Curse of Vanishing in Minecraft: what is curse of vanishing | what does curse of vanishing do

Curse of Vanishing in Minecraft: what is curse of vanishing | what does curse of vanishing do

Curse of vanishing, a Minecraft’s enchantment that will cause a piece of gear which possesses to disappear from existence when a mine-craft player dies along with an item equipped or in their own inventory. These enchantments could be a nightmare to the gamers to deal with, they could place a negative effect on the gear’s piece that has the curse. These pieces of the gear which have been enchanted along with the curse of vanishing has the power potential to disappear completely and fully from their existence. This curse is one of the rarest enchantments in Minecraft mainly because it’s a cursed book and it may be found naturally in the gaming world.

Curse of Vanishing Minecraft

So, if the Minecraft player has a gear’s piece along with the curse of vanishing on the person when they die, that piece of gear would vanish from the gaming world forever. The particular item is then non-retrievable whenever this situation happens and it could be a substantial loss, depending on the particular item. This curse cannot be made and it only appears in the fishing drops or chest loops. The curse cannot be removed from your items then. It can be applied to all types of items like armor, tools, weapons, or miscellaneous items.

what does curse of vanishing do
what does curse of vanishing do

There are two types of curses in Minecraft. The curse of vanishing, one of the wickedest enchantments one can ever get in Minecraft. The curse offers no real benefits but only exists to make some items enchanted that could be found throughout the world worse. The curse of binding is nothing as worse as compared to the curse of vanishing as the curse of binding is more of annoyance and the curse of vanishing is to remove a lot of progress.

What Does Curse of Vanishing do in Minecraft?

If one of the items or inventory of the player is being cursed by vanishing, then the player happens to die and the item is been removed from the whole game. It will not drop from the player’s account or on the player’s death but would totally vanish from the game. It could be disheartening for a player on diamond level or if the curse is on armor or tools which happens to disappear after an unfortunate encounter. With this curse, there’s no benefit for the player and exists to assist the player in adventure maps to make an item impossible to retain.

One can fool the curse of vanishing by just dropping the item in the storage before the death, but the curse of vanishing only triggers ad works when the player is died along with an item of his / her inventory. If the player holds the item in their mouse cursor and they die before dropping it or even getting a chance to drop it, the item of that player would still vanish. Mobs can spawn with the items being enchanted and have a curse of vanishing. If the item were to drop, it could disappear due to the curse itself.

How the player could get a curse of vanishing enchantment?

Minecraft players could obtain this specific enchantment and will be able to need to do a little bit more extra work, as compared to many different and other enchantments. This curse of banishment is one of the treasure enchantments which is meant that it can only be acquired as an enchanting book from chest loot, fishing, buying it from the librarian village in exchange for emeralds, or through raid rewards, bedrock only.

what is curse of vanishing
what is curse of vanishing

Also, there’s a known bug in the Bedrock Edition of the game which prevents the players from obtaining the cursed enchantment book from the villagers. This could mean that the players of Bedrock will need and have to use one of their other methods to obtain it.

How to get the curse of vanishing?

Finding out the curse of vanishing can depend completely on luck or bad luck, depends on your perspective. The easiest and quickest way to get the curse of vanishing is trading. This curse won’t appear on the enchanting table. Setting up some bookcases or a lectern in the village or a librarian villager who would trade would help to work in the curse of vanishing. But through the loot of village items and if found throughout the world, it’s a little less reliable but the curse would apply on death.

By completing the transaction of items with the librarian, one can unlock more items to trade on the left-hand side and can increase its chances to find out the curse of vanishing. Or else, the player can look into temples and dungeons in the gaming world itself and can search for their own chests for the cursed book.

How is the curse of vanishing removed?

Well, if you have an item that is being cursed of vanishing and enchantments being applied, it is possible and actually simple to remove the curse easily. All the player need is the same item that carries or has the curse but with un-enchantments.

The above picture represents the removal of the curse of vanishing enchantment

To remove the curse, first of all, open up the crafting table. The image above represents that the player has a Diamond sword with the curse of vanishing and a diamond sword with is without the curse of vanishing. So, now in the crafting table merge these two which will not only repair the damaged item of the table but also remove the curse of vanishing enchantment too.

To remove the enchantments from weapons or tools, the Grindstone is being used but well it doesn’t work well with curses. This is the easiest, quickest, and viable method to use. Moreover,  one could lose any other enchantments which they have equipped along with the curse of vanishing.

Items that can be cursed:

The list of items under which the curse of vanishing can be applied or appeared is as:

  • Weapons – such as swords, shields, crossbows, bows, and trident
  • Armor (all types) – such as elytra, boots, helmet, leggings, and chest plate
  • Tools – such as compass, shears, carrot on a stick, Axe, Shovel, Hoe, Flint and steel, Pickaxe, Rod of fishing, and more.

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