COVID-19: Know which mask is right for you; how to wear N95 mask in 6 easy steps

COVID-19: Know which mask is right for you; how to wear N95 mask in 6 easy steps
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COVID-19: Know which mask is right for you; how to wear N95 mask in 6 easy steps

COVID-19: Know which mask is right for you; how to wear N95 mask in 6 easy steps

Face masks have gained reputation and have change into extraordinarily necessary for individuals across the globe throughout pandemic hours. The seriousness of the second wave of coronavirus is a lot that individuals are suggested to wear a mask even when they’re at dwelling.

It is higher to keep dwelling and cut back bodily interactions, however for those who should go away for necessities, you must take correct precautions and wear the right mask which fits your face design. It’s best to know whether or not the mask that you’re utilizing is efficient or not.

There are three main varieties of masks out there in the market. One is a surgical mask, the opposite one is a material mask and the final one is generally known as the N95 mask.

Let’s take a look on the several types of masks that may aid you make a better option:

1. Surgical mask- It is a loose-fitting mask that has the flexibility to filter round 60 % of respiratory particles. Many individuals want surgical masks as a result of they’re easy to breathe from. However these masks are supposed to be disposed of after each use.

2. Fabric mask- Fabric masks are made up of pure artificial materials. The effectiveness of this mask relies upon solely on its design. In accordance to some specialists, material masks can’t be absolutely relied upon as small viruses can nonetheless enter by way of them.

3. N95 mask- It is also called a respirator, which is a tight-sealed face mask that may assist filter out 95 % massive and small airborne particles. It is believed to be the best mask among the many three. It provides safety to each the wearer and the individual standing close by.

How to wear N95 mask correctly?

N95 masks are manufactured from structured, light-weight foam which matches over your nostril and mouth. N95 masks shouldn’t be used if oil aerosols are current, as oil damages the filter. The ‘N’ really stands for ‘Not resistant to oil.’

There are 6 easy steps to how to wear an N95 mask:

Step 1: Wash your fingers earlier than placing on the mask. Choose the mask that matches you properly.

Step 2: Maintain the mask in your hand and place it firmly over your nostril, mouth, chin, and tuck the underside of the mask securely over the chin.

Step 3: First, stretch and place the underside band underneath your ears. Then, stretch and place the highest and place the highest again of your head.

Step 4: Press the skinny metallic wire alongside the higher edge gently in opposition to the bridge of your nostril in order that it is in your face.

Step 5: Whereas exhaling, verify for air leakage round your face.

Step 6: Utilizing a mirror, additional verify and modify the sides to present a great seal across the face.

It’s necessary to solely select masks which are licensed by the Nationwide Institute for Occupational Security and Well being (NIOSH). These masks could have the NIOSH emblem and a certification approval quantity on the packaging or the mask.

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