Coronavirus infection on spread in children in High Vaccinated Countries

Coronavirus infection on spread in children in High Vaccinated Countries
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Coronavirus infection on spread in children in High Vaccinated Countries

Coronavirus infection on spread in children in High Vaccinated Countries

The danger that was being feared about the corona virus is now visible, where there is rapid vaccination of adults, now children are becoming victims.

New Delhi. In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, what was being feared, the same danger has started appearing. Innocent people are also coming under the grip of corona virus. According to the latest study, corona infection in children has started increasing in countries where adults are being vaccinated rapidly.

This is the reason why medical scientists have warned that the strategy of vaccination of children should be started as soon as possible.

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This was revealed in the report
In a research report published in the prestigious magazine Nature, it has been revealed that in countries where adults have been vaccinated on most of the population, children have come under the target of corona.

More than 50 percent of cases are below 19 years of age
In Israel, 85 percent of adults have been vaccinated. There has been an increase in new infections recently. More than 50 per cent of these cases are in people below 19 years of age.

Experts believe that due to both the vaccines being given to adults, they have become a protective shield, in such a situation, this virus is affecting children and adolescents. According to the report of Nature, this type of trend has started appearing in America and Britain as well.

Corona spreading rapidly in Israel
Israel, which was once mask-free, is once again in the grip of Corona. In June, the daily corona infection cases here were less than a dozen, but now it is more than 100 per day.

11.8% cases in those below 9 years of age
According to data from Israel’s Health Agency till July 5, 11.8 percent of cases of infection have been found in children 0-9 years old, while 39.6 percent cases were found in 10-19 years of age.
Similarly, 51.4 percent cases have been found in those below 19 years of age.

According to the report of Nature, 8.5 percent of those in the age group of 20 to 29 have corona tightness, while in 30-39 this figure is 6.8 percent. At the same time, 11.4 in 40-49, 8.2 in 50-59, 8 in 60-69, 4.6 in 70-79, 1 in 89-89 and 0.1 percent cases of infection were found in those above 90 years of age. That is, the corona spreading more rapidly among younger people.

These countries started vaccination of children
Israel has started vaccinating children above 15 years of age amid the growing threat to Corona. At the same time, children are being vaccinated in America too. However, till now no plan has been made for the vaccination of children in most countries.

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What is the preparation in India?
Vaccine for children may come soon in India too. Currently, there is no vaccine for children in the country, but by September, three vaccine options may be available for children. In this the name of DNA vaccine of Covaccine, Pfizer and now Zydus Cadila has been added.

Covaccine is currently being tried at different centers in the country on children aged 2 to 18 years. Its results can come by September. Approval for its emergency use can come in July itself.

What do experts say
According to University of California Berkeley expert Joshua Goldstein, all countries will have to change their vaccination strategy. It is clear from these figures that cases of infection in children are increasing.

Similarly, according to expert Nick Bendley of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control Stockholm, the risk of serious infection of corona in children is very low. Still, children need to be vaccinated.

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