Does Karl Jacobs deserve the hate he is getting? Racism & anti-semitism accusations explained

The American YouTuber/streamer Karl Jacobs has come beneath scrutiny from the group for associating with former Twitch streamer Paul “Ice Poseidon” Denino.

At his peak, Ice Poseidon was a well-liked Twitch streamer identified for his hilarious antics throughout his “IRL” streams. He presently streams on YouTube as he is completely banned from Twitch. Karl Jacobs has been accused of supporting Denino in the previous.

Ice Poseidon’s group was extremely poisonous on account of their frequent use of racial and sexual slurs. An outdated photograph, wherein Karl Jacobs admits to being a fan of Denino, has been making the rounds on social media, resulting in outrage.


Karl Jacobs receives on-line hate via no fault of his personal

Whereas Ice Poseidon’s total group has at all times been extremely poisonous, the former Twitch star was extremely well-liked on the platform from 2015-2017. In his peak, Ice Poseidon generated round 18k common viewers on his stream, in line with Twitch Tracker. Ice Poseidon commonly streams on YouTube and has garnered round 750k subscribers on the platform.

So this suspected white supremacist “gamer/youtuber” named Ice Poseidon apparently goes round antagonizing Black individuals, so he can get a response from them, after which name the police on them, allegedly in hopes that the police will present up and hurt the Black particular person pic.https://www.gadgetclock.com/esports/twitter.com/4dj36wdjT4

— Tariq Nasheed ?? (@tariqnasheed) Could 30, 2018

Ice Poseidon’s ban got here because of a viewer swatting him as he mistakenly revealed his flight quantity throughout a reside stream. He has since been accused of being a “white-supremacist” after a black household accused Denino of constructing racist feedback at a Denny’s restaurant. Take a look at the video beneath.


right here’s a photograph of karl jacobs with a racist streamer (ice poseidon) which karl has mentioned he was a “huge fan of” the streamer would have raids the place he would have his followers name black ppl racial slurs pic.https://www.gadgetclock.com/esports/twitter.com/bXJY9BVRif

— salem✿READ MY CARDD BEFORE FOLLOWING (@femmefairyy) April 29, 2021

Regardless, Karl Jacobs has come beneath scrutiny from the web due to admitting to being a fan of Ice Poseidon in the previous. Pictures of Jacobs having “stream-sniped” Ice Poseidon have been doing the rounds on Twitter. Karl Jacobs has additionally been accused of utilizing a “racist emoticon.”

I FUCKING FOUND IT pic.https://www.gadgetclock.com/esports/twitter.com/ceoalSIjYU

— ana sofia? (@aisannaa) April 29, 2021

you additionally used an emote that’s solely objective was to harass the black group. pic.https://www.gadgetclock.com/esports/twitter.com/Q5A2j4Ry4y

— paige (@feralpaige) April 29, 2021

Karl Jacobs, throughout his latest apology, addressed the emoticon as properly. He explained that the emoticon in query was in reality in reference to an early Ice Poseidon meme. Jacobs claimed that the joke was that Poseidon had a “huge nostril,” and there was no racist connotation hooked up to the emoticon.


“I wish to discuss a clip that got here out just lately, on Mizkif’s stream the place I mentioned I used to be spamming Cx in his chat as a result of I mentioned ‘in all probability as a result of someone in a online game had a giant nostril’. I feel individuals related that with antisemitism however in actuality, in early Twitch, the meme was like Ice Poseidon had a giant nostril. So individuals made enjoyable of him for having a giant nostril. I wasn’t coming in the direction of antisemitism if that is smart, or something racially charged in any respect. I do not know if that is clear, however yeah, Ice Poseidon is not Jewish or something like that. It wasn’t meant to be something like that.”

Whereas the joke appears to be in poor style, the now 22-year outdated Karl Jacobs was merely a youngster when the incident occurred. It additionally appears from his apology video that he was unaware of the complete connotation when he had first cracked the joke.

Regardless, Jacobs apologized for his actions and mentioned that he doesn’t share Ice Poseidon’s alleged beliefs regardless of admitting to being a fan of the character a very long time in the past.

“There’s threads going on the market that I’ve related to a streamer, a outstanding streamer, that is presently identified for lots of dangerous stuff, like racism, any phobia you may consider. I simply wish to make it clear, 1,000,000 p.c, I do not condone something I’ve performed. I hope that is clear; that is simply not who I’m as an individual. That is simply by no means who I needed to be. I simply by no means need anybody to affiliate that form of rubbish with me as a result of it is not true. I am sorry that I made anybody uncomfortable as a result of I perceive that. I’m sorry that I’ve upset individuals. I do know I’ve; I respect you guys rather a lot for listening to it out, not less than. “

So I watched the Karl Jacobs stream and I’ve combined emotions about it. I’d get cancelled however so be it. On one hand I do agree with a few of the stuff he’s getting cancelled for. Like being a fan of an excellent racist particular person for 3 years, come on man.

— artphobic2021 (@artphobic2021) April 30, 2021

As a Karl Jacobs fan who is a pic, I am not even gonna sugar coat how deep this shit reduce. I wanna consider that Karl is good however you select who to comply with, assist, and be buddies with. Idk how outdated the footage is however it’s clear this poseidon man is only a racist jerk – https://t.co/Qch9KSCxbh

— Anna hath died (@AnnaMarkiela) April 30, 2021

Dude I’m gonna cry, I’m indignant, unhappy, and total disenchanted. I used to be so confused as to why Karl Jacobs was apologizing, I didn’t even must go that deep into why he was racist, transphobic, and so forth. I’m actually disgusted, he was somebody I genuinely seemed as much as and now I don’t know

— i’m humorous (@No58694465) April 30, 2021

watching all these individuals blatantly disrespect minorities in the karl jacobs fandom is disgusting. honktwt is mass reporting anybody who would not forgive him, his mods are silencing ppl on discord, it is frankly disgusting how a lot you guys wish to drive minorities into silence

— gage! ☾ (@hiyabeetwt) April 30, 2021

Karl Jacobs’ apology has divided the web. Fairly just a few individuals shave saidthat he doesn’t have the proper to resolve whether or not his actions/phrases represent “anti-Semitism.”

I perceive that persons are upset at Karl Jacobs, you are allowed to be, It’s very cheap. He was buddies with somebody who is a racist, and so forth. That is not a mistake. However that does not outline Karl as a human. That does not imply that Karl agreed with all of his actions.

— kat *:・゚✧ (@angeuics) April 30, 2021

I am actually disenchanted in alot of individuals. I perceive the scenario that occurred with Karl jacobs and this racist streamer and I wanna adress it. Simply because Karl related himself with him would not mechanically imply he racist and does not imply he assist it.

— BbyVisces (@BVisces) April 30, 2021

https://www.gadgetclock.com/esports/twitter isn’t letting me publish the 3 minute video, however i actually don’t perceive how individuals will be so impolite in the direction of such a real and caring particular person. he doesn’t deserve all the hate he will get 3>— i really like karl (@iluv_karljacobs) April 30, 2021

The definition of racism:

Karl Jacobs supporting individuals who occurred to be racist in the previous doesn’t make him racist. Finish of debate.

he has made it clear he is in opposition to racism, develop up and keep out of it. pic.https://www.gadgetclock.com/esports/twitter.com/BQaE5ZedJf

— isdiot (@dtupids) April 30, 2021

Various his followers have come out in assist and mentioned that Karl Jacobs doesn’t deserve this hatred. Individuals have argued that simply because Karl Jacobs supported a racist in the previous, he is not one.

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