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Dota 2: The 5 biggest winners and losers of Patch 7.29

Dota 2: The 5 biggest winners and losers of Patch 7.29
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Dota 2: The 5 biggest winners and losers of Patch 7.29

It has been every week since Valve launched the 7.29 patch for Dota 2 and now appears to be a very good time to see how the patch affected the sport.

Along with the quite a few gameplay and mechanics modifications, Valve additionally launched a brand new hero. The new hero dominated the net boards for the primary few days, however folks slowly realized which heroes have been buffed or nerfed an excessive amount of as issues began to calm down.

As with each patch, some heroes are completely damaged, whereas some are completely unusable. This text dives into the 5 heroes that gained essentially the most from 7.29 and 5 heroes that misplaced essentially the most.

Notice: This listing solely displays the creator’s opinions. All of the statistics are sourced from dotabuff.com.

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The 5 biggest losers of Dota 2 7.29

5. Broodmother


Broodmother is usually performed as a cheese, final decide hero. One of the extra annoying heroes within the sport, Broodmother, must be countered within the draft, or she is going to carry the sport solo.

Folks have been important of her design and it would not come as an enormous shock that she underwent an entire rework. She misplaced her passive capability and was finally nerfed to the bottom with a fundamental capability. Her shard improve capability acquired nerfed and became a fundamental capability as properly.

Her Spawn Spiderlings fundamental capability was became an final and buffed up significantly. However that wasn’t sufficient to cease her win fee from freefalling from 50.28% to 43.18%. She has the fourth-lowest win fee out of all heroes in Dota 2 for the time being.

4. Monkey King


Being one of the preferred heroes in Dota 2 means any modifications, irrespective of how small, could have a huge effect. That’s precisely what occurred with Monkey King, as some small nerfs completely wrecked the hero.

His base well being regeneration was lowered by 0.,5, and his Tree Dance and Boundless Strike talents had a 100 forged vary discount. However his Aghanim’s Upgraded troopers have been essentially the most nerfed.

These troopers who spawned round MK now not assault Roshan, miss assaults, and disappear if MK dies.

These nerfs have been sufficient to cut back Monkey King’s win fee from 51.10% to 45.67% for 7.29. He stays one of essentially the most picked heroes in Dota 2, with a decide fee of 12.2,% down from 15.8%.

3. Loss of life Prophet


This may shock some folks because the hero did not actually get nerfed that arduous in 7.29. She obtained a couple of buffs, however the nerfs have been particularly focused. She was one of essentially the most picked heroes within the Dota 2 professional scene earlier than 7.29.

Loss of life Prophet performed as a mid-laner, an off-laner, and a help within the final patch owing to her wonderful attributes. Her base harm was lowered, and she misplaced 15 base motion velocity. Earlier than that, she was the one quickest hero in Dota 2. Her shard additionally obtained appreciable nerfs.

She additionally misplaced her forged vary expertise however acquired a motion velocity buff instead. However the nerfs to her base stats have been sufficient to drop her win fee from 49.26% to 44.11%, the third-largest drop amongst all heroes in Dota 2.

2. Alchemist


Throughout TI9, Alchemist was one of essentially the most damaged heroes within the sport. Insanely sturdy in each facet, Alchemist was one of essentially the most contested heroes for months. It lately discovered a brand new function off-lane as an Aghanim Scepter provide manufacturing unit.

He obtained only one nerf to his passive Greevil’s Greed lowering bonus gold cap from 18/21/24/27 to fifteen/18/21/24. This discount in Alchemist’s capability to earn ridiculous quantities of gold mainly eliminated him from the lively meta.

His win fee went from 52.63% to 47.28%, the second-largest drop in win fee amongst all heroes in Dota 2.

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1. Lycan


The nerf to Lycan wasn’t actually a nerf. Actually, he was buffed lots in 7.29. His agility acquire was elevated, the mana price of his first capability was lowered, his passive harm bonus was elevated significantly, and even his final obtained some buffs.

The solely nerf was to his Aghanim’s Scepter capability, which affected Lycan’s allies. The sole motive for Lycan’s fall from grace is the removing of Necronomicon from Dota 2.

Ever since March of 2005, Necronomicon has been an integral half of Dota 2. The merchandise summons two items with their very own distinctive talents that the person controls.

Lycan’s final gave him and his managed items elevated motion velocity and an opportunity to deal bonus important harm. Consequently, no hero benefited extra from Necronomicon than Lycan. Eradicating the merchandise from Dota 2 mainly eliminated Lycan’s biggest weapon from the sport.

