Coronavirus Effect 80 percent patients shown symptoms of brain fog reveals in research

Coronavirus Effect 80 percent patients shown symptoms of brain fog reveals in research
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Coronavirus Effect 80 percent patients shown symptoms of brain fog reveals in research

Coronavirus Effect 80 percent patients shown symptoms of brain fog reveals in research

Corona affecting the brain, shocking revelations in research, increased risk of mild seizures along with weakening of memory

New Delhi. The country may be recovering from the second wave amid the Corona crisis, but now the danger remains. Even before the arrival of the third wave, many new threats are continuously emerging. The shocking results in scientific studies have raised everyone’s concern. Sometimes new variants and sometimes side effects due to these variants.

In the latest research, it has been revealed that the risk of brain fog has increased due to corona. Covid is directly affecting the mind. This has also increased the risk of mild seizures in the brain. Actually this research has been published in the prestigious magazine Nature.

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New threats emerging amid the corona infection are constantly increasing the concern. According to a research report published in the prestigious magazine Nature, corona is also affecting the brain.

It has been found in the study that due to corona, there is a problem of brain fag (a disease related to memory loss) i.e. forgetting things. Along with this, the efforts of the brain are hindered in blood circulation, due to which there can be a risk of mild seizures in the brain.

These symptoms were seen in 80 percent of the people
According to this report by Yale University neuroscientist Serine Spudich, 80 percent of people who recovered from severe corona infection showed symptoms of brain diseases.

The main symptoms of memory loss and mild seizures have been found in these. Whereas in many cases it has been seen that due to infection, the blood circulation is not being done properly to the brain cells.
Interruptions in blood circulation to cells can cause death or seizures.

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It was told in the report that in the examination of the brain of corona patients, a reduction in gray material from the cerebral cortex was found.

According to a University of California study, the corona virus is also damaging the astrocyte cells of the brain.

Actually these cells perform many types of work, but most of them are needed to help the brain function properly.

A Brazilian study has also been mentioned in this report. In this, the brains of 26 people who died of Covid were examined. Of these, infection was found in the brain of 5. It has been observed that 66% of the astrocytes cells of these people were infected.

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This is brain fog
Brain fog is a condition in which the ability to remember decreases. Along with fatigue, a patient of corona may also have symptoms of mental depression.

Researchers at the University College of London claim that due to the corona virus, there is no blood supply to the brain cells, due to which the pericyte cells are being damaged. Which can also cause mild seizures.

Let us inform that in the initial studies it was denied that the corona enters the brain. But new research has confirmed that the brain of corona patients is being affected.

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