Doctor Strange 2 ending and post-credits scene explained

Doctor Strange 2 ending and post-credits scene explained
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Doctor Strange 2 ending and post-credits scene explained

Doctor Strange 2 ending and post-credits scene explained

Main spoilers comply with for Doctor Strange 2. You may have been warned.

Doctor Strange within the Multiverse of Insanity has lastly landed in theaters. And, apparent as it’s for us to say, we think about you could have loads of questions on what you’ve got simply watched on the massive display screen.

The most recent Marvel film is a surreal, horror-infused multiversal journey with many transferring elements. For one, there are character cameos from different Marvel superhero movie franchises. Should you’re curious about studying about each one who turns up in Doctor Strange 2, try our full cameos information.

In the meantime, there’s the continuation of plot factors units up in earlier Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) tasks like Spider-Man: No Means House, WandaVision, and Loki, a good diploma of motion, and teases for Doctor Strange’s subsequent solo film.

Your head could also be in a spin, then, after taking in Doctor Strange 2. Primarily based on the above, we might be stunned if it wasn’t. Fortunately for you, although, we’re right here to assist. Under, we run by way of every little thing value figuring out concerning the ending of Doctor Strange within the Multiverse of Insanity. That features its mid-and post-credits scenes (and their cameos), which character survive to finish of the movie, how its units up one other Marvel Part 4 mission, and extra.

It goes with out saying that you just should not learn previous this level in case you’re but to see Doctor Strange 2. We’re diving into enormous spoiler territory to any extent further, so flip again now until you’ve got watched it. However you’ll want to bookmark this web page and return as soon as you’ve got seen the film.

Doctor Strange 2 ending explained: does Wanda die?

Doctor Strange tampers with the Darkhold in his second solo film. (Picture credit score: Marvel Studios)

Regardless of its two-hour runtime, Doctor Strange 2’s plot will get by way of a lot. So let’s break down what really happens throughout its finale, plus any essential occasions main as much as it.

Forward of the movie’s third act, Doctor Strange, America Chavez, and Earth-838’s model of Christine Palmer go searching for the Ebook of Vishanti, a supremely highly effective and magical tome that has the ability to present sorcerers no matter skills, spells, and different magic that they require. This is similar ebook that Defender Strange and Chavez tried to succeed in within the film’s opening sequence as they tried to defeat Gargantos.

With Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch consumed by the Darkhold – the ebook of unspeakably evil energy – it appears that evidently the Ebook of Vishanti is the one method that the trio can cease her from tearing the multiverse aside. Their quest, although, is in useless. Simply as they attain the Ebook of Vishanti, Scarlet Witch catches up with them. You realize, after she’s brutally murdered the Illuminati. You’ll be able to learn extra about them in our separate cameos article, which is linked above.

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She destroys the Ebook of Vishanti, captures Chavez, and sends Doctor Strange and Christine by way of one among Chavez’s multiverse portals into a unique dimension. All Scarlet Witch must do now could be steal Chavez’s multiverse-traversing powers (killing Chavez within the course of), observe down her children Billy and Tommy in an alternate universe, and be reunited with them endlessly. Oh, and maintain dominion over the multiverse, simply in case she wants to flee with them to a different actuality if her youngsters are ever in peril.

In the meantime, Strange and Christine land in one of many universes that Supreme Strange – Earth-838’s model of Doctor Strange – inadvertently destroyed throughout his Incursion Occasion. As a reminder, Incursion Occasions happen when somebody makes use of the Darkhold to journey between two universes, inflicting them to collide with each other, and destroying each (and killing trillions) within the course of. Supreme Strange had used the Darkhold in some unspecified time in the future, which led to an Incursion Occasion between two universes that he had visited. After The Illuminati defeat their universe’s model of Thanos, the remainder of the superhero group’s members vote to kill Supreme Strange as he is thought-about a risk to the multiverse. Reluctantly, Black Bolt terminates Supreme Strange along with his quasi-sonic scream.