In contrast to Beastmaster, who obtained enough buffs to maintain the hero nonetheless viable, Lycan’s buffs aren’t shut sufficient to make the hero helpful. His win fee plummeted from 50.24% to 35.74%. His present win fee is one of the bottom in Dota 2 historical past.

The 5 biggest winners of Dota 2 7.29

5. Drow Ranger


Drow was one of the preferred carry heroes in Dota 2 at one level. She fell from grace after a number of reworks to her final and passive capability. However in 7.29, she obtained some buffs, and the in-game mechanics have been modified in her favor.

Beforehand, Drow’s flip fee was atrocious. Nonetheless, flip charges improved for each hero within the sport in 7.29. Furthermore, Drow’s Shard improve was massively buffed.

Her expertise tree was additionally improved, and she even acquired buffs to her Gust capability. One other factor that labored in her favor is the nerfs to sure mobility gadgets like Abyssal Blade.

Drow’s solely weak point is when enemy heroes can get inside melee vary of her, which has been made very troublesome in 7.29. Her win fee jumped up from 48.58% to 53.32%, and she seems to be to be extra viable than she ever was in 7.28.

4. Faceless Void


Faceless Void remains to be not the perfect carry in Dota 2. He was an absolute menace lower than a yr in the past, with him being one of essentially the most picked heroes within the sport. However a number of nerfs later. He’s fully ignored. Nonetheless, with the newest modifications, he may make a return.

Void obtained buffs in every single place. He gained base armor, acquired buffs to his shard, which buffed his Time Stroll capability, the harm dealt by Time Lock elevated, and even Chronosphere obtained buffs. However most significantly, his Time Dilation capability, which was thought of a ineffective capability, obtained large buffs.

The professionals have began taking part in Void as soon as once more, and he’s slowly making a comeback. His win fee went from 45.24% to 49.21%, which remains to be unhealthy however significantly better than earlier than.

3. Meepo


A hero that’s hated by the Dota 2 neighborhood, Meepo is a smurf’s go-to. Succesful of single-handedly profitable video games, a number of smurfs and boosters solely use this hero to damage video games. He had a number of nerfs over some patches and was off-meta for a really very long time.

In 7.29, small modifications have been made to his talents, however his Aghanim’s Shard improve was the biggest change.

Along with his new shard capability, Meepo can Poof his allies as an alternative of his clones. This permits him to affix fights from anyplace on the map and mainly removes any motion restrictions he has.

His win fee shot up from 48.8% to 53.21%. His decide fee of 1.8% is one of the bottom in Dota 2, however he’s definitely extra enjoyable to play.

2. Phantom Lancer


Phantom Lancer is one other immensely in style hero in Dota 2. His inclusion may come as a shock since he obtained nerfs on this patch. However being a hero that thrives on not being countered, the small buffs he obtained have been sufficient to catapult him to at least one of the perfect carries of the patch.

One thing that labored in PL’s favor was buffing each single one of his core gadgets.

The Diffusal Blade was buffed lots in 7.29, and it’s a must-have merchandise for PL. Additionally, PL obtained a large buff to his Aghanim’s Shard improve. The new Shard coupled with the buffed diffusal blade makes PL extraordinarily sturdy.

His win fee went from 50.10% to 54.86%, and he made a comeback to the professional scene.

He additionally noticed one of the biggest will increase within the decide fee, going from 8.52% to 12.22%. Ana from OG additionally performed PL in a really entertaining match lately.

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1. Huskar


The most damaged hero in Dota 2 right this moment is undoubtedly Huskar. The 7.29 replace nearly seems to be prefer it was made for Huskar. Already a really annoying hero to play towards, he obtained buffs, and the modifications to in-game mechanics favored him, making him much more insufferable.

Huskar has now elevated power beneficial properties, elevated knock-back period on Internal Fireplace, and lowered well being prices on Burning Spears.

However most significantly, for some motive, his Shard improve permits Huskar to forged Internal Fireplace whereas disabled, cut back enemy therapeutic, slowly disarm the enemy, and knock them again.

With a shard, Huskar can forged Internal Fireplace each eight seconds with a downtime of simply 4 seconds, which is insane.

Lastly, two of Huskar’s most necessary gadgets, The Armlet of Mordiggian and Satanic, obtained large buffs, making this character much more damaged.

Huskar has the best win fee in Dota 2 as of this second, with 55.32% up from 48.47%.

His decide fee practically doubled from 5% to over 10%. If any hero in Dota 2 deserves a nerf instantly, it is Huskar.

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