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Dota 2: Spectre’s dismal win rate in high MMR games continues as Valve is yet to reveal long-awaited Arcana

Dota 2: Spectre’s dismal win rate in high MMR games continues as Valve is yet to reveal long-awaited Arcana
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Dota 2: Spectre’s dismal win rate in high MMR games continues as Valve is yet to reveal long-awaited Arcana

On October tenth, it was introduced that Spectre had crushed Faceless Void in 2020’s Dota 2 Arcana Vote. It has been over six months, however the Arcana is yet to be launched.

Yearly in the Dota 2 Battle Go, Valve permits gamers to vote for which hero they need an Arcana. Final 12 months, Spectre got here out as the winner, defeating Faceless Void. The latter turned the one hero to come second twice in the method, as he had misplaced to Rubick in 2018.

Spectre is the TI10 Arcana Vote Winner. Extra Information: https://t.co/X5lhxiwzGp pic.https://www.gadgetclock.com/esports/twitter.com/9nlsl7g1zp

— Wykrhm Reddy (@wykrhm) October 9, 2020

Arcanas are the best high quality cosmetics in Dota 2, and the earlier winners bought their Arcanas comparatively shortly. Solely Juggernaut bought his Arcana in March 2017 after successful the vote in 2016. As of right now, Spectre has had essentially the most delayed Arcana.

As Valve continues to delay the Arcana’s launch, the anticipation for this merchandise is rising throughout the group. One fan even bought a Spectre tattoo whereas ready for Valve to launch it.

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The state of Spectre in Dota 2

One other development that follows the discharge of any Arcana merchandise is the over-buffing of the hero to damaged requirements. When Ogre bought his Arcana, he was buffed a lot that individuals started taking part in him as an off-laner as an alternative of a help.


Nonetheless, Spectre appears to haven’t adopted that development as she is very underpowered in the sport. As of right now, the hero has a 52.7% win rate in all pub matches, the tenth highest win rate amongst all heroes in Dota 2.

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Trying on the win charges in totally different ranked brackets sees a unique story unfold. Spectre’s win rate and choose rate proportionally fall as the stats transfer in the direction of higher-ranked games.

Her win rate in Divine and Immortal brackets is simply 46.8%, which is the eleventh lowest in the bracket. Her choose rate additionally drops from 8.1% to simply 5.6% in high MMR brackets, that means that high-ranked gamers are simply not taking part in this hero.


This goes in opposition to Valve’s ordinary over-buffing of heroes throughout an Arcana launch.

The hero additionally has a 0% win rate in the Dota 2 EU DPC league. This statistic is much more surprising as a result of slightly below six months in the past, Spectre was the most effective carries in the sport.

Additional proof of Spectre’s weak spot is that Ana, in all probability the most effective Spectre participant in Dota 2 historical past, failed to carry OG to victory yesterday whereas taking part in the hero in opposition to Hellbear Smashers.

Notice: All statistics are taken from dotabuff.com.

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