Delhi Crime News: Delhi: A woman cheated online by showing a fake ID in the name of a martyr

Delhi Crime News: Delhi: A woman cheated online by showing a fake ID in the name of a martyr
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Delhi Crime News: Delhi: A woman cheated online by showing a fake ID in the name of a martyr

Delhi Crime News: Delhi: A woman cheated online by showing a fake ID in the name of a martyr


  • The woman cheated online by showing a fake ID in her name
  • In the second wave of Corona, the woman lost her husband
  • According to the woman, Rs 32,000 was deducted from her account.

New Delhi
The family could not even recover from the shock of her husband’s death in the second wave of corona that the family facing financial crisis was cheated by cyber criminals. By misusing the name of the martyred soldier, the thugs created fake Aadhar cards, PAN cards, Army cards. Raised Rs 32,000 in the name of sending advance money to rent a flat. The cyber cell is investigating the matter.

The victim, 47-year-old Anju Bakshi, said she was originally from Delhi. Noida has recently shifted to Sector-76. There is a flat in Noida Sector-34. Her husband Rajesh Bakshi has passed away. He is survived by his 21-year-old son Mayank Bakshi and 18-year-old daughter Meghna Bakshi. Both are learning now. Rajesh used to run an online spiritual website. In the early weeks of the second wave of corona, everyone except the girl was hit by the covid. The condition was so bad that hospital beds were not available. Being helpless, they were isolated in different rooms at home. Fever, respiratory problems started. Meanwhile, on April 23, the husband died at home. In a fierce wave of corona, she carried her husband’s body with her son and daughter to the funeral with great effort.

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A few days later, he posted photos of the Sector-34 flat and rent details on the property portal. The next day the phone rang. The caller said he was speaking from Sachin Sharma Army and was stationed in Jharkhand. Posting took place in Delhi. The family consists of a daughter and a wife. He said Noida would have to move immediately. He said that when you come to Delhi, pay the rent after seeing the flat. He said it is early so that they can complete the shifting work. The man said he had sent Rs 14,000 to his Paytm number. On this he told him that the money had not come. At this the person asked to scan the QR code. As soon as the scan was done, Rs 14,000 was deducted from his account. Anju said that instead of getting the money, it was cut. The person asked to re-scan the QR code, citing a transaction problem. This time too, the amount was deducted instead of coming to Anju’s account.

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According to Anju, Rs 32,000 was deducted from his account. On his suspicion, the man sent a copy of his Army ID proof, PAN card, Aadhar card and other documents to WhatsApp. He was convinced that the man was in the army, but again when asked to scan the QR code, he refused. The man then began abusing her. According to Anju, that night and the next day, he kept calling and pressuring her to scan the QR code once more. When he talked about getting an FIR, he started threatening to do whatever he wanted. He checked by dialing that person’s number from another person’s mobile, it came in the name of ‘scam’ in the track caller. When I came to know about Sachin, I found out that he is an army martyr, whose name is being misused with photo ID, PAN card, Aadhar card. After this, the complaint along with all the evidence was sent to the local police, cyber police, Delhi Police Commissioner, Delhi Cyber ​​Cell, Home Ministry’s cyber portal. Police are now investigating the matter.

Cyber ​​fraud
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