How to Develop a Dating App Like Bumble: Cost & Features

According to the survey, Tinder and Bumble lead the charts and will continue to do so. It is estimated that the dating app industry alone has made several billion in the world so far.

It is a considerable amount when we subordinate the payment to one area of ​​movement. So if you are thinking about designing dating apps, you are absolutely on the right track.

However, selecting the proper way is not enough. A company making an online dating application should be equipped with appropriate knowledge in the dating field.

The essential factor to be conscious of is the cost of creating dating apps like Bumble.

For your comfort, this post will discuss various financial constraints that you require to consider before designing a dating app.

Introduction of Mobile Dating Apps

The social dating mobile app allows users to find a match and arrange a date with them through a chat feature.

Most apps require users to enter their location, attractions, and affections to find an ideal match.

Several dating apps are available to the user nowadays. The most famous ones have Bumble and Tinder.

These two apps have seen considerable growth in use, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic.

And more latest dating apps now come with innovative features like video calling and audio messaging. Let’s have a look at the statistics of mobile app development.

The online dating industry has seen tremendous growth in terms of revenue over the past few years. Its popularity is constantly increasing.

And this is mainly due to the increase in the number of singles around the world, especially in Asia and the Pacific, Europe, and North America.

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Overview of Bumble Mobile App

Bumble is one of the leading online dating apps obtainable today. It presents users with a direct way to identify a compatible match.

One of the most useful things about the app is that it only permits women to make the first move. It makes women not only feel better but also much more comfortable when using the platform.

In addition, it also supports same-sex relationships, if the user is paired with another user of the same gender.

Bumble is extremely popular, especially among the younger demographic, with a superior interface and unique characteristics.

Bumble is free to download. However, it also presents a bonus performance that presents extra and unique features.

Essential Features to Contain while Developing Dating App Like Bumble

If you prepare to develop a dating app that stands out, you require to combine unique and compelling features.

At the same time, however, there are some specific features in the Bumble mobile app that you need to include to ensure you meet market standards. Now let us take a look at these components.

User Onboarding & Clearance

Once a user logs in using their mobile number or Facebook account, he or she is offered an onboarding alternative.

This component presents users with the platform and allows them to guide it. In addition, the authorization function confirms the uniqueness of the new user before starting the profile setup.

Setting & Editing of Profile

Having a clear and appropriate user profile section is essential for an online dating app. Here user can enter all their required details like hobbies, preferences, hobbies, interests, etc. along with the bio.

For new users’ comfortability, the app must have the capacity to integrate appropriate data from other social media networks such as Instagram or Facebook.

It will save the user time and deliver greater simplicity.

Left-Right Swipe

Providing the swiping option is a must if you want to create a dating app like Bumble.

With this component, users can swipe right for profiles they are interested in, and left for those they do not like.

Overall, this is a great feature that makes pairing profiles extremely easy.

Push Information

Push messages are an integral feature that allows for increasing user attention. Whenever there is a new match or a message from someone, the user will accept a notification about it.

Private Chat

A quick and easy-to-use chat feature is fundamental to making a good dating app. It allows users to connect and develop their relationships.

Make sure the chat option in your app also includes the option to add stickers and GIFs. It will help create the conversation much more pleasurable.

Cost To Develop a Dating App

The total price of designing a dating app can depend on several factors – the complexity of the app, technology stack, features, functionality, level of design, and any specific requirements you might want to add.

The stark fact about dating app Development company is that if you want to create a dating app like Bumble, you are going to need a serious budget.

You can finish the development process for a dating app for between $30k and $40k.

A developer’s hourly rate is also crucial to determining the overall cost, so take that into consideration.

Cross-platform application architecture requires a complex technology solution that can take a long time to develop.

Some components that form the basis of application performance are always more expensive and time-consuming.

Challenges in Developing Dating App

Some challenges also come when you make your mobile dating app. Let’s have look at these;

Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is a major problem in online dating. Normally, this bullying is desired at upsetting or angering those who are targeted.

In the case of online dating apps, gays are mostly targeted and compelled.

If you are planning to develop a dating app like Bumble, be sure to deliver an option where users can instantly report any instances of cyber bullying.

It will ensure that you attain the user’s trust and maintain them in the long run.

Personal Data Security

Online data applications require users to enter their data. This is exposed data, and it is the dating app company’s responsibility to ensure that this data remains secure.

However, cyber-attacks are quite common. In fact, in 2019, most occupied user accounts were hacked, leading to many problems.

So if you are preparing to develop a dating app, you need to take appropriate steps to ensure the safety of users’ data.

Users will never come back to use your app if any security border is licked.

Final Words

The online dating industry is depending on a wave of evolution. This is mainly because such applications make it extremely comfortable for users to create relationships on the go.

Even in their hectic lifestyles, dating app users are likely to meet like-minded people and get to know them satisfactorily.

With advanced features like location tracking, matching algorithms, safe chatting options, etc., dating apps are becoming more famous.

So it is quite obvious that financing in a good dating app like Bumble is a lucrative business option.

You need to get in touch with a reputed app development company and discuss your idea.

With developed components like location search, matching algorithms, safe chat opportunities, etc., dating apps are becoming increasingly popular.

So, it is pretty obvious that financing in a good dating app like Bumble is an attractive business opportunity.

You must hire a respectable app development company to discuss your idea.

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