Devaraha Baba was a Siddha Yogi and a miraculous saint, from Indira Gandhi to George V.

Devaraha Baba was a Siddha Yogi and a miraculous saint, from Indira Gandhi to George V.
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Devaraha Baba was a Siddha Yogi and a miraculous saint, from Indira Gandhi to George V.

Devaraha Baba was a Siddha Yogi and a miraculous saint, from Indira Gandhi to George V.

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Kaushal Kishor Tripathi, Deoria
India is a country of sages. God has also bowed before the devotion and deeds of the yogis here. There was one such Siddha Yogi in Deoria, who is still known by his name. Who had achieved many achievements. He knew people’s minds and walked on water. Many big politicians, bureaucrats from home and abroad used to come to Baba for blessings. There are many stories of his miracles. Baba used to pay obeisance to the devotees from the scaffolding built in the ashram situated on the banks of river Saryu. In 1111, George V came to his ashram to pay obeisance to God. Baba’s Ashram is located at Mayil village on the banks of Saryu river, about 40 km from Deoria district headquarters. Due to Saryu living in Dira area, his name became Devarah Baba. Slim body, long hair, yagnovit on the shoulders and deer blisters on the waist, was Baba’s dress. Former President Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya, former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Chandrasekhar, Vishwanath Pratap Singh, Veer Bahadur Singh, Jagannath Mishra and many other politicians from abroad also came to visit Baba. During the monsoons, the catastrophic flood waters of the Saryu River began to recede after Baba Machan arrived.

Devaraha Baba had given a paw mark to the Congress
After the Emergency, when the Congress party suffered a crushing defeat in the 1977 general election. Then Indira Gandhi had reached her ashram to seek blessings from Devarah Baba. It is said that Baba raised his hands and blessed them with claws. On his return from there, Indiraji changed the Congress election symbol into a palm of his hand. In 1980, under Indiraji’s leadership, the Congress gained an overwhelming majority on the paw symbol and became the Prime Minister of that country. In the year 1911, George V came to his ashram to seek the blessings of Devarah Baba. It is said that he talked to Baba for a long time.

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… and Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s program was postponed
According to the regional father, the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was once going to visit Baba. On the way to the ashram from the main road there was an old tree whose branches were bent down. Security personnel began preparing to cut down trees to go to the PM’s convoy. When Baba found out about this, he called the security personnel and told them that the tree is our companion of happiness and sorrow. He speaks to us in private. You people do not cut down trees, the Prime Minister’s program will now be canceled. Shortly afterwards, news broke that the Prime Minister’s program had been canceled.

Baba was buried in Vrindavan in 1990
Devarah Baba also used to walk on water. No one saw Baba coming or going anywhere. Due to Khechari Siddhi, he used to reach where he wanted with the speed of his mind. He used to give prasad to the devotees. Baba also understood the language of animals. He had never eaten food in his life. Milk and honey were taken as fruit food. Devarah Baba used to stay in his ashram for 8 months of the year, while the rest of the time he used to stay in Kashi, Prayag, Mathura and the Himalayas. No one has any idea his age. Baba’s devotees claim that he lived for 900 years. Baba had gone to Vrindavan at the last moment. Baba passed away on June 11, 1990. A few hours before his funeral, the weather is said to have changed abruptly.

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