Death of Sadanand Singh: Learn the life journey of senior Bihar Congress leader Sadanand Singh

Death of Sadanand Singh: Learn the life journey of senior Bihar Congress leader Sadanand Singh
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Death of Sadanand Singh: Learn the life journey of senior Bihar Congress leader Sadanand Singh

Death of Sadanand Singh: Learn the life journey of senior Bihar Congress leader Sadanand Singh


  • Bhishma of Bihar politics and Nitish Sadanand Singh’s best friend
  • Sadanand Singh remained in the Congress till the end of his life.
  • When Lalu remained in the Grand Alliance and bowed down to his stubbornness
  • The voters of Kahalgaon loved their leader nine times

According to the Mahabharata, Bhishma Pitamah, the son of Ganga mother, was the oldest and most experienced warrior, combining both the Kauravas and the Pandavas. But for power, empire and rights the family members were divided into two camps as Kauravas and Pandavas. Despite all this happening in the family, Bhishma Pitamah was not moved, he considered the Pandavas right, but while maintaining morality, he fought on the side of the Kauravas.

Bhishma Sadanand of Bihar politics
If we look at the whole story of the Mahabharata, the character of Bhishma Pitamah appears to be moral in any situation and doing his job properly. Sadanand Singh’s character was somewhat similar in the politics of this period.
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Sadanand Singh remained in the Congress till the end of his life.
Until his death, Sadanand Singh was one of the few leaders in Bihar whose political career began with the Congress and ended with the party. The decline of this party started in Bihar in the 1990s, when even the Congressmen who were considered as Khanti turned to RJD, JDU or BJP. But Sadanand Singh remained in it, he maintained morality towards the party. As a reward for this, the party kept him as the state president for a long time.
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Sadanand Singh has always opposed RJD
What is special is that Sadanand Singh was one of those Bihar Congress leaders who never liked RJD. There were many occasions when Sadanand Singh continued to oppose the alliance with the RJD. After the 2000 Assembly elections, when the RJD needed a few seats to form a government, leaders like Sadanand Singh and Krishna Shahi refused to co-operate to form a Rabadi Devi government, but incumbent Congress national president Sonia Gandhi overturned the decision. Thus, a joint government of RJD and Congress was formed in the state even though it was not wanted. However, later during the tenure of this government, Sadanand Singh became the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly.
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Sadanand Singh kept talking about the Congress fighting alone in Bihar
Even after the RJD was ousted in the 2005 assembly elections, Sadanand Singh always advised the Congress to go it alone in the state elections. In the 2009 Lok Sabha and 2010 Assembly elections, the Congress central leadership once again wanted to support the RJD, but Lalu Prasad Yadav did not pay attention to the party. However, at that time, Sadanand Singh was happy that the Congress was fighting alone in the state.

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When Lalu also bowed to Sadanand Singh’s stubbornness
Even before the 2020 Assembly elections, Sadanand Singh kept talking about breaking the alliance with the RJD and entering the fray alone. When the party leadership was not ready for this, Sadanand Singh was the only leader who kept demanding 70 seats in the alliance. In the end, the RJD had to bow down and the Congress got the same number of seats.

Sadanand Singh, Leader of Kahalgaon Assembly Constituency
If you look at Sadanand Singh’s position on RJD, he has always been opposed to this party. But whenever the central leadership decided to maintain the alliance, Sadanand Singh acted morally on the side of the party. It is noteworthy that Sadanand Singh never changed his constituency.

From 19 to 2015, he contested 12 consecutive elections from Kahalgaon constituency and won nine times. Apart from the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, there were several ministers in the Bihar government and also the State President of the Congress. Singh had also won from Kahalgaon constituency in the 1977 Janata Latte. When the Congress cut his ticket in 1985, he contested and won the election as an independent from Kahalgaon.

Sadanand Singh gave his son a political legacy
Sadanand Singh had ended his political innings in the 2020 elections. Congress gave ticket to his son Shubhanand Mukesh from Kahalgaon constituency. But they lost the election. The friendship between Nitish Kumar and Sadanand Singh is always discussed. Whenever Nitish visited Bhagalpur, he decided to stay with Sadanand Singh.

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