Cyber ​​Fraud News: Cyber ​​Fraud Rises 37% In Nine Months

Cyber ​​Fraud News: Cyber ​​Fraud Rises 37% In Nine Months
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Cyber ​​Fraud News: Cyber ​​Fraud Rises 37% In Nine Months

Cyber ​​Fraud News: Cyber ​​Fraud Rises 37% In Nine Months

In Faridabad, Haryana, cyber crimes are increasing day by day as compared to theft, snatching and robbery. Even today, the police seem to be lagging behind in solving cyber fraud cases. Police personnel have neither good tracing equipment nor good training to track down cyber thugs. Police personnel struggle to get data from banks and telecom companies for several weeks after the cyber fraud. In that case, the cyber thugs will withdraw the money from the fraudulent account. Police say the cyber-frauds are taking place through numbers running on fake IDs and through bank accounts opened on fake IDs. Finding the culprits in such a situation proves to be a big challenge for them.

City police receive an average of 45 complaints a day.
About 45 complaints of cyber fraud are received daily in Faridabad. In all these cases, the police have been involved in investigations for a long time. When the police are sure that the link of the culprit in this case has been found and they catch him, then somewhere the police report the crime in such cases. Crimes have been filed in the city in the six months since the cyber scam. In such a case, by then the perpetrator has already spent the amount of the fraud.

There has been a 37% increase in cyber crimes this year compared to last year
The cyber police station had registered only 15 cases of cyber fraud last year. So far this year, the cyber police have registered 39 cases. Most of these cases are reported where the culprit was caught by the police. At the same time, in the year 2020-21, if you look at the crimes reported in all the police stations, a total of 129 cyber fraud cases have been reported. According to the cases registered in the police records, cyber thugs have swindled Rs 2,08,80,226 in 39 cases this year. At the same time, hundreds of crimes are still not reported by the police.

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Most cheated by sending QR codes and links
According to the cyber police station, most of the cyber thugs in the city are cheating people by sending QR codes and links. In addition, many people in the city have been targeted by cyber thugs in the name of making huge profits in the maturity of life insurance.

Questions and answers with DCP Crime Jayveer Rathi
Q: 45 complaints of cyber fraud are received every day, why aren’t all reported?
A. The police need all the complaints. If there is any complaint of cyber fraud, it is first verified. There is a verification process. Which takes a while. Cases are reported immediately upon verification.

Q: Why do the police only record cases in which the culprit has been arrested?
A. It is not strange, it is important for the police to take action in every crime. As soon as the case is filed, the investigation gathers so much evidence against the accused that it is easy to catch him. As a result, the success rate of cyber police in the cases reported so far is very good.

Q: There has been a 37% increase in cyber fraud cases in the city compared to last year, what steps are the police taking to curb it?
A. The police have conducted 26037 awareness meetings in the city through Beat Policing since June last year and have made 5.77 lakh people aware to prevent cyber fraud. In future also, the police will conduct public awareness campaigns against cyber fraud by conducting seminars and street meetings.

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Q: The Supreme Court recently said that the police stationed at police stations are not trained enough to prevent and track cyber fraud. Is there any training being given to the police to investigate cyber fraud cases in such a situation?
A. Two policemen from all the police stations in the city have been trained to investigate cyber fraud. In addition, training programs will be conducted for them from time to time based on the latest technology. In addition, the police stationed in the cyber police station also receive frequent training.

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