Dengue fever: Viral in UP

Dengue fever: Viral in UP
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Dengue fever: Viral in UP

Dengue fever: Viral in UP


  • A special team of doctors will be sent to three districts of UP
  • Mysterious viral havoc continues in Mathura, Mainpuri and Firozabad
  • After the death of the children, camps are being set up by the health department.

Fever persists in many districts of Uttar Pradesh. The children are suffering from fever. Many children have died in Mathura, Firozabad, Mainpuri. Also the corona is changing from time to time. In view of this, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has issued strict instructions to stop the mysterious viral diseases in Mathura, Mainpuri and Firozabad. A team of special doctors will be sent to these three districts.

The order issued by the government on Monday said that all arrangements should be made with immediate effect as per the symptoms and circumstances. In these three districts of Uttar Pradesh, patients suffering from this disease have been coming forward continuously for the last several days. Seeing this, the Chief Minister of UP has given instructions.

Children die of high fever
Dengue started from Makhanpur area in Firozabad, but today it has spread like an epidemic in the entire district. In many villages and neighborhoods, children have become a waste of time after being caught. The health system is proving to be inadequate. In Firozabad, 32 children and eight adults have died due to fever. Camps are being set up at various places by the health department after a series of deaths of children.

navbharat timesViral in Uttar Pradesh: Mysterious viral havoc in western Uttar Pradesh, 50 deaths including 26 children in a week, treatment of 2 to 3 patients in one bed each
More than 50 people died
According to sources, the number of patients is increasing in three districts of UP. The scourge of fever has increased so much that more than 50 people have died in the last 15 days. There are fears of dengue, but it is not yet clear what the real cause of the disease is. On Tuesday, a team from the health department of Agra and Mathura had to go door-to-door to know the condition of the patients. Mathura CMO Dr Rachna Gupta had said that fears of dengue were being expressed. The report is still awaited.

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