Current situation in lakhs: China’s aggression on lakhs as Army Chief General MM Narwane on a two-day visit to Ladakh

Current situation in lakhs: China’s aggression on lakhs as Army Chief General MM Narwane on a two-day visit to Ladakh
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Current situation in lakhs: China’s aggression on lakhs as Army Chief General MM Narwane on a two-day visit to Ladakh

Current situation in lakhs: China’s aggression on lakhs as Army Chief General MM Narwane on a two-day visit to Ladakh

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Army Chief General MM Narwane is on a two-day visit to the Ladakh sector amid ongoing tensions over the LAC with China. In the meantime, they will review the security situation and operational readiness. The army chief’s visit comes at a time when China is once again angry over the Line of Control. If you look at China’s trick for a while, its nefarious structure is clearly known. His actions show that he is not in the mood to reduce tensions in East Ladakh and withdraw troops.

China’s provocative actions
Rapid construction along the LAC along East Ladakh, modular container shelters for troops, deployment of modern weapons, upgrading of air bases, damage to bridges across the Indian border in Uttarakhand, blaming India for the current instability in East Ladakh are some of China’s actions that cast doubt on its intentions. The nature of China is deceptive. Aren’t his actions a sign of some big conspiracy? Seeing his tactics and preparations, it seems as if he is preparing for war. Let us know what is the situation on LAC from Leh, Ladakh to Uttarakhand and Sikkim.

navbharat times… So could there be another violent clash on the Indo-China border like last year? Army Chief Narwane indicated
On the contrary, India was blamed for the tension
The saying ‘Ulta chor kotwal ko dante’ fits China perfectly. Recently, he has directly blamed India for the 16-17 month old protest. The “root cause” of the tensions has been India’s “go ahead” policy and allegations of “illegal” encroachment on Chinese territory. India has reacted strongly to this. On China’s allegations, Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi said on Thursday that the cause of the tension was the “provocative” actions of the Chinese military and the “unilateral” attempt to change the status quo on the LAC. India has said that China has deployed a large number of troops in East Ladakh, which is a provocative act. He said India had to deploy troops in response to China’s actions.

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navbharat timesIndo-China border news: PLA soldiers break bridge and flee after Chinese incursion into East Ladakh, Uttarakhand
Infiltration and sabotage of Chinese troops in Uttarakhand
One month ago, on August 30, more than 100 Chinese troops had infiltrated the Barahoti area of ​​Uttarakhand. It lasted about 3 hours. He did not face the Indian troops because the Chinese troops had returned before his arrival. However, before leaving, Chinese troops destroyed some infrastructure and damaged a bridge. China’s action is not only a serious provocation but also a reminder of its deception. In fact, China’s incursion into the Barahoti area is nothing. In 1954, he first invaded the area and then tried to occupy other areas. The situation became so bad that in 1962 war broke out between the two countries.

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Modular containers are being built for the soldiers in the front part of Ladakh
Since the start of tensions in eastern Ladakh, China has been rapidly expanding infrastructure on the LAC and strengthening its military position. He has recently built a modular container-based shelter for his troops in East Ladakh. China has built these modular containers at least 8 more forward locations across the LAC in the East Ladakh sector. These modular containers have been constructed from Wahab Zilga near Karakoram Pass in the north to Pew, Hot Springs, Chang La, Tashigong, Manjha and Churup. These are recent constructions that have been in addition to tents and temporary construction since the riots began in April-May last year.

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Deployed huge armies on both sides
Large numbers of troops have been deployed by both the countries in the Ladakh sector. About 50-60 thousand troops are deployed on the Chinese side. They may not be able to do anything and even if they try to do so, India has deployed almost as many troops for it. China has deployed all weapons, including tanks. India has also deployed M-777 howitzer guns. They can destroy enemy targets up to 30 km. Apart from this, indigenous 105 mm artillery is also deployed.

navbharat timesIndia is watching every move of China, the M-777 cannon deployed on the LAC to respond
China has also upgraded airbases adjacent to the LAC, as well as several new helipads
China has built several new runways and helipads along the 3488 km LAC from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh. In addition, it has upgraded its air bases in Hotton, Kashgar, Gargunsa, Lhasa-Gongar and Shigetse. Additional fighter jets have been deployed there. In addition, it has also deployed 2 missile defense systems S-400. Coincidentally, India will receive 5S-400 squadrons from Russia by the end of this year.


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