Draw Your Own More/Less Lists

Draw Your Own More/Less Lists

Draw Your Personal Extra/Much less Lists

Twenty-twenty was a tough yr for many individuals. Drawing is one solution to remind your self of a number of the constructive issues that occurred, the issues that introduced you pleasure, in addition to the stuff you could possibly do with out in 2021. An illustrated Extra/Much less listing is a relaxed model of the traditional New 12 months’s decision listing, and a solution to envision the issues you prefer to extra of in your life, and the belongings you wish to dropf. Right here’s find out how to do it:

Draw a line down the middle of the area at righ. On the left, write the phrase “Extra”on the prime. On the best, write the phrase “Much less.” Now consider the issues that you simply loved this yr (it’s also possible to think about issues that may convey you pleasure sooner or later). After getting an thought, draw a easy icon to characterize it and draw it within the Extra column. If you need extra jogging in your life, perhaps draw a sneaker. Do the identical for the Much less aspect: If you need much less social media, perhaps draw a telephone .

These drawings don’t must be lifelike or well-rendered; they simply must be recognizable to you. Consider them as secret symbols that remind you of your intention. Should you fear you may overlook what you meant, you may label them with a number of letters to remind your self. It’s OK to make your symbols easy (a coronary heart, a plus signal) or summary (a scribble, an x). That is the yr forward for you!

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