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Dota 2 hero guide: How to play Bounty Hunter as a soft support/offlaner

Dota 2 hero guide: How to play Bounty Hunter as a soft support/offlaner
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Dota 2 hero guide: How to play Bounty Hunter as a soft support/offlaner

Putting from the shadows with huge bodily harm, Gondar the Bounty Hunter excels as a ganking playmaker in Dota 2.

Lawful to his identify, all 4 of his spells allow him to tail, harm, unhurried and disable a scheme as his allies high-tail in for the homicide. Maintain many heroes in Dota 2, Bounty Hunter may properly even moreover be carried out in a blueprint 1 increase function in apparent instances. However his equipment is clearly designed to be utilized as a roamer.

When is Bounty a elegant blueprint 4 snatch in Dota 2 7.29d?

The arsenal of broken-down-college Dota 2 helps are seemingly to function some type of not simple disable. Bounty, though, will depend on repeated chip harm which moreover steals gold from his scheme.

Until counterpicked, Bounty Hunter is a stable blueprint 4 snatch in most video games. He is terribly elegant in opposition to backline spellcasters in Dota 2, as they comprise an inclination to comprise low HP and armor. Attributable to the large burst of bodily harm he can dish out, they flip into his cautious prey.

Bounty can moreover word a scheme through invisibility, immediately countering all Dota 2 heroes who rely on their invisibility spells or objects to snatch or disengage; Weaver, Riki, or Nyx, as an illustration.



Merchandise Make

Bounty Hunter is an particularly versatile hero by strategy of things. The Dota 2 7.29d commonplace boot of choice for almost any blueprint 4 is Quiet boots. However as the statistics level out, most determine for Arcane Boots on Bounty, since he has factors with sustaining his mana.

Guardian Greaves virtually qualifies as an appreciable core merchandise, till there may be an allied Underlord. Since Dota 2 7.29, Bounty Hunter’s reworked Shard improve to E (Shadow Stroll) has moreover flip into a core merchandise. The rest of the merchandise produce is situational. If the sport goes completely and Bounty rakes up reasonably a few kills, he should inch Spirit Vessel to get the becoming mileage out of it. Listed below are some numerous merchandise options relying on the enemy draft.

  • Describe voltaic Crest
  • Vladimir’s Offering
  • Lotus Orb
  • Pipe of Notion
  • Heaven’s Halberd
  • Drum of Persistence
  • Meteor Hammer
  • Eul’s Scepter
  • Orchid Malevolence

From his Word kills, Bounty may per likelihood moreover stop up with ample riches to comprise interaction dearer objects fancy Assault Cuirass, Shiva’s Guard, or Scythe of Vyse.

Early Recreation

Instructed initiating merchandise choices for Bounty may per likelihood be brown boots, a advise of tangos, together with W (Jinada) as his first ability. Because the laning allotment begins, Bounty can get train of his 365 flow into inch (thanks to boots) to strike and kite the enemy. The simple approach to originate that’s to carve benefit a juke course through the timber to proc Jinada on a scheme after which kite out until it comes off cooldown once more.

In most lanes, the unhappy scheme for this might per likelihood be the enemy give a elevate to. Over time, the gold take from even the early ranges of jinada genuinely offers up. Bounty’s gold take can bleed virtually any Dota 2 give a elevate to dry as they comprise to shield buying sentries to secure their pull camps and word an invisible Bounty.

A give a elevate to Bounty should prioritize maxing Q (Shuriken Toss) and W to maximize homicide risk. His Q does 150 harm at lvl 1. At that stage of the sport, only a few Dota 2 nuke originate as grand. If the mid lane has some homicide doable, Bounty can moreover determine for 1 level in E (Shadow Stroll) at lvl 3. Sooner than the 6-minute power rune spawns, Bounty can stroll to mid and scout the rune for his midlaner. Expectantly, it’d even lead to an early homicide on the enemy midlaner.



Mid to Gradual Recreation

Bounty’s elegant midgame rotation shenanigans start honest after he will get to his degree 6. Bounty Hunter is a scouter first, so his challenge in any sport boils the entire method down to regularly monitoring people to process information on their blueprint. A great Bounty give a elevate to spends the midgame making an attempt to secure imaginative and prescient and growing ganks for his personnel. If the opponent has a grasping increase snatch, Bounty should punish that with smoke ganks to lengthen their subsequent merchandise engage.

Bounty’s distinctiveness is deciding on off key targets earlier than a teamfight to pressure a 4v5. With the extra gold from Jinada and Word kills, Bounty can most incessantly transition appropriate into a core blueprint. In total, Bounty’s approach to a teamfight is sneaking into the backline and taking away the give a elevate to.

Dota 2 roles are versatile, so if the participant acquires ample gold, they will adapt to no matter function the sport calls for. Attributable to the Shard improve launched with Dota 2 7.29, Bounty optimistic points a 35% substandard low value of all harm whereas he is in Shadow Stroll. This helps Bounty strategy the struggle as a frontline tank. With applicable Greaves, AC, and Pipe, Bounty can with out issues tank up.

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Right here is a eager Dota 2 tidbit to wrap up: The shard improve for Bounty offers a 1 2nd stun to any assault he affords whereas in Shadow Stroll. Bounty can proc this perform, immediately return into Shadow Stroll and strike once more for however every other 2nd of stun, for a cumulative disable of 2 seconds.

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