Do not pay these 7 things with credit card, doing so can cause big loss

Do not pay these 7 things with credit card, doing so can cause big loss
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Do not pay these 7 things with credit card, doing so can cause big loss

Do not pay these 7 things with credit card, doing so can cause big loss

In most of the cases, consumers make purchases of their favorite things with credit cards even when they do not have cash. They do not care about which things they should pay with credit card and which should not. Such people have to suffer big losses later.

New Delhi. The biggest advantage of a credit card is that the money is not debited from the account immediately, but it gets a grace period for repayment. But card holders may have to suffer a big loss if some things are not taken care of while using it. This is because most consumers treat credit cards as a normal payment instrument, which is wrong. Also, there are some things for which you should not pay with credit card. Despite this, some people make these mistakes and later regret it.

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Do not pay by credit card for these items

Recently a mail has been sent to its customers from the country’s largest bank SBI. RBI instructions have been given in this mail. RBI has banned payment of certain items through credit cards. These include forex trading, lottery tickets, call back services, betting, sweepstakes, horse racing, gambling transactions and the purchase of magazines that are banned by the government. SBI has informed its clients that some foreign forex trading merchants and casinos etc. or websites promote their products and services. Also, they want to make payment for them through credit card. But you should avoid doing so.

Action can also be taken under FEMA on payment

In fact, apart from the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 (FEMA), many such rules are applicable in view of which you cannot make payment through credit card at the above mentioned places. If you do this, you may be taken with the card and you may be banned from holding the card. Along with this, strict action can also be taken against you under FEMA.

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Before getting a credit card, keep in mind the terms and conditions

If you do not have any credit card history, then before applying, get information about these things. Initially the bank or credit card issuing company will give you a lower limit for spending. But as you use the credit card limit, your limit can be increased. Different credit cards may have different terms and conditions. So keep in mind the terms and conditions. Get details of card related annual charges, finance charges, transfer charges, cash advance charges, foreign transaction charges, over-limit charges etc.

Make payment on time

If you make full settlement of your credit card loan, you will not have to pay interest, but if you do not make the payment within the stipulated time frame, you will have to pay interest on the balance amount. Usually this rate can be 30-40%. If you do not settle the full balance before the deadline and the grace period is missed, you will have to pay interest on the outstanding amount.

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