effect of heat is.

Don’t rely on temperature!

coronavirus update

coronavirus update

The coronavirus has spread to more than 100 countries worldwide. Cold regions like Greenland and the Gulf countries also suffer from this disease.

There is currently no basis for hope that the Indian summer will make a difference in the Coronavirus. Research around the world is underway.

Mark Lipsich, a researcher at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, says, “Only the harsh summer will come and it will be hard to believe that the Coronavirus will stop the spread. We need to take drastic measures in public.”

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called for a public curfew on March 22. All people have requested that they not leave the house from 7 am to 9 pm on March 22.

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