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Everything you need to know about COVID 19 (coronavirus)

Everything you need to know about coronavirus
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Everything you need to know about coronavirus

Everything you need to know about CORONA Virus

Corona Virus is considered as one of the most dangerous viruses ever seen before. It recently declared as Pandemic as it killed more than 5000 people all over the world. We can guess now how dangerous coronavirus is! We already saw that two different kinds of coronaviruses before this coronavirus. In 2003 We have seen SARS and MERS.  This virus killed approximately 800 people in many countries. In this article, we are going to discuss What actually coronavirus is? How dangerous it is?

coronavirus update

coronavirus update

coronavirus cure

How to cure it? How it was outbreaks?

Stay with us and read the article till the end. And we are also discussing the rumors about it because rumors are spreading faster than coronavirus. Because it is a very trending topic now.

How COVID 19 i.e coronavirus outbreaks

How the coronavirus outbreak is a very controversial topic because Anybody Don’t know about How actually corona is outbreaks. Corona is firstly Out broken in Wuhan city of China. There are mainly two stories behind it.

Some people believe that COVID 19 Outbreak starts in to see the food market of Wuhan China. After the Chinese new year there suddenly many cases of Pneumonia were seen and many deaths were seen there due to pneumonia.  Obviously it is unexpected. Because pneumonia not killed that many people ever before.  After research, scientists found that it is not pneumonia. It is a new virus and it looks similar to the SARS virus. And after that, it starts spreading rapidly in Wuhan. It locked down Wuhan as there are more than 1,00,000 people are infected by the Coronavirus there. And later it spread all over the world.

Some peoples belives that COVID 19 is the manmade virus. It is created by the Chinese government for the biological attack on other enemy countries. Nobody doesn’t know about how it is an outbreak. Because we know china does not leak any political news on the internet As they don’t use any global social media platform. All such platforms are banned there in china.

But most of the people think it is a rumor. And this virus outbreaks from the see food market of Wuhan China.

What is Cure on Coronavirus i.e COVID 19?

coronavirus cure

coronavirus cure

Unfortunately, there is no cure on the coronavirus i.e COVID 19.  Research is still going  .all the scientist of various different countries are working very hard to find vaccines on this disaster.

India and the USA are countries that tried HIV and Malaria vaccines to cure the COVID 19. In many cases, it worked with a 100% result. In India, there are more than 13 COVID 19  affected peoples recovered. China is now recovering very rapidly.

How dangerous COVID 19 ( coronavirus ) is? 

corona definition

corona definition

COVID 19 is the most dangerous virus seen ever. It infected more than 17,00,000 peoples in the world. And it killed more than 7000 peoples in the world. China and Italy are countries where it affected most. Other than this virus affected Spen, brighten, France, Japan, Iran most. And COVID 19 starts affecting countries like India, Pakistan, USA.

But there is no need to worry because it is not dangerous as it looks because its mortality rate is approximately 2-3 %. It means 2-3 people die per 100 infected peoples. It is all about the immunity of the peoples. It only kills people who have weak immunity. And especially those peoples who are previously suffering from any other disease. People who don’t have any serious disease and peoples who have strong immunity don’t need to worry. The child’s less than 10-year-old and old peoples more than 55-60 years need to take care and be aware of the infection.  Because corona is a respiratory disease. And it infects and attacks respiratory track of people. But peoples with strong immunity can fight against this infection.

Symptoms of  COVID 19 OR coronavirus infection.

i) Running Nose

ii) Cold

iii) Fever

iV) Difficulty in Breathing in Serval Cases

all are the symptoms of COVID 19. You must visit the doctor if you have the above symptoms. Take care of yourself and isolate yourself if you have the above symptoms.

How to protect Yourself from COVID 19 infection?

coronavirus china

coronavirus china

i) The first and most important thing to protect yourself from COVID 19 infection is Avoiding going to large gatherings.

ii) Visit the doctor immediately if you have symptoms like cold, fever, difficulty in breathing

iii)  Wash your hand frequently. Wash hand after every 20-30 minutes.

iv) avoid close contact with many people especially those who are suffering from fever, cold and peoples who have difficulty breathing.

v) avoid international travels

vii) Avoid visiting infected cities.

Viii)  Try to not going outside the home if not necessary

Coronavirus Update (Live) – on worldometers

take the above-given precautions for avoiding COVID 19 infection. For more information, you can call the toll free helpline given by the government of your country.

if you have any dought regarding coronavirus then please comment down below.

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