Dharmendra Lonavala Farmhouse Unseen Pics

Dharmendra Lonavala Farmhouse Unseen Pics
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Dharmendra Lonavala Farmhouse Unseen Pics

Dharmendra Lonavala Farmhouse Unseen Pics

New Delhi. Veteran actor Dharmendra is very active on social media. 85-year-old Dharmendra entertains his fans a lot with his posts on social media. Often he also shares memories related to old pictures with his fans. These days Dharmendra is spending time at his Lonaval farmhouse. Dharmendra has been living in Lonavala Farmhouse for almost 2 years. Dharmendra is sometimes seen doing farming at the farmhouse. Sometimes they are seen swimming. In such a situation, it turns out that Dharmendra’s farmhouse is equipped with many facilities. Today we are going to show you some unseen pictures of Dharmendra’s farmhouse.


There is a waterfall and a lake in the farmhouse

There is a beautiful flowing waterfall and lake at Dharmendra’s farmhouse.


Dharmendra’s farmhouse is in Lonavala

This farmhouse of Dharmendra is located in Lonavala near Mumbai. The actor has a lot of cows and buffaloes in the farmhouse.

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Very big farmhouse

It is said that this farmhouse of Dharmendra is spread over 1000 feet.


Dharmendra while spending here

Ever since the lockdown happened. Since then Dharmendra has been living at his farmhouse. Where he spent his leisure time with himself.

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Buffaloes are on the farmhouse

In an interview given to a magazine, Dharmendra had said that he is a Jat and Jat loves land and fields. Dharmendra had told that there are some buffaloes also at his farmhouse.


do organic farming at farmhouse

In an interview, the actor had said that he spends most of his time at the farmhouse in Lonaval. Where he prefers to do organic farming. Dharmendra had told that he grows rice at his farmhouse.


There is a lake and a mountain in the middle of the farmhouse

This is the farmhouse of Dharmendra. It is between a mountain and a waterfall. There is greenery all around them. There is a lake in front of the farmhouse. Which is about 1000 feet deep.


Mangoes are plucked from the garden

Dharmendra’s farmhouse has a garden named Rock Garden. Where the actor has often been seen plucking mangoes.


Hema Malini spends time in the farmhouse

By the way, let us tell you that Dharmendra spends a lot of time in this farmhouse with his second wife Hema Malini. Many pictures of both have been clicked in this farmhouse.


The video was shared while doing aerobics in the swimming pool

This luxurious farmhouse of Dharmendra also has a large swimming pool. Some time back the actor posted a video of himself doing water aerobics in swimming. After seeing this, it was clearly known that this farmhouse of Dharmendra is very beautiful.

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