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Crescent Pike vs Dragonspine spear: What is the best F2P weapon for Rosaria in Genshin Impact?

Crescent Pike vs Dragonspine spear: What is the best F2P weapon for Rosaria in Genshin Impact?
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Crescent Pike vs Dragonspine spear: What is the best F2P weapon for Rosaria in Genshin Impact?

Rosaria has in the finish been launched in Genshin Affect, and avid avid gamers preserve been attempting, and discovering out builds to assemble the new 4-essential individual character shine.

Whereas some are choosing a Cryo sub-DPS assemble, many are inquisitive about making Rosaria their bodily predominant DPS carry. If avid avid gamers care for to follow this assemble path, selecting the true weapon for the obligation may properly properly moreover very successfully be advanced.

Right here is the breakdown of the 2 methods avid avid gamers preserve.

Which F2P spears must aloof Bodily Rosaria use in Genshin Affect?

There are a number of methods for F2P spears in Genshin Affect, however many who’re constructing Rosaria would care for to dwelling her steady bodily atomize dealing potential. With regards to dealing bodily atomize, there are two predominant kings in the case of spears: Crescent Pike and the Dragonspine Spear.

Each of those spears seem steady on Rosaria, nevertheless the further extremely large one may properly properly moreover be with out issues considered through discovering out.

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Dragonspine Spear

(Image via Gensh.in)
(Picture through Gensh.in)

The Dragonspine spear is a spear that many Genshin Affect avid avid gamers are aware of as a result of receiving one as allotment of a questline in Dragonspine. This spear’s attain releases an Everfrost icicle onto enemies after dangerous them with customary or charged assaults, and this icicle offers AOE bodily atomize.

This atomize begins at 80% of a participant’s Assault stat however raises to 140% at refinement 5. The assign this weapon shines on Rosaria is due to the Icicle’s synergy with Cryo.

When an opponent is plagued by Cryo, the AOE will develop to as much as 300% at refinement 5. That is a sizeable chunk of atomize and will properly properly seem care for an gigantic improve in DPS.

Crescent Pike

(Image via Gensh.in)
(Picture through Gensh.in)

The Crescent Pike may even be a acquainted face to most Genshin Affect avid avid gamers who preserve crafted any Spear Prototypes. The Crescent Pike is positively one in each of the stronger F2P spears in the recreation on characters care for Xiangling as a result of its extremely large multi-hit passive.

After selecting up an Elemental Particle, characters equipped with this spear preserve a raffle to deal an extra assault each time they land a Lengthy-established assault. This further atomize will deal as much as 40% of their Assault stat at refinement 5. This weapon is distinctive for Rosaria as a result of her Elemental Burst offering a substantial amount of Elemental Particles for her to bag.

Which Bodily spear is best for Rosaria in Genshin Affect

(Image via Mihoyo )
(Picture through Mihoyo )

Whereas the Dragonspine Spear may properly properly tempt Genshin Affect avid avid gamers with its steady passive, its passive would no longer present virtually as many bonuses as the Crescent Pike.

The Crescent Pike outperforms the Dragonspine Spear in practically each residence, making it the conclude bodily atomize weapon for spear customers. The Crescent Pike’s passive presents grand further fixed atomize, together with synergizing with Rosaria’s tools very successfully.

The Dragonspine Spear’s passive genuinely solely comes into attain when enemies are very clumped collectively, nevertheless the AOE of the icicle is appropriate variety too diminutive to assemble a large distinction in a struggle. Players must aloof comply with the Crescent Pike on this extremely large spear individual.

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Genshin Affect avid avid gamers who want to assemble Rosaria as their predominant bodily DPS must aloof positively protect abet of the steady F2P weapon, the Crescent Pike.

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