Did Ernest Hemingway Have Grandchildren?

He had a total of 12 grandchildren. They are named Joan Hemingway, Margaux Hemingway, Mariel Hemingway, Lorian Hemingway, John Patrick Hemingway, Maria Hemingway, Brendan Hemingway, Patrick Hemingway, Sean Hemingway, Edward Hemingway, Mina Hemingway, and Vanessa Hemingway.

Ernest Hemingway’s oldest son, Jack, had three children: Joan, Margaux, and Mariel. His middle son, Patrick, had one child: Mina Hemingway. His youngest son, Gregory, had eight children (Lorian, John Patrick, Maria, Brendan, Patrick, Sean, Edward and Vanessa). Patrick is the only one of Ernest’s three sons who is still alive, but he is 85 years old and probably won’t have any more kids. Margaux is the only grandchild who has passed away at this time.

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