Who Should I Hire to Develop Node.js and How Much Will It Cost?

Node.js is the most popular JavaScript platform as well as prominent back-end technology.

And it’s no wonder, given that Node.js modules, tools, and IDEs make web development quicker and easier. This technique is also scalable and lightweight.

Node.js multitasks well, consumes little server resources, and is powered by V8, a fast engine for Chrome browsers such as Google Chrome.

Choosing a backend technology for your web application is not a simple task. Working with Node.js engineers, on the other hand, may be the ideal choice if you want to emphasize efficiency and scalability while lowering development costs.

Gig apps have become increasingly popular as more people look for flexible and convenient ways to earn extra income.

The Price of Hiring Node.js Developers

Without a doubt, the Node.js framework is used in the vast majority of software development projects nowadays. However, it has significantly increased the difficulty of obtaining the proper skills for the work at a fair price.

A remote Node.js developer may expect to earn between $12,000 and $150,000 per year. Hiring remote Node.js engineers costs between $20 and $90 per hour.

Node JS developers in the United States and Western Europe charge substantially higher hourly rates than Indian developers; yet, this discrepancy in hourly prices implies a compromise in developer professionalism or skill set. As an example:

  • js developers in Ukraine earn $67K per year.
  • js developers in India earn a salary of $25,000.
  • js engineers earn $105K a year in the United States.

This explains why Node.js is so popular among engineers and business owners alike. Because of their speed and performance, businesses may develop outstanding digital goods and apps. Additionally, developers like Node.js’ event-driven design and frequent usage of JavaScript.

Nonetheless, owing to increasing demand and rising salaries, it is tough to locate the greatest talent. As a result, hiring remote Node.js engineers is the ideal option. You may have access to a larger and more diverse talent pool without spending a lot at the same time.

How to Find the Best Node.js Developers

You’ve probably already started looking through respected Node.js development organizations looking for specialists all across the globe, but have you given it any thought?

Let’s go through all of the prospective work possibilities in light of your project’s specifications and decide which of the following solutions is best for you


With so many options to choose from, hiring a freelancer frequently seems to be the most appealing choice. There is, however, always a catch. Freelancers work for themselves and may be accomplished professionals with a lot of projects under their belt, competitive pricing, and positive feedback. However, you cannot be certain that all of the information presented is correct. We recommend considering this option just if you need to make minimal updates to a website or app, or if you need someone to work on a basic short-term project.

In-house Node.js Developers

If you are planning to launch a project that will need frequent updates, maintenance, and post-launch help, you should engage a Node js developer to work in-house.

The most significant advantage of having an internal team is that communication is established. Because it is your workforce, you can reach them anytime you need to.


If your organization decides to employ outsourcing services, the procedure is comparable to staff augmentation. All your firm has to do is contact a development shop with Node.js competence and agree on the project requirements and team required to complete it. Then, a remote development team will work on your Node.js applications.

Outsourcing is frequently less expensive than recruiting in-house. Outsourcing, on the other hand, is a superior alternative for firms searching for a permanent team of Node.js engineers and a safe manner of recruiting since each contract member signs the NDA (Non-disclosure agreement). Similarly, staff augmentation is the greatest option for a temporary outsourced solution.

Examine prospective product developers’ core technological stacks and request an efficient understanding of Node.js Back-End and Front-End frameworks. Examine your knowledge of cloud platforms and API connectivity.


Node.js is applicable to a broad range of sectors and business situations. Applications that need client-side rendering and must manage many requests benefit from starting with Node.js.

However, in order to properly deploy Node.js development, you must first choose a reliable partner from whom to employ Node.js engineers.

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