Easy Way to earn money from Microgreen Farming know details

Easy Way to earn money from Microgreen Farming know details
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Easy Way to earn money from Microgreen Farming know details

Easy Way to earn money from Microgreen Farming know details

If you already have some knowledge of horticulture, then it can become your microgreen farming, the best way to earn money, you can earn millions in a few days.

New Delhi. Due to the Corona period, the employment of many people is facing a crisis. In such a situation, there are some things that can help you a lot financially sitting at home. One of these is the business of microgreen. Actually the new super food Microgreen is in great demand. Its demand has increased during the Corona period because people are focusing more on nutrition.

If you are also thinking about earning good money sitting at home, then a great business idea can prove to be beneficial for you. Where you will be able to earn a lot of money every day sitting at home.

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This is the business plan of Super Food Microgreen Farming. It contains up to 40 times more nutrition than fruits and vegetables. This is the reason why its demand has increased a lot during the Corona period.

Some people are earning lakhs of rupees every month by starting this business.

This is microgreen farming
The early leaves of any plant are called ‘microgreens’. These leaves are about two to three inches long. For example, the initial leaves of the seeds of radish, mustard, moong and other things are called microgreens. Microgreens can also be thought of as young vegetables.

beneficial to health
The demand for these leaves is high because they are very beneficial for health. The deficiency of nutritional elements in the body can be overcome only by consuming 50 grams of these leaves daily. In the beginning, as soon as these leaves appear, they are cut from the ground or slightly above the surface.

Do microgreen farming in this way
Farming of microgreens that earns millions is quite easy. Its biggest feature is that it can be started by anyone and from anywhere. That is, it can be easily cultivated even from the balcony of the house.

Not only this, microgreens can also be worked by growing them in the bedroom.

what is needed
Starting microgreen farming requires soil or coco peat, organic manure or homemade fertilizers, trays and seeds.

it is necessary to protect from sunlight
It is very important to take care of one thing during the cultivation of microgreens. That is, protecting it from sunlight. A light sprinkling of water will have to be done every day and then these plants will start growing in a few days.

Make small holes in the tray and mix soil, organic manure and put it in the tray, then put the seeds in it and keep giving them light water. For some greens, they do not need to be covered with soil. But some greens like peas, sunflowers etc. require that these be kept in contact with the soil and covered with trays.


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earning like this
You do not need to spend much for microgreen farming. It can be a way of earning better at less cost. You can start earning within two to three weeks of starting farming.

After harvesting these leaves, packing them properly, you can sell them in five star hotels, cafes, supermarkets. Where you can get their value up to millions.

Apart from this, you can do it as a B2B business. Where you have to supply microgreens only in hotels and cafes. If you want to increase the business more, then you can open a shop and sell it in retail also.

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