Right here, Doctor Strange meets Sinister Strange (one other of his variants) to attempt and persuade the latter to let the previous use Sinister Strange’s model of the Darkhold (a replica exists in each universe) so he can cease Scarlet Witch. Sinister Strange had turned to the Darkhold to attempt and save his universe, however his efforts have been in useless. As a substitute, the Darkhold exacted a heavy toll on him, leaving Strange with a 3rd eye and extra, nicely, sinister skills than his MCU counterpart.

Defender Strange as seen in the Multiverse of Madness trailer

Doctor Strange makes use of the Darkhold to own Defender Strange’s deceased physique to cease Wanda. (Picture credit score: Marvel Studios)

Lengthy story brief, Sinister refuses handy over his Darkhold. He additionally says that, as a result of he did not win the hand of Christine in his universe and get his completely satisfied ending, he has vowed to kill each different Strange variant. The pair struggle and the MCU’s Strange winds up killing Sinister Strange.

Doctor Strange makes use of the Darkhold to dreamwalk, i.e. the method that permits a sorcerer to own (or astral mission into) a variant of themselves in one other universe. He locations his consciousness within the corpse of Defender Strange – the Strange variant who died through the movie’s starting and inadvertently traveled to the MCU with Chavez through the latter’s multiverse portal. With Christine’s assist, Doctor Strange makes use of the Souls of the Damned – evil spirits that attempt to drag sorcerers to their doom – to bolster Defender Strange’s magical skills, permitting Defender Strange’s undead physique to journey to Mount Wundagore and cease Scarlet Witch.

At Chthon’s tower on Mount Wundagore (the birthplace of chaos magic and the place the Darkhold’s a number of spells have been transcribed from), Scarlet Witch begins to steal Chavez’s powers. Nevertheless, she’s interrupted by Defender Strange and Wong – the latter having survived his fall and climbed again to the mountain’s summit. The pair defeat Scarlet Witch’s demonic henchmen earlier than battling Scarlet Witch and, after they briefly incapacitate her, Doctor Strange (by way of Defender Strange) delivers a confidence-boosting speech to Chavez to make use of her powers with out concern.

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Breaking freed from Strange and Wong’s jail, Scarlet Witch immobilizes them, establishing a showdown with Chavez. The pair briefly duel till Chavez realizes that she will solely beat Scarlet Witch a technique. She opens a multiverse portal to the universe the place Scarlet Witch had beforehand dreamwalked as that universe’s model of Wanda, who’s the mother of Billy and Tommy in that dimension.

(*2*)Wanda Maximoff conducts a magical seance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Wanda sacrifices herself on the finish of Doctor Strange 2. (Picture credit score: Marvel Studios)

Shocked at Scarlet Witch’s arrival, this universe’s Wanda tries to guard Billy and Tommy however is attacked by her counterpart. A terrified Billy and Tommy lash out at Scarlet Witch earlier than cowering in concern. Scarlet Witch realizes that she’s develop into a monster and, after the Wanda variant comforts her, she tearfully leaves. Scarlet Witch returns to Mount Wundagore and, consumed by guilt, tells Wong and Chavez that she should atone for her sins. The duo depart by way of a multiverse portal as Scarlet Witch destroys Chthon’s fort, seemingly killing herself within the course of and eradicating all traces of chaos magic from the multiverse.

His dreamwalk having ended, Doctor Strange makes his peace with Christine’s Earth-838 variant. Chavez and Wong present as much as drop Christine again in her universe, earlier than the duo and Strange return to their actuality. The trio make their method to Kamar-Taj, the place Wong oversees Chavez’s coaching within the Mystic Arts. Strange departs for the Sanctum Santorum, however not earlier than he and Wong share a heart-warming second about whether or not they’re each proud of their lot in life.

Within the current, Strange fixes his damaged watch and heads out into New York. Nevertheless, and a pointy ache spreads all through his head and Strange falls to his knees screaming as quite a few individuals look on. Strange seems as much as the digicam as a 3rd eye seems in the midst of his brow. Reduce to black, roll credit, etcetera.

Doctor Strange 2 mid-credits scene explained: who’s Charlize Theron’s character Clea?

