Top 90 dirty pick up lines to start Flirt Conversation

Top 90 dirty pick up lines to start Flirt Conversation
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Top 90 dirty pick up lines to start Flirt Conversation

Top 90 dirty pick up lines to start Flirt Conversation

Pick-up lines also referred to as chat-up lines, are classic one-liners that are used from time out of mind to interact with an individual for a romantic or relationship. You’re probably already conversant in romantic pick-up lines like ‘heaven must be missing an angel because you’re standing right next to me.’ Or if you favor being a touch humorous, you’ll have used chat-up lines like ‘do you think crazy initially sight or should I walk past you again?’

Now, there are thousands of pick-up lines that you simply can use to measure a person’s level of interest in you. But if you would like to be a touch-up front together with your sexual intentions, your best bet is to travel for dirty pick-up lines.

dirty pick up lines

dirty pick up lines

Note that dirty chat-up lines aren’t for the faint-hearted. These lines are ideal for risk-takers preferring to chop to the chase. Does that describe you? Well, you’ve come to the proper place.

We’ve prepared an in-depth collection of the dirtiest pick-up lines that carry heavy sexual connotations.

Dirty Pick-up Lines

1. Are you a haunted house? I’m getting to scream when I’m in you.

2. Are you a raisin? Because you’re raisin’ my dick.

3. Are you a stack of dirty dishes? ‘Cause I would like to urge you wet and does one all night long.

4. Are you an eco-friendly quiet girl? The condom in my pocket goes out of date tomorrow, so why don’t you help me use it?

5. am I able to borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll provide it back.

6. are you able to tell me what time your legs open, please?

7. Did you send the invitation to the party between your legs within the post or does one wanna provides it to me in person?

8. does one believe in karma? Because I do know some good karma-sutra positions.

9. does one have any room for an additional tongue in your mouth?

10. does one have pet insurance? No. That’s regrettable because your pussy goes to urge pounded tonight.

11. does one wish to draw? Because I put the D in Raw.

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12. does one mix concrete for a living? Because you’re making me hard.

13. Fuck me if I’m wrong, but dinosaurs still exist right?

14. Give me your car keys so I can drive you crazy.

15. Hey girl, I’m a fully-fledged meteorologist and something’s telling me you’re certain a couple of inches tonight.

16. Hey! My name is Microsoft. am I able to crash at your home tonight?

17. I don’t think I would like your babies, but I wouldn’t mind refining my baby-making technique with you.

18. I just popped a Viagra. So we’ve got about a half-hour to urge back to your home.

19. I lost my keys… am I able to check your pants?

20. I lost my virginity. am I able to have yours?

21. I really like my bed but I’d preferably be in yours.

22. I’ll not have gotten your virginity, but am I able to a minimum of having the box it came in?

23. I feel I could fall head over heels in bed with you.

24. I might tell you a joke about my penis, but it’s too long.

25. I’d like to see you wearing your raw.

26. I’m a mind reader and yes I will be able to roll in the hay you.

27. I’m a zombie, am I able to eat you out?

28. I’m an adventurer and that I want to explore you.

29. I’m gonna roll in the hay with you tonight so you would possibly also be there.

30. I’m not into watching sunsets, but I’d like to see you go down.

31. I’m not usually into hunting but I’d like to catch you and mount you everywhere in my house.

32. I’m on top of things. Would you wish to be one among them?

33. I’ve heard the population is on the slide, why don’t we do something that tonight?

34. I’ve recently qualified as a gynecologist and I’d wish to provide you with my pro-boner services.

35. If you were an elevator, what button would I even have to push to urge you to travel down?

36. If you’re feeling down, I can feel you up.

37. Is it hot in here? Or is it just you?

38. Just to be clear, we’re both heading for an equivalent bed tonight, right?

39. Let me guess your favorite position: anything that involves my balls bouncing against your ass.

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40. My biology teacher told me that the lips are the foremost sensitive part of the body, wanna determine if she was right?

41. My magic watch says you’re not wearing any underwear. Oh, you are? It must be a quarter-hour fast.

42. Remember my name, because you’ll be screaming it later.

43. Roses are red. Violets are fine. You are the 6. I’ll be the 9.

44. Tell your boobs to prevent watching my eyes.

45. That dress looks specialized on you but, it might look better on my bedroom floor.

46. That’s a pleasant shirt. am I able to try it on after we’ve sex?

47. The FBI wants to steal my penis. am I able to hide it inside you?

48. the sole reason I might kick you out of bed would be to fuck you on the ground.

49. Treat me sort of a pirate and provides me that booty.

50. Want to return over and watch porn all night on my new mirror?

51. what’s a pleasant girl such as you doing during a dirty mind like mine?

52. What’s the difference between a Ferrari and an erection? I don’t have a Ferrari.

53. What’s the entry fee for your grand leg opening event?

54. Why don’t you panic your parents and sleepover at mine tonight without telling them?

55. With school, I just want an A. With you, I just want to F.

56. you’re so selfish. You’re getting to have that body the remainder of your life and that I just want it for one night.

57. You know, if I were you, I’d roll in the hay with me.

58. You’re on my list of things to try to do tonight.

59. Your ass is so tight I would like to crack my nuts thereon.

60. Your body is formed from 70% water. . .and I’m thirsty.

61. Is your name winter? Because you’ll be coming soon.

62. Do I even have to sign for your package?

63. I do know an excellent thanks to burning off the calories therein drink.

64. Are you a drill sergeant? Because you’ve got my privates standing at attention.

65. what’s a pleasant person such as you doing during a dirty mind like mine?

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66. does one have any Italian in you? Would you wish some?

67. I’d like to kiss those beautiful, luscious lips. and therefore the ones on your face.

68. Are you a doctor? Because you only cured my male erecticle dysfunction.

69. Want to travel back to my place and watch porn on my flat screen mirror?

70. I put the STD in stud, all I want is U.

71. Are you an angel? Because I got a boner… Ohh crap messed that up!

72. Hey listen here I’m gonna flip this coin and whatever it lands on is what I buy.

73. Let’s pretend I’m the Titanic and you’re the ocean, I’ll go down on you.

74. I prefer you wish I prefer my coffee. Constantly inside me.

75. Are you butt dialing me? I assumed I heard your ass calling me.

76. Are those pants from space? Because your ass is out of this world.

77. Roses are red, violets are blue. I prefer spaghetti, let’s go screw.

78. So how does one like your eggs within the morning? Scrambled, or fertilized?

79. You’re so hot, my zipper is falling for you.

80. Are you my pinky toe? Because I wanna bang you on my cocktail table later tonight.

81. If you were a fruit, you’d be a fine apple.

82. Are you a beaver? ‘Cause dam.

83. Need a pillow to take a seat on? I am often yours if you would like.

84. Are you a chicken farmer? Because you sure skills to boost a cock.

85. There’s an enormous sale in my bedroom immediately. Clothes are 100% off!

86. Is that a keg in your pants? ‘Cause I wanna tap that ass.

87. Is your name Medusa? ‘Cause I’m rock hard.

88. Wanna go halfsies on a baby?

89. does one want to sin your next confessional?

90. I’m scared of the dark. Could you roll in the hay me tonight?

Final Word

Remember to exercise caution before using any of the above dirty pick-up lines. the traditional wisdom is to work out the results you plan to realize first. as an example, does one want to form the opposite person laugh their heart off, or are you seriously trying to urge them horny? Always choose a chat-up line that suits your intended purpose.

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