DGCA issues notice: DDA flats in Vasant Kunj are coming in the way of air transport, DGCA issues notice

DGCA issues notice: DDA flats in Vasant Kunj are coming in the way of air transport, DGCA issues notice
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DGCA issues notice: DDA flats in Vasant Kunj are coming in the way of air transport, DGCA issues notice

DGCA issues notice: DDA flats in Vasant Kunj are coming in the way of air transport, DGCA issues notice


  • Vasant Kunj’s DDA flats are coming in the way of air transport
  • The DGCA issued a notice to the DDA in August
  • These apartments are within a 20 km radius of IGI Airport.

New Delhi
People living in Vasant Kunj’s D-6 DDA flat are facing a big problem. Essential service structures built on their roofs can be demolished. The actual DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation) issued a notice to the DDA in August. Accordingly, the four D-6 apartments will have to remove some of the permanent structures built on their roofs. According to the DGCA notice, DDA will have to reduce the height of fifteen buildings and remove some structures on the terraces of four apartments in Vasant Kunj – Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada and Saraswati. Their height is higher than the prescribed standards, which is a danger to ships landing at IGI airport.

RWA accusation – did not speak to us
According to the RWA of these four apartments, the DDA has also responded to the DGCA to reduce the height of these apartments and has not spoken to the people of the apartment or the RWA. According to the RWA, people have put their lifetime earnings here. The flats have been taken after seeing the facilities. Structures that have been asked to be removed include water tanks, fire tanks and lift machine rooms. It includes essential features. If these are broken then how can people be safe here.

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‘DDA made a mistake, so why should we tolerate it’
The notice states that the height of the water tank and the fire tank is a few meters higher than the prescribed standards. If these tanks are installed elsewhere, there are many problems and the supply may not be intact. The elevator machine room is also upstairs. The elevator can’t run without it. The towers to which notices have been sent are 8 to 9 storeys high. According to RWA President, Ganga Apartments, NS More, these flats were built to accommodate players before the Commonwealth Games. After the game, it was sold by DDA. Anything that goes wrong is done by DDA before it is sold. So why should people tolerate the wrongs of others? Taking such a big decision alone, the DDA has given its own answer to the DGCA. Didn’t even talk to people. RWAs are requesting a visit to the DDA and DGCA in this regard.

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The DDA said – the case is being resolved
According to information received from DDA, the matter is being resolved in collaboration with the Airport Authority. There are some illegal structures on some of the flats on the top floor of the apartment. DDA water tanks are also coming in the way of air transport. The DDA said it would soon conduct a joint survey with the airport authority. This will determine how the height of the tanks can be brought to a certain standard. According to the DDA, there is no problem with the upstairs flat. The height of some of the roof structures is high.

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These apartments come within the perimeter of the airport
These apartments are located within a radius of 20 km from IGI Airport. Flights arrive and depart from here every few minutes. According to people, they have been living here for ten years but so far no accident has taken place. However, people living upstairs are more concerned after the notice. The four apartments have ten towers and four of them are tall apartments. The apartments have more than 470 flats and 15 tall buildings are also said to be a hindrance to air traffic.


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