Secrets to Create Great Facebook Ad Design

Secrets to Create Great Facebook Ad Design
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Secrets to Create Great Facebook Ad Design

Secrets to Create Great Facebook Ad Design

When it comes to designing Facebook ads, some tend to think it is only the image to be considered. But Facebook ad design includes copy, photos, videos, and CTAs – the whole nine yards. There are so many factors to be considered that some marketers just get stumped by the mention of Facebook Ad design. With the right kind of tools and strategies, one can make the process easier and efficient.

Facebook Ad Designs

Facebook Ad Designs

This article seeks to throw light on aspects that would help you create a great Facebook Ad design to gain traction relatively quickly.

Secrets to Great Facebook Ad Design

Every day there are more advertisers joining the Facebook ad wagon, and it becomes necessary for a brand to stand out from the clutter. Two aspects of Facebook Ads that allows you to break through the clutter are great ad design and specific targeting. While targeting may be an objective process, here we will deal with a more subjective aspect of Facebook Ad Design and how to win over the audience through sleek ads. So here we go:

I.Use Distinct Images:

If you want your ads to be clicked by users, you would have to invest time and effort in choosing images that will grab attention. You might want to go with visual contrast so that contrasting colors stand out. While doing this, you have to ensure that the image directly contrasts with the environment and is neatly done to get the viewer’s attention. Also, the image composition need not be too complex. Use free tools like Snappa or Canva that allow you to create unique creations through a drag-and-drop interface. These come with pre-designed Facebook Ad templates that make the process a whole lot easier.

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II.Remain Logical and Emotional

We must remember that humans are emotional beings. Our emotions play an important part in all our purchase decisions, with the rational side controlling our impulses to a certain extent. While creating a Facebook ad, we must consider both these facets of the audience to increase conversion chances. In other words, features of a product will describe the uniqueness, and the benefits will convey the advantages of the product over others. Thereby creating a Facebook ad that appeals both to the emotional and logical side of potential customers.

III. Landing Page Consistency

The consistency on a landing page reduces the friction that prevents users from completing the desired action. On clicking the ad, the user must be redirected to a landing page that reinforces the Facebook Ad message. For instance, if you are advertising Rolex watches in the ad, you want to direct the users to a page with an assortment of watches from all over the world. The user will bounce off the site in no time. One has to remain mindful of using the same images mentioned in the Facebook ad and describe the product in more detail on the landing page. This happens to be one aspect most overlooked by marketers.

IV.Display Credibility

Credibility remains fundamental to product messaging. As mentioned earlier, you have to create ads that appeal to potential customers’ emotional and logical sides. This being said, you have to remain conscious of not going overboard with your promises and features or propagate a lie in your ad. On many occasions, advertisers engage in tactics that would not seem credible. As an advertiser, one needs to understand that the audience is smart enough to sniff-out efforts meant to misguide them. Hence, remaining true to the product is a better proposition than engaging in advertising that would erode trust & credibility.

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V.Test Multiple Designs

It does not matter what level of expertise you have with Facebook ads. It goes without saying that testing ads are safer than being guided by assumptions and gut instincts. The Facebook ecosystem is dynamic with ad formatting & placements, and user preferences changing over time. What worked in the most may not be relevant anymore. The ideal way is to test at least 4-different Facebook Ad designs and split test them. It could be two different images with two different copy texts that will get the job done. Even the wackiest and stand-out ideas need to be tested and try to keep ads as fresh as possible to prevent Ad fatigue from creeping-in among the audience.

VI.Include Social Proof

One of the best ways to advertise on Facebook is countering the most dominant emotion that dictates a purchase decision – fear. People are always averse to trying new things except for a small minority. This hesitancy with purchase can be countered by producing evidence that showcases satisfied customers. Social proof is a direct acknowledgment that there are plenty of customers who have made the product part of their lives. This proof can come in the form of likes, comments, and especially testimonials that can be used in ad copy, an image, or a video. Moreover, social proof can excite a customer to try a new product allowing them to savor positive experiences similar to other customers.

VII. Incorporate Call-to-Action (CTAs)

Every Facebook ad copy comes with Call-to-action, but these are known to make more impact when added as a clickable button in the Ad. CTAs allow a brand to tell the user what action they must take, making it easier for them. A well thought out CTA can improve CTR and conversion rates by sizable proportions. Hence a brand must not miss out on including highly visible CTA in the Ad. You can go a step further and test the different CTAs to choose the most relevant and the best option available.

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VIII. Use Multiple Ad Formats

The availability of multiple ad formats provides more options to the marketer, they can choose from Carousel Ads (like Free Slideshow Maker), Collection Ads, Canvas Ads, and Story Ads. Every marketer intends to stand out in the news feed, and when ad formats are carefully chosen with the right placement, it is bound to deliver the desired effect and bring in the expected results. If you aren’t sure about where to start, Carousel ads are considered a safe bet with higher than average CTR and engagement rates and allow the marketer to narrate a story.


Having gone through write-up will give you fair ideas about Facebook ad design, and now it’s up to you how you will use this to your advantage. Remain mindful about your target audience and goals you want to accomplish through the Ads. Lastly, Facebook Ads allow you to reach an expansive user base. Still, it is getting across to the right audience and generating traction that forms the key to online marketing on Facebook. A well-designed Facebook Ad functions as the medium allowing marketers to draw in the audience quickly.

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