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Elite Kelly vs Elite Hayato: Which Free Fire character is better for the Factory Challenge?

Elite Kelly vs Elite Hayato: Which Free Fire character is better for the Factory Challenge?
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Elite Kelly vs Elite Hayato: Which Free Fire character is better for the Factory Challenge?

Garena Free Hearth is routine as a result of it presents a variety of decided in-game sides to players. Inside the character part, apart from choosing from a large assortment, they may perchance perhaps improve some characters to the “Awoke” model, the place these character’s talents are enhanced.

Players can eat any character to play the a tall assortment of recreation modes in Free Hearth. The Factory Expose is a well-liked customized room dispute that requires two players to land atop the Factory’s roof to combat in opposition to each different with fists or melee weapons.

Kelly and Hayato are two upgradable characters who may perchance even be “Awoke” to unleash their elite varieties: Kelly “The Swift” and Hayato Firebrand.

As players can win any character for the Factory Expose, this text compares the talents of Elite Kelly and Elite Hayato to resolve who’s a nearer completely different for this dispute.

Analyzing and evaluating the talents of Elite Kelly and Elite Hayato in Free Hearth

Elite Kelly

Kelly "The Swift" in Free Fire
Kelly “The Swift” in Free Hearth

Capability: Deadly Dart

Ability kind: Passive

Elite Kelly is the enhanced model of Kelly. She has a passive ability known as Deadly Dart that retains her regular ability (Inch) and unlocks a brand new ability instruct after 4 seconds of sprinting.

The precept shot on the enemy after ability activation does 101% harm. Nevertheless, the flexibility lasts for 5 seconds. Kelly “The Swift’s” very best degree (Stage 6) boosts the first shot harm on an enemy by 106%.

Elite Hayato

Hayato Firebrand in Free Fire
Hayato Firebrand in Free Hearth

Capability: Artwork work of Blades

Ability kind: Passive

Hayato’s upgraded model retains his predominant ability (Bushido) and likewise reduces frontal harm by 1% for each 10% of max HP loss.

At degree 6 of Hayato Firebrand’s ability, each 10% loss in primarily the most HP of the participant will decrease frontal harm by 3.5%.

Verdict: Which is more healthy?


Elite Kelly’s ability requires the players to make eat of a gun. However the Factory Expose solely hosts fistfights or melee weapons. Thus, her ability is contaminated for this mode.

Due to this fact, it is going to even be acknowledged that Elite Hayato shall be a obligatory better completely different for the Factory Expose. He can have better harm good purchase and enhanced enemy armor penetration for the interval of fistfights.

Present: For the purpose that Factory Expose is a customized room mode in Garena Free Hearth, the weapon completely different absolutely depends on the particular person participant. The fights are often 1v1, and the standard weapons aged are melee and fists. This textual content compares the two characters primarily based totally absolutely on these standards.

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