Doctor Strange's dream sequence in the Multiverse of Madness trailer

Sure, Doctor Strange 2 has a mid-credits scene. (Picture credit score: Marvel Studios)

The primary Doctor Strange within the Multiverse of Insanity’ post-credits scene is a pleasant and comedian ebook fan service-y one.

After the primary lot of credit roll, we see Stephen Strange strolling down a avenue in New York. Somebody calls out to him and, after he turns round, we see none aside from Charlize Theron (Mad Max: Fury Street, Quick and Livid) – in a purple and black ensemble – standing just a few yards away.

Theron’s character – Clea – tells Strange that she tracked him down as he is prompted an Incursion Occasion and says the pair are going to repair it. She conjures a purple-colored magical weapon to tear a gap within the cloth of actuality, which ends up in Dormammu’s area, aka the Darkish Dimension. Keep in mind, Doctor Strange traveled to Dormammu’s realm to cut price with him in Strange’s first solo Marvel film.

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Clea tells Doctor Strange that he must comply with her to overturn the results of the Incursion, which he agrees to. Strange’s third eye seems on his brow once more and the pair enter Clea’s portal earlier than the display screen cuts to black.

So, who’s Clea? In brief, she’s a fellow sorcerer who has main ties to Dormammu. Within the comics, Clea is the daughter of Prince Orini (the son of the Darkish Dimension’s former ruler) and Umar, Dormammu’s sister. So we guess you possibly can say she has private causes for touring to the MCU’s Darkish Dimension and discussing issues with Strange and her interdimensional, universe-consuming uncle.

In Marvel’s supply materials, Clea is initially a disciple of Doctor Strange’s, who trains her within the Mystic Arts. The pair develop into lovers and finally marry. Afterward within the comics, Clea returns to the Darkish Dimension to develop into its Sorceress Supreme. And, after Strange dies preventing the Three Moms, Clea even assumes the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme within the comics’ primary universe, aka Earth-616.

It is unclear if Clea’s MCU arc shall be just like (or differ from) her comedian ebook counterpart, however we suspect that she’ll play a significant supporting position in Doctor Strange’s third solo journey. Leaked concept art had beforehand advised she’d seem in Doctor Strange 2, too, so it’s totally cool to see her achieve this.

Even so, it might be some time earlier than Strange returns for an additional MCU film – star Benedict Cumberbatch has advised IGN that he is taking a break from performing and is not positive when he’ll return. Regardless of the sheer variety of Marvel movies on the way in which, here is hoping it will not be too lengthy of a wait.

Doctor Strange 2 post-credits scene explained: who’s Bruce Campbell’s character Pizza Poppa?

Doctor Strange, Christine Palmer and America Chavez look out into the multiverse in Doctor Strange 2

Did Doctor Strange 2’s post-credits scene arrange the superhero’s third solo film? (Picture credit score: Marvel Studios)

In contrast to its end-credits stinger cousin, Doctor Strange 2’s second post-credits scene is not a lot to put in writing dwelling about.

In it, we’re reunited with Bruce Campbell’s Pizza Poppa, the road vendor who encountered Doctor Strange and America Chavez after they arrive on Earth-838.

The scene is simply a short one, and it merely exhibits Pizza Poppa persevering with to punch himself within the face after Strange forged a spell on him to take action. Keep in mind, Pizza Poppa was impolite to the pair earlier within the movie so, in a humorous type of retaliation, Doctor Strange forged a spell that made Pizza Poppa punch himself repeatedly within the face for, in response to Strange, “about three weeks”.

After a few last hits, the spell lastly wears off. Relieved, Pizza Poppa laughs earlier than, in a fourth wall breaking second, stares immediately on the digicam (a transparent nod to director Sam Raimi’s Evil Useless movie sequence) and makes a quip. Sadly for Evil Useless followers, although, Campbell would not say “groovy” – a transfer that will’ve gone down much better with us than what Campbell really says. Nonetheless, it is a humorous scene nonetheless, even when we’re unlikely to see Pizza Poppa once more within the MCU.

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