Dispute over Pawan Kalyan statement

Dispute over Pawan Kalyan statement
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Dispute over Pawan Kalyan statement

Dispute over Pawan Kalyan statement

Famous southern film star Pawan Kalyan has also tried his hand in politics but he is mainly known for his acting in Telugu films. Superstar Chiranjeevi’s younger brother Pawan is now in the limelight due to one of his statements.

In fact, Pawan’s nephew Sai Dharam Tej’s new political thriller ‘Republic’ is set to release on October 1. Prior to the release, there was a pre-release event on September 25 in which Sai was hospitalized due to an accident that could not happen. His mama Pawan Kalyan reached out to the event and during this they had a long conversation.

Sai is in a coma

Pawan said he does not go to any of the children’s film events in his house. He wants the children to make their place on their own but they have to come because they are in Sai Hospital. Speaking about Sai’s condition, Pawan said that he has not yet opened his eyes due to the accident and is in a coma.

Government tries to control Telugu films!
Pawan, meanwhile, also lashed out at the Andhra Pradesh government, saying the state government was trying to take over Telugu films. Any actor or filmmaker who speaks out against the government on this issue is being harassed. There was a lot of commotion after this statement. From the set of the film to the political corridor, he has it.

Pawan did not get support

However, after this statement, it seems that Pawan is not getting much support from the industry. Except for Nani and Kartikeya Gumakonda, no one came to support Pawan. Famous Telugu film writer-director and actor Posani Krishna Murali also held a press conference on the occasion. He said he agrees with everything Pawan Kalyan says and Pawan is right but his method is not right. Posani said, ‘Chiranjeevi always used the right words and language to express his views. He never crossed the line, but it is not appropriate for Pawan Kalyan to use offensive language when criticizing ministers.

Pawan shows that he respects women
Not only that, Posani further said to Pawan, ‘You try to show with the help of your film dialogues that you have a lot of respect for women. We give you a job, you do it. A girl from Punjab entered the Telugu film industry with many dreams. She wanted to be a heroine and a well-known person in the industry promised her that he would help her build her career. It will give her a new life but the man spent time with the girl and made her pregnant. He then forcibly aborted her.

The CBI requested an inquiry

Posani said that Pawan Kalyan has enough courage to demand a CBI inquiry into the matter so that the person who cheated on the girl will get his wrongful punishment? The whole conversation did not name who Posani was talking about, so now people think that Posani is only talking about Pawan Kalyan in the statement. #JusticeForPunjabiGirl is trending on social media after this incident.

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