Delhi Traffic Pattern: New on Google Mobility Data: Delhi Traffic Pattern Changed: Delhi Traffic News Update

Delhi Traffic Pattern: New on Google Mobility Data: Delhi Traffic Pattern Changed: Delhi Traffic News Update
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Delhi Traffic Pattern: New on Google Mobility Data: Delhi Traffic Pattern Changed: Delhi Traffic News Update

Delhi Traffic Pattern: New on Google Mobility Data: Delhi Traffic Pattern Changed: Delhi Traffic News Update


  • Kovid changed the trend of traffic, now people are emphasizing on safety
  • According to the Google Mobility Pattern, public transport hubs are declining
  • Expert: Some drive is needed to streamline transportation

New Delhi: The Kovid companion has changed the mode of traffic in the capital. According to experts, new traffic hotspots are also emerging in the capital. One of the worst trends in transportation is the decline in public transport. According to experts, this time the transport system needs some boost.
navbharat timesThe economy is recovering from the corona, with industrial production up 11.5 per cent in July
According to Google Mobility Trends, the epidemic has changed the mode of transportation in the capital. With this tool, the distance and number of people traveling are estimated. Accordingly, during the lockdown last year, the number of trips to retail stores, entertainment venues, parks, supermarkets, pharmacies and offices fell by 80 per cent. Public transport, including bus and metro stations, saw an 88 percent reduction in the number of trips during the lockdown. But as the lockdown came to an end, things began to change. On April 1 last year, trips to supermarkets and pharmacies were down 73 percent. It is down 64 per cent on May 1, 27 per cent on June 1, 26 per cent on July 1 and just 20 per cent on August 1.

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As per the July 26 mobility trend, visits to retail and entertainment venues such as cafes, shopping centers, cinemas, etc. declined by 29 per cent and office trips by 30 per cent, but movements in residential areas increased. According to 9 percent of experts, the most worrying trend between Corona is the declining number of trips to public transport centers such as metro stations and bus stands. Mobility trends are showing that despite the public transport mode being on, there is a 24 per cent drop in trips here. However, this shortcoming is also due to the change in public transport rules caused by Kovid. According to experts, in addition to seating capacity, people are using private means instead of public transport for health and safety reasons. People have started using private means to travel short distances. This is the reason why the number of private vehicles on the road is increasing after Kovid.

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navbharat timesDon’t drive under the influence of alcohol, strictness on driving under the influence of alcohol has resumed in Delhi
According to CSE’s analysis, the travel speed in the 12 main parts of the capital before the lockdown was 24 kilometers per hour, which increased to 46 kilometers per hour during the lockdown. But after the lockdown, it dropped to 29km / h in October, November 2020. According to CSE’s Anumita Roy Chaudhary, even though public transport is open, many people are still afraid of infection and do not want to risk traveling in it. Because of this people are using their vehicles more. People who used to go in metro and bus despite having their own car, are now using their car for safety and convenience. According to experts, private companies are still calling people to the office for a short period of time with the convenience of working from home. So now the need for transportation is for unplanned trips and flexible trips.

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According to Amit Bhatt, Director (Integrated Urban Transport), World Resource Institute, people are using private vehicles instead of public transport for safety reasons. Delhi has invested heavily in mass transit mode, but it has been affected by the epidemic. According to experts, this time there is a need to invest in flexible, demand-based transit modes, etc. That is, there should be a system that can provide companies with flexible working hours. Such an arrangement is underway in San Francisco. The bus schedule is still the same, but the demand for staff has changed.

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