Dev Anand wanted to propose Zeenat Aman Raj Kapoor spoiled his plan

Dev Anand wanted to propose Zeenat Aman Raj Kapoor spoiled his plan
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Dev Anand wanted to propose Zeenat Aman Raj Kapoor spoiled his plan

Dev Anand wanted to propose Zeenat Aman Raj Kapoor spoiled his plan

New Delhi. Bollywood’s famous actress Zeenat Aman was one of the legendary actresses of her time. Zeenat Aman is also known in the industry due to her boldness. Zeenat Aman made her debut in the year 1970 with Superstar Dev Anand’s film. Actually, Zeenat’s acting in ‘The Evil Within’ won the hearts of the audience. After which Dev Anand cast her in his film ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’. Zeenat Aman appeared as Dev Anand in this film. After the release of the film, Zeenat Aman also started getting recognition as a mainstream actress of Bollywood.

Dev Anand mentions Zeenat Aman in autobiography

When Zeenat Aman was just 20 years old. Then he entered the film industry. At the same time, Dev Anand was 48 years old. There was a long gap between the ages of both. But despite this, Dev Anand gave his heart to Zeenat. Zeenat Aman has also mentioned Zeenat in her autobiography Romancing with Life. Dev Anand has written in his book that ‘he started loving Zeenat. He had also made a plan to propose Zeenat and he had thought that he would also make his own partner.

Raj Kapoor’s entry in Dev Anand’s love story

In the book, Dev Anand told that he was about to speak his heart to Zeenat Aman when actor Raj Kapoor entered his love-story. In the book, Dev Anand told that whenever Zeenat was mentioned. He used to be happy. That’s when they used to talk. So Zeenat used to be happy. Dev Anand tells that both of them had come very close to each other. Then he realized that he had started loving Zeenat. He chose a romantic place like Rendezvous to propose Zeenat. Where he had gone with Zeenat earlier.

Dev Anand further explains that the day he was about to propose Zeenat Aman. There was also a party that day. Raj Kapoor also came to the party. who had been drinking. He met Zeenat. Drunk Raj Kapoor hugged him. What they saw was very strange. At the same time, a drunk Raj told Zeenat that ‘she is breaking her promise. Raj told Zeenat that he had promised her that she would always be with him in a white sari.

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The news of Zeenat Aman-Raj Kapoor’s affair started coming true

At the same time, news about Raj Kapoor and Zeenat started coming out between the film ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’. Dev Anand told that the rumor which was flying slowly started coming true. Hearing this, blood started flowing from his chest.

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Dev Anand’s heart was broken

Dev Anand was badly broken after this statement of Dev Anand. He wrote in the book that ‘He had an embarrassment on his face and now Zeenat for him was no longer the previous Zeenat. Dev Anand’s heart was torn to pieces by the association of Zeenat’s name with Raj Kapoor. After which Dev Anand left the place silently.

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